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Examples: Pax* *Sox2* *os *Col2a1*
Feature type

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If no boxes are checked, then all feature types are included.
Counts reflect total MGI Markers in each feature type category.

    all feature types (682,481)
        gene (63,756)
            protein coding gene (23,173)
            non-coding RNA gene (33,913)
                lncRNA gene (24,110)
                    antisense lncRNA gene (307)
                    lincRNA gene (152)
                    sense intronic lncRNA gene (11)
                    sense overlapping lncRNA gene (5)
                    bidirectional promoter lncRNA gene (4)
                rRNA gene (677)
                tRNA gene (463)
                snRNA gene (1,691)
                snoRNA gene (1,887)
                miRNA gene (3,484)
                scRNA gene (3)
                SRP RNA gene (12)
                RNase P RNA gene (4)
                RNase MRP RNA gene (1)
                telomerase RNA gene (1)
                unclassified non-coding RNA gene (1,553)
                ribozyme gene (19)
            heritable phenotypic marker (2,788)
            gene segment (648)
            unclassified gene (3,234)
        other feature type (618,725)
            QTL (8,636)
            transgene (11,878)
            complex/cluster/region (237)
            cytogenetic marker (1,382)
                chromosomal deletion (494)
                insertion (32)
                chromosomal inversion (167)
                Robertsonian fusion (212)
                reciprocal chromosomal translocation (342)
                chromosomal translocation (15)
                chromosomal duplication (90)
                chromosomal transposition (3)
                unclassified cytogenetic marker (27)
            BAC/YAC end (887)
            other genome feature (559,382)
                retrotransposon (48)
                telomere (47)
                minisatellite (155)
                unclassified other genome feature (634)
                endogenous retroviral region (615)
                mutation defined region (1)
                CpG island (23,022)
                promoter (25,214)
                TSS cluster (164,748)
                enhancer (154,798)
                CTCF binding site (110,891)
                transcription factor binding site (17,329)
                open chromatin region (61,804)
                silencer (12)
                insulator (21)
                imprinting control region (10)
                locus control region (4)
                response element (4)
                intronic regulatory region (9)
                origin of replication (6)
                transcriptional cis regulatory region (8)
            DNA segment (20,382)
            pseudogenic region (15,941)
                pseudogene (15,644)
                pseudogenic gene segment (211)
                polymorphic pseudogene (86)
Genome location
cM Position:
Example: 10.0-40.0
Genome Coordinates: from GRCm39
125.618-125.622 Mbp
1-125618205 bp
125618205 - 999999999 bp
Marker range: use current symbols
between and
Example: between D19Mit32 and Tbx10
Gene Ontology
Gene Ontology (GO) classifications:
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Examples: vir* AND replication   gaba AND NOT “inhibitory synapse”   GO:0005794 OR GO:0005783
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Protein domains
InterPro Protein Domains:

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Examples: inhibitor* AND *peptide   GPCR AND NOT kinase   IPR000539 AND IPR001134   muscarinic OR nicotinic
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Mouse phenotypes &
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human disease
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Examples: MP:0009754 AND MP:0009751   Alzheimer   DOID:178 OR DOID:114   hippocamp* OMIM:601419

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