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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:80000 The FANTOM Consortium and The RIKEN Genome Exploration Research Group Phase I & II Team, Analysis of the mouse transcriptome based on functional annotation of 60,770 full-length cDNAs. Nature. 2002;420:563-573
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Tsr3 assembly
1110038B12Rik assembly
Mad2l1bp assembly
Ndufb10 assembly
Mettl26 assembly
Atat1 assembly
0610012D04Rik assembly
Wdr27 assembly
Kank3 assembly
Memo1 assembly
Nudt12 assembly
Zfp414 assembly
Cyp4f13 assembly
Ggnbp1 assembly
Galnt14 assembly
H2-Q6 assembly
Rpp21 assembly
Tbc1d22bos assembly
Cuta assembly
Elob assembly
Tjap1 assembly
0710001D07Rik assembly
1110038B12Rik assembly
Mrpl18 assembly
Cebpzos assembly
Tomm6 assembly
Mta3 assembly
Qki assembly
Slc35b2 assembly
Mrpl14 assembly
Tmem242 assembly
Glo1 assembly
Zbtb22 assembly
Nudt3 assembly
Mtcl1 assembly
Tsr3 assembly
Polr1h assembly
Ptx4 assembly
Ppp1r21 assembly
1110020A21Rik assembly
Bltp3a assembly
Ccdc167 assembly
Fahd1 assembly
Fndc1 assembly
1110033F14Rik assembly
Ttc7 assembly
1110038B12Rik assembly
Taf11 assembly
Trmt61b assembly
1110051A18Rik assembly
Rpl3l assembly
1110058D11Rik assembly
Rgmb assembly
1190001L17Rik assembly
Vars2 assembly
Telo2 assembly
Ergic1 assembly
Ubxn6 assembly
Pi16 assembly
Foxp4 assembly
Mdga1 assembly
Klc4 assembly
Zfp946 assembly
Unkl assembly
Klhdc3 assembly
Plin3 assembly
Cmtr1 assembly
Calm2 assembly
Myl12b assembly
Paqr4 assembly
Rpl7l1 assembly
Ndufv3 assembly
Grep1 assembly
Tedc2 assembly
1600012H06Rik assembly
1600014C23Rik assembly
Tbc1d5 assembly
1600022D10Rik assembly
Cnpy3 assembly
1700001C07Rik assembly
Cimip3 assembly
Pxt1 assembly
Ttc7 assembly
Pacrg assembly
1700008K24Rik assembly
1700010I14Rik assembly
Tekt4 assembly
Rnf151 assembly
Stpg4 assembly
Spats1 assembly
Rsph3a assembly
Pgp assembly
Arrdc5 assembly
1700016K05Rik assembly
Polr1has assembly
1700022N22Rik assembly
Dino assembly
Btbd9 assembly
Clip4 assembly
1700024P12Rik assembly
1700025K24Rik assembly
Rsph9 assembly
Actl9 assembly
1700030A11Rik assembly
1700030P01Rik assembly
1700031A10Rik assembly
1700038P13Rik assembly
1700049J03Rik assembly
Acsbg3 assembly
Nrxn1 assembly
1700063J08Rik assembly
Zfp763 assembly
1700067P10Rik assembly
1700071M16Rik assembly
Snhg9 assembly
Clip4 assembly
1700082C02Rik assembly
Tmem247 assembly
Rab31 assembly
1700097N02Rik assembly
1700102H20Rik assembly
Camkmt assembly
1700106O07Rik assembly
1700110C19Rik assembly
4930548J01Rik assembly
1700116H05Rik assembly
1700122H20Rik assembly
1700122O11Rik assembly
Lbh assembly
Trim15 assembly
1810013A23Rik assembly
Twsg1 assembly
1810014P07Rik assembly
Gpr108 assembly
Socs5 assembly
Mcfd2 assembly
Cuta assembly
Metrn assembly
Cul9 assembly
Pdia2 assembly
Luc7l assembly
Phf10 assembly
1810057I12Rik assembly
Cuta assembly
1810073O08Rik assembly
Prss32 assembly
Bnip1 assembly
Ndufa11 assembly
Heatr5b assembly
2010106C02Rik assembly
2010106G04Rik assembly
Atl2 assembly
Riok2 assembly
Lnpep assembly
Rps10 assembly
Slc44a4 assembly
2300002M23Rik assembly
Foxp4 assembly
Wdr46 assembly
Ppp1r18 assembly
2310015A16Rik assembly
Rftn1 assembly
Cyp4f16 assembly
Acer1 assembly
Yipf4 assembly
2310039H08Rik assembly
Stub1 assembly
Alkbh7 assembly
Tmem242 assembly
Rpusd1 assembly
2310061I04Rik assembly
Ephx3 assembly
Supt3 assembly
Slc25a23 assembly
Ypel5 assembly
Plin5 assembly
BC004004 assembly
Lmf1 assembly
Kctd20 assembly
Ermardl2 assembly
Micos13 assembly
2410017I17Rik assembly
2410021H03Rik assembly
Cnpy3 assembly
Sult6b1 assembly
Riok2 assembly
Ndufaf7 assembly
2410137M14Rik assembly
Cul7 assembly
Alkbh7 assembly
Unc5cl assembly
Tspo2 assembly
Rrp1b assembly
1110020A21Rik assembly
Tnfaip8l1 assembly
Jmjd8 assembly
Atat1 assembly
Rab26os assembly
Ndc80 assembly
Hnrnpm assembly
Ranbp3 assembly
Ppp1r10 assembly
2610029K11Rik assembly
Kctd5 assembly
Zfp318 assembly
Pdzph1 assembly
Zfp820 assembly
2610037P13Rik assembly
Atat1 assembly
Nrm assembly
Lpin2 assembly
Ttc27 assembly
Cenpq assembly
2610529L02Rik assembly
Xpo5 assembly
Cuta assembly
Eme2 assembly
Haghl assembly
Thumpd2 assembly
2810034D10Rik assembly
Hnrnpll assembly
Airn assembly
Tbcc assembly
Fam98a assembly
Gtf2f1 assembly
Wtap assembly
Dpy30 assembly
Flywch2 assembly
Tmem178 assembly
2810427A07Rik assembly
Vit assembly
Jpt2 assembly
Airn assembly
Fance assembly
Prepl assembly
Pot1b assembly
Cerox1 assembly
Ankrd12 assembly
2900001G08Rik assembly
Uqcc2 assembly
Yju2 assembly
2900042E19Rik assembly
2900054C15Rik assembly
Myl12a assembly
Dact2 assembly
2900084O13Rik assembly
Tiam2 assembly
3110005L21Rik assembly
3110013M02Rik assembly
Safb assembly
Mocs1 assembly
Zfp942 assembly
Zfp983 assembly
Atat1 assembly
Ptchd4 assembly
3222402N08Rik assembly
Wdr90 assembly
Foxn2 assembly
Sgo1 assembly
Caskin1 assembly
3300005D01Rik assembly
Slc25a27 assembly
Rnf8 assembly
Mpc1 assembly
Zbtb9 assembly
Sos1 assembly
Dennd1c assembly
4631402F24Rik assembly
Togaram2 assembly
Adgrf4 assembly
Ddx11 assembly
Cyp4f39 assembly
Kdm4b assembly
Lnpep assembly
Dnase1l2 assembly
Prss22 assembly
4833413E03Rik assembly
Clip4 assembly
4833418N02Rik assembly
4833427F10Rik assembly
4833447I15Rik assembly
Phf8l assembly
4921513D11Rik assembly
Spdya assembly
Ston1 assembly
Catsperd assembly
4930406M16Rik assembly
4930429F11Rik assembly
4930432N10Rik assembly
Zfp943 assembly
4930435F05Rik assembly
4930442P07Rik assembly
Eml4 assembly
4930452A19Rik assembly
4930453J04Rik assembly
4930470H14Rik assembly
4930471L23Rik assembly
4930474M22Rik assembly
4930480K15Rik assembly
4930500A05Rik assembly
Nudt12os assembly
4930506C21Rik assembly
Armc12 assembly
Serac1 assembly
4930515G13Rik assembly
Rsph3a assembly
Meiob assembly
Skic2 assembly
Bnip5 assembly
Prr3 assembly
4930542M03Rik assembly
Spaca6 assembly
4930548J01Rik assembly
Cep43 assembly
4930553P13Rik assembly
4930556A12Rik assembly
4930556A20Rik assembly
Prkd3 assembly
Ttc39d assembly
4930563A19Rik assembly
4930564C03Rik assembly
4930568E02Rik assembly
4930579D07Rik assembly
Or14j9 assembly
4930583I09Rik assembly
4930597E08Rik assembly
Smchd1 assembly
4931413I07Rik assembly
Prss41 assembly
Fam120b assembly
Pabpc6 assembly
Spats1 assembly
4933400B14Rik assembly
4933401D09Rik assembly
Dync2li1 assembly
4933407O12Rik assembly
Tmem217 assembly
Dlgap1 assembly
4933423N03Rik assembly
4930452A19Rik assembly
4933426B08Rik assembly
4933433H22Rik assembly
Treml4 assembly
Adgrf1 assembly
5031415H12Rik assembly
Srrm2 assembly
Safb assembly
5330430B06Rik assembly
5430410E06Rik assembly
5430411C19Rik assembly
Rfx2 assembly
Ppp1r18os assembly
Tcf19 assembly
Lrfn2 assembly
Qpct assembly
Tmem242 assembly
Amdhd2 assembly
Prkd3 assembly
Clic5 assembly
5730563F14Rik assembly
Prkce assembly
Clip4 assembly
Ubash3a assembly
5830433I10Rik assembly
5830436I19Rik assembly
5830444F18Rik assembly
5830454J16Rik assembly
Ube2i assembly
Stk38 assembly
5930436O19Rik assembly
Cyp4f41-ps assembly
Chtf18 assembly
Foxn2 assembly
Zfp799 assembly
6330415G19Rik assembly
Zfp944 assembly
Fbxl17 assembly
6430537K16Rik assembly
Def6 assembly
Dpp9 assembly
6530411M01Rik assembly
Zfp160 assembly
Adgrf5 assembly
Ptk7 assembly
8430430B14Rik assembly
9030409C19Rik assembly
Ciao3 assembly
Zfp871 assembly
9130008F23Rik assembly
Themis3 assembly
Ccnd3 assembly
9330112F22Rik assembly
Nrxn1 assembly
9330136K24Rik assembly
9330159H11Rik assembly
9330164J24Rik assembly
Lhfpl5 assembly
Arid1b assembly
9430032L10Rik assembly
Wtap assembly
Srsf7 assembly
Tbl3 assembly
Slc25a27 assembly
Trerf1 assembly
Prepl assembly
9530029F08Rik assembly
9530032E18Rik assembly
Marchf2 assembly
Map4k3 assembly
Mcrip2 assembly
Runx2os2 assembly
9530075M24Rik assembly
9530079D04Rik assembly
Stk38 assembly
Prr18 assembly
9630025F12Rik assembly
9630028I04Rik assembly
Bricd5 assembly
A130022J21Rik assembly
A230009B12Rik assembly
Heatr5b assembly
A230051N06Rik assembly
Nrxn1 assembly
Akain1 assembly
A330072L02Rik assembly
A330106M24Rik assembly
Birc6 assembly
Birc6 assembly
A430055H19Rik assembly
Rasal3 assembly
Galm assembly
Trem4 assembly
Zfp945 assembly
A630049H14Rik assembly
A630084N20Rik assembly
Scaf8 assembly
A730006G06Rik assembly
L3mbtl4 assembly
Rab11b assembly
Rab26 assembly
Pacsin1 assembly
Cpne5 assembly
A830092I05Rik assembly
Crebrf assembly
A930002H24Rik assembly
A930003K04Rik assembly
Kat2b assembly
A930009K04Rik assembly
Prr35 assembly
Ly6g6d assembly
A930025A13Rik assembly
Scaf8 assembly
Neu1 assembly
Atl2 assembly
Tnfrsf21 assembly
Enpp4 assembly
Abca3 assembly
Abca3 assembly
Abcg1 assembly
Abcg8 assembly
Ager assembly
Agpat4 assembly
Cramp1 assembly
Zfp101 assembly
Ldhal6b assembly
Frs3 assembly
Eif2ak2 assembly
Akap8 assembly
Angptl4 assembly
Apom assembly
Atp6v0c assembly
Atp6v0e assembly
Atp6v1e2 assembly
Atp6v1g2 assembly
Catsperd assembly
Ticam1 assembly
Ttbk1 assembly
D930007N19Rik assembly
D230046O15Rik assembly
Tubb5 assembly
Spaca6 assembly
Arid1b assembly
Mog assembly
B230354K17Rik assembly
B3galt4 assembly
Trem6l assembly
Zdhhc14 assembly
Airn assembly
Bak1 assembly
Birc6 assembly
C030004M13Rik assembly
C030011I16Rik assembly
C030013G03Rik assembly
C030034I22Rik assembly
Fbxl17 assembly
Kcnh8 assembly
Cul7 assembly
C230013L11Rik assembly
C230029D21Rik assembly
St6gal2 assembly
C230072F16Rik assembly
Gm9320 assembly
Neurl1b assembly
C230085N15Rik assembly
Myo1f assembly
C430019F06Rik assembly
Zfp955b assembly
C430042M11Rik assembly
C530035A18Rik assembly
Tbc1d24 assembly
C530047H08Rik assembly
Caskin1 assembly
Zfp945 assembly
B930007P11Rik assembly
Zfp952 assembly
H2-T11-ps assembly
Calm2 assembly
Ccr6 assembly
Cd2ap assembly
Cdc42ep3 assembly
Cebpz assembly
Cldn6 assembly
Cox7a2l assembly
Crim1 assembly
Cyp1b1 assembly
Cyp39a1 assembly
Cyp4f14 assembly
Prepl assembly
Rab11fip3 assembly
Zfp53 assembly
Kif6 assembly
D130011O08Rik assembly
D130052P04Rik assembly
Pex6 assembly
Mmut assembly
Zfp81 assembly
Heatr5b assembly
Vps52 assembly
Myom1 assembly
Srbd1 assembly
Zfp318 assembly
Slc25a27 assembly
Birc6 assembly
D630014O11Rik assembly
Ankrd66 assembly
D830013E24Rik assembly
Slc8a1 assembly
L3mbtl4 assembly
Memo1 assembly
Daam2 assembly
Eci1 assembly
Dhx16 assembly
Def6 assembly
Flywch1 assembly
Trim39 assembly
Six3os1 assembly
Ubr2 assembly
E130303B20Rik assembly
Mpnd assembly
E230001N04Rik assembly
Fpr2 assembly
E430014B02Rik assembly
E430024P14Rik assembly
Ehd3 assembly
Mmp25 assembly
F830004D09Rik assembly
F830028O17Rik assembly
Fbxl17 assembly
Fer assembly
Flot1 assembly
Fshr assembly
Fut4-ps1 assembly
Mlst8 assembly
Gemin6 assembly
Gng13 assembly
Gnmt assembly
Gtf2a1l assembly
Gtf2h4 assembly
Gtpbp2 assembly
Haao assembly
Hsf2bp assembly
Ier3 assembly
Igfals assembly
Isg15 assembly
Kremen2 assembly
Lbh assembly
Lix1 assembly
Lpin2 assembly
Lrg1 assembly
Ltbp1 assembly
Ly6g6c assembly
Ly6g6e assembly
Map4k3 assembly
Afdn assembly
Mrpl2 assembly
Mrpl28 assembly
Mrps10 assembly
Mrps18a assembly
Mrps18b assembly
Mtch1 assembly
Akap8l assembly
Ndufa7 assembly
Ndufv2 assembly
Nfkbie assembly
Sapcd1 assembly
Nme3 assembly
Nme4 assembly
Noxo1 assembly
Uhrf1 assembly
Nrxn1 assembly
Nthl1 assembly
Ntn3 assembly
Prkn assembly
Pde10a assembly
Pde9a assembly
Wdr43 assembly
Pigq assembly
Pla2g7 assembly
Polh assembly
Ppil1 assembly
Ppp2r1a assembly
Ppp4r1 assembly
Ppt2 assembly
Prkce assembly
Lonp1 assembly
Prss21 assembly
Rab12 assembly
Rgs11 assembly
H2-Ab1 assembly
Rnps1 assembly
Rpl10a assembly
Rps28 assembly
Satb1 assembly
Sbp assembly
Slc29a1 assembly
Slc3a1 assembly
Slc5a7 assembly
Nherf2 assembly
Smoc2 assembly
Snx9 assembly
Capn15 assembly
Spast assembly
Strn assembly
Stub1 assembly
Sult1c2 assembly
Syngr3 assembly
Synj2 assembly
Taf8 assembly
Spsb3 assembly
Mrps34 assembly
Cramp1 assembly
Tgif1 assembly
Pgap6 assembly
Tnfrsf12a assembly
Trem1 assembly
Trem3 assembly
Treml1 assembly
Med20 assembly
Trim10 assembly
Trim39 assembly
Trip10 assembly
Tubb5 assembly
U2af1 assembly
Ubd assembly
Ube2i assembly
Ubxn6 assembly
Vapa assembly
Ezr assembly
Wdr4 assembly
Wiz assembly
Zfp57 assembly
Zfp97 assembly
Znrf4 assembly
Rps6ka2 assembly
Gtf2h5 assembly
Qki assembly
Map3k4 assembly
Chd1 assembly
Igf2r assembly
Mas1 assembly
Cacna1h assembly
Acat2 assembly
Sod2 assembly
Mpc1 assembly
Tcte2 assembly
Sox8 assembly
Thbs2 assembly
Dynlt2a1 assembly
Psmb1 assembly
Pdcd2 assembly
Clcn7 assembly
Mapk8ip3 assembly
Nubp2 assembly
Msrb1 assembly
Ccnf assembly
Pkd1 assembly
Luc7l assembly
E4f1 assembly
Ilrun assembly
Fkbp5 assembly
Srpk1 assembly
Hmga1 assembly
Rsph1 assembly
Tcp11 assembly
Hsp90ab1 assembly
Phf1 assembly
Cdkn1a assembly
Pim1 assembly
Umodl1 assembly
Tff1 assembly
Tff2 assembly
Tff3 assembly
Clps assembly
Cbs assembly
Myo1f assembly
Cd320 assembly
Pknox1 assembly
Pfdn6 assembly
Tapbp assembly
Rps18 assembly
Rxrb assembly
H2-Oa assembly
Psmb9 assembly
Tap2 assembly
H2-Aa assembly
H2-Eb1 assembly
Rnf5 assembly
Nelfe assembly
Ehmt2 assembly
Hspa1b assembly
Msh5 assembly
Hspa1l assembly
D17H6S56E-5 assembly
Gpank1 assembly
Csnk2b assembly
Vars1 assembly
Bag6 assembly
Prrc2a assembly
Aif1 assembly
Ddx39b assembly
H2-Q8 assembly
Ppp1r11 assembly
Mog assembly
Abcf1 assembly
Crisp1 assembly
Ddr1 assembly
Bysl assembly
Mmut assembly
Crisp2 assembly
Apobec2 assembly
Yipf3 assembly
Mea1 assembly
Dazl assembly
Nfya assembly
Ccnd3 assembly
Pgc assembly
Rab5a assembly
Nrtn assembly
Clpp assembly
Adgre4 assembly
Tubb4a assembly
Khsrp assembly
Rfx2 assembly
Mydgf assembly
Fem1a assembly
Lama1 assembly
Ralbp1 assembly
Twsg1 overlapping clones, direct sequencing
Ptprm assembly
Zbtb14 assembly
Epb41l3 assembly
Xdh assembly
Msh2 assembly
Lhcgr assembly
Msh6 assembly
Ppm1b assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. Chromosomal locations were obtained from the Genome Exploration Research Group of the RIKEN Institute of Physical and Chemical Research in Japan. Where multiple RIKEN clones were associated to the same marker by sequence similarity clustering, mapping data were loaded only if all RIKEN clones from the same cluster mapped to the same mouse chromosome.

Contributing Projects:
Mouse Genome Database (MGD), Gene Expression Database (GXD), Mouse Models of Human Cancer database (MMHCdb) (formerly Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB)), Gene Ontology (GO)
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