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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:91388 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and Loading Genome Assembly Coordinates from Ensembl Annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm10227 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073213 assembly
ENSMUSG00000067146 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070715 assembly
Gm10091 assembly
ENSMUSG00000067357 assembly
Gm10208 assembly
Gm10219 assembly
Gm10858 assembly
Gm10051 assembly
Gm10441 assembly
Gm10440 assembly
Gm9936 assembly
Gm10405 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070640 assembly
Gm9958 assembly
Gm10471 assembly
ENSMUSG00000067151 assembly
Gm10062 assembly
Gm10469 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075603 assembly
Gm10459 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070930 assembly
Gm9954 assembly
Gm10047 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072848 assembly
Gm10059 assembly
Gm10461 assembly
Gm9980 assembly
Gm10463 assembly
ENSMUSG00000069586 assembly
Gm9836 assembly
Cyp3a59 assembly
Gm9924 assembly
Rps15a-ps5 assembly
Gm10475 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072851 assembly
Gm10086 assembly
ENSMUSG00000040068 assembly
ENSMUSG00000067298 assembly
Gm10108 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070557 assembly
ENSMUSG00000067289 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073175 assembly
Gm10426 assembly
Gm10363 assembly
Gm9932 assembly
Gm10290 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072961 assembly
ENSMUSG00000068116 assembly
Gm10417 assembly
Gm5129 assembly
Gm10484 assembly
ENSMUSG00000054012 assembly
Gm7332 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072773 assembly
Gm10369 assembly
Tubb4b-ps1 assembly
Gm10419 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075565 assembly
Gm9793 assembly
Gm7854 assembly
Gm9850 assembly
Gm9970 assembly
Gm10472 assembly
Gm10215 assembly
Gm10140 assembly
Gm10136 assembly
Mterf1b assembly
Gm15459 assembly
Gm9758 assembly
Rpl17-ps5 assembly
Rpl35a-ps5 assembly
G630022F23Rik assembly
ENSMUSG00000070713 assembly
Pramel46 assembly
Gm10422 assembly
5430403G16Rik assembly
Gm10401 assembly
Gm10399 assembly
Gm9754 assembly
Rpl35a-ps6 assembly
Rps16-ps2 assembly
Gm10874 assembly
Gm10868 assembly
Gm10167 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073224 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073222 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073218 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073215 assembly
Gm10481 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073211 assembly
Gm10221 assembly
Gm10470 assembly
Gm9899 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072981 assembly
Gm10207 assembly
Gm10446 assembly
Gm10205 assembly
Gm9976 assembly
Gm10025 assembly
ENSMUSG00000061116 assembly
Gm10438 assembly
Gm9870 assembly
Gm9977 assembly
ENSMUSG00000049220 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072810 assembly
Gm10359 assembly
Gm10390 assembly
Gm9809 assembly
Gm9950 assembly
Gm10850 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073219 assembly
Cux2 assembly
Gm10135 assembly
Gm10850 assembly
Gm10430 assembly
Adgrd1 assembly
Cyp3a41b assembly
Gm3176 assembly
Gm7647 assembly
Gm6205 assembly
Gm6083 assembly
Gm5559 assembly
Gm15710 assembly
Gm11057 assembly
Gm11058 assembly
Gm11063 assembly
Gm11111 assembly
Gm11115 assembly
Gm11116 assembly
Gm11126 assembly
Gm11130 assembly
Ppargc1a assembly
Gm11153 assembly
Gm11159 assembly
Gm11160 assembly
Gm11162 assembly
Gm11163 assembly
Gm15772 assembly
Gm10189 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080039 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080234 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080007 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080008 assembly
Gm10028 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080273 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080041 assembly
Gm10354 assembly
Gm16599 assembly
Gm16624 assembly
Gm16714 assembly
Gm16719 assembly
Gm16728 assembly
Gm16739 assembly
Gm16766 assembly
Uchl1os assembly
Gm16834 assembly
Gm16885 assembly
Gm16990 assembly
Gm17247 assembly
Gm17286 assembly
Gm17304 assembly
Gm17312 assembly
Gm17320 assembly
Dthd1 assembly
Gm17398 assembly
Gm17420 assembly
Gm17431 assembly
Gm17434 assembly
Gm17448 assembly
Gm17493 assembly
Gm17590 assembly
Gm17598 assembly
Gm17627 assembly
Gm17655 assembly
Gm17660 assembly
Gm17695 assembly
Gm17696 assembly
Gm17717 assembly
Gm17724 assembly
Gm21759 assembly
Gm21839 assembly
Gm21846 assembly
Gm21847 assembly
Gm21905 assembly
Gm22011 assembly
Gm22048 assembly
Gm22054 assembly
Gm22056 assembly
Gm22084 assembly
Gm22196 assembly
Gm22214 assembly
Gm22222 assembly
Gm22249 assembly
Gm22270 assembly
Gm22273 assembly
Gm22308 assembly
Gm22329 assembly
Gm22333 assembly
Gm22395 assembly
Snord93 assembly
Gm22450 assembly
Gm22490 assembly
Gm22536 assembly
Gm22553 assembly
Gm22557 assembly
Gm22559 assembly
Gm22583 assembly
Gm22585 assembly
Gm22618 assembly
Gm22656 assembly
Gm22716 assembly
Gm22719 assembly
Gm22728 assembly
Gm22735 assembly
Gm22740 assembly
Gm22755 assembly
Gm22779 assembly
Gm22816 assembly
Gm22838 assembly
Gm22847 assembly
Gm22887 assembly
Gm22897 assembly
Gm22898 assembly
Gm22905 assembly
Gm22907 assembly
Gm22915 assembly
Gm22926 assembly
Gm22929 assembly
Gm22956 assembly
Gm22965 assembly
Gm22974 assembly
Gm22976 assembly
Gm23001 assembly
Gm23015 assembly
Gm23022 assembly
Gm23031 assembly
Gm23067 assembly
Gm23085 assembly
Gm23092 assembly
Gm23151 assembly
Gm23157 assembly
Gm23171 assembly
Gm23173 assembly
Gm23183 assembly
Gm23202 assembly
Gm23222 assembly
Gm23243 assembly
Gm23245 assembly
Gm23268 assembly
Gm23312 assembly
Gm23331 assembly
Gm23362 assembly
Gm23372 assembly
Gm23397 assembly
Gm23429 assembly
Gm23458 assembly
Gm23532 assembly
Gm23570 assembly
Gm23605 assembly
Gm23616 assembly
Gm23617 assembly
Gm23641 assembly
Gm23661 assembly
Gm23708 assembly
Gm23712 assembly
Gm23761 assembly
Gm23801 assembly
Gm23807 assembly
Gm23822 assembly
Gm23838 assembly
Gm23841 assembly
Mir5619 assembly
Gm23896 assembly
Gm23920 assembly
Mir5625 assembly
Gm23932 assembly
Gm23967 assembly
Gm23993 assembly
Gm23995 assembly
Gm24003 assembly
Gm24009 assembly
Gm24023 assembly
Gm24050 assembly
Gm24054 assembly
Gm24079 assembly
Gm24082 assembly
Gm24087 assembly
Gm24097 assembly
Gm24105 assembly
Gm24113 assembly
Gm24121 assembly
Gm24129 assembly
Gm24131 assembly
Gm24139 assembly
Gm24146 assembly
Gm24191 assembly
Gm24196 assembly
Gm24235 assembly
Gm24242 assembly
Gm24265 assembly
Gm24279 assembly
Gm24304 assembly
Gm24311 assembly
Gm24314 assembly
Gm24322 assembly
Gm24346 assembly
Gm24368 assembly
Gm24399 assembly
Gm24407 assembly
Gm24436 assembly
Gm24502 assembly
Gm24512 assembly
Gm24524 assembly
Gm24525 assembly
Gm24538 assembly
Gm24556 assembly
Gm24623 assembly
Gm24626 assembly
Gm24630 assembly
Gm24642 assembly
Gm24663 assembly
Gm24666 assembly
Gm24671 assembly
Gm24682 assembly
Gm24686 assembly
Gm24703 assembly
Gm24738 assembly
Gm24776 assembly
Gm24792 assembly
Gm24839 assembly
Gm24840 assembly
Gm24854 assembly
Gm24878 assembly
Gm24897 assembly
Gm24902 assembly
Gm24931 assembly
Gm25037 assembly
Gm25066 assembly
Gm25076 assembly
Gm25091 assembly
Gm25154 assembly
Gm25165 assembly
Gm25211 assembly
Gm25218 assembly
Gm25219 assembly
Gm25233 assembly
Gm25284 assembly
Gm25290 assembly
Gm25306 assembly
Gm25315 assembly
Gm25320 assembly
Gm25335 assembly
Gm25343 assembly
Gm25363 assembly
Gm25374 assembly
Gm25377 assembly
Gm25459 assembly
Gm25473 assembly
Gm25492 assembly
Gm25505 assembly
Gm25513 assembly
Gm25521 assembly
Gm25525 assembly
Gm25551 assembly
Gm25601 assembly
Gm25608 assembly
Gm25638 assembly
Gm25666 assembly
Gm25672 assembly
Gm25685 assembly
Gm25721 assembly
Gm25722 assembly
Gm25756 assembly
Gm25758 assembly
Gm25761 assembly
Gm25765 assembly
Gm25767 assembly
Gm25768 assembly
Gm25806 assembly
Gm25918 assembly
Gm25937 assembly
Gm25952 assembly
Gm25969 assembly
Gm26013 assembly
Gm26039 assembly
Gm26044 assembly
Gm26051 assembly
Gm26072 assembly
Gm26079 assembly
Gm26113 assembly
Gm26118 assembly
Gm26205 assembly
Gm26238 assembly
Gm26252 assembly
Gm26277 assembly
Gm26285 assembly
Gm26286 assembly
Gm26335 assembly
Gm26340 assembly
Gm26346 assembly
Gm26356 assembly
Gm26363 assembly
Gm26370 assembly
Gm26387 assembly
Gm26411 assembly
Gm26451 assembly
Gm26455 assembly
Gm26463 assembly
Gm26474 assembly
Gm26486 assembly
Gm26515 assembly
Gm26519 assembly
Gm26560 assembly
Gm26582 assembly
Gm26597 assembly
Gm26605 assembly
Gm26608 assembly
Gm26647 assembly
Gm26648 assembly
Gm26692 assembly
Gm26703 assembly
Gm26711 assembly
Gm26718 assembly
Gm26725 assembly
Gm26745 assembly
Gm26756 assembly
Gm26761 assembly
Gm26779 assembly
Gm26808 assembly
Gm26825 assembly
Gm26872 assembly
Gm26894 assembly
Gm26897 assembly
Gm26918 assembly
Gm26925 assembly
Gm26931 assembly
Gm26938 assembly
Gm26953 assembly
Gm26954 assembly
Gm26970 assembly
Gm26989 assembly
Gm26995 assembly
Gm27004 assembly
Gm27033 assembly
Gm27266 assembly
Mir7030 assembly
Gm27286 assembly
Mir7029 assembly
Mir7032 assembly
Gm27316 assembly
Mir8117 assembly
Mir6417 assembly
Mir7647 assembly
Gm27357 assembly
Mir7034 assembly
Mir3473e assembly
Mir7689 assembly
Mir7037 assembly
Mir8116 assembly
Gm27486 assembly
Mir6414 assembly
Gm27527 assembly
Gm27551 assembly
Gm27553 assembly
Mir7024 assembly
Gm27602 assembly
Mir7036b assembly
Gm27627 assembly
Mir6418 assembly
Mir7035 assembly
Mir7028 assembly
Gm27680 assembly
Mir7033 assembly
Mir6415 assembly
Mir7k assembly
Mir7039 assembly
Mir7027 assembly
Mir6240 assembly
Mir7031 assembly
Mir7025 assembly
Gm27882 assembly
Gm27941 assembly
Mir7038 assembly
Mir7036 assembly
Mir7026 assembly
Gm27997 assembly
Gm27998 assembly
Gm28000 assembly
Mir8115 assembly
Gm28022 assembly
Gm28030 assembly
Gm28039 assembly
Gm28050 assembly
Gm37028 assembly
Gm37153 assembly
Gm37415 assembly
Gm37532 assembly
Gm37680 assembly
Gm37700 assembly
Gm37720 assembly
Gm37939 assembly
Gm38082 assembly
Gm38102 assembly
Gm38180 assembly
Gm38232 assembly
Gm38242 assembly
Gm38373 assembly
Gm43972 assembly
Gm44303 assembly
Gm44363 assembly
Gm44377 assembly
Gm44385 assembly
Gm44405 assembly
Gm44483 assembly
Gm48029 assembly
Gm49027 assembly
Gm50458 assembly
Gm50473 assembly
Gm50474 assembly
Gm50482 assembly
Gm52977 assembly
Gm53044 assembly
Gm54797 assembly
Gm54817 assembly
Gm54818 assembly
Gm54829 assembly
Gm54837 assembly
Gm54884 assembly
Gm54911 assembly
Gm54918 assembly
Gm54981 assembly
Gm54982 assembly
Gm55006 assembly
Gm55032 assembly
Gm55054 assembly
Gm55075 assembly
Gm55253 assembly
Gm55317 assembly
Gm55324 assembly
Gm55365 assembly
Gm55393 assembly
Gm55404 assembly
Gm55468 assembly
Gm55472 assembly
Gm55482 assembly
Gm55489 assembly
Gm55516 assembly
Gm55532 assembly
Gm55542 assembly
Gm55555 assembly
Gm55651 assembly
Gm55669 assembly
Gm55670 assembly
Gm55678 assembly
Gm55679 assembly
Gm55680 assembly
Gm55685 assembly
Gm55734 assembly
Gm55745 assembly
Gm55746 assembly
Gm55773 assembly
Gm55803 assembly
Gm55807 assembly
Gm55817 assembly
Gm55843 assembly
Gm55865 assembly
Gm55868 assembly
Gm55869 assembly
Gm55876 assembly
Gm55878 assembly
Gm55895 assembly
Gm55896 assembly
Gm55902 assembly
Gm55914 assembly
Gm55928 assembly
Gm55953 assembly
Gm55956 assembly
Gm55963 assembly
Gm55964 assembly
Gm55976 assembly
Gm55977 assembly
Gm55980 assembly
Gm55981 assembly
Gm55985 assembly
Gm55997 assembly
Gm56011 assembly
Gm56012 assembly
Gm56013 assembly
Gm56016 assembly
Gm56020 assembly
Gm56023 assembly
Gm56032 assembly
Gm56057 assembly
Gm56069 assembly
Gm56070 assembly
Gm56071 assembly
Gm56073 assembly
Gm56078 assembly
Gm56088 assembly
Gm56091 assembly
Gm56096 assembly
Gm56099 assembly
Gm56103 assembly
Gm56119 assembly
Gm56121 assembly
Gm56122 assembly
Gm56123 assembly
Gm56128 assembly
Gm56135 assembly
Gm56136 assembly
Gm56151 assembly
Gm56165 assembly
Gm56185 assembly
Gm56195 assembly
Gm56202 assembly
Gm56207 assembly
Gm56234 assembly
Gm56242 assembly
Gm56244 assembly
Gm56254 assembly
Gm56255 assembly
Gm56263 assembly
Gm56269 assembly
Gm56277 assembly
Gm56278 assembly
Gm56279 assembly
Gm56280 assembly
Gm56281 assembly
Gm56282 assembly
Gm56285 assembly
Gm56306 assembly
Gm56307 assembly
Gm56309 assembly
Gm56325 assembly

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