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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Rsu1 assembly
Phxr1 assembly
Atp5f1c assembly
Trdmt1 assembly
Hspa14 assembly
Fam107b assembly
Prpf18 assembly
Taf3 assembly
1700014B07Rik assembly
Gata3os assembly
Ccdc3 assembly
Acbd7 assembly
Mcm10 assembly
Dnajc1 assembly
Ptf1a assembly
Mllt10 assembly
Hacd1 assembly
H2al2a assembly
4921504E06Rik assembly
Skida1 assembly
Nebl assembly
Nsun6 assembly
4930426L09Rik assembly
Arl5b assembly
Msrb2 assembly
Lcn4 assembly
Lcn3 assembly
Ralgds assembly
Nxph2 assembly
Fcna assembly
Fcnb assembly
Il36a assembly
Apbb1ip assembly
Nsmf assembly
Pdss1 assembly
Brd3 assembly
Gpsm1 assembly
Nacc2 assembly
Entr1 assembly
Tubb4b assembly
Dnlz assembly
Pierce1 assembly
C8g assembly
Clic3 assembly
Il36b assembly
Spaca9 assembly
Potegl assembly
Arhgap21 assembly
Myo3a assembly
Sapcd2 assembly
Entpd8 assembly
Ntng2 assembly
Acbd5 assembly
Stpg3 assembly
Phpt1 assembly
6530402F18Rik assembly
Med27 assembly
Spopl assembly
Ccdc183 assembly
Cacfd1 assembly
Etl4 assembly
Lcn12 assembly
Lcn9 assembly
Adamtsl2 assembly
Tmem210 assembly
Inpp5e assembly
Dpp7 assembly
Abo assembly
Mrps2 assembly
Rapgef1 assembly
Ncs1 assembly
Fnbp1 assembly
Odf2 assembly
Endog assembly
Or1j21 assembly
Lamc3 assembly
Sh2d3c assembly
Tor1b assembly
St6galnac6 assembly
Zdhhc12 assembly
Rpl35 assembly
Ptrh1 assembly
Gapvd1 assembly
Dolpp1 assembly
Ppp6c assembly
Mrrf assembly
Rbm18 assembly
Urm1 assembly
Ciz1 assembly
Cercam assembly
6330409D20Rik assembly
Zbtb43 assembly
Ier5l assembly
Ciz1 assembly
Bbln assembly
Phf19 assembly
Usp20 assembly
Ttll11 assembly
Gle1 assembly
Morn5 assembly
4930568D16Rik assembly
Sptan1 assembly
Wdr38 assembly
Ttll11 assembly
Golga1 assembly
Cntrl assembly
Cutal assembly
Cstad assembly
U89435 assembly
Lrp1b assembly
Lhx2 assembly
Rpl18 assembly
Zeb2 assembly
Prpf40a assembly
Rprm assembly
Kynu assembly
Rbm43 assembly
Mbd5 assembly
Nmi assembly
Arl6ip6 assembly
2210008N01Rik assembly
Ermn assembly
Sp3 assembly
B3galt1 assembly
Stk39 assembly
Rbms1 assembly
Erich2 assembly
Cir1 assembly
Ola1 assembly
Pkp4 assembly
Cobll1 assembly
Rapgef4 assembly
Ifih1 assembly
Wdsub1 assembly
Spc25 assembly
Bbs5 assembly
Cybrd1 assembly
5830411J07Rik assembly
Mettl5os assembly
Mettl5 assembly
Upp2 assembly
Dapl1 assembly
Itgb6 assembly
Marchf7 assembly
Slc4a10 assembly
Galnt3 assembly
Ube2e3 assembly
Pde1a assembly
Hoxd8 assembly
Dnajc10 assembly
Mtx2 assembly
Ttn assembly
Itprid2 assembly
Ttn assembly
Ift70b assembly
Ccdc141 assembly
Hoxd3os1 assembly
Ift70a1 assembly
Plekha3 assembly
Mybpc3 assembly
Or4b1d assembly
Dgkz assembly
Mapk8ip1 assembly
Or8u8 assembly
Or4c58 assembly
Pex16 assembly
Aplnr assembly
Creb3l1 assembly
Timm10 assembly
Fnbp4 assembly
Ptpmt1 assembly
Med19 assembly
Kbtbd4 assembly
Ube2l6 assembly
C1qtnf4 assembly
Ndufs3 assembly
Slc39a13 assembly
Smtnl1 assembly
Alkbh3 assembly
Zc3h15 assembly
Tspan18 assembly
Alkbh3os1 assembly
Zswim2 assembly
Ddb2 assembly
Accs assembly
Pacsin3 assembly
Mtch2 assembly
Ckap5 assembly
Arfgap2 assembly
Nup160 assembly
Slc43a3 assembly
Slc43a1 assembly
Zc3h15 assembly
Syt13 assembly
Or5d18 assembly
Or5d47 assembly
Fjx1 assembly
Iftap assembly
Trim44 assembly
Elf5 assembly
Bbox1 assembly
Fibin assembly
A930018P22Rik assembly
Dnajc24 assembly
Them7 assembly
Arl14ep assembly
Apip assembly
Nop10 assembly
Potefam1 assembly
Emc4 assembly
Katnbl1 assembly
Emc7 assembly
Aven assembly
Tmco5b assembly
2210022J03Rik assembly
Spint1 assembly
Mapkbp1 assembly
Eif2ak4 assembly
Dph6 assembly
Tmco5 assembly
Ino80 assembly
Fam98b assembly
Chac1 assembly
Dnajc17 assembly
Ndufaf1 assembly
Knl1 assembly
Fsip1 assembly
Zfyve19 assembly
Ppp1r14d assembly
Chst14 assembly
Knl1 assembly
Rtf1 assembly
Spred1 assembly
Bmf assembly
Stard9 assembly
Zfp106 assembly
Duoxa2 assembly
Mfap1a assembly
Patl2 assembly
Hypk assembly
Haus2 assembly
Tubgcp4 assembly
Terb2 assembly
Adal assembly
Ganc assembly
Wdr76 assembly
Ttbk2 assembly
Sqor assembly
Dtwd1 assembly
Usp50 assembly
Fam227b assembly
Trpm7 assembly
Anapc1 assembly
Polr1b assembly
Ubox5 assembly
Ciao1 assembly
Nphp1 assembly
Chchd5 assembly
Sppl2a assembly
Mcm8 assembly
Tmem239 assembly
Nop56 assembly
Adissp assembly
Ap5s1 assembly
Ttl assembly
Blvra assembly
Fbln7 assembly
4921508D12Rik assembly
Spef1 assembly
Tmem87b assembly
Hspa12b assembly
Dnaaf9 assembly
Shld1 assembly
Gpcpd1 assembly
Crls1 assembly
1700020A23Rik assembly
Dnaaf9 assembly
Fahd2a assembly
Ddrgk1 assembly
C030014O09Rik assembly
Mrps5 assembly
Vps16 assembly
Idh3b assembly
Slx4ip assembly
Lamp5 assembly
Tmx4 assembly
Kif16b assembly
Esf1 assembly
Ndufaf5 assembly
Macrod2 assembly
Srxn1 assembly
Cst9 assembly
Sec23b assembly
Dtd1 assembly
Scp2d1 assembly
Tbc1d20 assembly
Nanp assembly
Naa20 assembly
Knl1 assembly
Snx5 assembly
Gins1 assembly
Nkx2-4 assembly
Cst13 assembly
Cstdc2 assembly
Slc52a3 assembly
Polr3f assembly
Mgme1 assembly
Gzf1 assembly
Srxn1 assembly
Cstdc2 assembly
Cstdc1 assembly
Dstn assembly
Nxt1 assembly
Slc24a3 assembly
Xrn2 assembly
Rem1 assembly
Scand1 assembly
Acss2 assembly
Pxmp4 assembly
Ergic3 assembly
Mcts2 assembly
Ctnnbl1 assembly
Map1lc3a assembly
Cdk5rap1 assembly
Rab5if assembly
Aar2 assembly
Rprd1b assembly
Cnbd2 assembly
Fam83c assembly
9030607L20Rik assembly
Tpx2 assembly
2500004C02Rik assembly
Bpifa5 assembly
Bpifa3 assembly
5430405H02Rik assembly
Fer1l4 assembly
Ttll9 assembly
4930519P11Rik assembly
1700003F12Rik assembly
Chmp4b assembly
Rbm12 assembly
Sun5 assembly
Samhd1 assembly
Uqcc1 assembly
Ncoa6 assembly
Trpc4ap assembly
Plagl2 assembly
Cox4i2 assembly
Pofut1 assembly
Foxs1 assembly
Svs6 assembly
Rps29 assembly
Ptgis assembly
Kcns1 assembly
Atp9a assembly
Sgk2 assembly
Jph2 assembly
Ywhab assembly
Rtf2 assembly
Ube2v1 assembly
Trp53rkb assembly
Tomm34 assembly
4930470P17Rik assembly
Wfdc2 assembly
Gtsf1l assembly
0610039K10Rik assembly
2310001K24Rik assembly
Ankrd60 assembly
Snx21 assembly
Zmynd8 assembly
Wfdc3 assembly
Sulf2 assembly
Cimip1 assembly
Trp53tg5 assembly
1200007C13Rik assembly
4932434E15Rik assembly
1700010B08Rik assembly
Eppin assembly
Spata25 assembly
Ttpal assembly
Dnttip1 assembly
Fam209 assembly
2010003K10Rik assembly
Dok5 assembly
Spint4 assembly
Pigt assembly
B4galt5 assembly
Zbp1 assembly
Vapb assembly
Stk4 assembly
Pmepa1 assembly
Rnf114 assembly
Pard6b assembly
Slc13a3 assembly
Acot8 assembly
Ptpn1 assembly
Tnnc2 assembly
Dido1 assembly
Psma7 assembly
Atp5f1e assembly
Nkain4 assembly
4930591A17Rik assembly
Sycp2 assembly
Zbtb46 assembly
Slc17a9 assembly
Ogfr assembly
Lime1 assembly
Mtg2 assembly
Phactr3 assembly
Gid8 assembly
Taf4 assembly
Cep250 assembly
Oser1 assembly
Cdca7 assembly
Polr3k assembly
Romo1 assembly
Mettl15 assembly
Chp1 assembly
Svs4 assembly
Bpifa1 assembly
Mastl assembly
Rpl12 assembly
Zgpat assembly
Nup35 assembly
Nup35 assembly
Itpka assembly
Slco4a1 assembly
Mtx2 assembly
Brp14 assembly
Sec61a2 assembly
Gnas assembly
Dusp15 assembly
Slc12a6 assembly
Tmc2 assembly
Ppp1r16b assembly
Tshz2 assembly
Strc assembly
Cbln4 assembly
Rbm39 assembly
Ntng2 assembly
Cables2 assembly
Sardh assembly
Wfdc12 assembly
Phf21a assembly
Wfdc5 assembly
Pla2g4b assembly
Duoxa1 assembly
Sh3glb2 assembly
Exosc2 assembly
Btbd3 assembly
Sdcbp2 assembly
Gdap1l1 assembly
Defb19 assembly
Defb36 assembly
Catsper2 assembly
Pkn3 assembly
Smox assembly
Gbgt1 assembly
Noxa1 assembly
Uck1 assembly
Slx4ip assembly
Spata2 assembly
Slc12a5 assembly
BC016548 assembly
Bpifb5 assembly
Ccm2l assembly
Dlgap4 assembly
C1ql3 assembly
Galnt5 assembly
Rabgap1 assembly
Nutm1 assembly
St8sia6 assembly
Bpifb1 assembly
Slc12a5 assembly
Snx21 assembly
Cbfa2t2 assembly
Defb29 assembly
Fndc11 assembly
2210418O10Rik assembly
Shc4 assembly
Acvr1c assembly
Arrdc1 assembly
Asxl1 assembly
Mettl8 assembly
Lrrc26 assembly
BC005624 assembly
Helz2 assembly
Mall assembly
Slc17a9 assembly
Cfap61 assembly
Obp2a assembly
Hmcn2 assembly
Ift52 assembly
Crb2 assembly
Cdin1 assembly
Ralgapa2 assembly
Adig assembly
Klhl23 assembly
Cstl1 assembly
Ctf2 assembly
Slc24a5 assembly
Fsip2 assembly
Lrrc8a assembly
Lrsam1 assembly
Ncoa5 assembly
Or4c3d assembly
Or5t18 assembly
Or4b13 assembly
Lzts3 assembly
Rims4 assembly
Sox12 assembly
Tas2r134 assembly
Tcfl5 assembly
Dolk assembly
Tnks1bp1 assembly
Dcdc5 assembly
Ccdc187 assembly
Exd1 assembly
4933409G03Rik assembly
6820408C15Rik assembly
Defb22 assembly
Bpi assembly
Ubr3 assembly
A530013C23Rik assembly
A730036I17Rik assembly
Nup214 assembly
Lsm14b assembly
Spag6 assembly
Ccdc148 assembly
Prex1 assembly
Pigu assembly
Nebl assembly
F830045P16Rik assembly
Lcn6 assembly
Nsfl1c assembly
Tgm6 assembly
Stard9 assembly
Rpl30-ps3 assembly
Mrpl41 assembly
Hspe1-ps5 assembly
Zfp931 assembly
Kcnk15 assembly
Tmem74bos assembly
BC039771 assembly
Neurl2 assembly
C130046B21Rik assembly
4631405J19Rik assembly
AY702102 assembly
Xkr7 assembly
Sp9 assembly
Wfdc6b assembly
Ldha-ps assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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