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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:80000 The FANTOM Consortium and The RIKEN Genome Exploration Research Group Phase I & II Team, Analysis of the mouse transcriptome based on functional annotation of 60,770 full-length cDNAs. Nature. 2002;420:563-573
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Hsbp1 assembly
Snapc2 assembly
Farsa assembly
Kxd1 assembly
0610038B21Rik assembly
2810004N23Rik assembly
Xab2 assembly
0610042B23Rik assembly
Timm44 assembly
Pard6a assembly
Naxd assembly
Abhd8 assembly
Gcsh assembly
Tmem38a assembly
Mphosph6 assembly
Trir assembly
Ndufb7 assembly
Fbxo31 assembly
Taf5l assembly
Mvb12a assembly
1110013I04Rik assembly
Nip7 assembly
Fbxw9 assembly
Ciao2b assembly
Clec3a assembly
1110028F18Rik assembly
Rnf166 assembly
Cilp2 assembly
Tnpo2 assembly
1110035E04Rik assembly
Fcsk assembly
Cmc2 assembly
Fendrr assembly
Rnf122 assembly
Abhd13 assembly
Gatad2a assembly
Leprotl1 assembly
Arv1 assembly
Cfap97 assembly
Zc3h18 assembly
1190005I06Rik assembly
Ssbp4 assembly
Lonp2 assembly
Proz assembly
Isyna1 assembly
Vps9d1 assembly
1500002J14Rik assembly
1500004F05Rik assembly
Dnaja2 assembly
Anapc10 assembly
Lsm6 assembly
Dda1 assembly
Wdr83 assembly
Leprotl1 assembly
F11 assembly
1600027J07Rik assembly
Cklf assembly
1700001D01Rik assembly
Spata4 assembly
Psme3ip1 assembly
Asf1b assembly
Tmem208 assembly
Iqcm assembly
1700008N11Rik assembly
Vps36 assembly
Arl2bp assembly
1700011L03Rik assembly
1700011L22Rik assembly
Syce2 assembly
Cmtm2b assembly
1700014L14Rik assembly
1700015I17Rik assembly
1700016A09Rik assembly
Spaca7b assembly
1700016D18Rik assembly
1700018B08Rik assembly
Dpep3 assembly
Tex29 assembly
1700018P08Rik assembly
Saxo5 assembly
1700019H22Rik assembly
1700019L22Rik assembly
1700020G03Rik assembly
Nob1 assembly
Galntl6 assembly
Plpbp assembly
1700026F02Rik assembly
1700027A13Rik assembly
Arl2bp assembly
Cenpu assembly
1700029H14Rik assembly
Coprs assembly
Cfap96 assembly
Cdyl2 assembly
1700030J22Rik assembly
1700030K09Rik assembly
1700030M09Rik assembly
Ttc29 assembly
Hydin assembly
1700040B14Rik assembly
1700041G16Rik assembly
1700047A11Rik assembly
Rpgrip1l assembly
Afg3l1 assembly
Ccsap assembly
Spmip8 assembly
1700058M10Rik assembly
1700061N14Rik assembly
1700064F23Rik assembly
1700067K01Rik assembly
Ces5a assembly
1700082M22Rik assembly
Got1l1 assembly
Evi5l assembly
1700018B08Rik assembly
1700085D22Rik assembly
1700092C02Rik assembly
1700093C20Rik assembly
Spaca7 assembly
1700096P03Rik assembly
1700104B16Rik assembly
Tex24 assembly
1700112L15Rik assembly
Ccdc70 assembly
Lrp2bp assembly
1700120C18Rik assembly
1700121C10Rik assembly
Ces5a assembly
1700122E12Rik assembly
1700123C12Rik assembly
1700125H03Rik assembly
Pkd1l2 assembly
1700128E19Rik assembly
Marveld3 assembly
1810008B01Rik assembly
Atp2c2 assembly
Spcs3 assembly
Tcim assembly
1810012K16Rik assembly
Chd9 assembly
Tmed6 assembly
Trappc2l assembly
1810019D21Rik assembly
Pex11g assembly
Ccdc124 assembly
Tma16 assembly
Cd209f assembly
Mcemp1 assembly
Cyb5b assembly
Saraf assembly
Ufsp2 assembly
Get3 assembly
Crispld2 assembly
Lrrc8e assembly
Cyp4f18 assembly
Tomm20 assembly
Sf3b3 assembly
Coa6 assembly
Nacc1 assembly
Il34 assembly
2010007E15Rik assembly
Cyld assembly
2010109N18Rik assembly
2010110E17Rik assembly
E2f4 assembly
Rab11fip1 assembly
Sorbs2 assembly
2010205J10Rik assembly
Dnaja2 assembly
Rbpms assembly
Ddhd2 assembly
Use1 assembly
2010320M18Rik assembly
Sh3rf1 assembly
Ctrb1 assembly
Misp3 assembly
Gins2 assembly
Mcoln1 assembly
Ces2g assembly
Sh2d4a assembly
Cldn22 assembly
Ushbp1 assembly
Sfrp1 assembly
Vps36 assembly
Capns2 assembly
Coq9 assembly
Lrp2bp assembly
2310008N11Rik assembly
Cldn23 assembly
Bst2 assembly
Dus2 assembly
Plpp5 assembly
2310022B05Rik assembly
Fam89a assembly
Trir assembly
Fat1 assembly
Ces2f assembly
Ces1h assembly
Evi5l assembly
Gadd45gip1 assembly
2310041K03Rik assembly
Dusp26 assembly
Borcs8 assembly
Fbxo31 assembly
Itfg1 assembly
Cars2 assembly
Camsap3 assembly
Cmc2 assembly
Ctu2 assembly
Psme3ip1 assembly
Ripor1 assembly
Cd209g assembly
Nr2c2ap assembly
Ntpcr assembly
Slc7a6os assembly
Ist1 assembly
Rnaseh2a assembly
Fcor assembly
Ddx28 assembly
Haus8 assembly
Vps9d1 assembly
2410004P22Rik assembly
Nup93 assembly
Mri1 assembly
Gm3336 assembly
Tm2d2 assembly
Coprs assembly
Cars2 assembly
Elavl1 assembly
Unc13a assembly
Lsm6 assembly
Ankrd11 assembly
Armc6 assembly
Slc10a7 assembly
2500002B13Rik assembly
Rpl18a assembly
Fam32a assembly
Upf3a assembly
2600002B07Rik assembly
Mak16 assembly
Pard6a assembly
Usp10 assembly
Tdrp assembly
Pdf assembly
Rps23rg1 assembly
Tmem208 assembly
Spata2l assembly
Zfp1006 assembly
Tenm3 assembly
Ddx39a assembly
2610319H10Rik assembly
Cenpn assembly
Tpm4 assembly
5830408C22Rik assembly
Hpf1 assembly
Tppp3 assembly
Hsdl1 assembly
Cdc16 assembly
Dusp4 assembly
Gins3 assembly
Smim18 assembly
Pgpep1 assembly
2810004N23Rik assembly
2810013P06Rik assembly
Colgalt1 assembly
Lsm1 assembly
2810030D12Rik assembly
Thap11 assembly
Gins4 assembly
4931415C17Rik assembly
Maf assembly
2810404M03Rik assembly
Naxd assembly
Vps36 assembly
Ciapin1 assembly
Kxd1 assembly
Rex1bd assembly
Sin3b assembly
2810455O05Rik assembly
Ddx19b assembly
2810487C13Rik assembly
Cyld assembly
Kbtbd11 assembly
Chmp1a assembly
Cers4 assembly
Pgbd5 assembly
Marchf1 assembly
2900027M19Rik assembly
4922502B01Rik assembly
2900057C01Rik assembly
Adgrl1 assembly
2900073C17Rik assembly
Micu3 assembly
Slc25a42 assembly
Wdr17 assembly
Ankrd11 assembly
3010031K01Rik assembly
Lncbate1 assembly
3100003L13Rik assembly
2810004N23Rik assembly
Tmem192 assembly
Evi5l assembly
Eri1 assembly
3110037L02Rik assembly
Afg3l1 assembly
3110080E11Rik assembly
Cpne2 assembly
Fcho1 assembly
3830408D07Rik assembly
3930402G23Rik assembly
Trappc5 assembly
Zdhhc1 assembly
Palm3 assembly
Ranbp10 assembly
Meak7 assembly
Arrdc2 assembly
Sdr42e1 assembly
Itgb1 assembly
Spata33 assembly
Csgalnact1 assembly
Ldhd assembly
4831440D22Rik assembly
Slc18a1 assembly
Nup133 assembly
4833411C07Rik assembly
Rab11fip1 assembly
Usp38 assembly
Enpp6 assembly
Ankrd10 assembly
Pdp2 assembly
Gins2 assembly
Tacc1 assembly
Cdkn2aip assembly
Ddx19b assembly
4921521C08Rik assembly
Ints10 assembly
4921522P10Rik assembly
4921524J17Rik assembly
Kcng4 assembly
Poteg assembly
4922502B01Rik assembly
Pdpr assembly
Adad2 assembly
4930405E02Rik assembly
4930412F12Rik assembly
4930412O06Rik assembly
4930413E20Rik assembly
Ogfod1 assembly
4930422C21Rik assembly
Galntl6 assembly
Otud4 assembly
Brme1 assembly
4930435N07Rik assembly
4930442M18Rik assembly
Pomk assembly
4930447I22Rik assembly
4930448E06Rik assembly
4930448N21Rik assembly
Cdyl2 assembly
4930453L07Rik assembly
Poteg assembly
Dnaaf1 assembly
4930465I24Rik assembly
Kbtbd11 assembly
Abcc12 assembly
Rspry1 assembly
4930470O06Rik assembly
Lrp2bp assembly
Syce1l assembly
4930488L21Rik assembly
4930488N15Rik assembly
4930505O20Rik assembly
4930506A18Rik assembly
4930507A01Rik assembly
4930509E22Rik assembly
1700125H03Rik assembly
Nacc1 assembly
4930512H18Rik assembly
4930513N10Rik assembly
4930513N24Rik assembly
Ccdc7a assembly
4930517G24Rik assembly
4930518F22Rik assembly
4930518J21Rik assembly
4930522P08Rik assembly
Rasd2 assembly
Yju2b assembly
Adam20 assembly
Terb1 assembly
4930535O05Rik assembly
4930540A11Rik assembly
Ccdc7a assembly
Hydin assembly
Rbm34 assembly
1700047A11Rik assembly
4930555F03Rik assembly
4930563M20Rik assembly
Zfp821 assembly
4930566D17Rik assembly
4930567H12Rik assembly
4930571O06Rik assembly
4930572C08Rik assembly
Clec4g assembly
4930578M07Rik assembly
4930579M01Rik assembly
4930579O11Rik assembly
4930567H12Rik assembly
Vps37a assembly
4931415C17Rik assembly
Psd3 assembly
Matcap1 assembly
Prss54 assembly
Insr assembly
4932443L11Rik assembly
4933400L20Rik assembly
Tktl2 assembly
Prmt7 assembly
Map10 assembly
Gins4 assembly
4933405L10Rik assembly
4933406B17Rik assembly
Cmip assembly
4933408N05Rik assembly
Stox2 assembly
4933411D12Rik assembly
Cfap97 assembly
4933413I22Rik assembly
4933416M07Rik assembly
4933417D19Rik assembly
4933421D24Rik assembly
Smarca5 assembly
Mfap3l assembly
4933430A20Rik assembly
4933430N04Rik assembly
4933431K23Rik assembly
Tbc1d9 assembly
4933433F19Rik assembly
Mgat4d assembly
Crnde assembly
4933439N14Rik assembly
Cep44 assembly
Gmip assembly
5033405D04Rik assembly
Mon1b assembly
5033426E14Rik assembly
5033426O07Rik assembly
Cnep1r1 assembly
Hdnr assembly
Tmem59l assembly
Cldn22 assembly
5330439A09Rik assembly
Wdr59 assembly
Mfap3l assembly
5430421F17Rik assembly
5430430B14Rik assembly
Mcph1 assembly
Babam1 assembly
Xkr5 assembly
Use1 assembly
5730405A17Rik assembly
Cherp assembly
Zdhhc2 assembly
Tent4b assembly
Gfod2 assembly
Med26 assembly
Sugp1 assembly
Nudt21 assembly
Dhx38 assembly
Gcsh assembly
5830408C22Rik assembly
Zc3h18 assembly
5830436C15Rik assembly
Hook3 assembly
5830456J23Rik assembly
Chtf8 assembly
5830468F06Rik assembly
Cmip assembly
Lig4 assembly
Map2k7 assembly
5930422O12Rik assembly
Nrg1 assembly
Cnot1 assembly
6030439D06Rik assembly
Dctd assembly
Nip7 assembly
6330537M06Rik assembly
Arl2bp assembly
Calr3 assembly
6430500C12Rik assembly
6430514K02Rik assembly
Zfp90 assembly
Map1s assembly
6430548M08Rik assembly
Arhgef10 assembly
Trmt9b assembly
Zdhhc2 assembly
Dlgap2 assembly
6430710M23Rik assembly
Rnf170 assembly
Orc6 assembly
7420700N18Rik assembly
8030455M16Rik assembly
Adgra2 assembly
8430428J23Rik assembly
8430437B07Rik assembly
Ankle1 assembly
Klhl2 assembly
Chd9 assembly
9030205G03Rik assembly
Tmem170 assembly
9030622M22Rik assembly
Ces2e assembly
Tradd assembly
Smim7 assembly
Isx assembly
Snx20 assembly
Mlkl assembly
9130214F15Rik assembly
Mau2 assembly
Nkx6-3 assembly
Defb12 assembly
9230110F11Rik assembly
Spag11a assembly
Smarca5-ps assembly
9330109K16Rik assembly
9330121K16Rik assembly
9330133O14Rik assembly
9330175E14Rik assembly
9330187G09Rik assembly
9330197I21Rik assembly
9430002A10Rik assembly
Arglu1 assembly
9430019C24Rik assembly
Sorbs2 assembly
9430087C24Rik assembly
9430091E24Rik assembly
Cmtm3 assembly
Ocel1 assembly
9430099M06Rik assembly
9530004M14Rik assembly
9530004P13Rik assembly
9530006C21Rik assembly
9530019H20Rik assembly
Esrp2 assembly
Ankrd11 assembly
Cldn22 assembly
9530067L11Rik assembly
Adgra2 assembly
9530085L11Rik assembly
9530085P06Rik assembly
Zmat4 assembly
Irf2 assembly
Eps15l1 assembly
Elmod2 assembly
Kat6a assembly
Adgrg3 assembly
A130009I22Rik assembly
A130010C12Rik assembly
A130072A22Rik assembly
Nwd1 assembly
Zfhx3 assembly
A230103J11Rik assembly
Zfp961 assembly
A230107O07Rik assembly
Maf assembly
A330008L17Rik assembly
Chd9 assembly
Rtbdn assembly
Arhgef18 assembly
Polb assembly
Rnf150 assembly
Leat1 assembly
Fbxl9 assembly
Cbfa2t3 assembly
Hook2 assembly
Cklf assembly
Pcid2 assembly
A730052K04Rik assembly
A730056I06Rik assembly
Dlc1 assembly
Cbr4 assembly
A730098A19Rik assembly
Anapc10 assembly
Casp3 assembly
A830058I18Rik assembly
A930006D01Rik assembly
A930013F10Rik assembly
A930018C05Rik assembly
Mau2 assembly
Nxnl1 assembly
A930035F09Rik assembly
A730093L10Rik assembly
Aars1 assembly
Golga7 assembly
Abcb10 assembly
Abce1 assembly
Adam25 assembly
Adam26a assembly
Adat1 assembly
Aga assembly
Hand2 assembly
Ido2 assembly
Ces2a assembly
Exoc8 assembly
Vat1l assembly
St3gal2 assembly
Zfp703 assembly
Plekhg4 assembly
Arhgef18 assembly
Glg1 assembly
Slc10a2 assembly
Enkd1 assembly
Tmem184c assembly
E230013L22Rik assembly
Tnks assembly
C230098O21Rik assembly
A730070K21Rik assembly
Ap1g1 assembly
Ap3m2 assembly
Arhgap10 assembly
Rhou assembly
Asah1 assembly
Asb5 assembly
Ash2l assembly
Zfhx3 assembly
Atp11a assembly
Atp6v0d1 assembly
Trim61 assembly
E330037G11Rik assembly
Gpat4 assembly
Cyp4v3 assembly
9430047G12Rik assembly
Nfat5 assembly
Evi5l assembly
B230112G18Rik assembly
Wdr17 assembly
B230317F23Rik assembly
Tmco3 assembly
Zfp612 assembly
Slc35f3 assembly
Tacc1 assembly
B3gnt3 assembly
B430010I23Rik assembly
Upf1 assembly
Mtus1 assembly
Nol3 assembly
B830042I05Rik assembly
Enpp6 assembly
B930025P03Rik assembly
B930093H17Rik assembly
Bag4 assembly
Bbs2 assembly
Tusc3 assembly
Psd3 assembly
Bcar1 assembly
Zcchc14 assembly
Brd7 assembly
Brf2 assembly
C030002A05Rik assembly
C030008P14Rik assembly
C030019G06Rik assembly
C030026K05Rik assembly
Heatr3 assembly
C030037F17Rik assembly
Rnf150 assembly
Pcm1 assembly
Cyld assembly
Mcf2l assembly
Phlpp2 assembly
C130073E24Rik assembly
Hpf1 assembly
C230057M02Rik assembly
Sgcz assembly
Atxn1l assembly
C330016L05Rik assembly
C430050I21Rik assembly
Klhl26 assembly
C630050I24Rik assembly
Cmtr2 assembly
Stxbp2 assembly
Calb2 assembly
Calr3 assembly
Capn9 assembly
Cd209b assembly
Cdc16 assembly
Ces1d assembly
Chrnb3 assembly
Chst4 assembly
Ckap2 assembly
Cmtm2a assembly
Cnot7 assembly
Cog2 assembly
Cope assembly
Cotl1 assembly
Nudt21 assembly
Crlf1 assembly
Csmd1 assembly
Cul4a assembly
Cyba assembly
D030005H02Rik assembly
Trappc11 assembly
Smarca5 assembly
Letm2 assembly
Mcph1 assembly
Ubxn8 assembly
Zfp781a assembly
Irx3os assembly
Nrg1 assembly
Phaf1 assembly
Adprhl1 assembly
D330013E07Rik assembly
Sorbs2os assembly
Smarca5 assembly
D430032J08Rik assembly
D530014G21Rik assembly
Txnl4b assembly
Insr assembly
Zfp827 assembly
Slc25a15 assembly
Mylk3 assembly
D830024N08Rik assembly
D930007M16Rik assembly
Unc5d assembly
D930044I17Rik assembly
Dctn6 assembly
Ddx19a assembly
Defb4 assembly
Dhodh assembly
Dnajb1 assembly
Dynlrb2 assembly
Dok4 overlapping clones, direct sequencing
Inpp4b assembly
Cntnap4 assembly
Zswim4 assembly
Irf2bp2 assembly
Dusp4 assembly
Adamts18 assembly
E230020D15Rik assembly
Gm10033 assembly
Hook3 assembly
Pcnx2 assembly
Ednra assembly
Egln1 assembly
Dpep2 assembly
Pkn1 assembly
F830004M19Rik assembly
Nod2 assembly
Acsl1 assembly
Fanca assembly
Fbxl8 assembly
Fbxo25 assembly
Fbxo8 assembly
Fgf20 assembly
Fkbp8 assembly
Fto assembly
Aktip assembly
Nrn1l assembly
Fa2h assembly
Cenpt assembly
Gab1 assembly
Gabarapl2 assembly
Galns assembly
Gan assembly
Gpm6a assembly
Adgrg3 assembly
Tecr assembly
Ndufa13 assembly
Grtp1 assembly
Gtf2e2 assembly
Cfap20 assembly
Gtpbp3 assembly
Hhip assembly
Hmgxb4 assembly
Homer3 assembly
Hpgd assembly
Hsd17b2 assembly
Ifi30 assembly
Ikbkb assembly
Impdh2 assembly
Ing1 assembly
Ing2 assembly
Itgb1 assembly
Jph3 assembly
Katnb1 assembly
Kcnk1 assembly
Klhl2 assembly
Lsm4 assembly
Smad1 assembly
Map1lc3b assembly
Mbtps1 assembly
Mcf2l assembly
Mrps31 assembly
Mtmr7 assembly
Exosc6 assembly
Mvd assembly
Necab2 assembly
Neto2 assembly
Nkd1 assembly
Zfp330 assembly
Nudt7 assembly
Tcf25 assembly
Nutf2 assembly
Tenm3 assembly
Pbx4 assembly
Pdgfrl assembly
Pdlim3 assembly
Pex11g assembly
Pgls assembly
Plekha2 assembly
Polr2c overlapping clones, direct sequencing
Sh3rf1 assembly
Plpbp assembly
Purg assembly
Rad23a assembly
Rasa3 assembly
Rbpms assembly
Rfxank assembly
Gipc1 assembly
Cdt1 assembly
Rps26 assembly
Rrad assembly
Msmo1 assembly
Scoc assembly
Shcbp1 assembly
Slc5a5 assembly
Smpd3 assembly
Snai3 assembly
Spock3 assembly
Taf1c assembly
Terf2ip assembly
Tex15 assembly
Tfdp1 assembly
Thsd1 assembly
Tk2 assembly
Tlr3 assembly
Pllp assembly
Tom1 assembly
Tsnaxip1 assembly
Tubb3 assembly
Uba52 assembly
Vegfc assembly
Vps4a assembly
Wfdc1 assembly
Wwox assembly
Wwp2 assembly
Zfp319 assembly
Znrf1 assembly
Elavl1 assembly
Lamp1 assembly
Pcp2 assembly
Mcoln1 assembly
Pnpla6 assembly
Atp4b assembly
Agpat5 assembly
F7 assembly
Adam5 assembly
Hgsnat assembly
Eif4ebp1 assembly
Fnta assembly
Vdac3 assembly
Angpt2 assembly
Slc20a2 assembly
Star assembly
Sfrp1 assembly
Fgfr1 assembly
Gsr assembly
Tnks assembly
Prag1 assembly
Mfhas1 assembly
Msr1 assembly
Ppp2cb assembly
Wrn assembly
Slc7a2 assembly
Vps37a assembly
Pcm1 assembly
Frg1 assembly
Casp3 assembly
Hmgb2 assembly
Nat2 assembly
Nat3 assembly
Sap30 assembly
Nek1 assembly
Aadat assembly
Anxa10 assembly
Nek1 assembly
Clcn3 assembly
Tll1 assembly
Npy5r assembly
Cpe assembly
Rab3a assembly
F2rl3 assembly
Jak3 assembly
Lpl assembly
Rab8a assembly
Ncan assembly
Lpar2 assembly
Mrpl34 assembly
Upf1 assembly
Large1 assembly
Cherp assembly
Prdx2 assembly
Calr assembly
Man2b1 assembly
Adgre5 assembly
Clgn assembly
Ptger1 assembly
Rfx1 assembly
Ucp1 assembly
Vps35 assembly
Ier2 assembly
Cacna1a assembly
Lyl1 assembly
Siah1a assembly
Gcdh assembly
Junb assembly
Mast1 assembly
Trmt1 assembly
Adcy7 assembly
Ces1c assembly
Irx5 assembly
Irx6 assembly
Amfr assembly
Ccl17 assembly
Gnao1 assembly
Adgrg1 assembly
Mt1 assembly
Mt2 assembly
Slc12a3 assembly
Mmp15 assembly
Got2 assembly
Cdh8 assembly
Csnk2a2 assembly
Ndrg4 assembly
Nfatc3 assembly
Pmfbp1 assembly
Sntb2 assembly
Terf2 assembly
Ctrl assembly
Lcat assembly
Nfat5 assembly
Cdh1 assembly
Cdh3 assembly
Nqo1 assembly
Sf3b3 assembly
Vac14 assembly
Psmd7 assembly
Ldhd assembly
Kars1 assembly
Cdh13 assembly
Cox4i1 assembly
Irf8 assembly
Banp assembly
Zfp276 assembly
Dbndd1 assembly
Aprt assembly
Pard3 assembly
Def8 assembly
Dpep1 assembly
Agt assembly
Tsnax assembly
Nrp1 assembly
Gnpat assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. Chromosomal locations were obtained from the Genome Exploration Research Group of the RIKEN Institute of Physical and Chemical Research in Japan. Where multiple RIKEN clones were associated to the same marker by sequence similarity clustering, mapping data were loaded only if all RIKEN clones from the same cluster mapped to the same mouse chromosome.

Contributing Projects:
Mouse Genome Database (MGD), Gene Expression Database (GXD), Mouse Models of Human Cancer database (MMHCdb) (formerly Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB)), Gene Ontology (GO)
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