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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Aspa assembly
Nme2 assembly
Tgtp1 assembly
Adora2b assembly
Arf1 assembly
Ifi47 assembly
Nmt1 assembly
Rai1 assembly
Ksr1 assembly
Ntn1 assembly
Rpl26 assembly
Purb assembly
Omg assembly
Ppp3r1 assembly
Wfdc18 assembly
Irgm1 assembly
Sqstm1 assembly
Dbil5 assembly
Mlx assembly
Lig3 assembly
Fgf11 assembly
Or2z2 assembly
Or1e17 assembly
Or1e1b-ps1 assembly
Or1e1 assembly
Ccr7 assembly
Sgca assembly
Foxi1 assembly
Ybx2 assembly
Ogdh assembly
Psmc3ip assembly
Med1 assembly
Tbrg4 assembly
Septin4 assembly
Rasd1 assembly
Alox8 assembly
Dlg4 assembly
Bcl6b assembly
Krt36 assembly
Krtap9-1 assembly
Tnfsf12 assembly
Slit3 assembly
Unc119 assembly
Slfn3 assembly
Cct6b assembly
Hnrnpab assembly
Or1ad8 assembly
Or1x2 assembly
Or1p1 assembly
Epn2 assembly
Or1a1b assembly
Or2v1 assembly
Tekt1 assembly
Nxph3 assembly
Kcnab3 assembly
Zfp207 assembly
Trpv2 assembly
Stxbp4 assembly
Map2k3os assembly
C1ql1 assembly
Sgcd assembly
Mapk9 assembly
Psmb3 assembly
Cops3 assembly
Vat1 assembly
Ncor1 assembly
Tob1 assembly
Tlx3 assembly
Srr assembly
Sap30l assembly
Mink1 assembly
Zpbp assembly
Cntnap1 assembly
Gal3st1 assembly
Rundc3a assembly
Elp5 assembly
Cldn7 assembly
Gabarap assembly
Fmnl1 assembly
Rangrf assembly
Dgke assembly
Larp1 assembly
Rnf130 assembly
Tubd1 assembly
Hnrnph1 assembly
Fignl1 assembly
Slc35g3 assembly
Spag5 assembly
Mrps24 assembly
Slc22a21 assembly
Aatf assembly
Timm22 assembly
Asb3 assembly
Ranbp17 assembly
Emc6 assembly
Trappc2b assembly
Rmnd5b assembly
Myo19 assembly
Med7 assembly
1700020L24Rik assembly
Cdrt4 assembly
Adprm assembly
Gdpd1 assembly
Tmigd1 assembly
Thg1l assembly
Krtap3-2 assembly
Cfap36 assembly
Erlec1 assembly
Gid4 assembly
Fam187a assembly
Krt20 assembly
Ttc1 assembly
Ncbp3 assembly
Appbp2 assembly
Tmem107 assembly
Rnf187 assembly
Tmem88 assembly
Ube2g1 assembly
Acbd4 assembly
Mis12 assembly
Zmat5 assembly
Ctdnep1 assembly
Mrpl55 assembly
Taok1 assembly
Peli1 assembly
Med31 assembly
Rffl assembly
1700093K21Rik assembly
Mmd assembly
Abhd15 assembly
Cwc25 assembly
Dhx40 assembly
Mettl16 assembly
Tvp23b assembly
4930524B15Rik assembly
Luc7l3 assembly
Sec14l2 assembly
2310033P09Rik assembly
Prorsd1 assembly
Chac2 assembly
Slc25a39 assembly
Dynll2 assembly
Nt5c3b assembly
Vps53 assembly
Tlcd1 assembly
Rnf135 assembly
Scgb3a1 assembly
Ctc1 assembly
C1qtnf2 assembly
Tmem256 assembly
Sat2 assembly
Efcab9 assembly
Smim23 assembly
Tnfsf13 assembly
Rpain assembly
Zswim7 assembly
Tlcd2 assembly
Lypd8 assembly
Cnrip1 assembly
Pigw assembly
Fam114a2 assembly
Spdl1 assembly
2810408A11Rik assembly
Taf15 assembly
Wfikkn2 assembly
5730455P16Rik assembly
5730522E02Rik assembly
Pwwp2a assembly
Spag9 assembly
4931406E20Rik assembly
Tekt3 assembly
4933427E13Rik assembly
5530401A14Rik assembly
Ankrd40 assembly
Grap assembly
8430429K09Rik assembly
Sanbr assembly
Pnpt1 assembly
Ap2b1 assembly
Shroom1 assembly
Ankrd48 assembly
Cfap52 assembly
Epn3 assembly
Borcs6 assembly
Castor1 assembly
Slc25a35 assembly
Pex13 assembly
2210409E12Rik assembly
Bltp2 assembly
Heatr6 assembly
Car10 assembly
Dnah2 assembly
Phykpl assembly
Cenpv assembly
B9d1os assembly
Clhc1 assembly
Kif2b assembly
Chct1 assembly
Spmip7 assembly
Fam161a assembly
4930438A08Rik assembly
Smg8 assembly
Cluh assembly
1700086D15Rik assembly
Spem1 assembly
Ccdc182 assembly
Mtmr3 assembly
Rnf145 assembly
4933414I15Rik assembly
Pus10 assembly
4933439C10Rik assembly
4933427D14Rik assembly
Rasgef1c assembly
Shpk assembly
Drc3 assembly
Meikin assembly
4930505A04Rik assembly
4930512M02Rik assembly
4930563E22Rik assembly
4930556J24Rik assembly
Cfap144 assembly
Lyrm7 assembly
Acyp2 assembly
Zbtb4 assembly
4933415A04Rik assembly
Hormad2 assembly
Vmp1 assembly
Lpo assembly
Rph3al assembly
Mfap4 assembly
Ankrd48 assembly
Slfn5os assembly
Rflnb assembly
Cby3 assembly
Mtif2 assembly
Phf12 assembly
Calcoco2 assembly
Cyfip2 assembly
2210019G11Rik assembly
9430034F23Rik assembly
Spns3 assembly
B430319H21Rik assembly
Phf23 assembly
H2bc27 assembly
Naa38 assembly
Ddx52 assembly
Rhot1 assembly
Wsb1 assembly
Fndc8 assembly
Gas2l1 assembly
Myh10 assembly
Sertad2 assembly
Ublcp1 assembly
Sh3bp5l assembly
Kremen1 assembly
Cxcl16 assembly
Trim11 assembly
H1f9 assembly
Dock2 assembly
Elac2 assembly
Selenom assembly
Spred2 assembly
Emid1 assembly
Nek8 assembly
Senp3 assembly
Zfp287 assembly
Myo1g assembly
Mtmr4 assembly
Atpaf2 assembly
Dhx33 assembly
Pnmt assembly
Rpl19 assembly
Sphk1 assembly
Cntd1 assembly
Ubtf assembly
Arf2 assembly
Wbp2 assembly
Fdxr assembly
Psmc5 assembly
Cep131 assembly
Mrc2 assembly
Actg1 assembly
H3f3b assembly
Aatk assembly
Socs3 assembly
Cacng1 assembly
Cog1 assembly
Cyth1 assembly
Alyref assembly
St6galnac2 assembly
St6galnac1 assembly
Map2k6 assembly
Nherf1 assembly
Slc25a10 assembly
Polg2 assembly
Csnk1d assembly
Jmjd6 assembly
Cacng4 assembly
Exoc7 assembly
Smarce1 assembly
Copz2 assembly
Stard3 assembly
Smurf2 assembly
Ccdc47 assembly
Krt42 assembly
Krtap4-2 assembly
Krtap4-6 assembly
Nol11 assembly
Cdk12 assembly
Lrrc46 assembly
1700012B07Rik assembly
Zpbp2 assembly
Efcab15 assembly
Lyzl6 assembly
Krtap4-13 assembly
Krtap3-1 assembly
Arhgap27 assembly
Ifi35 assembly
Taco1 assembly
Krt28 assembly
Efcab3 assembly
4933434M16Rik assembly
Krtap2-4 assembly
Coasy assembly
Dcaf7 assembly
Krt33a assembly
Tmub2 assembly
Ppih assembly
Spmap1 assembly
Lsm12 assembly
Dusp3 assembly
2810474C18Rik assembly
1700028N14Rik assembly
Fam187a assembly
Ptges3l assembly
4930417O22Rik assembly
4930405A07Rik assembly
Arsg assembly
Odad4 assembly
Snx11 assembly
Sost assembly
Msl1 assembly
Cfap97d1 assembly
Hspb9 assembly
Prr29 assembly
Krtap9-3 assembly
Higd1b assembly
Krt24 assembly
Tmem101 assembly
Gsdma2 assembly
Krtap17-1 assembly
Sp2 assembly
Ern1 assembly
4933428G20Rik assembly
Srcin1 assembly
Krt23 assembly
Klhl10 assembly
Pecam1 assembly
Gcgr assembly
Rack1 assembly
Eif1 assembly
Atp5mc1 assembly
Uqcrq assembly
Cenpx assembly
Limk2 assembly
Nipsnap1 assembly
Vezf1 assembly
Ppp2ca assembly
Acox1 assembly
Mprip assembly
Fn3k assembly
Sap30bp assembly
Cep295nl assembly
Cdc42ep4 assembly
Rab37 assembly
Nat9 assembly
Ogfod3 assembly
Snhg16 assembly
Oxld1 assembly
0610009L18Rik assembly
Slc25a19 assembly
Narf assembly
Prpsap1 assembly
Dcxr assembly
Rnf227 assembly
Mrpl12 assembly
Mrpl58 assembly
Myadml2 assembly
Pcyt2 assembly
Ppp1r27 assembly
Dus1l assembly
Aspscr1 assembly
1810003C24Rik assembly
Ten1 assembly
Otop3 assembly
Mif4gd assembly
Cdk3 assembly
Slc39a11 assembly
Rnf157 assembly
Dnah17 assembly
Tex19.2 assembly
Ccdc57 assembly
Atp5pd assembly
Tha1 assembly
Pgs1 assembly
Faap100 assembly
Tmem94 assembly
C1qtnf1 assembly
Btbd17 assembly
Tbcd assembly
Sec14l1 assembly
Mettl23 assembly
Rptor assembly
Ptchd3 assembly
Tsen54 assembly
6030468B19Rik assembly
Mxra7 assembly
Baiap2 assembly
Lrrc59 assembly
Cygb assembly
Afmid assembly
Npm1 assembly
Or1e1 assembly
Dhx8 assembly
Blmh assembly
Grm6 assembly
G3bp1 assembly
Slc38a10 assembly
Lypd8l assembly
Arl4d assembly
Slc16a3 assembly
Chd3 assembly
Myocd assembly
Aipl1 assembly
Caskin2 assembly
Inpp5j assembly
Rhbdl3 assembly
Casc3 assembly
Rac3 assembly
Trpv3 assembly
Odf4 assembly
Med9 assembly
Cabp7 assembly
Ugp2 assembly
Spata20 assembly
Uts2r assembly
Rab40b assembly
Pycr1 assembly
Sectm1a assembly
Trim41 assembly
Samd14 assembly
Slu7 assembly
Mgl2 assembly
Bcas3 assembly
Sirt7 assembly
Hexim1 assembly
Card14 assembly
Npb assembly
Ggnbp2 assembly
Pank3 assembly
Ppp1r9b assembly
Gabrp assembly
Nags assembly
Fam20a assembly
Acap1 assembly
Wwc1 assembly
Mycbpap assembly
Slc36a1 assembly
Wnt9a assembly
Kif18b assembly
Kif19a assembly
Phospho1 assembly
Kctd11 assembly
Gemin5 assembly
Gemin4 assembly
Tspoap1 assembly
Socs7 assembly
Col23a1 assembly
Nlrp3 assembly
Asb16 assembly
Zfp39 assembly
Cep112 assembly
Srebf1 assembly
Supt4b assembly
Tmem11 assembly
Rps27a assembly
Slc16a11 assembly
Mcrip1 assembly
BC006965 assembly
Cybc1 assembly
Fam222b assembly
Acsf2 assembly
Plekhh3 assembly
Tmem106a assembly
Mfsd6l assembly
Tbc1d16 assembly
Cd300e assembly
Kdm6b assembly
Btnl10 assembly
Myo18a assembly
Nle1 assembly
Tspan10 assembly
Or3a10 assembly
Slc36a3 assembly
Spaca3 assembly
Ttll6 assembly
Pld6 assembly
Sowaha assembly
Aoc2 assembly
Wfikkn2 assembly
Dhrs7b assembly
Klhl11 assembly
Spns2 assembly
Wrap53 assembly
Dhrs11 assembly
Neurl4 assembly
Armc7 assembly
Lrrc45 assembly
Mmgt2 assembly
Ccm2 assembly
Hrob assembly
Ssh2 assembly
Fn3krp assembly
Obscn assembly
Zfp867 assembly
Wdr81 assembly
Bahcc1 assembly
Coro6 assembly
Dppa1 assembly
Evi2b assembly
Gjd3 assembly
Gpr142 assembly
Kcnh6 assembly
Leap2 assembly
Mmp28 assembly
Ndel1 assembly
Obscn assembly
Rapgef6 assembly
Pyy assembly
Rtn4rl1 assembly
Ccdc157 assembly
Ankfn1 assembly
Spata32 assembly
Zfp879 assembly
Iba57 assembly
Ccdc42 assembly
Dgkeos assembly
Arl5c assembly
BC018473 assembly
Fads6 assembly
Lrrc75a assembly
Msantd5l assembly
Cd300c assembly
E230016K23Rik assembly
Krt9 assembly
Sun3 assembly
Zfp286 assembly
Hmgb1-ps3 assembly
Drr2 assembly
Git1 assembly
Arhgef15 assembly
Slfn10-ps assembly
Eme1 assembly
D2Abb1e ePCR
D16Ertd779e ePCR
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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