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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Zik1 assembly
Ttyh1 assembly
Zfp524 assembly
Tsen34 assembly
Hspbp1 assembly
Eps8l1 assembly
Zfp579 assembly
Tfpt assembly
Leng1 assembly
Ndufa3 assembly
Zfp444 assembly
Tmem238 assembly
Zfp773 assembly
Rps9 assembly
Ppp1r12c assembly
Mboat7 assembly
Tmem190 assembly
Syt5 assembly
Zscan5b assembly
U2af2 assembly
Slc1a5 assembly
Sult2a2 assembly
Vasp assembly
Trim28 assembly
Selenow assembly
Psg16 assembly
Cabp5 assembly
Clasrp assembly
Hif3a assembly
Zfp108 assembly
Psg22 assembly
Ceacam3 assembly
Psg25 assembly
Psg27 assembly
Psg29 assembly
Ceacam11 assembly
Trappc6a assembly
Zfp329 assembly
Ceacam12 assembly
Qpctl assembly
Zfp606 assembly
Nop53 assembly
Chmp2a assembly
Tmem160 assembly
Nkpd1 assembly
Ceacam13 assembly
Igsf23 assembly
Ceacam20 assembly
Dhx34 assembly
Eml2 assembly
2900092C05Rik assembly
Ceacam5 assembly
Rnf225 assembly
C030044M21Rik assembly
Clptm1 assembly
Rsph6a assembly
Zfp111 assembly
Zfp112 assembly
Cblc assembly
Hnrnpl assembly
Bckdha assembly
Pafah1b3 assembly
Cyp2g1 assembly
Rabac1 assembly
Lgals7 assembly
Map4k1 assembly
Dpf1 assembly
Fbxo17 assembly
Snrpa assembly
Nphs1 assembly
Ethe1 assembly
Psenen assembly
Dmac2 assembly
Timm50 assembly
Cox6b1 assembly
Med29 assembly
Dedd2 assembly
Sycn assembly
2200002J24Rik assembly
Tescl assembly
Tmem147 assembly
Polr2i assembly
Lipe assembly
Zfp626 assembly
Dmrtc2 assembly
Haus5 assembly
2200002D01Rik assembly
Cnfn assembly
Lypd3 assembly
Ttc9b assembly
Dmkn assembly
Eif3k assembly
Sipa1l3 assembly
Zfp84 assembly
Kmt2b assembly
Sptbn4 assembly
1700020L13Rik assembly
Lin37 assembly
Akt2 assembly
Clip3 assembly
Catsperg2 assembly
Coq8b assembly
Lypd5 assembly
Yif1b assembly
Rinl assembly
Lsr assembly
Prodh2 assembly
Ppp1r14a assembly
Lrfn1 assembly
Numbl assembly
Gapdhs assembly
Plaur assembly
Etv2 assembly
Slc7a9 assembly
Fxyd1 assembly
Pop4 assembly
Gpatch1 assembly
Pdcd2l assembly
Tdrd12 assembly
Cep89 assembly
1600014C10Rik assembly
Plekhf1 assembly
E130304I02Rik assembly
Scgb1b2 assembly
Ap2a1 assembly
Ppp1r15a assembly
Lin7b assembly
Car11 assembly
Ruvbl2 assembly
Klk7 assembly
Vmn2r-ps54 assembly
Irf3 assembly
Fgf21 assembly
Pnkp assembly
Hsd17b14 assembly
Josd2 assembly
Nosip assembly
2410002F23Rik assembly
Akt1s1 assembly
Aspdh assembly
Etfb assembly
Ptov1 assembly
1700008O03Rik assembly
2310016G11Rik assembly
1700028J19Rik assembly
Fuz assembly
4933421I07Rik assembly
Dhdh assembly
Myh14 assembly
Garin5a assembly
Ceacam18 assembly
Izumo1 assembly
Siglecl2 assembly
Cldnd2 assembly
2610021A01Rik assembly
Izumo2 assembly
Med25 assembly
Bcl2l12 assembly
Klk1b7-ps assembly
Vstm2b assembly
Prrg2 assembly
Nkg7 assembly
Siglece assembly
Klk1b27 assembly
Klk1b14-ps assembly
Klk1b5 assembly
Csrp3 assembly
Cyth2 assembly
Sergef assembly
Abcc6 assembly
Uevld assembly
Zdhhc13 assembly
Ush1c assembly
Saal1 assembly
Syngr4 assembly
Mrps33 assembly
Slc17a6 assembly
Cyfip1 assembly
4833421K07Rik assembly
Aldh1a3 assembly
Arrdc4 assembly
Ttc23 assembly
Tm2d3 assembly
Lrrc28 assembly
Mphosph10 assembly
4933436H12Rik assembly
Mcee assembly
Pgpep1l assembly
Asb7 assembly
Slco3a1 assembly
Akap13 assembly
Klhl25 assembly
Sv2b assembly
Sema4b assembly
Ndufs6 assembly
Kif7 assembly
Rps17 assembly
Pex11a assembly
Hdgfl3 assembly
Abhd2 assembly
Nmb assembly
Aen assembly
1700010L04Rik assembly
Arpin assembly
Wdr73 assembly
Ttll13 assembly
Det1 assembly
Ticrr assembly
Sec11a assembly
Man2a2 assembly
Cemip assembly
2610206C17Rik assembly
Tmem126a assembly
Hikeshi assembly
Rps13 assembly
Tmem126b assembly
Ccdc89 assembly
Ccdc81 assembly
Tmem135 assembly
Prss23os assembly
Ccdc83 assembly
Prcp assembly
Ankrd42 assembly
Ddias assembly
Pcf11 assembly
Thrsp assembly
Ndufc2 assembly
Clns1a assembly
P2ry2 assembly
Hpx assembly
Trim21 assembly
Or51a39 assembly
Clpb assembly
Timm10b assembly
Inppl1 assembly
Il18bp assembly
Taf10 assembly
Rps3 assembly
Mrpl17 assembly
Neu3 assembly
Kcne3 assembly
Lamtor1 assembly
Lipt2 assembly
Dnajc19 assembly
Dgat2 assembly
Pold3 assembly
Lrrc51 assembly
Arap1 assembly
Pgm2l1 assembly
Ubqln5 assembly
Klhl35 assembly
Ppme1 assembly
Thap12 assembly
Cavin3 assembly
Rnf121 assembly
Arfip2 assembly
Dnhd1 assembly
Rhog assembly
Trim6 assembly
Trim34a assembly
Tead1 assembly
Or10a4 assembly
Or6a2 assembly
Or2ag2b assembly
Rras2 assembly
Rnf141 assembly
Far1 assembly
Btbd10 assembly
Mical2 assembly
Sbf2 assembly
Usp47 assembly
5330417H12Rik assembly
Dennd2b assembly
Syt9 assembly
Lyve1 assembly
Ppfibp2 assembly
Eef2k assembly
Polr3e assembly
Arl6ip1 assembly
Cacng3 assembly
Dctn5 assembly
Gde1 assembly
Knop1 assembly
Uqcrc2 assembly
Nsmce1 assembly
Abca14 assembly
Sox6os assembly
2610029J22Rik assembly
Chp2 assembly
Arhgap17 assembly
Eri2 assembly
Pdilt assembly
Rexo5 assembly
Gga2 assembly
Tmc5 assembly
Mfsd13b assembly
4930533L02Rik assembly
Kdm8 assembly
Gprc5b assembly
1110004F10Rik assembly
Calcb assembly
Acsm1 assembly
Rbbp6 assembly
Acsm3 assembly
Fbrs assembly
Adam12 assembly
Tial1 assembly
Doc2a assembly
Nfatc2ip assembly
Bcl7c assembly
Maz assembly
Septin1 assembly
Il21r assembly
Nupr1 assembly
Ypel3 assembly
Bccip assembly
Eif3c assembly
Acadsb assembly
Pagr1a assembly
4933402N03Rik assembly
Sgf29 assembly
1700120K04Rik assembly
Cdipt assembly
Tbc1d10b assembly
Gdpd3 assembly
Tmem219 assembly
Phkg2 assembly
Zg16 assembly
Zfp688 assembly
Fam24b assembly
D7Ertd443e assembly
Eef1akmt2 assembly
Spns1 assembly
Tex36 assembly
Sgf29 assembly
Slx1b assembly
Lhpp assembly
Chst15 assembly
Tlcd3b assembly
Mvp assembly
Cpxm2 assembly
Zfp747l1 assembly
Eif3c assembly
Tacc2 assembly
Stx1b1 assembly
Pycard assembly
Etos1 assembly
Slc5a2 assembly
Aldoa assembly
Stx4a assembly
Itgam assembly
Bnip3 assembly
Or13a20 assembly
Or13a17 assembly
Or13a27 assembly
Or13a28 assembly
Muc2 assembly
Psmd13 assembly
Glrx3 assembly
Krtap5-1 assembly
Krtap5-4 assembly
Irf7 assembly
Syt8 assembly
Tollip assembly
Pkp3 assembly
Ifitm3 assembly
Rassf7 assembly
Chid1 assembly
Pnpla2 assembly
Ifitm1 assembly
Fuom assembly
Cimap1a assembly
Dusp8 assembly
Tmem80 assembly
Krtap5-2 assembly
Lmntd2 assembly
LTO1 assembly
Mob2 assembly
Syce1 assembly
Tubgcp2 assembly
Brsk2 assembly
9430038I01Rik assembly
4930544L04Rik assembly
Nadsyn1 assembly
Cend1 assembly
Ifitm2 assembly
Prap1 assembly
Sct assembly
Ap2a2 assembly
Psmd8 assembly
Pdcd5 assembly
Akap12 assembly
Eps8l2 assembly
Pth2 assembly
Ctsd assembly
Cttn assembly
Tbc1d17 assembly
Mup5 assembly
Cyp2a12 assembly
Slc6a5 assembly
Cyp2b10 assembly
Vmn2r32 assembly
Vmn2r37 assembly
Ltbp4 assembly
Dyrk1b assembly
Mybpc2 assembly
Dlg2 assembly
Vmn2r-ps60 assembly
Mtag2 assembly
Psg28 assembly
Gvin1 assembly
Tufm assembly
Trim12a assembly
Zfp109 assembly
Stx1b assembly
Otoa assembly
Otud7a assembly
Vmn1r67 assembly
Vmn1r66 assembly
Vmn1r185 assembly
Vmn1r73 assembly
Vmn1r80 assembly
Vmn1r76 assembly
Vmn1r74 assembly
Vmn1r75 assembly
Vmn1r78 assembly
Vmn1r83 assembly
Vmn1r81 assembly
V1rg10 assembly
Vmn1r84 assembly
Vmn1r82 assembly
Vmn1r89 assembly
Vmn1r87 assembly
Vmn1r70 assembly
Oscar assembly
Lgi4 assembly
Bbc3 assembly
Vmn1r69 assembly
Vmn1r71 assembly
Vmn1r72 assembly
Vmn1r85 assembly
BC016493 assembly
Il27 assembly
Prr14 assembly
Rusf1 assembly
Zfp768 assembly
Rfwd3 assembly
Fanci assembly
BC025641 assembly
Mrgprf assembly
Cnot3 assembly
Blvrb assembly
Ctu1 assembly
Pgap2 assembly
Sez6l2 assembly
Ebf4 assembly
Rasgrp4 assembly
Cxcl17 assembly
Rps15a assembly
Xpo6 assembly
Sbsn assembly
Mypop assembly
Cadm4 assembly
Cyp2r1 assembly
Ifnl3 assembly
Xylt1 assembly
Pde5a assembly
Tnfrsf26 assembly
Klk1b26 assembly
Zfp27 assembly
Zfp59 assembly
Btbd1 assembly
Ndufc2 assembly
Rps5 assembly
Fbl assembly
Gmfg assembly
Irgq assembly
Odad1 assembly
Ccdc106 assembly
Kmt5c assembly
Zfp940 assembly
B9d2 assembly
Scgb2b27 assembly
Scgb2b26 assembly
Mmp21 assembly
Stk32c assembly
Sertad3 assembly
Spon1 assembly
Vps33b assembly
Zfp628 assembly
Paox assembly
Tmsb10 assembly
Zfp428 assembly
Vmn2r29 assembly
Atxn2l assembly
Akap13 assembly
Arhgef17 assembly
Setd1a assembly
Crtc3 assembly
Ppp1r37 assembly
Gdpd5 assembly
Cracr2b assembly
Dcun1d3 assembly
Mosmo assembly
B4galnt4 assembly
Prss53 assembly
Samd4b assembly
Zfp175 assembly
Bloc1s3 assembly
Olfml1 assembly
Prr12 assembly
Scgb2b24 assembly
Dnah3 assembly
Ffar1 assembly
Kctd15 assembly
Mrgpra3 assembly
Musd2 assembly
Nlrp9b assembly
Nanos2 assembly
Or13a18 assembly
P2ry6 assembly
Psg20 assembly
Ptprh assembly
Sec23ip assembly
Fchsd2 assembly
Shank2 assembly
Vmn2r30 assembly
Kmt2b assembly
Crebzf assembly
Tmem150b assembly
Galp assembly
4930432E11Rik assembly
Ubqln3 assembly
Fan1 assembly
6330444E15Rik assembly
Ovch2 assembly
Hs3st2 assembly
Scgb2b2 assembly
Nfkbid assembly
Zfp772 assembly
B3gnt8 assembly
Klhl25 assembly
Acsm4 assembly
Lypd10 assembly
Proser3 assembly
Orai3 assembly
Zfp941 assembly
Palb2 assembly
Eid2 assembly
Usp17lb assembly
Usp17ld assembly
Vwa3a assembly
Btbd16 assembly
F730035P03Rik assembly
Fbxl19 assembly
Lrrc4b assembly
Mrgpra2b assembly
Mrgpra5 assembly
Mrgpra6 assembly
Mrgprb1 assembly
Mrgprb3 assembly
Mrgprb4 assembly
Mrgprb5 assembly
Mrgprb8 assembly
Mrgprx1 assembly
Mrgprd assembly
Rgs9bp assembly
Tnrc6a assembly
Vmn1r148 assembly
Snrp1c-ps1 assembly
Tmem86b assembly
Speer9-ps1 assembly
Xrra1 assembly
Scgb2b23-ps assembly
Cnga4 assembly
Vmn2r54 assembly
Mrgprb7-ps assembly
Mrgprb9-ps assembly
Mrgprc1-ps assembly
Mrgprc7-ps assembly
Mrgpra18-ps assembly
Mrgprb12-ps assembly
Mrgprc3-ps assembly
Mrgprc4-ps assembly
Vmn1r63 assembly
Vmn1r62 assembly
Vmn1r58 assembly
Vmn1r65 assembly
Vmn1r171 assembly
Vmn1r172 assembly
Vmn1r64 assembly
Vmn1r177 assembly
Vmn1r179 assembly
V1rd18 assembly
Vmn1r181 assembly
Vmn1r174 assembly
Nat14 assembly
Lmtk3 assembly
Cox6b2 assembly
Garin5b assembly
Nlrp4d assembly
Nlrp4e assembly
D0Nds35 ePCR
D0Nds37 ePCR
Anpep assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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