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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:91388 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and Loading Genome Assembly Coordinates from Ensembl Annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm10597 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073748 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073865 assembly
Gm10590 assembly
Gm10300 assembly
Gm10594 assembly
Gm10595 assembly
Gm16008 assembly
Gm10588 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073855 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070935 assembly
Gm10151 assembly
Gm16503 assembly
ENSMUSG00000066056 assembly
Gm10154 assembly
Ifnz assembly
Gm9944 assembly
Gm10570 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073799 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073772 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073777 assembly
Gm10577 assembly
Gm10576 assembly
Gm10572 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073762 assembly
Gm10305 assembly
Gm10604 assembly
Gm10304 assembly
Gm10563 assembly
Gm9867 assembly
Tmem51os1 assembly
Gm16287 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070994 assembly
Gm10192 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074002 assembly
Gm10592 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070988 assembly
Actl7b assembly
Klhl9 assembly
Gm10306 assembly
Gm12945 assembly
Gm9768 assembly
Gm10564 assembly
Mxra8os assembly
Gm10056 assembly
Gm10601 assembly
Gm2564 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073857 assembly
Gm10583 assembly
Gm10582 assembly
Gm10581 assembly
Gm10580 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072363 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073773 assembly
Szt2 assembly
ENSMUSG00000044800 assembly
Gm10571 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073870 assembly
Gm13304 assembly
Gm9969 assembly
Gm2163 assembly
Il11ra2 assembly
Ccl27b assembly
Gm10299 assembly
Gm10599 assembly
Gm10600 assembly
Gm10591 assembly
Gm3883 assembly
Gm10929 assembly
Gm10930 assembly
Gm10931 assembly
Gm10946 assembly
Gm10947 assembly
Gm10954 assembly
Gm10956 assembly
Gm10957 assembly
Gm10960 assembly
Gm10963 assembly
Gm10965 assembly
Gm10967 assembly
Gm10968 assembly
Gm10971 assembly
Mup-ps8 assembly
Mup-ps4 assembly
Gm10979 assembly
Gm10982 assembly
Ccl19 assembly
Ccl19 assembly
Gm11178 assembly
Gm11179 assembly
Gm16616 assembly
Gm16652 assembly
Gm16686 assembly
Gm16731 assembly
Gm16889 assembly
Gm16972 assembly
Gm17240 assembly
Gm17243 assembly
Gm17244 assembly
Gm17283 assembly
Gm17300 assembly
Gm17317 assembly
Gm17328 assembly
Gm17345 assembly
Gm17354 assembly
Gm17376 assembly
Gm17378 assembly
Gm17388 assembly
Gm17408 assembly
Gm17452 assembly
Gm17454 assembly
Gm17476 assembly
Gm17492 assembly
Gm17525 assembly
Gm17527 assembly
Gm17553 assembly
Gm17565 assembly
Gm17585 assembly
Gm17599 assembly
Gm17609 assembly
Gm17612 assembly
Gm17623 assembly
Gm17636 assembly
Gm17662 assembly
Gm17688 assembly
Gm17726 assembly
Gm20731 assembly
Gm21955 assembly
Gm21966 assembly
Gm21968 assembly
Gm22010 assembly
Gm22033 assembly
Gm22039 assembly
Gm22042 assembly
Gm22055 assembly
Gm22092 assembly
Gm22100 assembly
Gm22125 assembly
Gm22150 assembly
Gm22154 assembly
Gm22180 assembly
Gm22221 assembly
Gm22247 assembly
Gm22262 assembly
Gm22300 assembly
Gm22318 assembly
Gm22335 assembly
Gm22345 assembly
Gm22398 assembly
Gm22402 assembly
Gm22473 assembly
Gm22477 assembly
Gm22497 assembly
Gm22518 assembly
Gm22523 assembly
Gm22533 assembly
Gm22541 assembly
Gm22563 assembly
Gm22573 assembly
Gm22605 assembly
Gm22619 assembly
Gm22625 assembly
Gm22639 assembly
Gm22660 assembly
Gm22662 assembly
Gm22670 assembly
Gm22685 assembly
Gm22690 assembly
Gm22706 assembly
Gm22732 assembly
Gm22767 assembly
Gm22781 assembly
Gm22804 assembly
Gm22817 assembly
Gm22831 assembly
Gm22844 assembly
Gm22849 assembly
Gm22850 assembly
Gm22855 assembly
Gm22864 assembly
Gm22888 assembly
Gm22940 assembly
Gm22952 assembly
Gm22961 assembly
Gm22980 assembly
Gm22982 assembly
Gm22983 assembly
Gm22991 assembly
Gm22994 assembly
Gm23043 assembly
Gm23045 assembly
Gm23055 assembly
Gm23064 assembly
Gm23090 assembly
Gm23106 assembly
Gm23138 assembly
Gm23143 assembly
Gm23148 assembly
Gm23154 assembly
Gm23158 assembly
Gm23159 assembly
Gm23162 assembly
Gm23209 assembly
Gm23230 assembly
Gm23250 assembly
Gm23257 assembly
Gm23263 assembly
Gm23287 assembly
Gm23303 assembly
Gm23304 assembly
Gm23314 assembly
Gm23318 assembly
Gm23338 assembly
Gm23354 assembly
Gm23366 assembly
Gm23382 assembly
Gm23384 assembly
Gm23405 assembly
Gm23412 assembly
Gm23423 assembly
Gm23443 assembly
Gm23457 assembly
Gm23466 assembly
Gm23525 assembly
Gm23540 assembly
Gm23548 assembly
Gm23589 assembly
Gm23607 assembly
Gm23634 assembly
Gm23709 assembly
Gm23711 assembly
Gm23719 assembly
Gm23728 assembly
Gm23738 assembly
Gm23743 assembly
Gm23745 assembly
Gm23746 assembly
Gm23834 assembly
Gm23836 assembly
Gm23845 assembly
Gm23860 assembly
Gm23890 assembly
Gm23936 assembly
Gm23950 assembly
Gm23975 assembly
Gm24002 assembly
Gm24016 assembly
Gm24042 assembly
Gm24045 assembly
Gm24068 assembly
Gm24078 assembly
Gm24091 assembly
Gm24099 assembly
Gm24102 assembly
Gm24112 assembly
Gm24117 assembly
Gm24125 assembly
Gm24152 assembly
Gm24161 assembly
Gm24170 assembly
Gm24177 assembly
Gm24203 assembly
Gm24234 assembly
Gm24245 assembly
Gm24277 assembly
Gm24293 assembly
Gm24317 assembly
Gm24337 assembly
Gm24341 assembly
Gm24351 assembly
Gm24352 assembly
Gm24360 assembly
Gm24362 assembly
Gm24363 assembly
Gm24371 assembly
Gm24376 assembly
Gm24381 assembly
Gm24419 assembly
Gm24448 assembly
Gm24468 assembly
Gm24480 assembly
Gm24511 assembly
Gm24560 assembly
Gm24567 assembly
Gm24573 assembly
Gm24607 assembly
Gm24621 assembly
Gm24628 assembly
Gm24636 assembly
Gm24650 assembly
Gm24678 assembly
Gm24697 assembly
Gm24721 assembly
Gm24762 assembly
Gm24796 assembly
Gm24804 assembly
Gm24807 assembly
Gm24825 assembly
Gm24837 assembly
Gm24869 assembly
Gm24884 assembly
Gm24908 assembly
Gm24913 assembly
Gm24943 assembly
Rnu6-ps2 assembly
Gm24960 assembly
Gm24965 assembly
Gm24967 assembly
Gm24977 assembly
Gm24978 assembly
Gm25002 assembly
Gm25004 assembly
Gm25010 assembly
Gm25053 assembly
Gm25099 assembly
Gm25123 assembly
Gm25124 assembly
Gm25137 assembly
Gm25173 assembly
Mir5616 assembly
Gm25244 assembly
Gm25261 assembly
Gm25262 assembly
Gm25270 assembly
Gm25280 assembly
Gm25317 assembly
Gm25323 assembly
Gm25355 assembly
Gm25378 assembly
Gm25391 assembly
Gm25399 assembly
Gm25419 assembly
Gm25435 assembly
Gm25445 assembly
Gm25478 assembly
Gm25480 assembly
Gm25485 assembly
Gm25504 assembly
Gm25559 assembly
Gm25571 assembly
Gm25575 assembly
Gm25581 assembly
Gm25600 assembly
Gm25604 assembly
Gm25623 assembly
Gm25637 assembly
Gm25653 assembly
Gm25655 assembly
Gm25676 assembly
Gm25677 assembly
Gm25687 assembly
Gm25690 assembly
Gm25692 assembly
Gm25705 assembly
Gm25707 assembly
Gm25732 assembly
Gm25751 assembly
Gm25769 assembly
Gm25772 assembly
Gm25779 assembly
Gm25788 assembly
Gm25803 assembly
Gm25811 assembly
Gm25827 assembly
Gm25836 assembly
Gm25844 assembly
Gm25858 assembly
Gm25877 assembly
Gm25880 assembly
Gm25899 assembly
Gm25928 assembly
Gm25931 assembly
Gm25938 assembly
Gm25951 assembly
Gm25971 assembly
Gm25975 assembly
Gm25977 assembly
Gm25978 assembly
Gm25982 assembly
Gm25997 assembly
Gm26001 assembly
Gm26017 assembly
Gm26036 assembly
Gm26047 assembly
Gm26049 assembly
Gm26067 assembly
Gm26069 assembly
Gm26084 assembly
Gm26087 assembly
Gm26138 assembly
Gm26144 assembly
Gm26148 assembly
Gm26154 assembly
Gm26162 assembly
Gm26186 assembly
Gm26226 assembly
Gm26250 assembly
Gm26254 assembly
Gm26267 assembly
Gm26281 assembly
Gm26313 assembly
Gm26320 assembly
Gm26330 assembly
Gm26355 assembly
Gm26379 assembly
Gm26382 assembly
Gm26400 assembly
Gm26410 assembly
Gm26424 assembly
Gm26425 assembly
Gm26436 assembly
Gm26490 assembly
Gm26516 assembly
Gm26525 assembly
Gm26548 assembly
Gm26566 assembly
Gm26573 assembly
Gm26606 assembly
Gm26615 assembly
Gm26624 assembly
Gm26643 assembly
Gm26657 assembly
Gm26663 assembly
Gm26716 assembly
Gm26722 assembly
Gm26763 assembly
Gm26840 assembly
Gm26857 assembly
Gm26867 assembly
Gm26880 assembly
Gm26881 assembly
Gm26889 assembly
Gm26895 assembly
Gm26968 assembly
Gm27022 assembly
Gm27046 assembly
Gm27265 assembly
Mir7022 assembly
Mir7658 assembly
Mir6400 assembly
Gm27445 assembly
Gm27452 assembly
Gm27500 assembly
Gm27521 assembly
Mir7119 assembly
Mir8119 assembly
Gm27579 assembly
Gm27580 assembly
Gm27601 assembly
Mir7018 assembly
Gm27619 assembly
Mir7226 assembly
Gm27646 assembly
Mir6398 assembly
Mir6399 assembly
Gm27668 assembly
Gm27688 assembly
Gm27743 assembly
Mir7020 assembly
Mir6402 assembly
Gm27878 assembly
Mir7023 assembly
Mir7017 assembly
Mir7019 assembly
Mir8118 assembly
Mir6403 assembly
Mir7016 assembly
Mir6397 assembly
Gm28017 assembly
Gm37090 assembly
Gm37117 assembly
Gm37141 assembly
Gm37253 assembly
Gm37270 assembly
Gm37355 assembly
Gm37386 assembly
Gm37530 assembly
Gm37556 assembly
Gm37583 assembly
Gm37624 assembly
Gm37667 assembly
Gm37689 assembly
Gm37711 assembly
Gm37795 assembly
Gm37817 assembly
Gm37900 assembly
Gm37985 assembly
Gm38074 assembly
Gm38343 assembly
Gm44037 assembly
Gm44497 assembly
Gm47252 assembly
Gm47301 assembly
Gm47786 assembly
Gm49337 assembly
Gm49884 assembly
Gm49890 assembly
Gm49891 assembly
Gm50453 assembly
Gm50470 assembly
Gm50471 assembly
Gm50475 assembly
Gm50484 assembly
Gm52956 assembly
Gm52989 assembly
Gm52990 assembly
Gm53001 assembly
Gm53010 assembly
Gm53021 assembly
Gm53026 assembly
Gm53032 assembly
Gm54744 assembly
Gm54758 assembly
Gm54810 assembly
Gm54853 assembly
Gm54855 assembly
Gm55098 assembly
Gm55099 assembly
Gm55125 assembly
Gm55126 assembly
Gm55159 assembly
Gm55177 assembly
Gm55197 assembly
Gm55199 assembly
Gm55242 assembly
Gm55262 assembly
Gm55296 assembly
Gm55363 assembly
Gm55364 assembly
Gm55367 assembly
Gm55379 assembly
Gm55392 assembly
Gm55410 assembly
Gm55411 assembly
Gm55413 assembly
Gm55423 assembly
Gm55425 assembly
Gm55443 assembly
Gm55520 assembly
Gm55533 assembly
Gm55570 assembly
Gm55577 assembly
Gm55612 assembly
Gm55684 assembly
Gm55703 assembly
Gm55733 assembly
Gm55744 assembly
Gm55749 assembly
Gm55750 assembly
Gm55761 assembly
Gm55762 assembly
Gm55764 assembly
Gm55777 assembly
Gm55786 assembly
Gm55796 assembly
Gm55797 assembly
Gm55798 assembly
Gm55799 assembly
Gm55808 assembly
Gm55822 assembly
Gm55824 assembly
Gm55825 assembly
Gm55831 assembly
Gm55834 assembly
Gm55844 assembly
Gm55858 assembly
Gm55877 assembly
Gm55906 assembly
Gm55907 assembly
Gm55915 assembly
Gm55916 assembly
Gm55933 assembly
Gm55935 assembly
Gm55936 assembly
Gm55960 assembly
Gm55970 assembly
Gm55972 assembly
Gm55973 assembly
Gm55974 assembly
Gm55975 assembly
Gm55984 assembly
Gm55986 assembly
Gm55994 assembly
Gm56006 assembly
Gm56007 assembly
Gm56019 assembly
Gm56027 assembly
Gm56089 assembly
Gm56092 assembly
Gm56093 assembly
Gm56094 assembly
Gm56097 assembly
Gm56131 assembly
Gm56132 assembly
Gm56133 assembly
Gm56147 assembly
Gm56148 assembly
Gm56152 assembly
Gm56158 assembly
Gm56161 assembly
Gm56164 assembly
Gm56170 assembly
Gm56177 assembly
Gm56179 assembly
Gm56181 assembly
Gm56183 assembly
Gm56184 assembly
Gm56187 assembly
Gm56192 assembly
Gm56194 assembly
Gm56196 assembly
Gm56197 assembly
Gm56205 assembly
Gm56206 assembly
Gm56210 assembly
Gm56212 assembly
Gm56213 assembly
Gm56217 assembly
Gm56218 assembly
Gm56220 assembly
Gm56223 assembly
Gm56226 assembly
Gm56227 assembly
Gm56229 assembly
Gm56230 assembly
Gm56231 assembly
Gm56257 assembly
Gm56261 assembly
Gm56265 assembly
Gm56267 assembly
Gm56271 assembly
Gm56273 assembly
Gm56274 assembly
Gm56284 assembly
Gm56287 assembly
Gm56288 assembly
Gm56290 assembly
Gm56292 assembly
Gm56295 assembly
Gm56296 assembly
Gm56298 assembly
Gm57063 assembly
Gm57064 assembly
Gm57065 assembly
Gm57066 assembly
Gm57067 assembly
Gm57068 assembly
Gm57069 assembly
Gm57070 assembly
Gm57071 assembly
Gm57072 assembly
Gm57073 assembly
Gm57074 assembly
Gm57075 assembly
Gm57076 assembly
Gm57077 assembly
Gm57078 assembly
Gm57079 assembly
Gm57080 assembly
Gm57081 assembly
Gm57082 assembly
Gm57083 assembly
Gm57084 assembly
Gm57085 assembly
Gm57086 assembly
Gm57087 assembly
Gm57088 assembly
Gm57089 assembly
Gm57090 assembly
Gm57091 assembly
Gm57092 assembly
Gm57093 assembly
Gm57094 assembly
Gm57095 assembly
Gm57096 assembly
Gm57097 assembly
Gm57098 assembly
Gm57099 assembly
Gm57100 assembly
Gm57101 assembly
Gm57102 assembly
Gm57103 assembly
Gm57104 assembly
Gm57105 assembly
Gm57106 assembly
Gm57113 assembly
Gm57115 assembly
Gm57123 assembly
Gm57124 assembly
Gm57125 assembly
Gm57126 assembly
Gm57127 assembly
Gm57128 assembly
Gm57133 assembly
Gm57137 assembly
Gm57138 assembly
Gm57141 assembly
Gm57149 assembly
Gm57150 assembly
Gm57151 assembly
Gm57155 assembly
Gm57156 assembly
Gm57157 assembly
Gm57158 assembly
Gm57159 assembly

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