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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:91388 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and Loading Genome Assembly Coordinates from Ensembl Annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm9912 assembly
Gm10291 assembly
Vmn2r2 assembly
Gm10636 assembly
Gm10685 assembly
Gm15441 assembly
Gm10356 assembly
Gm10355 assembly
Gm10723 assembly
Gm10253 assembly
Myef2l assembly
ENSMUSG00000058910 assembly
Gm10748 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074729 assembly
Gm10255 assembly
Gm10650 assembly
Gm9831 assembly
Gm9771 assembly
Gm9799 assembly
Gm10287 assembly
Gm10727 assembly
Ufm1 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074216 assembly
Gm16502 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074458 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074459 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074450 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074692 assembly
Gm10745 assembly
BC002189 assembly
Gm10742 assembly
Gm9791 assembly
Gm9989 assembly
Adrm1b assembly
Rtraf-ps assembly
Gm15998 assembly
Fga assembly
Gm10667 assembly
Gm15417 assembly
Gm9889 assembly
Gm10691 assembly
Gm9916 assembly
Gm10652 assembly
Gm10672 assembly
Gm10673 assembly
Gm10150 assembly
Rbm46 assembly
Gm16508 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070452 assembly
Gm10292 assembly
Gm10710 assembly
Gm10729 assembly
Lce3d assembly
Spopfm2 assembly
Gm10259 assembly
Gm9859 assembly
B230207O21Rik assembly
Rps23-ps1 assembly
Gm9845 assembly
Gm10293 assembly
Gm15442 assembly
Gm9762 assembly
Gm9790 assembly
4731419I09Rik assembly
Gm9857 assembly
Gm16500 assembly
Gm10288 assembly
Rpsa-ps10 assembly
Gm10738 assembly
Gm10728 assembly
Gm10254 assembly
Gm10040 assembly
Gm10707 assembly
Gm10705 assembly
Gm10702 assembly
Gm10246 assembly
Gm10042 assembly
Tdpoz7 assembly
Amy2a2 assembly
Amy2a4 assembly
Hsd3b8 assembly
Gm2574 assembly
ENSMUSG00000078232 assembly
Gm10955 assembly
Gm10958 assembly
Gm10959 assembly
Gm4609 assembly
Gm10961 assembly
Gm10964 assembly
Gm10972 assembly
Gm10973 assembly
Gm10985 assembly
Gm10986 assembly
Gm10987 assembly
Gm10731 assembly
Gm10780 assembly
Rpl13-ps6 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080169 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080168 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080165 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080013 assembly
Gm11180 assembly
Gm16605 assembly
Gm16685 assembly
Mecomos assembly
Gm16740 assembly
Gm16742 assembly
Gm16743 assembly
Gm16763 assembly
Gm16790 assembly
Gm16884 assembly
Gm16958 assembly
Gm16959 assembly
Gm17285 assembly
Gm17308 assembly
Gm17359 assembly
Gm17402 assembly
Gm17426 assembly
Gm17485 assembly
Gm17494 assembly
Gm17501 assembly
Gm4202 assembly
Gm17548 assembly
Gm17556 assembly
Gm17575 assembly
Platr30 assembly
Gm17587 assembly
Gm17608 assembly
Gm17632 assembly
Gm17641 assembly
Gm17651 assembly
Gm17667 assembly
Gm17676 assembly
Gm17690 assembly
Gm17730 assembly
Gm17731 assembly
Gm21954 assembly
Gm21956 assembly
Gm21958 assembly
Gm21960 assembly
Gm21962 assembly
Gm22009 assembly
Gm22012 assembly
Gm22026 assembly
Gm22027 assembly
Gm22029 assembly
Gm22038 assembly
Gm22043 assembly
Gm22066 assembly
Gm22073 assembly
Gm22074 assembly
Gm22078 assembly
Gm22136 assembly
Gm22162 assembly
Gm22165 assembly
Gm22182 assembly
Gm22206 assembly
Gm22269 assembly
Gm22279 assembly
Gm22282 assembly
Gm22293 assembly
Gm22295 assembly
Gm22301 assembly
Gm22322 assembly
Gm22337 assembly
Gm22341 assembly
Gm22342 assembly
Gm22361 assembly
Gm22408 assembly
Gm22421 assembly
Gm22433 assembly
Gm22451 assembly
Gm22458 assembly
Gm22468 assembly
Gm22480 assembly
Gm22491 assembly
Gm22505 assembly
Gm22531 assembly
Gm22538 assembly
Gm22547 assembly
Gm22575 assembly
Gm22577 assembly
Gm22581 assembly
Gm22604 assembly
Gm22614 assembly
Gm22642 assembly
Gm22644 assembly
Gm22682 assembly
Gm22691 assembly
Gm22713 assembly
Gm22752 assembly
Gm22784 assembly
Gm22795 assembly
Gm22798 assembly
Gm22826 assembly
Gm22837 assembly
Gm22860 assembly
Gm22899 assembly
Gm22900 assembly
Gm22901 assembly
Gm22903 assembly
Gm22935 assembly
Gm22942 assembly
Gm22944 assembly
Gm23011 assembly
Gm23025 assembly
Gm23038 assembly
Gm23054 assembly
Gm23077 assembly
Gm23096 assembly
Gm23112 assembly
Gm23131 assembly
Gm23147 assembly
Gm23175 assembly
Gm23196 assembly
Gm23214 assembly
Gm23237 assembly
Gm23269 assembly
Gm23279 assembly
Gm23295 assembly
Gm23330 assembly
Gm23336 assembly
Gm23337 assembly
Gm23376 assembly
Gm23379 assembly
Gm23432 assembly
Gm23440 assembly
Gm23441 assembly
Gm23464 assembly
Gm23465 assembly
Gm23467 assembly
Gm23477 assembly
Gm23484 assembly
Gm23495 assembly
Gm23500 assembly
Gm23511 assembly
Gm23541 assembly
Gm23574 assembly
Gm23580 assembly
Gm23592 assembly
Gm23635 assembly
Gm23644 assembly
Gm23670 assembly
Gm23673 assembly
Gm23675 assembly
Gm23686 assembly
Gm23697 assembly
Gm23723 assembly
Gm23725 assembly
Gm23726 assembly
Gm23733 assembly
Gm23750 assembly
Gm23784 assembly
Gm23796 assembly
Gm23810 assembly
Gm23820 assembly
Gm23830 assembly
Gm23831 assembly
Gm23850 assembly
Gm23869 assembly
Gm23891 assembly
Gm23897 assembly
Gm23937 assembly
Gm23941 assembly
Gm23976 assembly
Gm23978 assembly
Gm24034 assembly
Gm24046 assembly
Gm24048 assembly
Gm24062 assembly
Gm24109 assembly
Gm24136 assembly
Gm24150 assembly
Gm24155 assembly
Gm24169 assembly
Gm24185 assembly
Gm24216 assembly
Gm24223 assembly
Gm24227 assembly
Gm24250 assembly
Gm24260 assembly
Gm24282 assembly
Gm24373 assembly
Gm24382 assembly
Gm24383 assembly
Gm24395 assembly
Gm24403 assembly
Gm24406 assembly
1600017P15Rik assembly
Gm24435 assembly
Gm24456 assembly
Gm24457 assembly
Gm24458 assembly
Gm24462 assembly
Gm24472 assembly
Gm24481 assembly
Gm24494 assembly
Gm24501 assembly
Gm24503 assembly
Gm24515 assembly
Gm24531 assembly
Gm24544 assembly
Gm24584 assembly
Gm24593 assembly
Gm24608 assembly
Gm24614 assembly
Gm24694 assembly
Gm24704 assembly
Gm24728 assembly
Gm24744 assembly
Gm24749 assembly
Gm24780 assembly
Gm24786 assembly
Gm24811 assembly
Gm24822 assembly
Gm24830 assembly
Gm24851 assembly
Gm24920 assembly
Gm24946 assembly
Gm24954 assembly
Gm24963 assembly
Gm24964 assembly
Gm24997 assembly
Gm25009 assembly
Gm25013 assembly
Gm25039 assembly
Gm25042 assembly
Gm25056 assembly
Gm25080 assembly
Gm25127 assembly
Gm25132 assembly
Gm25144 assembly
Gm25145 assembly
Gm25152 assembly
Gm25153 assembly
Gm25167 assembly
Gm25188 assembly
Gm25199 assembly
Gm25222 assembly
Gm25307 assembly
Gm25325 assembly
Gm25347 assembly
Gm25352 assembly
Gm25385 assembly
Gm25404 assembly
Gm25442 assembly
Gm25487 assembly
Gm25501 assembly
Gm25511 assembly
Gm25519 assembly
Gm25536 assembly
Gm25572 assembly
Gm25574 assembly
Gm25592 assembly
Gm25621 assembly
Gm25627 assembly
Mir9b-1 assembly
Gm25681 assembly
Gm25696 assembly
Gm25714 assembly
Gm25727 assembly
Gm25749 assembly
Gm25755 assembly
Gm25757 assembly
Gm25773 assembly
Gm25796 assembly
Gm25802 assembly
Gm25820 assembly
Gm25846 assembly
Gm25863 assembly
Gm25869 assembly
Gm25876 assembly
Gm25890 assembly
Gm25919 assembly
Gm25920 assembly
Gm25941 assembly
Gm25945 assembly
Gm25965 assembly
Gm25981 assembly
Gm26027 assembly
Gm26040 assembly
Gm26076 assembly
Gm26081 assembly
Gm26090 assembly
Gm26091 assembly
Gm26103 assembly
Gm26107 assembly
Gm26137 assembly
Gm26166 assembly
Gm26204 assembly
Gm26232 assembly
Gm26275 assembly
Gm26279 assembly
Gm26343 assembly
Gm26344 assembly
Gm26354 assembly
Gm26358 assembly
Gm26361 assembly
Gm26404 assembly
Gm26420 assembly
Gm26442 assembly
Gm26450 assembly
Gm26456 assembly
Gm26465 assembly
Gm26468 assembly
Gm26485 assembly
Gm26530 assembly
Gm26544 assembly
Gm26553 assembly
Gm26594 assembly
Gm26654 assembly
Gm26671 assembly
Gm26678 assembly
Gm26689 assembly
Gm26691 assembly
Gm26771 assembly
Gm26820 assembly
Gm26850 assembly
Gm26871 assembly
Gm26939 assembly
Gm26984 assembly
Gm27008 assembly
Gm27024 assembly
Gm27294 assembly
Mir6380 assembly
Mir7012 assembly
Gm27403 assembly
Gm27405 assembly
Mir6377 assembly
Gm27460 assembly
Gm27465 assembly
Mir7009 assembly
Mir7013 assembly
Mir7225 assembly
Gm27611 assembly
Mir8120 assembly
Mir7011 assembly
Mir8099-2 assembly
Mir6378 assembly
Mir7j assembly
Mir6379 assembly
Mir6481 assembly
Mir7008 assembly
Gm27793 assembly
Gm27811 assembly
Mir7014 assembly
Mir7007 assembly
Mir21b assembly
Mir6381 assembly
Gm27974 assembly
Gm27989 assembly
Mir7669 assembly
Gm28001 assembly
Gm28002 assembly
Mir7010 assembly
Gm36953 assembly
Gm36973 assembly
Gm36976 assembly
Gm36981 assembly
Gm36983 assembly
Gm36985 assembly
Gm36990 assembly
Gm36996 assembly
Gm37000 assembly
Gm37001 assembly
Gm37007 assembly
Gm37009 assembly
Gm37021 assembly
Gm37024 assembly
Gm37025 assembly
Gm37029 assembly
Gm37031 assembly
Gm37035 assembly
Gm37037 assembly
Gm37041 assembly
Gm37050 assembly
Gm37056 assembly
Gm37078 assembly
Gm37081 assembly
Gm37085 assembly
Gm37087 assembly
Gm37098 assembly
Gm37102 assembly
Gm37104 assembly
Gm37116 assembly
Gm37123 assembly
Gm37128 assembly
Gm37131 assembly
Gm37136 assembly
Gm37155 assembly
Gm37164 assembly
Gm37170 assembly
Gm37185 assembly
Gm37190 assembly
Gm37191 assembly
Gm37193 assembly
Gm37197 assembly
Gm37199 assembly
Gm37202 assembly
Gm37203 assembly
Gm37207 assembly
Gm37209 assembly
Gm37213 assembly
Gm37228 assembly
Gm37229 assembly
Gm37240 assembly
Gm37244 assembly
Gm37245 assembly
Gm37256 assembly
Gm37261 assembly
Gm37268 assembly
Gm37279 assembly
Gm37281 assembly
Btf3-ps12 assembly
Gm37290 assembly
Gm37295 assembly
Gm37300 assembly
Gm37305 assembly
Gm37308 assembly
Gm37316 assembly
Gm37317 assembly
Gm37324 assembly
Gm37330 assembly
Gm37338 assembly
Gm37342 assembly
Gm37345 assembly
Gm37348 assembly
Gm37350 assembly
Gm37353 assembly
Gm37358 assembly
Gm37359 assembly
Gm37361 assembly
Gm37365 assembly
Gm37377 assembly
Gm37380 assembly
1700029B24Rik assembly
Gm37389 assembly
Gm37398 assembly
Gm37399 assembly
Gm37404 assembly
Gm37421 assembly
Gm37424 assembly
Gm37428 assembly
Gm37430 assembly
Gm37443 assembly
Gm37445 assembly
Gm37449 assembly
Gm42568 assembly
Gm37459 assembly
Gm37461 assembly
Gm37464 assembly
Gm37465 assembly
Gm37468 assembly
Gm37480 assembly
Gm37481 assembly
Gm37482 assembly
Gm37488 assembly
Gm37492 assembly
Gm37493 assembly
Gm37498 assembly
Gm37500 assembly
Gm37501 assembly
Gm37515 assembly
Gm37523 assembly
Gm37526 assembly
Gm37533 assembly
Gm37537 assembly
Gm37548 assembly
Gm37550 assembly
Gm37557 assembly
Gm37558 assembly
Gm37573 assembly
Gm37575 assembly
Gm37576 assembly
Gm37579 assembly
Gm37584 assembly
Gm37585 assembly
Gm37589 assembly
Gm37592 assembly
Tdpoz6 assembly
Gm37597 assembly
Gm37601 assembly
Gm37603 assembly
Gm37616 assembly
Gm37617 assembly
Gm37636 assembly
Gm37640 assembly
Gm37646 assembly
Gm37647 assembly
Gm37652 assembly
Gm37659 assembly
Gm37672 assembly
Gm37675 assembly
Gm37681 assembly
Gm37684 assembly
Gm37685 assembly
Gm37692 assembly
Gm37696 assembly
Gm37715 assembly
Gm37719 assembly
Gm37725 assembly
Gm37726 assembly
Gm37746 assembly
Gm37752 assembly
Gm37763 assembly
Gm37770 assembly
Gm37771 assembly
Gm37773 assembly
Gm37776 assembly
Gm37778 assembly
Gm37784 assembly
Gm37801 assembly
Gm37803 assembly
Gm37806 assembly
Gm37807 assembly
Gm37813 assembly
Gm37819 assembly
Gm37822 assembly
Gm37826 assembly
Gm37831 assembly
Gm37832 assembly
Gm37834 assembly
Gm37835 assembly
Gm37836 assembly
Gm37843 assembly
Gm37846 assembly
Gm37854 assembly
Gm37855 assembly
Gm37857 assembly
Gm37859 assembly
Gm37867 assembly
Gm37876 assembly
Gm37882 assembly
Gm37889 assembly
Gm37890 assembly
Gm37892 assembly
Gm37897 assembly
Gm37901 assembly
Gm37913 assembly
Gm37918 assembly
Gm37919 assembly
Gm37922 assembly
Gm37924 assembly
Gm37926 assembly
Gm37928 assembly
Gm37933 assembly
Gm37965 assembly
Gm37968 assembly
Gm37971 assembly
Gm37973 assembly
Gm37979 assembly
Gm37996 assembly
Gm38000 assembly
Gm38001 assembly
Gm38002 assembly
Gm38006 assembly
Gm38007 assembly
Gm38025 assembly
Gm38029 assembly
Gm38030 assembly
Gm38034 assembly
Gm38040 assembly
Gm38041 assembly
Gm38044 assembly
Gm38047 assembly
Gm38048 assembly
Gm38055 assembly
Gm38066 assembly
Gm38068 assembly
Gm38078 assembly
Gm38080 assembly
Gm38086 assembly
Gm38088 assembly
Gm38096 assembly
Gm34303 assembly
Gm38112 assembly
Gm38119 assembly
Gm38124 assembly
Gm38128 assembly
Gm38131 assembly
Gm38132 assembly
Gm38139 assembly
Gm38151 assembly
Gm38153 assembly
Gm38154 assembly
Gm38160 assembly
Gm38166 assembly
Gm38186 assembly
Gm38195 assembly
Gm38197 assembly
Gm38200 assembly
Gm38201 assembly
Gm38207 assembly
Gm38208 assembly
Gm38227 assembly
Gm38233 assembly
Gm38237 assembly
Gm38239 assembly
Gm38241 assembly
Gm38244 assembly
Gm38246 assembly
Gm38247 assembly
Gm38252 assembly
Gm38253 assembly
Gm38258 assembly
Gm38261 assembly
Gm38271 assembly
Gm38274 assembly
Gm38280 assembly
Gm38288 assembly
Gm38291 assembly
Gm38295 assembly
Gm38298 assembly
Gm38303 assembly
Gm38305 assembly
4632432E15Rik assembly
Gm38311 assembly
Gm38313 assembly
Gm38317 assembly
Gm38323 assembly
Gm38324 assembly
Gm38326 assembly
Gm38334 assembly
Gm38335 assembly
Gm38338 assembly
Gm38353 assembly
Gm38356 assembly
Gm38357 assembly
Gm38362 assembly
Gm38364 assembly
Gm44136 assembly
Gm32754 assembly
Gm44327 assembly
Gm44353 assembly
Gm44361 assembly
Gm44384 assembly
Gm44464 assembly
Gm44492 assembly
Gm44494 assembly
Gm47311 assembly
Gm47313 assembly
Gm48183 assembly
Gm50014 assembly
Gm52952 assembly
Gm53012 assembly
Gm53046 assembly
Gm54445 assembly
Gm54451 assembly
Gm54456 assembly
Gm54470 assembly
Gm54472 assembly
Gm54513 assembly
Gm54516 assembly
Gm54524 assembly
Gm54528 assembly
Gm54548 assembly
Gm54549 assembly
Gm54564 assembly
Gm54565 assembly
Gm54566 assembly
Gm54567 assembly
Gm54577 assembly
Gm54598 assembly
Gm54633 assembly
Gm54647 assembly
Gm54652 assembly
Gm54661 assembly
Gm54662 assembly
Gm54673 assembly
Gm54685 assembly
Gm54722 assembly
Gm54735 assembly
Gm54773 assembly
Gm54781 assembly
Gm54782 assembly
Gm54804 assembly
Gm54809 assembly
Gm54939 assembly
Gm54967 assembly
Gm54971 assembly
Gm54972 assembly
Gm54973 assembly
Gm54985 assembly
Gm54987 assembly
Gm54988 assembly
Gm55000 assembly
Gm55007 assembly
Gm55027 assembly
Gm55039 assembly
Gm55090 assembly
Gm55104 assembly
Gm55139 assembly
Gm55140 assembly
Gm55209 assembly
Gm55225 assembly
Gm55241 assembly
Gm55249 assembly
Gm55250 assembly
Gm55254 assembly
Gm55255 assembly
Gm55266 assembly
Gm55270 assembly
Gm55271 assembly
Gm55273 assembly
Gm55277 assembly
Gm55345 assembly
Gm55352 assembly
Gm55387 assembly
Gm55390 assembly
Gm55395 assembly
Gm55400 assembly
Gm55401 assembly
Gm55405 assembly
Gm55429 assembly
Gm55445 assembly
Gm55454 assembly
Gm55460 assembly
Gm55491 assembly
Gm55498 assembly
Gm55526 assembly
Gm55576 assembly
Gm55621 assembly
Gm55652 assembly
Gm55653 assembly
Gm55656 assembly
Gm55657 assembly
Gm55671 assembly
Gm55673 assembly
Gm55810 assembly
Gm55818 assembly
Gm55835 assembly
Gm55883 assembly
Gm55897 assembly
Gm55913 assembly
Gm55929 assembly
Gm55930 assembly
Gm55939 assembly
Gm55940 assembly
Gm55942 assembly
Gm55943 assembly
Gm55955 assembly

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