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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:91388 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and Loading Genome Assembly Coordinates from Ensembl Annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm10232 assembly
Gm9984 assembly
Runx2os1 assembly
Gm10498 assembly
Gm9773 assembly
Gm10502 assembly
Gm9772 assembly
ENSMUSG00000060788 assembly
Gm10514 assembly
Gm10513 assembly
Gm16494 assembly
Gm10309 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071034 assembly
Gm10308 assembly
Gm15403 assembly
Gm10500 assembly
Gm10515 assembly
Gm9874 assembly
Gm9937 assembly
Gm16489 assembly
ENSMUSG00000066325 assembly
Gm10507 assembly
Gm16386 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073443 assembly
Gm10045 assembly
Gm9902 assembly
Gm10187 assembly
Gm9862 assembly
Gm10512 assembly
Gm10510 assembly
Gm10190 assembly
Gm10317 assembly
ENSMUSG00000023925 assembly
Gm5479 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073372 assembly
Gm10494 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073378 assembly
Cox7c-ps1 assembly
Gm9805 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071048 assembly
Gm10495 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073379 assembly
ENSMUSG00000053428 assembly
Gm9943 assembly
Gm9753 assembly
Gm10492 assembly
Gm10505 assembly
Btnl5-ps assembly
ENSMUSG00000073426 assembly
Gm10503 assembly
Gm10194 assembly
Gm10506 assembly
Gm10499 assembly
Gm10231 assembly
Gm1604b assembly
Gm10226 assembly
Rpl35a-ps3 assembly
Pdxk-ps assembly
Gm10501 assembly
Gm7335 assembly
Ubr2 assembly
Hdac1-ps assembly
Gm10184 assembly
Gm9893 assembly
ENSMUSG00000043538 assembly
Gm10511 assembly
Oaz1-ps assembly
Gm9818 assembly
Gm10508 assembly
ENSMUSG00000060209 assembly
Gm10504 assembly
Gm10074 assembly
Gm10496 assembly
ENSMUSG00000044163 assembly
ENSMUSG00000046214 assembly
Gm9959 assembly
Gm10185 assembly
Rbx1-ps assembly
ENSMUSG00000073381 assembly
Unc93a2 assembly
Gm10149 assembly
Tcp10c assembly
Tcp10a assembly
Pram1 assembly
Prrt1 assembly
Scube3 assembly
Thada assembly
Thoc6 assembly
Zscan10 assembly
Olfr1564 assembly
Or10h1 assembly
Gm3320 assembly
Gm3222 assembly
Gm11088 assembly
Gm11089 assembly
Gm11090 assembly
Gm11096 assembly
Gm11097 assembly
Mettl4-ps1 assembly
Gm11110 assembly
Gm11127 assembly
Gm11131 assembly
H2-Q2 assembly
Gm11140 assembly
Vmn1r-ps150 assembly
Gm8597 assembly
Ttll2 assembly
Tmem181c-ps assembly
Tmem181c-ps assembly
Gm10509 assembly
Gm10204 assembly
ENSMUSG00000079897 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080267 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080264 assembly
Gm16627 assembly
Gm16684 assembly
Gm16702 assembly
Gm16712 assembly
Gm16724 assembly
Gm16736 assembly
Gm16758 assembly
Gm16825 assembly
Gm16862 assembly
Gm16912 assembly
Gm16952 assembly
Gm16957 assembly
Gm16978 assembly
Gm17251 assembly
Gm17262 assembly
Gm17276 assembly
Gm17287 assembly
Gm17315 assembly
Gm17358 assembly
Gm17372 assembly
Gm17377 assembly
Gm17382 assembly
Gm17392 assembly
Gm17414 assembly
Gm17441 assembly
Gm17474 assembly
Gm17480 assembly
Esp8 assembly
Gm17538 assembly
Gm17549 assembly
Gm17561 assembly
Gm17572 assembly
Gm17579 assembly
Gm17592 assembly
Gm17633 assembly
Gm17657 assembly
Gm17692 assembly
Gm17705 assembly
Gm17728 assembly
Gm20724 assembly
Gm20729 assembly
Gm21834 assembly
Gm21903 assembly
Mir5709 assembly
Gm22146 assembly
Gm22201 assembly
Gm22215 assembly
Gm22235 assembly
Gm22277 assembly
Gm22327 assembly
Gm22346 assembly
Gm22386 assembly
Gm22388 assembly
Mir3547 assembly
Gm22416 assembly
Gm22420 assembly
Gm22453 assembly
Gm22474 assembly
Gm22475 assembly
Gm22542 assembly
Gm22562 assembly
Gm22589 assembly
Gm22593 assembly
Gm22645 assembly
Gm22654 assembly
Gm22742 assembly
Gm22774 assembly
Gm22858 assembly
Gm22943 assembly
Gm22967 assembly
Gm22978 assembly
Gm23037 assembly
Gm23050 assembly
Gm23073 assembly
Gm23078 assembly
Gm23102 assembly
Gm23111 assembly
Gm23115 assembly
Gm23123 assembly
Gm23125 assembly
Gm23160 assembly
Gm23165 assembly
Gm23186 assembly
Gm23203 assembly
Gm23264 assembly
Gm23294 assembly
Gm23352 assembly
Gm23400 assembly
Gm23421 assembly
Gm23442 assembly
Gm23447 assembly
Snord60 assembly
Gm23642 assembly
Gm23649 assembly
Gm23657 assembly
Gm23769 assembly
Gm23773 assembly
Gm23797 assembly
Gm23833 assembly
Gm23837 assembly
Gm23864 assembly
Gm23887 assembly
Gm23905 assembly
Gm23947 assembly
Gm23964 assembly
Gm24026 assembly
Gm24071 assembly
Gm24085 assembly
Gm24101 assembly
Gm24126 assembly
Gm24194 assembly
Gm24240 assembly
Gm24244 assembly
Gm24389 assembly
Gm24404 assembly
Gm24427 assembly
Gm24475 assembly
Gm24492 assembly
Gm24510 assembly
Gm24532 assembly
Gm24589 assembly
Gm24606 assembly
Gm24648 assembly
Gm24661 assembly
Gm24722 assembly
Gm24730 assembly
Gm24736 assembly
Gm24794 assembly
Gm24813 assembly
Gm24867 assembly
Gm24970 assembly
Gm24979 assembly
Gm25008 assembly
Gm25034 assembly
Gm25049 assembly
Gm25069 assembly
Gm25083 assembly
Gm25092 assembly
Gm25102 assembly
Gm25104 assembly
Gm25119 assembly
Gm25128 assembly
Gm25135 assembly
Gm25159 assembly
Gm25174 assembly
Gm25177 assembly
Gm25195 assembly
Gm25201 assembly
Gm25344 assembly
Gm25348 assembly
Gm25406 assembly
Gm25447 assembly
Gm25479 assembly
Gm25508 assembly
Gm25555 assembly
Gm25566 assembly
Gm25598 assembly
Gm25618 assembly
Gm25667 assembly
Gm25706 assembly
Gm25730 assembly
Gm25731 assembly
Gm25744 assembly
Gm25783 assembly
Gm25800 assembly
Gm25872 assembly
Gm25883 assembly
Gm25909 assembly
Gm25921 assembly
Gm25927 assembly
Gm25932 assembly
Gm25935 assembly
Gm25973 assembly
Gm26005 assembly
Gm26057 assembly
Gm26066 assembly
Gm26124 assembly
Gm26130 assembly
Gm26216 assembly
Gm26291 assembly
Gm26299 assembly
Gm26375 assembly
Gm26376 assembly
Gm26384 assembly
Gm26429 assembly
Gm26500 assembly
Gm26510 assembly
Gm26547 assembly
Gm26549 assembly
Gm26561 assembly
Gm26595 assembly
Gm26612 assembly
Gm26622 assembly
Gm26637 assembly
Gm26693 assembly
Gm26694 assembly
Gm26695 assembly
Gm26724 assembly
Gm26734 assembly
Gm26749 assembly
Gm26753 assembly
Gm26785 assembly
Gm26848 assembly
Gm26858 assembly
Gm26873 assembly
Gm26885 assembly
Gm26904 assembly
Gm26917 assembly
Yam1 assembly
Gm26940 assembly
Gm26957 assembly
Gm26963 assembly
Gm27023 assembly
Gm27038 assembly
Gm27039 assembly
Mir6966 assembly
Gm27275 assembly
Gm27283 assembly
Mir6969 assembly
Mir6971 assembly
Mir6965 assembly
Gm27359 assembly
Mir7677 assembly
Gm27427 assembly
Gm27435 assembly
Gm27471 assembly
Gm27475 assembly
Gm27502 assembly
Mir8094 assembly
Mir7216 assembly
Mir6970 assembly
Gm27599 assembly
Gm27610 assembly
Mir6974 assembly
Mir6968 assembly
Mir6975 assembly
Gm27700 assembly
Gm27735 assembly
Mir6967-2 assembly
Mir7667 assembly
Mir6967-1 assembly
Gm27801 assembly
Mir6972 assembly
Mir6978 assembly
Mir6977 assembly
Mir6973a assembly
Mir6420 assembly
Gm28033 assembly
Gm28043 assembly
Gm28052 assembly
Gm36931 assembly
Gm37173 assembly
Gm37176 assembly
Gm37248 assembly
Gm37266 assembly
Gm37332 assembly
Gm37402 assembly
Gm37487 assembly
Gm37549 assembly
Gm37555 assembly
Gm37593 assembly
Gm37639 assembly
Gm37966 assembly
Gm38099 assembly
Gm38109 assembly
Gm38220 assembly
Gm38267 assembly
Gm43987 assembly
Gm44304 assembly
Gm44345 assembly
Gm44397 assembly
Gm47119 assembly
Gm47307 assembly
Gm47471 assembly
Gm49092 assembly
Gm49121 assembly
Gm49163 assembly
Gm49221 assembly
Gm49630 assembly
Gm49632 assembly
Gm49668 assembly
Gm49669 assembly
Gm49673 assembly
Gm49691 assembly
Gm17879 assembly
Gm49717 assembly
4933426B08Rik assembly
Gm49719 assembly
Gm49720 assembly
Gm49721 assembly
Gm49741 assembly
Gm49752 assembly
Gm49753 assembly
4930549P19Rik assembly
Gm49761 assembly
Gm49773 assembly
Gm49774 assembly
Gm49775 assembly
Gm49777 assembly
Gm49778 assembly
Gm49780 assembly
4930579D07Rik assembly
Gm49784 assembly
Gm49787 assembly
Gm49788 assembly
Gm49789 assembly
Gm49790 assembly
Gm49792 assembly
Gm49793 assembly
Gm49794 assembly
Gm49795 assembly
Gm49796 assembly
Gm49797 assembly
Gm49798 assembly
Gm49799 assembly
Gm49801 assembly
Gm49802 assembly
Gm49803 assembly
Gm49804 assembly
Gm49805 assembly
Gm49806 assembly
Gm49807 assembly
Gm49808 assembly
Gm49809 assembly
Gm49810 assembly
Gm49811 assembly
Gm49812 assembly
Gm49813 assembly
Gm49814 assembly
Gm49815 assembly
Gm49816 assembly
Gm49818 assembly
Gm49819 assembly
Gm49820 assembly
Gm49821 assembly
Gm49822 assembly
Gm49823 assembly
Gm49824 assembly
Gm49825 assembly
Gm49826 assembly
Gm49827 assembly
Gm49828 assembly
Gm49829 assembly
Gm49830 assembly
Gm49831 assembly
Gm49832 assembly
Gm49833 assembly
Gm49834 assembly
Gm49835 assembly
Gm49836 assembly
Gm49837 assembly
Gm49838 assembly
Gm49839 assembly
Gm49840 assembly
Gm49841 assembly
Gm49842 assembly
Gm49843 assembly
Gm49844 assembly
Gm49845 assembly
Gm49846 assembly
Gm49847 assembly
Gm49848 assembly
Gm49849 assembly
Gm49850 assembly
Gm49851 assembly
Gm49852 assembly
Gm49853 assembly
Gm49854 assembly
Gm49855 assembly
Gm49856 assembly
Gm49857 assembly
Gm49858 assembly
Gm49859 assembly
Gm49860 assembly
Gm49861 assembly
Gm49862 assembly
Gm49863 assembly
Gm49864 assembly
Gm49865 assembly
Gm49866 assembly
Gm49867 assembly
Gm49868 assembly
Gm49869 assembly
Gm49870 assembly
Gm49871 assembly
Gm49872 assembly
Gm49874 assembly
Gm49875 assembly
Gm49876 assembly
Gm49877 assembly
Gm49878 assembly
Gm49879 assembly
Gm49880 assembly
Gm49881 assembly
Gm49882 assembly
Gm49883 assembly
Gm49886 assembly
Gm49887 assembly
Gm49888 assembly
Gm49889 assembly
Gm49892 assembly
Gm49893 assembly
Gm49894 assembly
Gm49895 assembly
Gm49896 assembly
Gm49897 assembly
Gm49898 assembly
Gm49899 assembly
Gm49900 assembly
Gm49901 assembly
Gm49902 assembly
Gm49903 assembly
Gm49904 assembly
Gm49905 assembly
Gm49906 assembly
Gm49908 assembly
Gm49909 assembly
Gm49910 assembly
Gm49911 assembly
Gm49912 assembly
Gm49913 assembly
Gm49914 assembly
Gm49915 assembly
Gm49916 assembly
Gm49917 assembly
Gm49919 assembly
Gm49920 assembly
Gm49921 assembly
Gm49922 assembly
Gm49923 assembly
Gm49924 assembly
Gm49925 assembly
Gm49926 assembly
Gm49927 assembly
Gm49930 assembly
Gm49931 assembly
Gm49932 assembly
Gm49933 assembly
Gm49934 assembly
Gm49935 assembly
Gm49936 assembly
Gm49937 assembly
Gm49938 assembly
Gm49939 assembly
Gm49940 assembly
Gm49941 assembly
Gm49942 assembly
Gm49943 assembly
Gm49944 assembly
Gm49945 assembly
Gm49946 assembly
Gm49947 assembly
Gm49949 assembly
Gm49950 assembly
Gm49951 assembly
Gm49952 assembly
Gm49954 assembly
Gm49955 assembly
Gm49956 assembly
Gm49958 assembly
Gm49959 assembly
Gm49962 assembly
Gm49963 assembly
Gm49964 assembly
Gm49967 assembly
Gm49969 assembly
Gm49979 assembly
Gm49981 assembly
Gm49982 assembly
Gm49983 assembly
Gm49984 assembly
Gm49985 assembly
Gm49987 assembly
Gm49988 assembly
Gm49989 assembly
Gm49990 assembly
Gm49991 assembly
Gm49992 assembly
Gm49993 assembly
Gm49994 assembly
Gm49995 assembly
Gm49996 assembly
Gm49997 assembly
Gm49998 assembly
Gm49999 assembly
Gm50000 assembly
Gm50001 assembly
Gm50002 assembly
Gm50003 assembly
Gm50004 assembly
Gm50005 assembly
Gm50006 assembly
Gm50007 assembly
Gm50008 assembly
Gm50009 assembly
Gm50010 assembly
Gm50011 assembly
Gm50012 assembly
Gm50013 assembly
Gm50015 assembly
Gm50016 assembly
Gm50017 assembly
Gm50018 assembly
Gm50019 assembly
Gm50020 assembly
Gm50021 assembly
Gm50022 assembly
Gm50025 assembly
Gm50026 assembly
Gm50028 assembly
Gm50029 assembly
Gm50030 assembly
Gm50031 assembly
Gm50034 assembly
Gm50036 assembly
Gm50037 assembly
Gm50038 assembly
Gm50039 assembly
Gm50040 assembly
Gm50041 assembly
Gm50042 assembly
Gm50043 assembly
Gm50044 assembly
Gm50045 assembly
Gm50046 assembly
Gm50047 assembly
Gm50050 assembly
Gm50051 assembly
Gm50054 assembly
Gm50056 assembly
Gm50057 assembly
Gm50058 assembly
Gm50059 assembly
Gm50061 assembly
Gm50062 assembly
Gm50066 assembly
Gm50068 assembly
Gm50070 assembly
Gm50071 assembly
Gm50085 assembly
Gm50087 assembly
Gm50099 assembly
Gm50102 assembly
Gm50103 assembly
Gm50105 assembly
Gm50107 assembly
Gm50108 assembly
Gm50127 assembly
Gm50138 assembly
Gm50218 assembly
Gm50222 assembly
Gm50225 assembly
Gm50226 assembly
Gm50238 assembly
Gm50240 assembly
Gm50242 assembly
Gm50244 assembly
Gm50245 assembly
Gm50248 assembly
Gm50249 assembly
Gm50250 assembly
Gm50252 assembly
Gm50253 assembly
Gm50254 assembly
Gm50269 assembly
Gm50274 assembly
Gm50275 assembly
Gm50295 assembly
Gm50312 assembly
Gm50316 assembly
Gm50328 assembly
Gm50333 assembly
Gm50335 assembly
Gm50336 assembly
Gm50367 assembly
Gm50433 assembly
Gm50455 assembly
Gm50461 assembly
Gm52954 assembly
Gm52987 assembly
Gm52994 assembly
Gm53009 assembly
Gm53023 assembly
Gm53028 assembly
Gm54532 assembly
Gm54533 assembly
Gm54542 assembly
Gm54543 assembly
Gm54551 assembly
Gm54595 assembly
Gm54597 assembly
Gm54607 assembly
Gm54614 assembly
Gm54616 assembly
Gm54617 assembly
Gm54622 assembly
Gm54623 assembly
Gm54667 assembly
Gm54680 assembly
Gm54763 assembly
Gm54796 assembly
Gm54881 assembly
Gm54892 assembly
Gm54893 assembly
Gm54898 assembly
Gm54915 assembly
Gm54965 assembly
Gm55021 assembly
Gm55102 assembly
Gm55175 assembly
Gm55176 assembly
Gm55226 assembly
Gm55305 assembly
Gm55306 assembly
Gm55339 assembly
Gm55377 assembly
Gm55415 assembly
Gm55416 assembly
Gm55440 assembly
Gm55492 assembly
Gm55502 assembly
Gm55504 assembly
Gm55541 assembly
Gm55558 assembly
Gm55578 assembly
Gm55583 assembly
Gm55596 assembly
Gm55613 assembly
Gm55632 assembly
Gm55647 assembly
Gm55654 assembly
Gm55655 assembly
Gm55674 assembly
Gm55675 assembly
Gm55753 assembly
Gm55779 assembly
Gm55780 assembly
Gm55781 assembly
Gm55782 assembly
Gm55783 assembly
Gm55784 assembly
Gm55785 assembly
Gm55801 assembly
Gm55840 assembly
Gm55841 assembly
Gm55871 assembly
Gm55872 assembly
Gm55893 assembly
Gm55899 assembly
Gm55904 assembly
Gm55909 assembly
Gm55912 assembly
Gm55921 assembly
Gm55925 assembly
Gm55934 assembly
Gm55937 assembly
Gm55941 assembly
Gm55957 assembly

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