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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:91388 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and Loading Genome Assembly Coordinates from Ensembl Annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm10088 assembly
Gm10237 assembly
Gm6358 assembly
Gm9881 assembly
Gm10247 assembly
Gm10789 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071575 assembly
Gm10808 assembly
Fkbp1a-ps3 assembly
Gm10791 assembly
Gm9789 assembly
Gm10823 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075298 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074905 assembly
Tnk2os assembly
ENSMUSG00000068043 assembly
Gm9968 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074914 assembly
Gm10785 assembly
Gm10061 assembly
Gm10832 assembly
Mrtfb assembly
ENSMUSG00000068728 assembly
4932412D23Rik assembly
Gm9861 assembly
Tigit assembly
ENSMUSG00000071555 assembly
Gm10092 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075422 assembly
Gm10783 assembly
Gm9961 assembly
ENSMUSG00000068174 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071684 assembly
Gm10343 assembly
Gm16498 assembly
Gm10342 assembly
Gm15760 assembly
Gm10241 assembly
ENSMUSG00000068481 assembly
Ahcyl assembly
Gm9816 assembly
Krtap19-9a assembly
Gm10228 assembly
Gm9974 assembly
ENSMUSG00000056834 assembly
ENSMUSG00000063650 assembly
Gm10813 assembly
ENSMUSG00000063169 assembly
Gm10236 assembly
Gm10810 assembly
ENSMUSG00000018775 assembly
Gm10806 assembly
ENSMUSG00000055810 assembly
Gm9843 assembly
Gm9879 assembly
Gm10793 assembly
Gm9851 assembly
Gm10229 assembly
Gm10913 assembly
Gm10914 assembly
Gm11139 assembly
Gm11141 assembly
Gm11146 assembly
Gm11169 assembly
Snx29 assembly
Gm11171 assembly
Gm11172 assembly
Gm11152 assembly
Gm16618 assembly
Gm16619 assembly
Gm16756 assembly
Gm16757 assembly
Gm16761 assembly
Gm16789 assembly
Gm16801 assembly
Gm16861 assembly
Gm16863 assembly
Gm16892 assembly
Gm17298 assembly
Gm17333 assembly
Gm17348 assembly
Gm17410 assembly
Gm17439 assembly
Gm17459 assembly
Gm17496 assembly
Gm17497 assembly
Gm17516 assembly
Gm17518 assembly
Gm17625 assembly
Gm17697 assembly
Gm17734 assembly
Gm21816 assembly
Gm21833 assembly
Gm21859 assembly
Gm21897 assembly
Gm22001 assembly
Gm22129 assembly
Gm22137 assembly
Gm22158 assembly
Gm22163 assembly
Gm22217 assembly
Gm22224 assembly
Gm22231 assembly
Gm22263 assembly
Gm22268 assembly
Gm22344 assembly
Gm22349 assembly
Gm22404 assembly
Gm22422 assembly
Gm22429 assembly
Gm22448 assembly
Gm22459 assembly
Gm22462 assembly
Gm22481 assembly
Gm22500 assembly
Gm22543 assembly
Gm22558 assembly
Gm22576 assembly
Gm22598 assembly
Gm22617 assembly
Gm22672 assembly
Gm22741 assembly
Gm22745 assembly
Gm22769 assembly
Gm22770 assembly
Gm22797 assembly
Gm22808 assembly
Gm22862 assembly
Gm22885 assembly
Gm22922 assembly
Gm22923 assembly
Gm22932 assembly
Gm22933 assembly
Gm22977 assembly
Gm23003 assembly
Gm23062 assembly
Gm23066 assembly
Gm23080 assembly
Gm23083 assembly
Gm23116 assembly
Gm23180 assembly
Gm23210 assembly
Gm23215 assembly
Gm23227 assembly
Gm23306 assembly
Gm23332 assembly
Gm23355 assembly
Gm23374 assembly
Gm23406 assembly
Gm23413 assembly
Gm23430 assembly
Gm23476 assembly
Gm23483 assembly
Gm23493 assembly
Gm23513 assembly
Gm23518 assembly
Gm23587 assembly
Gm23591 assembly
Gm23612 assembly
Gm23655 assembly
Gm23659 assembly
Gm23689 assembly
Gm23692 assembly
Gm23706 assembly
Gm23715 assembly
Gm23717 assembly
Gm23852 assembly
Gm23916 assembly
Gm23935 assembly
Gm23994 assembly
Gm24039 assembly
Gm24047 assembly
Gm24107 assembly
Gm24145 assembly
Gm24164 assembly
Gm24201 assembly
Gm24218 assembly
Gm24272 assembly
Gm24408 assembly
Gm24426 assembly
Gm24437 assembly
Gm24440 assembly
Gm24508 assembly
Gm24569 assembly
Mir3618 assembly
Gm24579 assembly
Gm24616 assembly
Gm24651 assembly
Gm24667 assembly
Gm24681 assembly
Gm24695 assembly
Gm24754 assembly
Gm24755 assembly
Gm24773 assembly
Gm24777 assembly
Gm24795 assembly
Gm24801 assembly
Gm24814 assembly
Gm24861 assembly
Gm24879 assembly
Gm24881 assembly
Gm24891 assembly
Gm24898 assembly
Gm24925 assembly
Gm24927 assembly
Gm24928 assembly
Gm24953 assembly
Gm24961 assembly
Gm24968 assembly
Gm25024 assembly
Gm25025 assembly
Gm25038 assembly
Gm25041 assembly
Gm25079 assembly
Gm25140 assembly
Gm25179 assembly
Gm25182 assembly
Gm25245 assembly
Gm25254 assembly
Gm25276 assembly
Gm25292 assembly
Gm25318 assembly
Gm25339 assembly
Gm25375 assembly
Gm25465 assembly
Gm25547 assembly
Gm25548 assembly
Gm25617 assembly
Gm25699 assembly
Gm25715 assembly
Gm25719 assembly
Gm25723 assembly
Gm25762 assembly
Gm25777 assembly
Gm25782 assembly
Gm25805 assembly
Gm25810 assembly
Gm25848 assembly
Gm25849 assembly
Gm25853 assembly
Gm25873 assembly
Gm25896 assembly
Gm25902 assembly
Gm25903 assembly
Gm25908 assembly
Gm25916 assembly
Gm25967 assembly
Gm25986 assembly
Gm25989 assembly
Gm25996 assembly
Gm26019 assembly
Gm26023 assembly
Gm26053 assembly
Gm26074 assembly
Gm26095 assembly
Gm26153 assembly
Gm26159 assembly
Gm26170 assembly
Gm26198 assembly
Gm26213 assembly
Gm26219 assembly
Gm26268 assembly
Gm26269 assembly
Gm26295 assembly
Gm26297 assembly
Gm26307 assembly
Gm26369 assembly
Gm26381 assembly
Gm26419 assembly
Gm26447 assembly
Gm26562 assembly
Gm26569 assembly
Gm26626 assembly
Gm26635 assembly
Mir155hg assembly
Gm26675 assembly
Gm26732 assembly
Gm26744 assembly
Gm26769 assembly
Gm26800 assembly
Gm26822 assembly
Gm26834 assembly
Gm26838 assembly
Gm26915 assembly
Gm26937 assembly
Gm26980 assembly
Gm27001 assembly
Gm27005 assembly
Gm27295 assembly
Mir6364 assembly
Gm27415 assembly
Mir7680 assembly
Mir6367 assembly
Gm27564 assembly
Mir8095 assembly
Gm27587 assembly
Gm27671 assembly
Mir6365 assembly
Gm27717 assembly
Mir6366 assembly
Gm27734 assembly
Gm27773 assembly
Mir6540 assembly
Gm27784 assembly
Mir6362 assembly
Gm27833 assembly
Gm27883 assembly
Gm27887 assembly
Gm27931 assembly
Gm27939 assembly
Gm28003 assembly
Mir6363 assembly
Gm28037 assembly
Gm36939 assembly
Gm36963 assembly
Gm37016 assembly
Gm37063 assembly
Gm37186 assembly
Gm37241 assembly
Gm37259 assembly
Gm37311 assembly
Gm37419 assembly
Gm37458 assembly
Gm37466 assembly
Gm37508 assembly
Gm37606 assembly
Gm37694 assembly
Gm37705 assembly
Gm37709 assembly
Gm37825 assembly
Gm37946 assembly
Gm38071 assembly
Gm38347 assembly
Gm47276 assembly
Gm48978 assembly
Gm48979 assembly
Gm48984 assembly
Gm49226 assembly
Gm49227 assembly
Gm49228 assembly
Eef1ece2 assembly
Gm49346 assembly
Gm49404 assembly
Gm49432 assembly
Gm49447 assembly
Gm49448 assembly
Gm49451 assembly
Gm49455 assembly
Gm49456 assembly
Gm49504 assembly
Gm49505 assembly
Gm49507 assembly
Gm49508 assembly
Gm49509 assembly
Gm49511 assembly
Gm49514 assembly
Gm49515 assembly
Gm49516 assembly
Gm49517 assembly
Gm49518 assembly
Gm49521 assembly
Gm49528 assembly
Gm49530 assembly
Gm49533 assembly
Gm49534 assembly
Gm49535 assembly
Gm49536 assembly
Gm49538 assembly
Gm49546 assembly
Gm49547 assembly
Gm49549 assembly
Gm49554 assembly
Gm49555 assembly
7120432I05Rik assembly
Gm49558 assembly
Gm49559 assembly
Gm49560 assembly
Gm49561 assembly
Gm49562 assembly
4930551I23Rik assembly
Gm49565 assembly
Gm49566 assembly
Gm49567 assembly
Gm49568 assembly
Gm49569 assembly
Gm49570 assembly
1700007H22Rik assembly
Gm49572 assembly
Gm49573 assembly
Gm49574 assembly
Gm49575 assembly
Gm49576 assembly
Gm49577 assembly
Gm49578 assembly
Gm49579 assembly
Gm49580 assembly
Gm49581 assembly
Gm49582 assembly
4930403O18Rik assembly
Gm49584 assembly
Gm49585 assembly
Gm49587 assembly
Gm49588 assembly
Gm49589 assembly
Gm49590 assembly
Gm49591 assembly
Gm49592 assembly
Gm49594 assembly
Gm49595 assembly
Gm49596 assembly
Gm49597 assembly
Gm49598 assembly
Gm49599 assembly
Gm49600 assembly
Gm49601 assembly
Gm49603 assembly
Gm49604 assembly
Gm49605 assembly
2210009P08Rik assembly
Gm49607 assembly
Gm49608 assembly
Gm49609 assembly
Gm49610 assembly
Gm49611 assembly
Gm49612 assembly
Gm49613 assembly
Gm49614 assembly
Gm49615 assembly
Gm49617 assembly
Gm49618 assembly
Gm49619 assembly
Gm49620 assembly
Gm49621 assembly
Gm49622 assembly
6330408M09Rik assembly
Gm49624 assembly
Gm49625 assembly
Gm49626 assembly
Gm49627 assembly
Gm49629 assembly
Gm49631 assembly
Gm49633 assembly
Gm49634 assembly
Gm49635 assembly
Gm49636 assembly
Gm49637 assembly
Gm49638 assembly
Gm49639 assembly
Gm49640 assembly
Gm49641 assembly
Gm49642 assembly
Gm49643 assembly
Gm49644 assembly
Gm49645 assembly
Gm49647 assembly
Gm49648 assembly
Gm49649 assembly
Gm49650 assembly
Gm49651 assembly
Gm49652 assembly
Gm49653 assembly
Gm49655 assembly
Gm49656 assembly
Gm49657 assembly
Gm49658 assembly
Gm49659 assembly
Gm49660 assembly
Gm49662 assembly
Gm49663 assembly
Gm49664 assembly
Gm49665 assembly
Gm49666 assembly
Gm49667 assembly
Gm49670 assembly
Gm49671 assembly
2210020O09Rik assembly
Gm49674 assembly
A630036G19Rik assembly
Gm49676 assembly
Gm49677 assembly
Gm49678 assembly
Gm49679 assembly
Gm49680 assembly
Gm49681 assembly
Gm49682 assembly
Gm49683 assembly
Gm49684 assembly
4930420G21Rik assembly
Gm49688 assembly
Gm49689 assembly
Gm49695 assembly
Gm49696 assembly
Gm49701 assembly
Gm49702 assembly
Gm49704 assembly
Gm49705 assembly
Gm49706 assembly
Gm49707 assembly
Gm49708 assembly
Gm49709 assembly
Gm49710 assembly
Gm49711 assembly
Gm49712 assembly
Gm49713 assembly
Gm49714 assembly
Gm49715 assembly
Gm49716 assembly
Gm49722 assembly
Gm49723 assembly
1810044K17Rik assembly
Gm49725 assembly
4930534H18Rik assembly
Gm49727 assembly
Gm49728 assembly
Gm49730 assembly
Gm49731 assembly
Gm49733 assembly
Gm49734 assembly
Gm49735 assembly
Gm49736 assembly
Gm49737 assembly
Gm49738 assembly
Gm49739 assembly
4833419O12Rik assembly
Gm49742 assembly
Gm49744 assembly
Gm49745 assembly
Gm49746 assembly
Gm49748 assembly
Gm49750 assembly
Gm49754 assembly
Gm49755 assembly
Gm49756 assembly
Gm49757 assembly
Gm49765 assembly
Gm49767 assembly
Gm49770 assembly
Gm49771 assembly
Gm49776 assembly
Gm49785 assembly
Gm49907 assembly
Gm49928 assembly
Gm49948 assembly
Gm49953 assembly
Gm49960 assembly
Gm49961 assembly
Gm50487 assembly
Gm52946 assembly
Gm52969 assembly
Gm52975 assembly
Gm52985 assembly
Gm53024 assembly
Gm54382 assembly
Gm54384 assembly
Gm54385 assembly
Gm54387 assembly
Gm54403 assembly
Gm54407 assembly
Gm54408 assembly
Gm54409 assembly
Gm54410 assembly
Gm54411 assembly
Gm54422 assembly
Gm54424 assembly
Gm54432 assembly
Gm54480 assembly
Gm54503 assembly
Gm54505 assembly
Gm54506 assembly
Gm54512 assembly
Gm54534 assembly
Gm54553 assembly
Gm54559 assembly
Gm54583 assembly
Gm54592 assembly
Gm54624 assembly
Gm54693 assembly
Gm54695 assembly
Gm54724 assembly
Gm54725 assembly
Gm54726 assembly
Gm54736 assembly
Gm54742 assembly
Gm54743 assembly
Gm54748 assembly
Gm54750 assembly
Gm54759 assembly
Gm54761 assembly
Gm54778 assembly
Gm54786 assembly
Gm54792 assembly
Gm54801 assembly
Gm54815 assembly
Gm54833 assembly
Gm54838 assembly
Gm54839 assembly
Gm54844 assembly
Gm54861 assembly
Gm54874 assembly
Gm54875 assembly
Gm54876 assembly
Gm54882 assembly
Gm54894 assembly
Gm54922 assembly
Gm55001 assembly
Gm55014 assembly
Gm55015 assembly
Gm55020 assembly
Gm55023 assembly
Gm55024 assembly
Gm55031 assembly
Gm55036 assembly
Gm55041 assembly
Gm55056 assembly
Gm55060 assembly
Gm55082 assembly
Gm55086 assembly
Gm55087 assembly
Gm55114 assembly
Gm55115 assembly
Gm55118 assembly
Gm55162 assembly
Gm55193 assembly
Gm55208 assembly
Gm55238 assembly
Gm55297 assembly
Gm55313 assembly
Gm55314 assembly
Gm55315 assembly
Gm55316 assembly
Gm55319 assembly
Gm55320 assembly
Gm55329 assembly
Gm55369 assembly
Gm55370 assembly
Gm55399 assembly

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