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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:91388 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and Loading Genome Assembly Coordinates from Ensembl Annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm10862 assembly
Gm10792 assembly
Gm10801 assembly
Gm10800 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075016 assembly
Gm16488 assembly
Gm10115 assembly
Gm10829 assembly
Gm10859 assembly
Gm10857 assembly
Gm16495 assembly
Gm10803 assembly
Gm10804 assembly
Gm10211 assembly
Gm10855 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075539 assembly
Gm10854 assembly
4930412O13Rik assembly
Gm10852 assembly
Gm10851 assembly
Gm10765 assembly
Zfp831 assembly
ENSMUSG00000052510 assembly
Gm10848 assembly
Gm10822 assembly
Gm10714 assembly
Gm10750 assembly
Gm9875 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074584 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074587 assembly
Gm10846 assembly
ENSMUSG00000068192 assembly
Gm10766 assembly
Gm10183 assembly
Gm10725 assembly
Gm16510 assembly
Gm10134 assembly
Gm10774 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075428 assembly
Gm9913 assembly
Gm9873 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075333 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075251 assembly
Gm10757 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075322 assembly
Gm13582 assembly
Gm10130 assembly
Gm10724 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074759 assembly
Gorasp2 assembly
Gm10796 assembly
Gm10795 assembly
Rpl9-ps7 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075363 assembly
Gm10799 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074775 assembly
Gm9821 assembly
Gm10762 assembly
Gm14494 assembly
Gm10261 assembly
Gm10849 assembly
Gm9823 assembly
Gm10821 assembly
Ccdc141 assembly
Gm9928 assembly
Gm10805 assembly
Gm10038 assembly
Gm9864 assembly
Gm10794 assembly
Inafm2 assembly
ENSMUSG00000068730 assembly
Gm14296 assembly
Gm10711 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074542 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074533 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074539 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074545 assembly
Nup188 assembly
Gm10017 assembly
Gm10919 assembly
Gm10920 assembly
Gm11004 assembly
Gm11007 assembly
Gm11008 assembly
Gm2004 assembly
2210418O10Rik assembly
Gm11009 assembly
Gm11011 assembly
Gm11013 assembly
Gm11017 assembly
Gm11018 assembly
Gm11035 assembly
Gm11036 assembly
Gm11037 assembly
Gm11059 assembly
Gm11060 assembly
Gm11069 assembly
Gm11075 assembly
Gm11084 assembly
Gm11094 assembly
Gm11099 assembly
Gm11129 assembly
Gm11154 assembly
Gm11156 assembly
Gm11181 assembly
Gm10912 assembly
Gm16663 assembly
Gm16732 assembly
Gm16751 assembly
Gm16762 assembly
Gm16796 assembly
Gm16826 assembly
Gm16898 assembly
Gm16934 assembly
Gm16962 assembly
Gm17250 assembly
Gm17258 assembly
Gm17281 assembly
Gm17299 assembly
Gm17325 assembly
Gm17343 assembly
Gm17355 assembly
Gm17374 assembly
Gm17390 assembly
Gm17409 assembly
Gm17411 assembly
Gm17416 assembly
Gm17437 assembly
Gm17489 assembly
Gm17490 assembly
Gm17513 assembly
Gm17544 assembly
Gm17550 assembly
Gm17555 assembly
Gm17559 assembly
Gm17581 assembly
Gm17595 assembly
Gm17601 assembly
Gm17619 assembly
Gm17647 assembly
Gm17661 assembly
Gm17675 assembly
Gm20721 assembly
Gm21830 assembly
Gm21850 assembly
Gm22002 assembly
Gm22005 assembly
Gm22020 assembly
Gm22040 assembly
Gm22051 assembly
Gm22071 assembly
Gm22072 assembly
Gm22091 assembly
Gm22095 assembly
Gm22166 assembly
Zakit assembly
Gm22174 assembly
Gm22187 assembly
Gm22192 assembly
Gm22239 assembly
Gm22245 assembly
Gm22261 assembly
Gm22298 assembly
Gm22306 assembly
Chn1os2 assembly
Gm22310 assembly
Gm22313 assembly
Gm22316 assembly
Gm22334 assembly
Gm22338 assembly
Gm22352 assembly
Gm22355 assembly
Gm22390 assembly
Gm22403 assembly
Gm22411 assembly
Gm22424 assembly
Gm22439 assembly
Gm22501 assembly
Gm22502 assembly
Gm22516 assembly
Gm22517 assembly
Gm22572 assembly
Gm22596 assembly
Gm22606 assembly
Gm22613 assembly
Gm22626 assembly
Gm22635 assembly
Gm22651 assembly
Gm22652 assembly
Gm22675 assembly
Gm22676 assembly
Gm22677 assembly
Gm22678 assembly
Gm22687 assembly
Gm22692 assembly
Gm22704 assembly
Mir467a-8 assembly
Gm22708 assembly
Gm22712 assembly
Gm22731 assembly
Gm22757 assembly
Gm22758 assembly
Gm22759 assembly
Gm22761 assembly
Gm22773 assembly
Gm22775 assembly
Gm22800 assembly
Gm22813 assembly
Gm22824 assembly
Gm22842 assembly
Gm22859 assembly
Snord3b-ps2 assembly
Gm22867 assembly
Gm22873 assembly
Gm22875 assembly
Gm22879 assembly
Gm22889 assembly
Gm22902 assembly
Gm22921 assembly
Gm22925 assembly
Gm22936 assembly
Gm22953 assembly
Gm22957 assembly
Gm22975 assembly
Gm22997 assembly
Gm23005 assembly
Gm23007 assembly
Gm23046 assembly
Gm23072 assembly
Gm23101 assembly
Gm23108 assembly
Gm23110 assembly
Gm23118 assembly
Gm23134 assembly
Gm23135 assembly
Gm23149 assembly
Gm23152 assembly
Gm23164 assembly
Gm23166 assembly
Gm23172 assembly
Gm23179 assembly
Gm23187 assembly
Gm23201 assembly
Gm23253 assembly
Gm23261 assembly
Gm23288 assembly
Gm23315 assembly
Gm23317 assembly
Gm23328 assembly
Gm23348 assembly
Mir3154 assembly
Gm23369 assembly
Gm23380 assembly
Gm23383 assembly
Gm23390 assembly
Gm23398 assembly
Gm23439 assembly
Gm23452 assembly
Gm23463 assembly
Gm23478 assembly
Gm23487 assembly
Gm23489 assembly
Gm23503 assembly
Gm23505 assembly
Gm23542 assembly
Gm23546 assembly
Gm23569 assembly
Gm23571 assembly
Gm23578 assembly
Gm23598 assembly
Gm23608 assembly
Gm23630 assembly
Gm23636 assembly
Gm23638 assembly
Gm23650 assembly
Gm23651 assembly
Gm23691 assembly
Gm23716 assembly
Gm23731 assembly
Gm23749 assembly
Gm23753 assembly
Gm23802 assembly
Gm23814 assembly
Gm23842 assembly
Gm23846 assembly
Gm23858 assembly
Gm23865 assembly
Gm23870 assembly
Gm23876 assembly
Gm23877 assembly
Gm23900 assembly
Gm23915 assembly
Gm23925 assembly
Gm23963 assembly
Gm23968 assembly
Gm23969 assembly
Gm23970 assembly
Gm23983 assembly
Gm23988 assembly
Gm24028 assembly
Gm24037 assembly
Gm24049 assembly
Gm24077 assembly
Gm24081 assembly
Mir297a-2 assembly
Gm24115 assembly
Gm24134 assembly
Gm24138 assembly
Gm24156 assembly
Gm24165 assembly
Gm24167 assembly
Gm24199 assembly
Gm24221 assembly
Gm24243 assembly
Gm24315 assembly
Gm24318 assembly
Gm24327 assembly
Gm24328 assembly
Gm24332 assembly
Gm24340 assembly
Gm24342 assembly
Gm24350 assembly
Nron assembly
Gm24379 assembly
Gm24409 assembly
Gm24411 assembly
Mir5622 assembly
Gm24451 assembly
Gm24461 assembly
Gm24467 assembly
Gm24473 assembly
Gm24477 assembly
Gm24478 assembly
Gm24488 assembly
Gm24534 assembly
Gm24549 assembly
Gm24551 assembly
Gm24558 assembly
Gm24561 assembly
Gm24574 assembly
Gm24603 assembly
Gm24604 assembly
Gm24640 assembly
Gm24644 assembly
Gm24662 assembly
Gm24665 assembly
Gm24670 assembly
Gm24673 assembly
Gm24739 assembly
Gm24761 assembly
Gm24806 assembly
Gm24823 assembly
Gm24868 assembly
Gm24875 assembly
Gm24882 assembly
Gm24885 assembly
Gm24886 assembly
Gm24892 assembly
Gm24893 assembly
Gm24905 assembly
Gm24914 assembly
Gm24933 assembly
Gm24976 assembly
Gm24980 assembly
Gm24995 assembly
Gm24996 assembly
Gm25022 assembly
Gm25026 assembly
Gm25029 assembly
Gm25081 assembly
Gm25090 assembly
Gm25103 assembly
Gm25129 assembly
Gm25147 assembly
Gm25158 assembly
Gm25184 assembly
Gm25187 assembly
Gm25189 assembly
Gm25214 assembly
Gm25215 assembly
Gm25220 assembly
Gm25223 assembly
Gm25237 assembly
Gm25242 assembly
Gm25258 assembly
Gm25263 assembly
Gm25264 assembly
Gm25265 assembly
Mir466c-3 assembly
Gm25308 assembly
Gm25316 assembly
Gm25338 assembly
Gm25368 assembly
Gm25388 assembly
Gm25398 assembly
Gm25407 assembly
Gm25420 assembly
Gm25441 assembly
Gm25451 assembly
Gm25455 assembly
Gm25489 assembly
Gm25512 assembly
Gm25514 assembly
Gm25516 assembly
Gm25518 assembly
Gm25541 assembly
Gm25544 assembly
Gm25554 assembly
Gm25561 assembly
Gm25569 assembly
Gm25583 assembly
Gm25632 assembly
Gm25643 assembly
Gm25645 assembly
Gm25662 assembly
Gm25673 assembly
Gm25680 assembly
Gm25695 assembly
Gm25701 assembly
Gm25703 assembly
Gm25704 assembly
Gm25753 assembly
Gm25857 assembly
Gm25859 assembly
Gm25866 assembly
Gm25878 assembly
Gm25879 assembly
Gm25881 assembly
Gm25898 assembly
Gm25943 assembly
Gm25959 assembly
Gm25960 assembly
Gm25966 assembly
Gm25972 assembly
Gm25998 assembly
Gm26003 assembly
Gm26060 assembly
Gm26073 assembly
Gm26092 assembly
Gm26127 assembly
Gm26141 assembly
Gm26156 assembly
Gm26165 assembly
Gm26221 assembly
Gm26227 assembly
Gm26229 assembly
Gm26236 assembly
Gm26261 assembly
Gm26305 assembly
Gm26315 assembly
Gm26321 assembly
Gm26323 assembly
Gm26396 assembly
Gm26398 assembly
Gm26408 assembly
Gm26421 assembly
Gm26422 assembly
Gm26426 assembly
Gm26431 assembly
Gm26469 assembly
Gm26478 assembly
Gm26489 assembly
Gm26491 assembly
Gm26496 assembly
Gm26505 assembly
Gm26558 assembly
Gm26565 assembly
Gm26603 assembly
Gm26681 assembly
Gm26697 assembly
Gm26702 assembly
Gm26727 assembly
Gm26743 assembly
Gm26755 assembly
Gm26776 assembly
Gm26794 assembly
Gm26841 assembly
Gm26869 assembly
Gm26883 assembly
Gm26899 assembly
Gm26921 assembly
Gm26990 assembly
Gm27003 assembly
Gm27027 assembly
Gm27032 assembly
Vis1 assembly
Gm27306 assembly
Gm27308 assembly
Mir6997 assembly
Mir7000 assembly
Mir7003 assembly
Gm27343 assembly
Gm27348 assembly
Mir7221 assembly
Gm27385 assembly
Mir7678 assembly
Mir7006 assembly
Gm27404 assembly
Mir7222 assembly
Gm27420 assembly
Gm27421 assembly
Mir7002 assembly
Gm27438 assembly
Gm27446 assembly
Gm27449 assembly
Mir7665 assembly
Mir195b assembly
Gm27494 assembly
Mir6996 assembly
Gm27538 assembly
Gm27540 assembly
Mir8093 assembly
Mir7674 assembly
Mir6336 assembly
Gm27591 assembly
Gm27634 assembly
Gm27636 assembly
Gm27645 assembly
Gm27651 assembly
Gm27653 assembly
Mir6999 assembly
Gm27676 assembly
Mir6419 assembly
Gm27715 assembly
Mir3473g assembly
Mir7685 assembly
Gm27761 assembly
Mir7578 assembly
Mir7655 assembly
Gm27805 assembly
Mir6973b assembly
Mir7005 assembly
Mir6335 assembly
Mir6339 assembly
Gm27849 assembly
Mir133c assembly
Gm27869 assembly
Mir6337 assembly
Mir7001 assembly
Gm27899 assembly
Mir6340 assembly
Gm27942 assembly
Gm27953 assembly
Gm27962 assembly
Mir7224 assembly
Mir7664 assembly
Mir6998 assembly
Gm28035 assembly
Gm28036 assembly
Gm28038 assembly
Gm28042 assembly
Prn assembly
Gm36930 assembly
Gm36932 assembly
Gm36967 assembly
Gm36979 assembly
Gm36988 assembly
Gm37004 assembly
Gm37006 assembly
Gm37026 assembly
Gm37107 assembly
Gm37126 assembly
Gm37139 assembly
Gm37159 assembly
Gm37160 assembly
Gm37169 assembly
Gm37175 assembly
Gm37220 assembly
Gm37243 assembly
Gm37251 assembly
Gm37255 assembly
Gm37274 assembly
Gm37289 assembly
Gm37340 assembly
Gm37343 assembly
Gm37356 assembly
Gm37392 assembly
Gm37416 assembly
Gm37437 assembly
Gm37499 assembly
Gm37520 assembly
Gm37525 assembly
Gm37565 assembly
Gm37595 assembly
Gm37651 assembly
Gm37666 assembly
Gm37697 assembly
Gm37701 assembly
Gm37703 assembly
Gm37730 assembly
Gm37742 assembly
Gm37747 assembly
Gm37766 assembly
Gm37780 assembly
Gm37790 assembly
Gm37811 assembly
Gm37814 assembly
Gm37824 assembly
Gm37851 assembly
Gm37866 assembly
Gm37881 assembly
Gm37891 assembly
Gm37894 assembly
Gm37964 assembly
Gm37975 assembly
Gm38011 assembly
Gm38014 assembly
Gm38085 assembly
Gm38105 assembly
Gm38147 assembly
Gm38156 assembly
Gm38171 assembly
Gm38221 assembly
Gm38236 assembly
Gm38257 assembly
Gm38273 assembly
Gm38287 assembly
Gm38299 assembly
Gm38309 assembly
Gm38348 assembly
Gm38377 assembly
Gm38383 assembly
Gm38386 assembly
Gm43944 assembly
Gm43970 assembly
Gm44027 assembly
Gm44062 assembly
Gm44063 assembly
Gm44144 assembly
Gm44146 assembly
Gm35808 assembly
Gm44183 assembly
Gm44283 assembly
Gm44291 assembly
Gm44301 assembly
Gm44319 assembly
Gm44320 assembly
Gm44325 assembly
Gm44337 assembly
Gm44360 assembly
Gm44374 assembly
Gm44443 assembly
Gm44455 assembly
Gm44457 assembly
Gm44461 assembly
Gm44463 assembly
Gm44465 assembly
Gm47291 assembly
Gm47292 assembly
Gm47314 assembly
Gm47581 assembly
Gm47783 assembly
Gm48002 assembly
Gm48554 assembly
Gm48628 assembly
Gm49332 assembly
Gm49461 assembly
Gm49462 assembly
Gm52947 assembly
Gm52948 assembly
Gm52953 assembly
Gm52960 assembly
Gm52968 assembly
Gm52974 assembly
Gm52976 assembly
Gm52978 assembly
Gm52982 assembly
Gm53031 assembly
Gm55128 assembly
Gm55214 assembly
Gm55252 assembly
Gm55275 assembly
Gm55408 assembly
Gm55466 assembly
Gm55477 assembly
Gm55494 assembly
Gm55539 assembly
Gm55573 assembly
Gm55636 assembly
Gm55638 assembly
Gm55641 assembly
Gm55686 assembly
Gm55687 assembly
Gm55689 assembly
Gm55690 assembly
Gm55694 assembly
Gm55695 assembly
Gm55696 assembly
Gm55697 assembly
Gm55698 assembly
Gm55699 assembly
Gm55700 assembly
Gm55701 assembly
Gm55702 assembly
Gm55704 assembly
Gm55705 assembly
Gm55706 assembly
Gm55707 assembly
Gm55708 assembly
Gm55709 assembly
Gm55710 assembly
Gm55711 assembly
Gm55712 assembly
Gm55713 assembly
Gm55714 assembly
Gm55715 assembly
Gm55716 assembly
Gm55717 assembly
Gm55718 assembly
Gm55719 assembly
Gm55720 assembly
Gm55721 assembly
Gm55722 assembly
Gm55723 assembly
Gm55724 assembly
Gm55725 assembly
Gm55726 assembly
Gm55728 assembly
Gm55729 assembly
Gm55730 assembly
Gm55731 assembly
Gm55732 assembly
Gm55738 assembly
Gm55739 assembly
Gm55740 assembly
Gm55741 assembly
Gm55742 assembly
Gm55743 assembly
Gm55774 assembly
Gm55820 assembly
Gm55846 assembly
Gm55905 assembly
Gm55918 assembly
Gm55922 assembly
Gm55998 assembly
Gm56014 assembly
Gm56018 assembly
Gm56026 assembly
Gm56058 assembly
Gm56059 assembly
Gm56061 assembly
Gm56104 assembly
Gm56105 assembly
Gm56106 assembly
Gm56114 assembly
Gm56130 assembly
Gm56138 assembly
Gm56145 assembly
Gm56159 assembly
Gm56168 assembly
Gm56169 assembly
Gm56175 assembly
Gm56180 assembly
Gm56182 assembly
Gm56186 assembly
Gm56188 assembly
Gm56190 assembly
Gm56191 assembly
Gm56200 assembly
Gm56211 assembly
Gm56235 assembly
Gm56251 assembly
Gm56253 assembly
Gm56256 assembly
Gm56266 assembly
Gm56283 assembly
Gm56286 assembly
Gm56289 assembly
Gm56297 assembly
Gm56299 assembly
Gm56300 assembly
Gm56303 assembly
Gm56312 assembly
Gm56313 assembly
Gm56315 assembly
Gm56316 assembly
Gm56317 assembly
Gm56318 assembly
Gm56319 assembly
Gm56320 assembly
Gm56324 assembly
Gm56329 assembly
Gm56334 assembly
Gm56339 assembly
Gm56342 assembly
Gm56345 assembly
Gm56347 assembly
Gm56349 assembly
Gm56350 assembly
Gm56360 assembly
Gm56363 assembly
Gm56364 assembly
Gm56374 assembly
Gm56375 assembly
Gm56376 assembly
Gm56377 assembly
Gm56378 assembly
Gm56382 assembly
Gm56383 assembly
Gm56384 assembly
Gm56385 assembly
Gm56386 assembly
Gm56394 assembly
Gm56395 assembly
Gm56396 assembly
Gm56398 assembly
Gm56406 assembly
Gm56410 assembly
Gm56411 assembly
Gm56415 assembly
Gm56417 assembly
Gm56418 assembly
Gm56419 assembly
Gm56422 assembly
Gm56436 assembly
Gm56439 assembly
Gm56440 assembly
Gm56442 assembly
Gm56443 assembly
Gm56444 assembly
Gm56445 assembly
Gm56446 assembly
Gm56447 assembly
Gm56448 assembly
Gm56449 assembly
Gm56450 assembly
Gm56451 assembly
Gm56452 assembly
Gm56453 assembly
Gm56454 assembly
Gm56455 assembly
Gm56456 assembly
Gm56457 assembly
Gm56458 assembly
Gm56459 assembly
Gm56460 assembly
Gm56461 assembly
Gm56462 assembly
Gm56463 assembly
Gm56464 assembly
Gm56465 assembly
Gm56466 assembly
Gm56467 assembly
Gm56468 assembly
Gm56469 assembly
Gm56470 assembly
Gm56471 assembly
Gm56472 assembly
Gm56473 assembly
Gm56474 assembly
Gm56475 assembly
Gm56476 assembly
Gm56477 assembly
Gm56478 assembly
Gm56479 assembly
Gm56480 assembly
Gm56481 assembly
Gm56482 assembly
Gm56483 assembly
Gm56484 assembly
Gm56485 assembly
Gm56486 assembly
Gm57326 assembly
Gm57416 assembly
Gm57417 assembly
Gm57418 assembly
Gm57419 assembly
Gm57420 assembly
Gm57421 assembly
Gm57422 assembly
Gm57423 assembly
Gm57424 assembly
Gm57425 assembly
Gm57426 assembly
Gm57427 assembly
Gm57428 assembly
Gm57429 assembly
Gm57430 assembly
Gm57431 assembly
Gm57432 assembly
Gm57433 assembly
Gm57434 assembly
Gm57435 assembly
Gm57436 assembly
Gm57437 assembly
Gm57438 assembly
Gm57439 assembly
Gm57440 assembly
Gm57441 assembly
Gm57442 assembly
Gm57443 assembly
Gm57444 assembly
Gm57445 assembly
Gm57446 assembly
Gm57447 assembly
Gm57448 assembly
Gm57449 assembly
Gm57450 assembly
Gm57451 assembly
Gm57452 assembly
Gm57453 assembly
Gm57454 assembly
Gm57455 assembly
Gm57456 assembly
Gm57457 assembly
Gm57458 assembly
Gm57459 assembly
Gm57460 assembly
Gm57461 assembly
Gm57462 assembly
Gm57463 assembly
Gm57464 assembly
Gm57465 assembly
Gm57466 assembly
Gm57467 assembly
Gm57468 assembly
Gm57469 assembly
Gm57470 assembly
Gm57471 assembly
Gm57472 assembly
Gm57473 assembly
Gm57474 assembly
Gm57475 assembly
Gm57476 assembly
Gm57477 assembly

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