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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:91388 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and Loading Genome Assembly Coordinates from Ensembl Annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm10043 assembly
Gm10683 assembly
Gm10637 assembly
Gm9951 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074144 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071026 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071027 assembly
Gm10682 assembly
Gm10073 assembly
Gm15352 assembly
Gm9933 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074022 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074120 assembly
Gm10631 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074234 assembly
Gm10649 assembly
Gm9842 assembly
Gm10217 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074058 assembly
Gm10614 assembly
Gm10632 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074131 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074130 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074133 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074132 assembly
ENSMUSG00000066661 assembly
Gm10286 assembly
Gm9909 assembly
D630011A20Rik assembly
ENSMUSG00000065964 assembly
OTTMUSG00000018927 assembly
Gm9865 assembly
Rpl19-ps11 assembly
Rps23-ps2 assembly
Gm10033 assembly
Potefam3e assembly
Gm9755 assembly
Gm10170 assembly
Gm10629 assembly
Gm10348 assembly
Apela assembly
Gm10083 assembly
Gm10663 assembly
Gm10703 assembly
Gm9853 assembly
Rps18-ps3 assembly
Gm10643 assembly
ENSMUSG00000033038 assembly
6430601O08Rik assembly
Rps12-ps24 assembly
Gm10699 assembly
Gm15348 assembly
Atxn1l assembly
B930078G14Rik assembly
Gm10689 assembly
Gm10280 assembly
ENSMUSG00000071050 assembly
ENSMUSG00000069988 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074349 assembly
Zfp882 assembly
ENSMUSG00000058309 assembly
Gm10661 assembly
Gm10660 assembly
ENSMUSG00000062517 assembly
Defa27 assembly
Defa-ps18 assembly
Gm15355 assembly
Gm10033 assembly
Gm10675 assembly
Gm10313 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074456 assembly
G630030A02Rik assembly
Gm10131 assembly
Gm9868 assembly
Gm10284 assembly
Hmgn2-ps assembly
Gm10645 assembly
Gm10644 assembly
Gm10638 assembly
Sap18b assembly
Impdh2-ps assembly
Ces2d-ps assembly
Gm9952 assembly
Gm10627 assembly
Rps26-ps1 assembly
Gm10611 assembly
Rps12-ps9 assembly
ENSMUSG00000065984 assembly
ENSMUSG00000048178 assembly
Gm10067 assembly
Defa40 assembly
Defa34 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074423 assembly
Gm9911 assembly
Nudc-ps1 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070059 assembly
Gm9939 assembly
ENSMUSG00000046582 assembly
Gm10285 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070048 assembly
Gm9908 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070038 assembly
ENSMUSG00000059797 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070496 assembly
ENSMUSG00000070007 assembly
Iqcn assembly
ENSMUSG00000074242 assembly
Gm10358 assembly
Gm9988 assembly
ENSMUSG00000074163 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072429 assembly
Gm10620 assembly
Gm10617 assembly
ENSMUSG00000060546 assembly
ENSMUSG00000047796 assembly
Gm10612 assembly
Gm9901 assembly
ENSMUSG00000072428 assembly
Itgb1 assembly
Gm10060 assembly
1700034M11Rik assembly
Defa35 assembly
Defa32 assembly
Gm9814 assembly
Cldn24 assembly
Gm10997 assembly
Gm10998 assembly
Gm10999 assembly
Gm11005 assembly
Gm11015 assembly
Gm11020 assembly
Gm11033 assembly
Gm11034 assembly
Gm11038 assembly
Gm11039 assembly
Gm11040 assembly
Gm11048 assembly
Gm11049 assembly
Gm11050 assembly
Gm11051 assembly
Gm10361 assembly
Gm11176 assembly
Gm11175 assembly
Gm10870 assembly
ENSMUSG00000080047 assembly
Gm9784 assembly
Gm10015 assembly
Gm16615 assembly
Gm16625 assembly
Gm16640 assembly
Gm16675 assembly
Gm16725 assembly
Gm16793 assembly
Gm16870 assembly
Gm16933 assembly
Gm16983 assembly
Gm16993 assembly
Gm16994 assembly
Gm17236 assembly
Gm17245 assembly
Gm17279 assembly
Gm17293 assembly
Tarbp1 assembly
Gm17310 assembly
Gm17316 assembly
Gm17344 assembly
Gm17350 assembly
Gm17362 assembly
Gm17371 assembly
Gm17380 assembly
Gm17435 assembly
Gm17443 assembly
Gm17466 assembly
Gm17475 assembly
Gm17484 assembly
Gm17491 assembly
Gm17517 assembly
Gm17576 assembly
Gm17578 assembly
Gm17605 assembly
Gm17642 assembly
Gm17702 assembly
Gm17709 assembly
Gm17720 assembly
Gm21727 assembly
Gm21730 assembly
Gm21769 assembly
Gm21770 assembly
Gm21807 assembly
Gm21811 assembly
Gm21817 assembly
Gm21831 assembly
Gm21888 assembly
Tle7 assembly
Gm22018 assembly
Gm22024 assembly
Gm22030 assembly
Gm22044 assembly
Gm22063 assembly
Gm22085 assembly
Gm22109 assembly
Gm22140 assembly
Gm22148 assembly
Gm22151 assembly
Gm22176 assembly
Gm22181 assembly
Gm22193 assembly
Gm22197 assembly
Gm22204 assembly
Gm22207 assembly
Gm22216 assembly
Gm22223 assembly
Gm22227 assembly
Gm22237 assembly
Gm22291 assembly
Gm22305 assembly
Gm22314 assembly
Gm22324 assembly
Gm22336 assembly
Gm22356 assembly
Gm22374 assembly
Gm22377 assembly
Gm22428 assembly
Gm22440 assembly
Gm22447 assembly
Gm22465 assembly
Gm22509 assembly
Gm22532 assembly
Gm22544 assembly
Gm22545 assembly
Gm22551 assembly
Gm22556 assembly
Gm22565 assembly
Gm22586 assembly
Gm22664 assembly
Gm22701 assembly
Gm22715 assembly
Gm22730 assembly
Gm22736 assembly
Gm22780 assembly
Gm22825 assembly
Gm22827 assembly
Gm22841 assembly
Gm22846 assembly
Gm22857 assembly
Gm22874 assembly
Gm22878 assembly
Gm22968 assembly
Gm22972 assembly
Gm22986 assembly
Gm22998 assembly
Gm22999 assembly
Gm23030 assembly
Gm23094 assembly
Gm23128 assembly
Gm23142 assembly
Gm23163 assembly
Gm23174 assembly
Gm23177 assembly
Gm23184 assembly
Gm23193 assembly
Gm23255 assembly
Gm23260 assembly
Gm23281 assembly
Gm23284 assembly
Gm23299 assembly
Gm23329 assembly
Gm23388 assembly
Gm23408 assembly
Gm23420 assembly
Gm23468 assembly
Gm23494 assembly
Gm23515 assembly
Gm23531 assembly
Gm23539 assembly
Gm23561 assembly
Gm23565 assembly
Gm23568 assembly
Gm23604 assembly
Gm23626 assembly
Gm23627 assembly
Gm23646 assembly
Gm23647 assembly
Gm23666 assembly
Gm23677 assembly
Gm23812 assembly
Gm23853 assembly
Gm23886 assembly
Gm23888 assembly
Gm23898 assembly
Gm23904 assembly
Gm23981 assembly
Gm23986 assembly
Gm24035 assembly
Gm24089 assembly
Gm24103 assembly
Gm24132 assembly
Gm24159 assembly
Gm24184 assembly
Gm24197 assembly
Gm24202 assembly
Gm24205 assembly
Gm24212 assembly
Gm24222 assembly
Gm24231 assembly
Gm24236 assembly
Gm24239 assembly
Gm24254 assembly
Gm24274 assembly
Gm24283 assembly
Gm24288 assembly
Gm24291 assembly
Gm24312 assembly
Gm24324 assembly
Gm24333 assembly
Gm24335 assembly
Gm24366 assembly
Gm24375 assembly
Gm24410 assembly
Gm24423 assembly
Gm24445 assembly
Gm24459 assembly
Gm24469 assembly
Gm24490 assembly
Gm24568 assembly
Gm24580 assembly
Gm24591 assembly
Gm24602 assembly
Gm24629 assembly
Gm24669 assembly
Gm24677 assembly
Gm24684 assembly
Gm24693 assembly
Gm24698 assembly
Gm24727 assembly
Gm24735 assembly
Gm24747 assembly
Gm24781 assembly
Gm24793 assembly
Gm24820 assembly
Gm24829 assembly
Gm24832 assembly
Gm24838 assembly
Gm24841 assembly
Gm24847 assembly
Gm24929 assembly
Gm24934 assembly
Gm24992 assembly
Gm25014 assembly
Gm25018 assembly
Gm25027 assembly
Gm25028 assembly
Gm25052 assembly
Gm25110 assembly
Gm25126 assembly
Gm25138 assembly
Gm25160 assembly
Gm25169 assembly
Gm25172 assembly
Gm25200 assembly
Gm25212 assembly
Gm25236 assembly
Gm25239 assembly
Gm25255 assembly
Gm25267 assembly
Gm25275 assembly
Gm25278 assembly
Gm25309 assembly
Gm25321 assembly
Gm25379 assembly
Gm25403 assembly
Gm25428 assembly
Gm25467 assembly
Gm25506 assembly
Gm25639 assembly
Gm25661 assembly
Gm25665 assembly
Gm25733 assembly
Gm25763 assembly
Gm25766 assembly
Gm25775 assembly
Gm25813 assembly
Gm25830 assembly
Gm25850 assembly
Gm25871 assembly
Gm25893 assembly
Gm25906 assembly
Gm25992 assembly
Gm26002 assembly
Gm26033 assembly
Gm26089 assembly
Gm26100 assembly
Gm26102 assembly
Gm26112 assembly
Gm26123 assembly
Gm26132 assembly
Gm26150 assembly
Gm26164 assembly
Gm26181 assembly
Gm26184 assembly
Gm26208 assembly
Gm26210 assembly
Gm26237 assembly
Gm26240 assembly
Gm26241 assembly
Gm26265 assembly
Gm26301 assembly
Gm26331 assembly
Gm26383 assembly
Gm26391 assembly
Gm26397 assembly
Gm26399 assembly
Gm26427 assembly
Gm26462 assembly
Gm26483 assembly
Gm26493 assembly
Gm26497 assembly
Gm26532 assembly
Gm26537 assembly
Gm26572 assembly
Gm26578 assembly
Gm26584 assembly
Gm26586 assembly
Gm26632 assembly
Gm26659 assembly
Gm26664 assembly
Gm26714 assembly
Gm26721 assembly
Gm26739 assembly
Gm26747 assembly
Gm26750 assembly
Gm26757 assembly
Gm26759 assembly
Gm26768 assembly
Gm26784 assembly
Gm26786 assembly
Gm26795 assembly
Gm26804 assembly
Gm26812 assembly
Gm26815 assembly
Gm26816 assembly
Gm26832 assembly
Gm26843 assembly
Gm26853 assembly
Gm26878 assembly
Gm26887 assembly
Gm26905 assembly
Gm26909 assembly
Gm26971 assembly
Gm26978 assembly
Gm26994 assembly
Gm26999 assembly
Gm27006 assembly
Gm27011 assembly
Gm27016 assembly
Gm27021 assembly
Gm27030 assembly
Gm27045 assembly
Gm27048 assembly
Mir7079 assembly
Gm27288 assembly
Mir7066 assembly
Mir7076 assembly
Gm27320 assembly
Gm27355 assembly
Gm27361 assembly
Mir7078 assembly
Gm27409 assembly
Mir7237 assembly
Mir8108 assembly
Mir7240 assembly
Mir8109 assembly
Gm27530 assembly
Gm27545 assembly
Mir6769b assembly
Mir6395 assembly
Mir7070 assembly
Mir7068 assembly
Mir8110 assembly
Mir7687 assembly
Gm27585 assembly
Mir1668 assembly
Mir7074 assembly
Mir7071 assembly
Gm27628 assembly
Mir7072 assembly
Mir1957b assembly
Mir7654 assembly
Gm27768 assembly
Mir7077 assembly
Mir7069 assembly
Gm27820 assembly
Mir7075 assembly
Mir8111 assembly
Gm27852 assembly
Gm27854 assembly
Gm27864 assembly
Mir7065 assembly
Mir7080 assembly
Mir7666 assembly
Mir6396 assembly
Gm27956 assembly
Gm27964 assembly
Mir21c assembly
Gm28019 assembly
Mir7067 assembly
Gm36942 assembly
Gm36956 assembly
Gm37352 assembly
Gm37394 assembly
Gm37497 assembly
Gm37609 assembly
Gm37844 assembly
Gm37972 assembly
Gm38042 assembly
Gm38092 assembly
Gm38250 assembly
Gm38270 assembly
Gm38318 assembly
Gm38379 assembly
Gm38384 assembly
Gm44299 assembly
Gm44328 assembly
Gm44330 assembly
Gm44347 assembly
Gm44348 assembly
Gm44365 assembly
Gm44382 assembly
Gm44387 assembly
Gm44391 assembly
Gm44450 assembly
Gm44474 assembly
Gm44489 assembly
Gm44493 assembly
Gm47209 assembly
Gm47277 assembly
Gm47306 assembly
Gm47312 assembly
Gm48810 assembly
Gm49320 assembly
Dpep2nb assembly
Gm49365 assembly
Gm49661 assembly
Derpc assembly
Gm50464 assembly
Gm50479 assembly
Gm52949 assembly
Gm52979 assembly
Gm53016 assembly
Gm53022 assembly
Gm53030 assembly
Gm53040 assembly
Gm53049 assembly
Gm54636 assembly
Gm54642 assembly
Gm54643 assembly
Gm54649 assembly
Gm54650 assembly
Gm54651 assembly
Gm54669 assembly
Gm54672 assembly
Gm54683 assembly
Gm54713 assembly
Gm54720 assembly
Gm54841 assembly
Gm54842 assembly
Gm54845 assembly
Gm54854 assembly
Gm54858 assembly
Gm54868 assembly
Gm54906 assembly
Gm54907 assembly
Gm54919 assembly
Gm54940 assembly
Gm54945 assembly
Gm54954 assembly
Gm54955 assembly
Gm54956 assembly
Gm54957 assembly
Gm54963 assembly
Gm55003 assembly
Gm55004 assembly
Gm55009 assembly
Gm55010 assembly
Gm55011 assembly
Gm55047 assembly
Gm55061 assembly
Gm55064 assembly
Gm55065 assembly
Gm55079 assembly
Gm55089 assembly
Gm55124 assembly
Gm55165 assembly
Gm55166 assembly
Gm55198 assembly
Gm55248 assembly
Gm55286 assembly
Gm55302 assembly
Gm55325 assembly
Gm55331 assembly
Gm55340 assembly
Gm55366 assembly
Gm55428 assembly
Gm55471 assembly
Gm55479 assembly
Gm55506 assembly
Gm55537 assembly
Gm55543 assembly
Gm55572 assembly
Gm55608 assembly
Gm55626 assembly
Gm55665 assembly
Gm55672 assembly
Gm55676 assembly
Gm55677 assembly
Gm55688 assembly
Gm55691 assembly
Gm55692 assembly
Gm55693 assembly
Gm55736 assembly
Gm55737 assembly
Gm55754 assembly
Gm55755 assembly
Gm55766 assembly
Gm55787 assembly
Gm55793 assembly
Gm55795 assembly
Gm55809 assembly
Gm55812 assembly
Gm55813 assembly
Gm55814 assembly
Gm55821 assembly
Gm55832 assembly
Gm55833 assembly
Gm55847 assembly
Gm55848 assembly
Gm55867 assembly
Gm55881 assembly
Gm55886 assembly
Gm55887 assembly
Gm55890 assembly
Gm55898 assembly
Gm55919 assembly
Gm55954 assembly
Gm55979 assembly
Gm55990 assembly
Gm55991 assembly
Gm56004 assembly
Gm56017 assembly
Gm56021 assembly
Gm56022 assembly
Gm56046 assembly
Gm56047 assembly
Gm56049 assembly
Gm56060 assembly
Gm56072 assembly
Gm56113 assembly
Gm56821 assembly
Gm56822 assembly
Gm56823 assembly
Gm56824 assembly
Gm56825 assembly
Gm56826 assembly
Gm56827 assembly
Gm56828 assembly
Gm56829 assembly
Gm56830 assembly
Gm56831 assembly
Gm56832 assembly
Gm56833 assembly
Gm56834 assembly
Gm56835 assembly
Gm56836 assembly
Gm56837 assembly
Gm56838 assembly
Gm56839 assembly
Gm56840 assembly
Gm56841 assembly
Gm56842 assembly
Gm56843 assembly
Gm56844 assembly
Gm56845 assembly
Gm56846 assembly
Gm56847 assembly
Gm56848 assembly
Gm56849 assembly
Gm56850 assembly
Gm56851 assembly
Gm56852 assembly
Gm56853 assembly
Gm56854 assembly
Gm56855 assembly
Gm56856 assembly
Gm56857 assembly
Gm56858 assembly
Gm56859 assembly
Gm56860 assembly
Gm56861 assembly
Gm56862 assembly
Gm56863 assembly
Gm56864 assembly
Gm56865 assembly
Gm56866 assembly
Gm56867 assembly
Gm56868 assembly
Gm56869 assembly
Gm56870 assembly
Gm56871 assembly
Gm56872 assembly
Gm56873 assembly
Gm56874 assembly
Gm56875 assembly
Gm56876 assembly
Gm56877 assembly
Gm56878 assembly

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