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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:91388 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and Loading Genome Assembly Coordinates from Ensembl Annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm14609 assembly
Gm10162 assembly
Gm14661 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073246 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073248 assembly
Gm15238 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073256 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073250 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073259 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073258 assembly
Gm15031 assembly
Trpc5os assembly
ENSMUSG00000072871 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073254 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073268 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073269 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073260 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073261 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073262 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073264 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073265 assembly
Gm9785 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073118 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073289 assembly
Gm14639 assembly
Med14 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073277 assembly
Gm14636 assembly
Gm14562 assembly
Gm10491 assembly
Gm10490 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073297 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072887 assembly
Gm10448 assembly
ENSMUSG00000048303 assembly
Gm14812 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073059 assembly
ENSMUSG00000067433 assembly
Gm10449 assembly
Gm15173 assembly
Gm15155 assembly
Gm15361 assembly
Gm14529 assembly
Gm14710 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073151 assembly
Gm10346 assembly
Nhsl2 assembly
Rpl30-ps11 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073149 assembly
Fmr1os assembly
ENSMUSG00000073276 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073275 assembly
ENSMUSG00000068097 assembly
Gm15131 assembly
ENSMUSG00000053761 assembly
Gm15163 assembly
Gm10452 assembly
H2ab1 assembly
Gm10477 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073178 assembly
Chic1 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073303 assembly
Gm9927 assembly
Gm10344 assembly
Gm14947 assembly
ENSMUSG00000068100 assembly
Gm14773 assembly
Llph-ps2 assembly
Gm10483 assembly
Gm14652 assembly
Gm14613 assembly
Gm10437 assembly
Gm10489 assembly
Gm14539 assembly
Rhox3e assembly
Rhox2e assembly
Gm10016 assembly
Gm14648 assembly
Sms-ps assembly
Styx-ps assembly
1700003E24Rik assembly
Gm14866 assembly
Gm14845 assembly
Rpl30-ps9 assembly
Rpl21-ps15 assembly
Gm15190 assembly
Rps2-ps13 assembly
Gm14676 assembly
Gm14724 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073078 assembly
ENSMUSG00000073075 assembly
Gm14911 assembly
Luzp4 assembly
Gm15191 assembly
Gm15195 assembly
H2al1i assembly
H2al1d assembly
Gm10230 assembly
Gm10486 assembly
Gm10147 assembly
Gm10488 assembly
Gm10439 assembly
Samt1c assembly
ENSMUSG00000073252 assembly
Sytl5 assembly
Gm10096 assembly
Gm10487 assembly
Gm15093 assembly
Gm15127 assembly
Gm9907 assembly
Gm10058 assembly
Serpina7 assembly
Gm11085 assembly
Gm2223 assembly
Gm11091 assembly
Gm2332 assembly
Gm11113 assembly
Gm11121 assembly
Gm11122 assembly
Gm11123 assembly
Gm11124 assembly
Gm10112 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080291 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080290 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080289 assembly
Gm16795 assembly
Gm16951 assembly
Gm17261 assembly
Gm17267 assembly
Gm17273 assembly
Gm17297 assembly
Gm17326 assembly
Gm17361 assembly
Gm17379 assembly
Gm17412 assembly
Gm17463 assembly
Gm17467 assembly
Gm17469 assembly
Srsx assembly
Gm17521 assembly
Gm17522 assembly
Gm17577 assembly
Gm17584 assembly
Gm17594 assembly
Gm17604 assembly
Gm17630 assembly
Gm17637 assembly
Gm17665 assembly
Gm17679 assembly
Gm17693 assembly
Gm17714 assembly
Gm20720 assembly
Gm21789 assembly
Gm21870 assembly
Gm21876 assembly
Gm21883 assembly
Erdr1 assembly
Gm22006 assembly
Gm22017 assembly
Gm22023 assembly
Gm22025 assembly
Gm22028 assembly
Gm22049 assembly
Gm22057 assembly
Gm22062 assembly
Gm22083 assembly
Gm22090 assembly
Gm22102 assembly
Gm22103 assembly
Gm22139 assembly
Gm22143 assembly
Gm22160 assembly
Gm22225 assembly
Gm22233 assembly
Gm22244 assembly
Gm22248 assembly
Gm22257 assembly
Gm22266 assembly
Gm22280 assembly
Gm22287 assembly
Gm22288 assembly
Gm22294 assembly
Gm22332 assembly
Gm22351 assembly
Gm22359 assembly
Gm22364 assembly
Gm22368 assembly
Gm22413 assembly
Gm22430 assembly
Gm22435 assembly
Gm22464 assembly
Gm22467 assembly
Gm22472 assembly
Gm22487 assembly
Gm22522 assembly
Gm22528 assembly
Gm22539 assembly
Gm22550 assembly
Gm22552 assembly
Gm22580 assembly
Gm22590 assembly
Gm22592 assembly
Gm22612 assembly
Gm22636 assembly
Gm22647 assembly
Mir3552 assembly
Gm22666 assembly
Gm22686 assembly
Gm22746 assembly
Gm22783 assembly
Gm22785 assembly
Gm22843 assembly
Gm22861 assembly
Gm22919 assembly
Gm22924 assembly
Gm22930 assembly
Gm22964 assembly
Gm23000 assembly
Gm23004 assembly
Gm23028 assembly
Gm23029 assembly
Gm23068 assembly
Gm23082 assembly
Gm23121 assembly
Gm23124 assembly
Gm23150 assembly
Gm23197 assembly
Gm23199 assembly
Gm23258 assembly
Gm23277 assembly
Gm23280 assembly
Gm23320 assembly
Gm23322 assembly
Gm23325 assembly
Gm23378 assembly
Gm23381 assembly
Gm23385 assembly
Gm23404 assembly
Gm23417 assembly
Gm23454 assembly
Gm23461 assembly
Gm23501 assembly
Gm23516 assembly
Gm23556 assembly
Gm23557 assembly
Gm23586 assembly
Gm23613 assembly
Gm23615 assembly
Gm23628 assembly
Gm23656 assembly
Gm23671 assembly
Gm23678 assembly
Gm23679 assembly
Gm23693 assembly
Gm23705 assembly
Gm23718 assembly
Gm23768 assembly
Gm23786 assembly
Gm23794 assembly
Gm23798 assembly
Gm23806 assembly
Gm23825 assembly
Gm23867 assembly
Gm23868 assembly
Gm23901 assembly
Gm23945 assembly
Gm23958 assembly
Gm23985 assembly
Gm23998 assembly
Gm24038 assembly
Gm24061 assembly
Gm24090 assembly
Gm24094 assembly
Gm24123 assembly
Gm24147 assembly
Gm24266 assembly
Gm24268 assembly
Gm24281 assembly
Gm24301 assembly
Gm24309 assembly
Gm24380 assembly
Gm24386 assembly
Gm24416 assembly
Gm24438 assembly
Gm24460 assembly
Gm24470 assembly
Gm24479 assembly
Gm24491 assembly
Gm24493 assembly
Gm24509 assembly
Gm24522 assembly
Gm24529 assembly
Gm24535 assembly
Gm24577 assembly
Gm24595 assembly
Gm24598 assembly
Gm24619 assembly
Gm24622 assembly
Gm24624 assembly
Mir1911 assembly
Gm24675 assembly
Gm24683 assembly
Gm24687 assembly
Gm24706 assembly
Gm24718 assembly
Gm24763 assembly
Gm24772 assembly
Gm24783 assembly
Gm24809 assembly
Gm24812 assembly
Gm24824 assembly
Gm24831 assembly
Gm24835 assembly
Gm24906 assembly
Gm24907 assembly
Gm24956 assembly
Gm24973 assembly
Gm24993 assembly
Gm25006 assembly
Gm25023 assembly
Gm25047 assembly
Gm25061 assembly
Gm25063 assembly
Gm25067 assembly
Gm25078 assembly
Gm25097 assembly
Gm25107 assembly
Gm25170 assembly
Mir5617 assembly
Gm25202 assembly
Gm25207 assembly
Gm25226 assembly
Gm25246 assembly
Gm25257 assembly
Gm25299 assembly
Gm25332 assembly
Gm25356 assembly
Gm25358 assembly
Gm25366 assembly
Gm25367 assembly
Gm25393 assembly
Gm25412 assembly
Gm25421 assembly
Gm25429 assembly
Gm25481 assembly
Gm25503 assembly
Gm25520 assembly
Gm25552 assembly
Gm25553 assembly
Gm25557 assembly
Gm25616 assembly
Gm25624 assembly
Gm25629 assembly
Gm25642 assembly
Gm25651 assembly
Gm25691 assembly
Gm25728 assembly
Gm25743 assembly
Gm25770 assembly
Gm25793 assembly
Gm25795 assembly
Gm25797 assembly
Gm25812 assembly
Gm25825 assembly
Gm25828 assembly
Gm25851 assembly
Gm25868 assembly
Gm25885 assembly
Gm25895 assembly
Gm25915 assembly
Gm25936 assembly
Gm25940 assembly
Gm25946 assembly
Gm26000 assembly
Gm26007 assembly
Gm26009 assembly
Gm26020 assembly
Gm26024 assembly
Gm26029 assembly
Gm26035 assembly
Gm26041 assembly
Gm26065 assembly
Gm26099 assembly
Gm26108 assembly
Gm26111 assembly
Gm26125 assembly
Gm26131 assembly
Gm26151 assembly
Gm26152 assembly
Gm26174 assembly
Gm26182 assembly
Gm26194 assembly
Gm26209 assembly
Gm26276 assembly
Gm26294 assembly
Gm26302 assembly
Gm26312 assembly
Gm26314 assembly
Gm26317 assembly
Gm26318 assembly
Gm26351 assembly
Gm26368 assembly
Gm26380 assembly
Gm26385 assembly
Gm26401 assembly
Gm26406 assembly
Gm26415 assembly
Gm26417 assembly
Gm26437 assembly
Gm26441 assembly
Gm26459 assembly
Gm26475 assembly
Gm26487 assembly
Gm26494 assembly
Gm26503 assembly
Gm26593 assembly
Gm26617 assembly
Gm26618 assembly
Gm26652 assembly
Gm26726 assembly
Gm26775 assembly
Gm26818 assembly
Gm26851 assembly
Gm26952 assembly
Gm26958 assembly
Gm26960 assembly
Gm26992 assembly
Gm27000 assembly
Gm27051 assembly
Gm27285 assembly
Mir6382 assembly
Gm27321 assembly
Gm27335 assembly
Gm27341 assembly
Gm27360 assembly
Mir7091 assembly
Gm27414 assembly
Gm27428 assembly
Mir7093 assembly
Gm27490 assembly
Gm27510 assembly
Gm27520 assembly
Gm27554 assembly
Mir7673 assembly
Gm27659 assembly
Mir6383 assembly
Gm27733 assembly
Gm27798 assembly
Gm27828 assembly
Gm27838 assembly
Gm27839 assembly
Gm27843 assembly
Gm27875 assembly
Gm27892 assembly
Gm27910 assembly
Gm27927 assembly
Gm27979 assembly
Gm27980 assembly
Mir3620 assembly
Gm27987 assembly
Gm36995 assembly
Gm37564 assembly
Gm37741 assembly
Gm37956 assembly
Gm38020 assembly
Gm44298 assembly
Gm44318 assembly
Gm44333 assembly
Gm44351 assembly
Gm44376 assembly
Gm44378 assembly
Gm44407 assembly
Gm44452 assembly
Gm44477 assembly
Gm44480 assembly
Gm44485 assembly
Gm44490 assembly
Gm44496 assembly
Gm44499 assembly
Gm44500 assembly
Gm47265 assembly
Gm47298 assembly
Gm50465 assembly
Gm50468 assembly
Gm50476 assembly
Gm50485 assembly
Gm50486 assembly
Gm52997 assembly
Gm53006 assembly
Gm53011 assembly
Gm53013 assembly
Gm53027 assembly
Gm54363 assembly
Gm54364 assembly
Gm54370 assembly
Gm54381 assembly
Gm54415 assembly
Gm54418 assembly
Gm54436 assembly
Gm54457 assembly
Gm54458 assembly
Gm54484 assembly
Gm54491 assembly
Gm54493 assembly
Gm54494 assembly
Gm54495 assembly
Gm54496 assembly
Gm54497 assembly
Gm54501 assembly
Gm54502 assembly
Gm54504 assembly
Gm54536 assembly
Gm54537 assembly
Gm54538 assembly
Gm54539 assembly
Gm54596 assembly
Gm54604 assembly
Gm54605 assembly
Gm54626 assembly
Gm54630 assembly
Gm54632 assembly
Gm54638 assembly
Gm54648 assembly
Gm54663 assembly
Gm54697 assembly
Gm54731 assembly
Gm54733 assembly
Gm54734 assembly
Gm54746 assembly
Gm54805 assembly
Gm54807 assembly
Gm54820 assembly
Gm54821 assembly
Gm54830 assembly
Gm54832 assembly
Gm54834 assembly
Gm54931 assembly
Gm54964 assembly
Gm54975 assembly
Gm54976 assembly
Gm54996 assembly
Gm54997 assembly
Gm55016 assembly
Gm55017 assembly
Gm55038 assembly
Gm55055 assembly
Gm55067 assembly
Gm55068 assembly
Gm55069 assembly
Gm55070 assembly
Gm55085 assembly
Gm55091 assembly
Gm55105 assembly
Gm55106 assembly
Gm55113 assembly
Gm55127 assembly
Gm55141 assembly
Gm55142 assembly
Gm55151 assembly
Gm55155 assembly
Gm55172 assembly
Gm55174 assembly
Gm55194 assembly
Gm55202 assembly
Gm55207 assembly
Gm55222 assembly
Gm55223 assembly
Gm55240 assembly
Gm55251 assembly
Gm55263 assembly
Gm55267 assembly
Gm55308 assembly
Gm55322 assembly
Gm55323 assembly
Gm55333 assembly
Gm55334 assembly
Gm55349 assembly
Gm55381 assembly
Gm55412 assembly
Gm55418 assembly
Gm55422 assembly
Gm55436 assembly
Gm55437 assembly
Gm55450 assembly
Gm55484 assembly
Gm55499 assembly
Gm55509 assembly
Gm55510 assembly
Gm55511 assembly
Gm55514 assembly
Gm55517 assembly
Gm55518 assembly
Gm55519 assembly
Gm55538 assembly
Gm55547 assembly
Gm55549 assembly
Gm55550 assembly
Gm55554 assembly
Gm55580 assembly
Gm55581 assembly
Gm55582 assembly
Gm55585 assembly
Gm55586 assembly
Gm55587 assembly
Gm55588 assembly
Gm55590 assembly
Gm55591 assembly
Gm55592 assembly
Gm55593 assembly
Gm55594 assembly
Gm55603 assembly
Gm55604 assembly

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