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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:91388 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and Loading Genome Assembly Coordinates from Ensembl Annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm14964 assembly
ENSMUSG00000063592 assembly
Gm10802 assembly
Gm10066 assembly
Gm9886 assembly
Gm9938 assembly
Gm10212 assembly
Gm10768 assembly
Gm3758 assembly
Gm10815 assembly
Gm10007 assembly
ENSMUSG00000042987 assembly
Mirt1 assembly
ENSMUSG00000059150 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074790 assembly
Gm10814 assembly
ENSMUSG00000051791 assembly
Gm9749 assembly
Gm9750 assembly
Rpl9-ps6 assembly
Gm9895 assembly
1700010L13Rik assembly
ENSMUSG00000074990 assembly
Gm9971 assembly
Gm9883 assembly
Gm10755 assembly
Gm10817 assembly
Frmd8os assembly
Gm10353 assembly
Gm10143 assembly
Gm10053 assembly
Gm10127 assembly
9930021J03Rik assembly
Gm9788 assembly
Gm9798 assembly
Gm10199 assembly
Gm9751 assembly
Gm10197 assembly
Nutf2-ps1 assembly
Rps12-ps3 assembly
Gm10751 assembly
ENSMUSG00000075034 assembly
Gm9806 assembly
Fam122a assembly
ENSMUSG00000063502 assembly
Gm9759 assembly
ENSMUSG00000063282 assembly
ENSMUSG00000059597 assembly
ENSMUSG00000067031 assembly
Gm11095 assembly
Gm11101 assembly
Gm11119 assembly
Gm10915 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080235 assembly
Gm16607 assembly
Gm16704 assembly
Gm16726 assembly
Gm16745 assembly
Gm16765 assembly
Gm16985 assembly
Gm17289 assembly
Gm17393 assembly
Gm17458 assembly
Gm17552 assembly
Gm17704 assembly
Lbhd1 assembly
Gm21793 assembly
Gm21844 assembly
Gm22082 assembly
Gm22113 assembly
Gm22135 assembly
Gm22144 assembly
Gm22240 assembly
Gm22271 assembly
Gm22272 assembly
Gm22278 assembly
Gm22323 assembly
Gm22365 assembly
Gm22369 assembly
Gm22443 assembly
Gm22482 assembly
Gm22506 assembly
Gm22520 assembly
Gm22561 assembly
Gm22601 assembly
Gm22646 assembly
Gm22680 assembly
Gm22684 assembly
Gm22714 assembly
Gm22744 assembly
Gm22820 assembly
Gm22853 assembly
Gm22880 assembly
Gm22928 assembly
Gm23026 assembly
Gm23060 assembly
Gm23061 assembly
Gm23063 assembly
Gm23075 assembly
Gm23095 assembly
Gm23113 assembly
Gm23140 assembly
Gm23170 assembly
Gm23238 assembly
Gm23246 assembly
Gm23300 assembly
Gm23334 assembly
Gm23426 assembly
Gm23658 assembly
Gm23800 assembly
Gm23857 assembly
Gm23874 assembly
Gm23918 assembly
Snord3b-ps1 assembly
Gm23931 assembly
Gm23938 assembly
Gm23940 assembly
Gm23997 assembly
Gm24006 assembly
Gm24108 assembly
Gm24124 assembly
Gm24190 assembly
Gm24209 assembly
Gm24252 assembly
Gm24263 assembly
Gm24319 assembly
Gm24336 assembly
Gm24400 assembly
Gm24452 assembly
Gm24453 assembly
Gm24484 assembly
Gm24521 assembly
Gm24543 assembly
Gm24599 assembly
Gm24610 assembly
Gm24724 assembly
Gm24782 assembly
Gm24805 assembly
Gm24852 assembly
Gm24883 assembly
Gm24930 assembly
Gm24951 assembly
Gm25176 assembly
Gm25216 assembly
Gm25238 assembly
Gm25268 assembly
Gm25334 assembly
Gm25431 assembly
Gm25432 assembly
Gm25437 assembly
Gm25443 assembly
Gm25482 assembly
Gm25573 assembly
Gm25611 assembly
Gm25644 assembly
Gm25659 assembly
Snora57 assembly
Gm25838 assembly
Gm25855 assembly
Gm25894 assembly
Gm26026 assembly
Gm26046 assembly
Mir5623 assembly
Gm26085 assembly
Gm26115 assembly
Gm26158 assembly
Gm26183 assembly
Gm26207 assembly
Gm26339 assembly
Gm26460 assembly
Gm26470 assembly
Gm26492 assembly
Gm26629 assembly
Gm26644 assembly
Gm26792 assembly
Gm26859 assembly
Gm26864 assembly
Gm26874 assembly
Gm26900 assembly
Gm26902 assembly
Gm26926 assembly
Gm26932 assembly
Gm26934 assembly
Gm26942 assembly
Gm26949 assembly
Gm26986 assembly
Gm26987 assembly
Gm26993 assembly
Gm27035 assembly
Gm27042 assembly
Gm27052 assembly
Mir6405 assembly
Mir8092 assembly
Gm27440 assembly
Gm27468 assembly
Mir6715 assembly
Gm27476 assembly
Gm27505 assembly
Gm27533 assembly
Mir8091 assembly
Mir6995 assembly
Mir6988 assembly
Mir6993 assembly
Gm27694 assembly
Gm27702 assembly
Mir6986 assembly
Mir6985 assembly
Mir6990 assembly
Gm27749 assembly
Mir6984 assembly
Gm27796 assembly
Gm27818 assembly
Mir6407 assembly
Mir8090 assembly
Mir6989 assembly
Mir6987 assembly
Mir6992 assembly
Gm27935 assembly
Mir6991 assembly
Gm27970 assembly
Gm28006 assembly
Mir496b assembly
Gm37206 assembly
Gm37376 assembly
Gm37387 assembly
Gm37997 assembly
Gm38275 assembly
Gm38345 assembly
Gm47242 assembly
Gm47243 assembly
Gm47735 assembly
Gm47773 assembly
Gm47936 assembly
Gm47938 assembly
Gm48683 assembly
Gm48696 assembly
Gm48775 assembly
Gm49403 assembly
Gm49405 assembly
Gm49416 assembly
Gm49772 assembly
Gm50100 assembly
Gm50101 assembly
Gm50111 assembly
Gm50112 assembly
Gm50113 assembly
Gm50114 assembly
Gm50116 assembly
Gm50120 assembly
Gm50121 assembly
Gm50129 assembly
Gm50130 assembly
Gm50131 assembly
Gm50132 assembly
Gm50133 assembly
Gm50134 assembly
Gm50135 assembly
Gm50136 assembly
Gm50137 assembly
Gm50139 assembly
Gm50140 assembly
Gm50141 assembly
Gm50147 assembly
Gm50150 assembly
Gm50151 assembly
Gm50152 assembly
Gm50155 assembly
Gm50173 assembly
Gm50181 assembly
Gm50182 assembly
Gm50183 assembly
Gm50184 assembly
Gm50185 assembly
Gm50186 assembly
Gm50187 assembly
Gm50188 assembly
Gm50189 assembly
Gm50191 assembly
Gm50194 assembly
Gm50196 assembly
Gm50198 assembly
Gm50202 assembly
Gm50203 assembly
Gm50205 assembly
Gm50208 assembly
Gm50210 assembly
Gm50212 assembly
Gm50216 assembly
4933403J19Rik assembly
Gm50230 assembly
Gm50232 assembly
Gm50233 assembly
Gm50236 assembly
Gm50239 assembly
Gm50243 assembly
Gm50251 assembly
Gm50255 assembly
Gm50257 assembly
Gm50264 assembly
Gm50266 assembly
Gm50268 assembly
Gm50270 assembly
Gm50271 assembly
Gm50272 assembly
Gm50273 assembly
Gm50276 assembly
Gm50277 assembly
Gm50279 assembly
Gm50280 assembly
Gm50281 assembly
Gm50282 assembly
Gm50285 assembly
Gm50286 assembly
Gm50287 assembly
Gm50296 assembly
Gm50299 assembly
Gm50300 assembly
Gm50301 assembly
Gm50302 assembly
Gm50305 assembly
Gm50306 assembly
Gm50307 assembly
Gm50308 assembly
Gm50310 assembly
Gm50315 assembly
Gm50317 assembly
Gm50319 assembly
Gm50320 assembly
Gm50321 assembly
Gm50322 assembly
Gm50323 assembly
Gm50324 assembly
Gm50325 assembly
Gm50326 assembly
Gm50327 assembly
Gm50329 assembly
Gm50330 assembly
Gm50331 assembly
Gm50332 assembly
Gm50334 assembly
Gm50337 assembly
Gm50339 assembly
Gm50340 assembly
Gm50341 assembly
Gm50342 assembly
Gm50343 assembly
Gm50345 assembly
Gm50346 assembly
Gm50348 assembly
Gm50357 assembly
Gm50358 assembly
Gm50359 assembly
Gm50362 assembly
Gm50363 assembly
Gm50372 assembly
Gm50373 assembly
Gm50374 assembly
Gm50375 assembly
Gm50376 assembly
Gm50377 assembly
Gm50378 assembly
Gm50379 assembly
Gm50380 assembly
Gm50382 assembly
Gm50383 assembly
Gm50387 assembly
Gm50388 assembly
Gm50393 assembly
Gm50394 assembly
Gm50402 assembly
Gm50411 assembly
Gm50422 assembly
Gm50425 assembly
Gm50426 assembly
Gm50427 assembly
Gm50428 assembly
Gm50429 assembly
Gm50430 assembly
Gm50431 assembly
Gm50432 assembly
Gm50435 assembly
Gm50436 assembly
Gm50440 assembly
Gm50441 assembly
Gm50442 assembly
Gm50443 assembly
Gm50444 assembly
Gm50445 assembly
Gm52981 assembly
Gm52998 assembly
Gm52999 assembly
Gm53015 assembly
Gm54401 assembly
Gm54420 assembly
Gm54426 assembly
Gm54439 assembly
Gm54444 assembly
Gm54579 assembly
Gm54602 assembly
Gm54606 assembly
Gm54628 assembly
Gm54629 assembly
Gm54631 assembly
Gm54639 assembly
Gm54641 assembly
Gm54644 assembly
Gm54653 assembly
Gm54659 assembly
Gm54660 assembly
Gm54666 assembly
Gm54676 assembly
Gm54677 assembly
Gm54684 assembly
Gm54777 assembly
Gm54784 assembly
Gm54789 assembly
Gm54798 assembly
Gm54802 assembly
Gm54891 assembly
Gm54900 assembly
Gm54905 assembly
Gm54970 assembly
Gm54990 assembly
Gm54995 assembly
Gm54998 assembly
Gm55012 assembly
Gm55018 assembly
Gm55034 assembly
Gm55220 assembly
Gm55221 assembly
Gm55236 assembly
Gm55264 assembly
Gm55265 assembly
Gm55288 assembly
Gm55289 assembly
Gm55298 assembly
Gm55328 assembly
Gm55360 assembly
Gm55361 assembly
Gm55362 assembly
Gm55372 assembly
Gm55373 assembly
Gm55391 assembly
Gm55500 assembly
Gm55521 assembly
Gm55522 assembly
Gm55523 assembly
Gm55524 assembly
Gm55525 assembly
Gm55571 assembly
Gm55599 assembly
Gm55606 assembly
Gm55607 assembly
Gm55610 assembly

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