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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:91388 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and Loading Genome Assembly Coordinates from Ensembl Annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Ccdc152 assembly
Gm10831 assembly
Gm10238 assembly
Gm10863 assembly
Gm10864 assembly
Gm10830 assembly
Gm10865 assembly
ENSMUSG00000053926 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072623 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072622 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072627 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075386 assembly
Gm10856 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071638 assembly
Gm10389 assembly
Gm10384 assembly
Gm9948 assembly
Uqcrh-ps1 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072642 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071720 assembly
Gm10347 assembly
Gm9891 assembly
Gm10839 assembly
ENSMUSG00000068695 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071759 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072666 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071740 assembly
Gm10050 assembly
Rpl15-ps6 assembly
Gm9920 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071790 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071797 assembly
Gm10250 assembly
Gm10218 assembly
Gm10835 assembly
Gm10365 assembly
Gm10362 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072486 assembly
ENSMUSG00000049700 assembly
Gm10383 assembly
Gm10385 assembly
Gm10869 assembly
Gm10370 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072570 assembly
Gm10373 assembly
Mirt2 assembly
Gm10866 assembly
Gm10240 assembly
Gm15387 assembly
Apol7e assembly
Gm10337 assembly
Rpl39-ps assembly
Gm9940 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072645 assembly
ENSMUSG00000045544 assembly
ENSMUSG00000063181 assembly
Gm9935 assembly
ENSMUSG00000043083 assembly
ENSMUSG00000068029 assembly
ENSMUSG00000053523 assembly
Mettl7a3 assembly
Gm10368 assembly
Duxbl2 assembly
Smpd5 assembly
ENSMUSG00000067810 assembly
Gm10923 assembly
Gm10926 assembly
Gm11001 assembly
Gm11010 assembly
Gm11014 assembly
Gm11022 assembly
Gm11024 assembly
Gm11041 assembly
Gm11177 assembly
Rps6-ps1 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080206 assembly
Gm16614 assembly
Gm16629 assembly
Gm16631 assembly
Gm16639 assembly
Gm16678 assembly
Gm16718 assembly
Gm16883 assembly
Gm17241 assembly
Gm17265 assembly
Gm17271 assembly
Gm17349 assembly
Gm17401 assembly
Gm17403 assembly
Gm17473 assembly
Gm17481 assembly
Gm17487 assembly
Gm17532 assembly
Gm17546 assembly
Gm17583 assembly
Gm17597 assembly
Gm17638 assembly
Gm17649 assembly
Gm17671 assembly
Gm17721 assembly
Gm21798 assembly
Gm21917 assembly
Gm21961 assembly
Gm22031 assembly
Gm22032 assembly
Gm22037 assembly
Gm22045 assembly
Gm22067 assembly
Gm22077 assembly
Gm22104 assembly
Gm22106 assembly
Gm22107 assembly
Gm22147 assembly
Gm22202 assembly
Gm22208 assembly
Gm22299 assembly
Gm22353 assembly
Gm22392 assembly
Gm22488 assembly
Gm22519 assembly
Gm22521 assembly
Gm22526 assembly
Gm22810 assembly
Gm22818 assembly
Gm22852 assembly
Gm22890 assembly
Gm22895 assembly
Gm22896 assembly
Gm22951 assembly
Gm22979 assembly
Gm23027 assembly
Gm23033 assembly
Gm23129 assembly
Gm23133 assembly
Gm23139 assembly
Gm23144 assembly
Gm23185 assembly
Gm23200 assembly
Gm23217 assembly
Gm23218 assembly
Gm23220 assembly
Gm23228 assembly
Gm23267 assembly
Gm23327 assembly
Gm23343 assembly
Gm23416 assembly
Gm23433 assembly
Gm23475 assembly
Gm23517 assembly
Gm23530 assembly
Gm23544 assembly
Gm23545 assembly
Gm23562 assembly
Gm23590 assembly
Gm23654 assembly
Gm23665 assembly
Gm23737 assembly
Gm23747 assembly
Gm23754 assembly
Gm23789 assembly
Gm23828 assembly
Gm23835 assembly
Gm23848 assembly
Gm23880 assembly
Gm23903 assembly
Gm23907 assembly
Gm23956 assembly
Gm23980 assembly
Gm23987 assembly
Gm24011 assembly
Gm24041 assembly
Gm24056 assembly
Gm24058 assembly
Gm24074 assembly
Gm24080 assembly
Gm24098 assembly
Gm24128 assembly
Gm24135 assembly
Gm24144 assembly
Gm24204 assembly
Gm24232 assembly
Gm24302 assembly
Gm24390 assembly
Gm24415 assembly
Gm24447 assembly
Gm24476 assembly
Gm24487 assembly
Gm24500 assembly
Gm24523 assembly
Gm24554 assembly
Mirt2 assembly
Gm24575 assembly
Gm24643 assembly
Gm24647 assembly
Gm24656 assembly
Gm24664 assembly
Gm24668 assembly
Gm24696 assembly
Gm24713 assembly
Gm24751 assembly
Gm24753 assembly
Gm24768 assembly
Gm24771 assembly
Gm24787 assembly
Gm24789 assembly
Gm24810 assembly
Gm24833 assembly
Gm24834 assembly
Gm24844 assembly
Gm24903 assembly
Gm25007 assembly
Gm25050 assembly
Gm25057 assembly
Gm25070 assembly
Gm25072 assembly
Gm25093 assembly
Gm25101 assembly
Gm25131 assembly
Gm25141 assembly
Gm25183 assembly
Gm25303 assembly
Gm25330 assembly
Gm25372 assembly
Gm25381 assembly
Gm25389 assembly
Gm25397 assembly
Gm25546 assembly
Gm25550 assembly
Gm25628 assembly
Gm25652 assembly
Gm25668 assembly
Gm25702 assembly
Gm25711 assembly
Gm25713 assembly
Gm25720 assembly
Gm25752 assembly
Gm25809 assembly
Gm25875 assembly
Gm25897 assembly
Gm25955 assembly
Gm25958 assembly
Gm25976 assembly
Gm25987 assembly
Gm25990 assembly
Gm25999 assembly
Gm26063 assembly
Gm26117 assembly
Gm26163 assembly
Gm26178 assembly
Gm26199 assembly
Gm26296 assembly
Gm26322 assembly
Gm26329 assembly
Gm26350 assembly
Gm26371 assembly
Gm26416 assembly
Gm26513 assembly
Gm26518 assembly
Gm26539 assembly
Gm26621 assembly
Gm26634 assembly
Gm26684 assembly
Gm26704 assembly
Gm26760 assembly
Gm26766 assembly
Gm26798 assembly
Gm26854 assembly
Gm26863 assembly
Gm26884 assembly
Gm26933 assembly
Gm27331 assembly
Gm27337 assembly
Mir6961 assembly
Mir7213 assembly
Gm27397 assembly
Gm27406 assembly
Mir6393 assembly
Mir6392 assembly
Gm27443 assembly
Gm27463 assembly
Mir8097 assembly
Gm27525 assembly
Gm27529 assembly
Gm27535 assembly
Mir6958 assembly
Mir7676-1 assembly
Gm27618 assembly
Mir6960 assembly
Gm27622 assembly
Gm27718 assembly
Mir6963 assembly
Mir7117 assembly
Mir7648 assembly
Mir6953 assembly
Gm27742 assembly
Gm27760 assembly
Mir6951 assembly
Mir6955 assembly
Mir6954 assembly
Gm27782 assembly
Mir7676-2 assembly
Mir6959 assembly
Gm27825 assembly
Mir7684 assembly
Mir6956 assembly
Mir6957 assembly
Gm27903 assembly
Gm27913 assembly
Gm27924 assembly
Gm27926 assembly
Mir6952 assembly
Gm27957 assembly
Gm28011 assembly
Gm28020 assembly
Gm28023 assembly
Mir7212 assembly
Gm28047 assembly
Gm37042 assembly
Gm37296 assembly
Gm37304 assembly
Gm37310 assembly
Gm37320 assembly
Gm37322 assembly
Gm37699 assembly
Gm37743 assembly
Gm37815 assembly
Gm37947 assembly
Gm38144 assembly
Gm38234 assembly
Gm38282 assembly
Gm38341 assembly
Gm44302 assembly
Gm44310 assembly
Gm44323 assembly
Gm44342 assembly
Gm44356 assembly
Gm44373 assembly
Gm44383 assembly
Gm44393 assembly
Gm44460 assembly
Gm44479 assembly
Gm47288 assembly
Gm47309 assembly
Tmdd1 assembly
Gm48913 assembly
Gm48915 assembly
Gm48916 assembly
Gm48918 assembly
Gm48919 assembly
Gm48920 assembly
Gm48921 assembly
Gm48923 assembly
Gm48926 assembly
Gm48932 assembly
Gm48946 assembly
Gm48947 assembly
Gm48951 assembly
Gm48952 assembly
Gm48956 assembly
Gm5468 assembly
4921515G04Rik assembly
Gm48961 assembly
Gm48965 assembly
Gm48966 assembly
Gm48996 assembly
Gm49013 assembly
Gm49014 assembly
Gm49019 assembly
Gm49036 assembly
Gm49065 assembly
Gm49066 assembly
Gm49068 assembly
Gm49073 assembly
Gm49074 assembly
Gm49075 assembly
Gm49077 assembly
Gm49079 assembly
Gm49085 assembly
Gm49088 assembly
Gm49089 assembly
Gm49090 assembly
Gm49091 assembly
Gm49093 assembly
Gm49095 assembly
Gm49097 assembly
Gm49100 assembly
Gm49105 assembly
Gm49106 assembly
Gm49107 assembly
Gm49112 assembly
Gm49113 assembly
Gm49114 assembly
Gm49115 assembly
Gm49116 assembly
Gm49118 assembly
Gm49119 assembly
Gm49122 assembly
Gm49126 assembly
Gm49127 assembly
Gm49128 assembly
Gm49138 assembly
Gm49139 assembly
Gm49140 assembly
Gm49160 assembly
Gm49161 assembly
Gm49162 assembly
Gm49166 assembly
Gm49169 assembly
Gm49172 assembly
Gm49173 assembly
Gm49176 assembly
Gm49177 assembly
Gm49178 assembly
Gm49182 assembly
Gm49185 assembly
Gm49186 assembly
Gm49187 assembly
Gm49188 assembly
Gm49191 assembly
Gm49195 assembly
Gm49198 assembly
Gm49206 assembly
Gm49207 assembly
Gm49208 assembly
Gm49210 assembly
Gm49211 assembly
Gm49212 assembly
Gm49213 assembly
Gm49214 assembly
Gm49215 assembly
Gm49216 assembly
Gm49222 assembly
Gm49224 assembly
Gm49229 assembly
Gm49231 assembly
Gm49232 assembly
Gm49233 assembly
Gm49234 assembly
Gm49235 assembly
Gm49240 assembly
Gm49241 assembly
Gm49242 assembly
Gm49243 assembly
Gm49246 assembly
Gm49247 assembly
Gm49249 assembly
Gm49250 assembly
Gm49253 assembly
Gm49254 assembly
Gm49255 assembly
Gm49257 assembly
Gm49262 assembly
Gm49263 assembly
Gm49265 assembly
Gm49266 assembly
Gm49267 assembly
Gm49268 assembly
Gm49271 assembly
Gm49272 assembly
Gm49273 assembly
Gm49274 assembly
Gm49275 assembly
Gm49276 assembly
Gm49277 assembly
Gm49278 assembly
Gm49279 assembly
Gm49280 assembly
Gm49281 assembly
Gm49282 assembly
Gm49283 assembly
Gm49284 assembly
Gm49285 assembly
Gm49286 assembly
Gm49296 assembly
Gm49300 assembly
Gm49301 assembly
Gm49311 assembly
Gm49312 assembly
Gm49313 assembly
Gm49314 assembly
Gm49356 assembly
Gm49397 assembly
Gm49406 assembly
Gm49407 assembly
Gm49408 assembly
Gm49409 assembly
Gm49410 assembly
Gm49411 assembly
Gm49412 assembly
Gm49413 assembly
Gm49414 assembly
Gm49415 assembly
Gm49418 assembly
Gm49419 assembly
Gm49420 assembly
Gm49421 assembly
Gm49422 assembly
Gm49423 assembly
Gm49424 assembly
Gm49425 assembly
Gm49426 assembly
Gm49428 assembly
Gm49429 assembly
Gm49430 assembly
Gm49431 assembly
Gm49433 assembly
Gm49434 assembly
Gm49435 assembly
Gm49436 assembly
Gm49437 assembly
Gm49438 assembly
Gm49439 assembly
Gm49440 assembly
Gm49441 assembly
Gm49442 assembly
Gm49443 assembly
Gm49444 assembly
Gm49445 assembly
Gm49449 assembly
Gm49450 assembly
Gm49452 assembly
Gm49453 assembly
Gm49457 assembly
Gm49458 assembly
Gm49459 assembly
Gm49460 assembly
Gm49463 assembly
Gm49464 assembly
Gm49465 assembly
Gm49466 assembly
Gm49467 assembly
Gm49468 assembly
Gm49469 assembly
Gm49470 assembly
Gm49471 assembly
Gm49472 assembly
Gm49473 assembly
Gm49474 assembly
Gm49475 assembly
Gm49476 assembly
Gm49477 assembly
Gm49478 assembly
Gm49479 assembly
Gm49480 assembly
Gm49481 assembly
Gm49482 assembly
Gm49483 assembly
Gm49484 assembly
Gm49485 assembly
Gm49486 assembly
Gm49487 assembly
Gm49488 assembly
Gm49489 assembly
Gm49490 assembly
Gm49491 assembly
Gm49492 assembly
Gm49494 assembly
Gm49495 assembly
Gm49497 assembly
Gm49498 assembly
Gm49499 assembly
Gm49500 assembly
Gm49501 assembly
Gm49502 assembly
Gm49503 assembly
Gm49506 assembly
Gm49510 assembly
Gm49512 assembly
Gm49513 assembly
Gm49520 assembly
Gm49522 assembly
Gm49523 assembly
Gm49524 assembly
Gm49525 assembly
Gm49526 assembly
Gm49527 assembly
Gm49529 assembly
Gm49537 assembly
Gm49539 assembly
Gm49540 assembly
Gm49541 assembly
Gm49544 assembly
Gm49545 assembly
Gm49548 assembly
Gm49550 assembly
Gm49551 assembly
Gm49552 assembly
Gm49553 assembly
Gm49593 assembly
Gm49685 assembly
Gm49694 assembly
Gm49729 assembly
Gm49786 assembly
Gm50456 assembly
Gm53014 assembly
Gm53017 assembly
Gm53029 assembly
Gm54383 assembly
Gm54392 assembly
Gm54393 assembly
Gm54394 assembly
Gm54398 assembly
Gm54399 assembly
Gm54400 assembly
Gm54406 assembly
Gm54412 assembly
Gm54413 assembly
Gm54414 assembly
Gm54416 assembly
Gm54421 assembly
Gm54427 assembly
Gm54428 assembly
Gm54429 assembly
Gm54430 assembly
Gm54431 assembly
Gm54440 assembly
Gm54441 assembly
Gm54460 assembly
Gm54519 assembly
Gm54525 assembly
Gm54527 assembly
Gm54535 assembly
Gm54550 assembly
Gm54557 assembly
Gm54558 assembly
Gm54568 assembly
Gm54569 assembly
Gm54576 assembly
Gm54580 assembly
Gm54581 assembly
Gm54589 assembly
Gm54590 assembly
Gm54591 assembly
Gm54593 assembly
Gm54664 assembly
Gm54674 assembly
Gm54682 assembly
Gm54686 assembly
Gm54692 assembly
Gm54694 assembly
Gm54738 assembly
Gm54754 assembly
Gm54755 assembly
Gm54760 assembly
Gm54767 assembly
Gm54780 assembly
Gm54785 assembly
Gm54790 assembly
Gm54794 assembly
Gm54803 assembly
Gm54811 assembly
Gm54831 assembly
Gm54849 assembly
Gm54860 assembly
Gm54862 assembly
Gm54941 assembly
Gm55022 assembly
Gm55042 assembly
Gm55153 assembly
Gm55157 assembly
Gm55158 assembly
Gm55161 assembly
Gm55167 assembly
Gm55244 assembly
Gm55261 assembly
Gm55272 assembly
Gm55307 assembly
Gm55311 assembly
Gm55341 assembly
Gm55342 assembly
Gm55343 assembly
Gm55344 assembly
Gm55357 assembly
Gm55359 assembly
Gm55386 assembly
Gm55407 assembly
Gm55420 assembly
Gm55421 assembly
Gm55442 assembly
Gm55508 assembly
Gm55515 assembly
Gm55552 assembly
Gm55553 assembly
Gm56690 assembly
Gm56691 assembly
Gm56692 assembly
Gm56693 assembly
Gm56694 assembly
Gm56695 assembly
Gm56696 assembly
Gm56697 assembly
Gm56698 assembly
Gm56699 assembly
Gm56700 assembly
Gm56701 assembly
Gm56702 assembly
Gm56703 assembly
Gm56704 assembly
Gm56705 assembly
Gm56706 assembly
Gm56707 assembly
Gm56708 assembly
Gm56709 assembly
Gm56710 assembly
Gm56711 assembly
Gm56712 assembly
Gm56713 assembly
Gm56714 assembly
Gm56715 assembly
Gm56716 assembly
Gm56717 assembly
Gm56718 assembly
Gm56719 assembly
Gm56720 assembly
Gm56721 assembly
Gm56722 assembly
Gm56723 assembly
Gm56725 assembly
Gm56726 assembly
Gm56727 assembly
Gm56728 assembly
Gm56729 assembly
Gm56730 assembly
Gm56731 assembly
Gm56732 assembly
Gm56733 assembly
Gm56734 assembly
Gm56735 assembly
Gm56736 assembly
Gm56737 assembly
Gm56738 assembly
Gm56739 assembly
Gm56740 assembly
Gm56741 assembly
Gm56742 assembly
Gm56743 assembly
Gm56744 assembly
Gm56745 assembly
Gm56746 assembly

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