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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Sri assembly
Tex47 assembly
Crot assembly
Cldn12 assembly
Pclo assembly
Akap9 assembly
Speer4c1 assembly
Gatad1 assembly
Fam133b assembly
Speer3 assembly
Pex1 assembly
Sema3d assembly
Tmbim7 assembly
1700109H08Rik assembly
Magi2 assembly
Paxip1 assembly
Tomm7 assembly
Fastk assembly
Smarcd3 assembly
2700038G22Rik assembly
Armc10 assembly
2900005J15Rik assembly
Galntl5 assembly
Wdr86 assembly
Kmt2e assembly
1500035N22Rik assembly
Speer4f1 assembly
Prkag2os1 assembly
Rbm33 assembly
Pmpcb assembly
Speer4b assembly
Ccdc146 assembly
4930584F24Rik assembly
Tmub1 assembly
Lhfpl3 assembly
Xrcc2 assembly
Slc26a5 assembly
Hycc1 assembly
Asb10 assembly
Slc5a1 assembly
Slbp assembly
Ywhah assembly
Ctbp1 assembly
Dnajb6 assembly
Trim54 assembly
Otof assembly
Maea assembly
Ccdc121 assembly
Ift172 assembly
Ost4 assembly
Mfsd10 assembly
Tmem129 assembly
Cad assembly
Afap1 assembly
Selenoi assembly
Uvssa assembly
Supt7l assembly
Cib4 assembly
Cimip2c assembly
Slc35f6 assembly
Plb1 assembly
Nop14 assembly
Plb1 assembly
Htra3 assembly
Trmt44 assembly
Abhd1 assembly
Acox3 assembly
Tcf23 assembly
Mrpl33 assembly
Eif2b4 assembly
Man2b2 assembly
Ccdc96 assembly
Rab28 assembly
Zbtb49 assembly
2210406O10Rik assembly
Stk32b assembly
Pacrgl assembly
D5Ertd615e assembly
Ncapg assembly
Fam184b assembly
Kcnip4 assembly
Dhx15 assembly
Ppargc1a assembly
Pi4k2b assembly
Anapc4 assembly
Zcchc4 assembly
Pgm2 assembly
Fam114a1 assembly
Pds5a assembly
Nwd2 assembly
Lias assembly
Lnx1 assembly
Fip1l1 assembly
Gnpda2 assembly
Rasl11b assembly
Ociad2 assembly
Nsun7 assembly
Chic2 assembly
Rhoh assembly
Yipf7 assembly
Nfxl1 assembly
Tmem33 assembly
9430027B09Rik assembly
Cox7b2 assembly
Paics assembly
Exoc1 assembly
2310040G07Rik assembly
Cracd assembly
Spmap2l assembly
Stap1 assembly
Dck assembly
Smr3a assembly
Smr2 assembly
Prol1 assembly
Enam assembly
Mob1b assembly
Mthfd2l assembly
Odam assembly
Cabs1 assembly
Amtn assembly
Epgn assembly
Ugt2a3 assembly
Rassf6 assembly
Prr27 assembly
2310003L06Rik assembly
Slc4a4 assembly
Ankrd17 assembly
Ugt2b37 assembly
Ugt2a1 assembly
Hnrnpd assembly
Scarb2 assembly
Ppef2 assembly
Shroom3 assembly
Cxcl13 assembly
Naaa assembly
Mrpl1 assembly
Mrps18c assembly
Sec31a assembly
Coq2 assembly
Antxr2 assembly
Nup54 assembly
4930405H06Rik assembly
1700010H22Rik assembly
4930522N08Rik assembly
4930524J08Rik assembly
2010109A12Rik assembly
Prdm8 assembly
Uso1 assembly
U90926 assembly
Bmp2k assembly
Mapk10 assembly
Zfp33b assembly
4921523P09Rik assembly
1700016H13Rik assembly
Arhgap24 assembly
Gbp8 assembly
Mepe assembly
Hsd17b11 assembly
Vmn2r10 assembly
Brdt assembly
Dipk1a assembly
Tmed11 assembly
Lpcat2b assembly
Ccdc18 assembly
Ube2d2b assembly
Tmed5 assembly
Srsf9 assembly
Cit assembly
Rpl6 assembly
Hrk assembly
Atxn2 assembly
Mapkapk5 assembly
Prkab1 assembly
Ncor2 assembly
P2rx7 assembly
Oasl2 assembly
Coro1c assembly
Hip1r assembly
Cabp1 assembly
Kdm2b assembly
Chek2 assembly
Dynll1 assembly
Abcb9 assembly
Rsrc2 assembly
Mrps17 assembly
Ndufa12 assembly
Diablo assembly
Psmd9 assembly
Ddx55 assembly
Sumf2 assembly
Tctn2 assembly
Gpn3 assembly
Denr assembly
Svop assembly
Fam216a assembly
Srrm4 assembly
Nupr2 assembly
Srrd assembly
Zcchc8 assembly
Cfap251 assembly
Tmem248 assembly
Ankle2 assembly
Acad10 assembly
Rfc5 assembly
4930519G04Rik assembly
2210016L21Rik assembly
Brap assembly
Pgam5 assembly
Mtrfr assembly
Erp29 assembly
Asphd2 assembly
Rflna assembly
1700069L16Rik assembly
Sgsm1 assembly
4930405N21Rik assembly
Rbm19 assembly
4932422M17Rik assembly
Myo18b assembly
Sppl3 assembly
Ogfod2 assembly
Morn3 assembly
Mphosph9 assembly
4930562A09Rik assembly
4930565B19Rik assembly
4930557B06Rik assembly
Ep400 assembly
Rilpl1 assembly
Fbxw8 assembly
Snrnp35 assembly
Tesc assembly
Il31 assembly
Gatc assembly
Nos1 assembly
Spring1 assembly
Bri3bp assembly
Bcl7a assembly
Tmem116 assembly
Mmab assembly
Tchp assembly
4930569F06Rik assembly
4930430O22Rik assembly
Aacs assembly
Trpv4 assembly
Pitpnb assembly
Pus1 assembly
Rabgef1 assembly
Rilpl2 assembly
Caln1 assembly
Rplp0 assembly
Myl2 assembly
Zfp11 assembly
Nudt1 assembly
Polr2j assembly
Ap1s1 assembly
Mcm7 assembly
Ap4m1 assembly
Zfp68 assembly
Sh2b2 assembly
Cops6 assembly
Myl10 assembly
Fis1 assembly
Prkrip1 assembly
Ift22 assembly
Mrm2 assembly
Ints1 assembly
Upk3bl assembly
Znhit1 assembly
Fbxo24 assembly
Alkbh4 assembly
Auts2 assembly
Srrm3 assembly
Iqce assembly
Por assembly
4731417B20Rik assembly
1700123K08Rik assembly
Hip1 assembly
Gper1 assembly
Tsc22d4 assembly
Sun1 assembly
Hip1 assembly
5930429A01Rik assembly
Grifin assembly
4930432F04Rik assembly
Ccl24 assembly
Zfp113 assembly
Srrm3 assembly
Col26a1 assembly
Gpr146 assembly
Castor2 assembly
Usp12 assembly
Rnf216 assembly
Nptx2 assembly
Gtf3a assembly
Ankrd61 assembly
Kdelr2 assembly
Zkscan14 assembly
Fam220a assembly
Fam220a assembly
Tecpr1 assembly
Ptcd1 assembly
Pan3 assembly
Zdhhc4 assembly
Spdye4a assembly
Rsph10b assembly
Smurf1 assembly
Usp42 assembly
Rbak assembly
Atp5mf assembly
Papolb assembly
Bri3 assembly
Lnx2 assembly
Grid2ip assembly
Alox5ap assembly
Pomp assembly
Rfc3 assembly
1810059H22Rik assembly
Medag assembly
Slc46a3 assembly
Wdr95 assembly
Tex26 assembly
Mtus2 assembly
D730045B01Rik assembly
Gpr12 assembly
Cdk2ap1 assembly
Nipsnap2 assembly
Abcf2 assembly
Iscu assembly
Wsb2 assembly
Ppp1cb assembly
Mtf2 assembly
Nkx6-1 assembly
Hpse assembly
Abcb8 assembly
Zfp316 assembly
Rhbdd2 assembly
4930449I24Rik assembly
Zfp932 assembly
Vkorc1l1 assembly
Speer4a1 assembly
Mrpl1 assembly
Col26a1 assembly
Akap9 assembly
Lgi2 assembly
Zar1 assembly
Agap3 assembly
Rbm47 assembly
Sbno1 assembly
Eif2b1 assembly
Aimp2 assembly
Slc29a4 assembly
Stard13 assembly
Slc26a1 assembly
Tnip2 assembly
Ppat assembly
Snx17 assembly
Afm assembly
Plac8 assembly
Crygn assembly
Cyp3a44 assembly
Atp10d assembly
Pilra assembly
Pilrb1 assembly
Kmt5a assembly
Ran assembly
G3bp2 assembly
Semp2l2a assembly
Plb1 assembly
Cox18 assembly
Cdk8 assembly
P2rx2 assembly
Speer4d assembly
Wasf3 assembly
Brat1 assembly
Gm3168 assembly
Tapt1 assembly
Duxf3 assembly
Tmem181a assembly
Asic3 assembly
N4bp2 assembly
Barhl2 assembly
Tmem184a assembly
Haus3 assembly
Tmem119 assembly
Tmem60 assembly
Lrrc66 assembly
Nat8l assembly
Trappc14 assembly
Fam193a assembly
N4bp2l2 assembly
Mblac1 assembly
BC051076 assembly
Arap2 assembly
Cpz assembly
Dnah10 assembly
Kntc1 assembly
Polr2b assembly
Rad9b assembly
Sh3tc1 assembly
Slc5a6 assembly
Trim50 assembly
Vps37d assembly
B3gnt4 assembly
Setd1b assembly
Dnajc5g assembly
Iqca1l assembly
Lrrd1 assembly
Adamts3 assembly
9130230L23Rik assembly
Taok3 assembly
Tmem150c assembly
C130026L21Rik assembly
Tmem132d assembly
D430018E03Rik assembly
Shisa3 assembly
Dhx37 assembly
E130018O15Rik assembly
Katnal1 assembly
Got2-ps1 assembly
Papolb assembly
Cycs-ps2 assembly
Cbfa2t2-ps1 assembly
2700079J08Rik assembly
Pea15b-ps assembly
Ugt2b35 assembly
Pigg assembly
Grxcr1 assembly
D0Wsu3 ePCR
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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