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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:80000 The FANTOM Consortium and The RIKEN Genome Exploration Research Group Phase I & II Team, Analysis of the mouse transcriptome based on functional annotation of 60,770 full-length cDNAs. Nature. 2002;420:563-573
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Lypd2 assembly
Snhg18 assembly
Arfgap3 assembly
Eif3l assembly
Ankrd33b assembly
Grhl2 assembly
Cyb5r3 assembly
Sharpin assembly
Cyrib assembly
1100001I12Rik assembly
Gpihbp1 assembly
Fkbp11 assembly
Sp1 assembly
Trmu assembly
Plxnb2 assembly
St13 assembly
Poldip3 assembly
Atf7 assembly
Drosha assembly
Lmbr1l assembly
1110013H19Rik assembly
Ywhaz assembly
Nsmce2 assembly
Rrp7a assembly
Cby1 assembly
Pdzrn4 assembly
Letmd1 assembly
Prr13 assembly
Nadk2 assembly
Derl1 assembly
Grina assembly
1110025M09Rik assembly
Ago2 assembly
Samm50 assembly
Zftraf1 assembly
Rabl2 assembly
C030006K11Rik assembly
Ppp6r2 assembly
Zfp740 assembly
Mgat3 assembly
Exosc4 assembly
Ankrd46 assembly
Pycr3 assembly
Prickle1 assembly
1110059G02Rik assembly
Brd1 assembly
Scaf11 assembly
Pphln1 assembly
Brix1 assembly
Maf1 assembly
Cpq assembly
Cpne8 assembly
Nptxr assembly
Krt80 assembly
Josd1 assembly
Cyp2d26 assembly
Gpt assembly
Cyp2d13 assembly
Cyp2d40 assembly
Selenoo assembly
Smim45 assembly
Cpne8 assembly
Zfp707 assembly
Smdt1 assembly
Pphln1 assembly
Slc39a4 assembly
Trmu assembly
Pdxp assembly
1700001L05Rik assembly
Gtsf1 assembly
Syce3 assembly
Rai14 assembly
4930556M19Rik assembly
Zbed4 assembly
1700010B13Rik assembly
Fam135b assembly
Oplah assembly
1700010G06Rik assembly
Utp23 assembly
Krt88 assembly
1700012I11Rik assembly
1700015H07Rik assembly
Mroh4 assembly
Ttll8 assembly
Rai14 assembly
1700022A22Rik assembly
1700025B11Rik assembly
Atp6v1c1 assembly
H1f7 assembly
Eef1d assembly
1700027A07Rik assembly
Dennd6b assembly
Capsl assembly
Fam186a assembly
Nup50 assembly
1700031M16Rik assembly
1700040F17Rik assembly
1700041B01Rik assembly
1700047G03Rik assembly
Cimip4 assembly
1700074I03Rik assembly
1700082O11Rik assembly
1700084J12Rik assembly
Spatc1 assembly
1700085D07Rik assembly
Tssk5 assembly
Fbxo4 assembly
1700109K24Rik assembly
1700120C14Rik assembly
1700121M21Rik assembly
Arid2 assembly
1700129L04Rik assembly
Calcoco1 assembly
Galnt6os assembly
Sgsm3 assembly
Retreg1 assembly
1810021B22Rik assembly
Arfgap3 assembly
Rhebl1 assembly
Gsdmd assembly
Med30 assembly
Shisal1 assembly
Vps13b assembly
Trappc9 assembly
Eny2 assembly
Polr2f assembly
Cela1 assembly
Cimap1b assembly
Dscc1 assembly
Ly6m assembly
Prr13 assembly
Cdpf1 assembly
Slurp2 assembly
Krt76 assembly
Mtss1 assembly
Mfsd3 assembly
Smgc assembly
Tab1 assembly
Cmbl assembly
Apol9b assembly
Cox14 assembly
Rapgef3 assembly
Gpt assembly
2310026G15Rik assembly
Tef assembly
Krt78 assembly
Kansl2 assembly
Pou6f1 assembly
Krt80 assembly
Vps13b assembly
Ccdc134 assembly
Rpap3 assembly
2310043O21Rik assembly
Ago2 assembly
Col22a1 assembly
2310068J16Rik assembly
2310069G16Rik assembly
Apol6 assembly
Tatdn1 assembly
Cers5 assembly
Ly6k assembly
Ccdc166 assembly
Cplane1 assembly
Ttc33 assembly
Puf60 assembly
Ntaq1 assembly
Cyb5r3 assembly
Cyth4 assembly
Rps19bp1 assembly
Med30 assembly
Dscc1 assembly
Ift27 assembly
Ddx17 assembly
Cenpm assembly
Rspo2 assembly
2610028H08Rik assembly
Zfp623 assembly
Tmem65 assembly
Cpq assembly
2610037D02Rik assembly
Slc25a32 assembly
Mtdh assembly
Prpf40b assembly
Atad2 assembly
Sbf1 assembly
Scaf11 assembly
Ncaph2 assembly
Kcnv1 assembly
Fmnl3 assembly
Pycr3 assembly
Zcrb1 assembly
Tnrc6b assembly
2810001A02Rik assembly
C1qtnf6 assembly
2810039B14Rik assembly
2810405K22Rik assembly
Chrac1 assembly
Tcf20 assembly
Tonsl assembly
Dnajc22 assembly
Puf60 assembly
Baalc assembly
Rbfox2 assembly
Ccnt1 assembly
Ttc33 assembly
Faim2 assembly
Trappc9 assembly
Kctd17 assembly
2900019E01Rik assembly
2900046L07Rik assembly
Top1mt assembly
2900056L01Rik assembly
Ano6 assembly
2900072G19Rik assembly
Norad assembly
Pus7l assembly
4930578M01Rik assembly
Ankrd33b assembly
3100002H20Rik assembly
St13 assembly
Rpl37 assembly
3110006I21Rik assembly
Zfp706 assembly
Septin3 assembly
Ly6k assembly
Arhgap8 assembly
3110045A19Rik assembly
3110047M12Rik assembly
Fam118a assembly
3110073H01Rik assembly
3110076C19Rik assembly
Ddx23 assembly
Tmt1a assembly
Lima1 assembly
Arid2 assembly
Ubr5 assembly
Snx31 assembly
Trmt12 assembly
Trappc9 assembly
Deptor assembly
Taf2 assembly
Cplane1 assembly
L3mbtl2 assembly
Tmem184b assembly
4833412C15Rik assembly
Dcstamp assembly
Sdc2 assembly
4833417J16Rik assembly
Wdr70 assembly
4833422M21Rik assembly
Pnpla5 assembly
Nfam1 assembly
Rictor assembly
Ddx23 assembly
Lrrk2 assembly
4921515E04Rik assembly
4921515G04Rik assembly
Nipbl assembly
Nckap5los assembly
4930523O13Rik assembly
Emc2 assembly
Dap assembly
Nudcd1 assembly
Ttc23l assembly
4930402D18Rik assembly
Gga1 assembly
4930413F20Rik assembly
1700031M16Rik assembly
Spmip11 assembly
4930430F21Rik assembly
Tmem65 assembly
4930445E18Rik assembly
4930445N06Rik assembly
4930447A16Rik assembly
4930449C09Rik assembly
Mroh2b assembly
Dnajc21 assembly
4930465K09Rik assembly
Zfp572 assembly
4930478E11Rik assembly
4930478M13Rik assembly
4930483J18Rik assembly
4930500E03Rik assembly
Csmd3 assembly
4930504C09Rik assembly
4930505O19Rik assembly
4930513L16Rik assembly
4930518I17Rik assembly
Wbp2nl assembly
4930523O13Rik assembly
Fbxo43 assembly
4930540I17Rik assembly
4930543I03Rik assembly
4930544F09Rik assembly
4930548G14Rik assembly
4930551A22Rik assembly
4930555K19Rik assembly
Rnf139 assembly
4930556M19Rik assembly
Bcdin3d assembly
4930557F08Rik assembly
4930563H03Rik assembly
Nckap1l assembly
4930570B17Rik assembly
Slc48a1 assembly
Them6 assembly
4930573C08Rik assembly
4930578M01Rik assembly
Ribc2 assembly
4930588D02Rik assembly
4930588J15Rik assembly
4930592A05Rik assembly
Efcab6 assembly
Mei1 assembly
Pop1 assembly
4932442A14Rik assembly
4833422M21Rik assembly
Iqank1 assembly
4933412E24Rik assembly
1700022A22Rik assembly
4933414I06Rik assembly
4933416A02Rik assembly
Nipbl assembly
4933423N12Rik assembly
1700109K24Rik assembly
Gsdmcl-ps assembly
4933427E11Rik assembly
4933428L01Rik assembly
Fam227a assembly
4933433M23Rik assembly
4933438A12Rik assembly
Polr3h assembly
5031439G07Rik assembly
Slc38a2 assembly
5033430J17Rik assembly
5330433J24Rik assembly
5330439K02Rik assembly
Arf3 assembly
5430434G16Rik assembly
5430437J10Rik assembly
5530400N10Rik assembly
5730407I07Rik assembly
Sybu assembly
Col14a1 assembly
5730414N17Rik assembly
Dab2 assembly
Trabd assembly
5730521K06Rik assembly
Ankrd33b assembly
5730585A16Rik assembly
Creld2 assembly
5830426I08Rik assembly
5830427D02Rik assembly
5830427D03Rik assembly
Hdac7 assembly
5830453K13Rik assembly
Cyth4 assembly
Rictor assembly
Smim41 assembly
6030458C11Rik assembly
BC024139 assembly
6330417A16Rik assembly
Ttll1 assembly
Sp7 assembly
Trio assembly
7530414M10Rik assembly
8030476L19Rik assembly
Irak4 assembly
Ppp6r2 assembly
8430418B16Rik assembly
8430426J06Rik assembly
9030408N04Rik assembly
9030419F21Rik assembly
Zfp251 assembly
9130002K18Rik assembly
9130004J05Rik assembly
Sema5a assembly
Naprt assembly
9130401M01Rik assembly
Deptor assembly
Arfgap3 assembly
9230109A22Rik assembly
9330115C17Rik assembly
9330154K18Rik assembly
Nipal2 assembly
Rapgef3 assembly
Irak4 assembly
9430014N10Rik assembly
Atg101 assembly
9430031J08Rik assembly
Atf7 assembly
9430068D22Rik assembly
9430069I07Rik assembly
9430087N24Rik assembly
9430091N11Rik assembly
9630009A06Rik assembly
Apol8 assembly
9930014A18Rik assembly
Zfp641 assembly
9930017N22Rik assembly
Lmbrd2 assembly
Dnajc21 assembly
A030007N12Rik assembly
A230048O21Rik assembly
Lifr assembly
A330009N23Rik assembly
Nell2 assembly
A430088I17Rik assembly
Gpr20 assembly
Trib1 assembly
Scube1 assembly
A630065K11Rik assembly
Phf21b assembly
A730060N03Rik assembly
Tnrc6b assembly
Rnd1 assembly
Cdh10 assembly
Sybu assembly
Samd12 assembly
A930001M01Rik assembly
Atpsckmt assembly
Ankrd33 assembly
Pdzd2 assembly
A930027H12Rik assembly
A930031G03Rik assembly
Ano6 assembly
Tigd5 assembly
Aard assembly
Abcd2 assembly
Acvrl1 assembly
Adcy6 assembly
Trps1 assembly
Hoxc5 assembly
Prkaa1 assembly
Dip2b assembly
Amigo2 assembly
Ccdc65 assembly
Dennd3 assembly
Scube1 assembly
Asic1 assembly
Washc5 assembly
Miox assembly
Amacr assembly
Arfgap3 assembly
Slurp1 assembly
Arsa assembly
Asb8 assembly
Atf1 assembly
Atp5mc2 assembly
Cacng2 assembly
Slc45a4 assembly
Mrtfa assembly
Plcxd3 assembly
B130021B11Rik assembly
B130063F10Rik assembly
Cacng2 assembly
Ppp6r2 assembly
Sbf1 assembly
Cdh18 assembly
B230362B09Rik assembly
Sun2 assembly
Tmem74 assembly
Zfpm2 assembly
Slc1a3 assembly
B430209F14Rik assembly
Npr3 assembly
Septin3 assembly
Fyb1 assembly
Tmem117 assembly
Basp1 assembly
Efr3a assembly
D730005E14Rik assembly
Cdh10 assembly
C030006K11Rik assembly
Cdh10 assembly
Prr5 assembly
Kcnh3 assembly
C030047K22Rik assembly
Atf7 assembly
4930556M19Rik assembly
Ranbp3l assembly
C130064B19Rik assembly
Abra assembly
Ccn3 assembly
Fam118a assembly
C230079E05Rik assembly
Spef2 assembly
Vps13b assembly
C330013E15Rik assembly
Kmt2d assembly
C430045I18Rik assembly
Scn8a assembly
Mtmr12 assembly
C730034F03Rik assembly
Ankrd54 assembly
Slc30a8 assembly
Lrp12 assembly
Pheta2 assembly
Efr3a assembly
Zfr assembly
Card10 assembly
Cbx5 assembly
Cct5 assembly
Cdc42ep1 assembly
Chkb assembly
Chrac1 assembly
Col14a1 assembly
Copz1 assembly
C1qtnf3 assembly
Cox6c assembly
Csad assembly
Csnk1e assembly
Cthrc1 assembly
Cyc1 assembly
Zftraf1 assembly
Cyp2d22 assembly
Ncald assembly
Aaas assembly
Efr3a assembly
D030074K08Rik assembly
Mtss1 assembly
Hoxc8 assembly
H1f0 assembly
D130051D11Rik assembly
Tfcp2 assembly
Fbxl7 assembly
Tnrc6b assembly
Mroh1 assembly
Cerk assembly
Larp4 assembly
Utp23 assembly
Rictor assembly
Lrrk2 assembly
Ly6g6g assembly
Vps28 assembly
D730005E14Rik assembly
D730044K07Rik assembly
Nup155 assembly
Dnajb7 assembly
Dpys assembly
Myh9 assembly
Kcns2 assembly
E130014H10Rik assembly
Phf20l1 assembly
Troap assembly
Lrrc14 assembly
Tspyl5 assembly
E330019L11Rik assembly
E330033B04Rik assembly
Senp1 assembly
Xpnpep3 assembly
Ebag9 assembly
Eif3h assembly
Eif3d assembly
Marchf6 assembly
Fbln1 assembly
Fbxl6 assembly
Fbxo32 assembly
Fyb1 assembly
Galnt6 assembly
Gga1 assembly
Golph3 assembly
Gpaa1 assembly
Gtpbp1 assembly
Gml2 assembly
Rida assembly
Krt71 assembly
Laptm4b assembly
Lgals2 assembly
Dnaaf11 assembly
Ly6h assembly
Lynx1 assembly
Map3k12 assembly
Mapk12 assembly
Mapk8ip2 assembly
Matn2 assembly
Grap2 assembly
Mrpl13 assembly
Myg1 assembly
Ndrg1 assembly
Ndufa6 assembly
Ndufb9 assembly
Nptxr assembly
Nr4a1 assembly
Azin1 assembly
Oxct1 assembly
Oxr1 assembly
Pabpc1 assembly
Pacsin2 assembly
Parvg assembly
Pde1b assembly
Pdzd2 assembly
Pfkm assembly
Pmm1 assembly
Ppp1r1a assembly
Pick1 assembly
Ptp4a3 assembly
Adgrb1 assembly
Rac2 assembly
Racgap1 assembly
Rad21 assembly
Rbx1 assembly
Recql4 assembly
Rims2 assembly
Rpl8 assembly
Sub1 assembly
Rxfp3 assembly
Atxn10 assembly
Spats2 assembly
Serhl assembly
Shank3 assembly
St3gal1 assembly
Skp2 assembly
Slc25a17 assembly
Slc38a4 assembly
Slc4a8 assembly
Smug1 assembly
Spag1 assembly
Spn-ps assembly
Snu13 assembly
Stk3 assembly
Sult4a1 assembly
Syngr1 assembly
Klf10 assembly
Tmprss6 assembly
Tnfrsf13c assembly
Tob2 assembly
Txn2 assembly
Upk3a assembly
Vps28 assembly
Yaf2 assembly
Zfr assembly
Zhx1 assembly
Il7r assembly
Osmr assembly
Prlr assembly
Selenop assembly
Ptger4 assembly
Tars1 assembly
Dab2 assembly
Slc45a2 assembly
Npr3 assembly
Zfp622 assembly
Myo10 assembly
Sdc2 assembly
Fzd6 assembly
Osr2 assembly
Angpt1 assembly
Ank assembly
Rpl30 assembly
Eif3e assembly
Sema5a assembly
Anxa13 assembly
Has2 assembly
Myc assembly
Pvt1 assembly
Khdrbs3 assembly
Oc90 assembly
Sla assembly
Ccn4 assembly
Ly6e assembly
Ptk2 assembly
Ly6c1 assembly
Jrk assembly
Bop1 assembly
Hsf1 assembly
Atf4 assembly
Il2rb assembly
Rangap1 assembly
Scx assembly
Foxred2 assembly
Plec assembly
Hgh1 assembly
Slc52a2 assembly
Commd5 assembly
Lgals1 assembly
Ppp1r16a assembly
Tst assembly
Pvalb assembly
Adsl assembly
Nptxr assembly
Cbx7 assembly
Dnal4 assembly
Mgat3 assembly
Gtse1 assembly
1700088E04Rik assembly
Micall1 assembly
Triobp assembly
Gcat assembly
Sox10 assembly
Desi1 assembly
Tef assembly
Dgat1 assembly
Gfus assembly
Dmc1 assembly
Xrcc6 assembly
Srebf2 assembly
Acr assembly
Ppara assembly
Nup50 assembly
Ncaph2 assembly
Tymp assembly
Col2a1 assembly
Cntn1 assembly
Kif21a assembly
Senp1 assembly
Aqp2 assembly
Aqp5 assembly
Cela1 assembly
Gpd1 assembly
Smarcd1 assembly
Tfcp2 assembly
Tmbim6 assembly
Aqp6 assembly
Dhh assembly
Hoxc9 assembly
Krt7 assembly
Krt75 assembly
Krt6b assembly
Krt6a assembly
Krt5 assembly
Krt1 assembly
Slc11a2 assembly
Dazap2 assembly
Lima1 assembly
Tuba1a assembly
Pcbp2 assembly
Pfdn5 assembly
Glycam1 assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. Chromosomal locations were obtained from the Genome Exploration Research Group of the RIKEN Institute of Physical and Chemical Research in Japan. Where multiple RIKEN clones were associated to the same marker by sequence similarity clustering, mapping data were loaded only if all RIKEN clones from the same cluster mapped to the same mouse chromosome.

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