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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Lypla1 assembly
Mrpl15 assembly
Npbwr1 assembly
Rb1cc1 assembly
Cspp1 assembly
Vcpip1 assembly
2610203C22Rik assembly
Ppp1r42 assembly
Stau2 assembly
Ube2w assembly
Tmem70 assembly
4930444P10Rik assembly
Prex2 assembly
Rpl7 assembly
Gdap1 assembly
Jph1 assembly
Crisp4 assembly
Pi15 assembly
Crispld1 assembly
Ppp1r14bl assembly
Fam135a assembly
Ogfrl1 assembly
Alyreffm1 assembly
Efhc1 assembly
Smap1 assembly
Paqr8 assembly
Dnaaf6rt assembly
4930472D16Rik assembly
6330565B04Rik assembly
Kcnq5 assembly
Rims1 assembly
Il18r1 assembly
Sema4c assembly
Cfc1 assembly
Prss39 assembly
Prss40 assembly
Mrpl30 assembly
Cnga3 assembly
Map4k4 assembly
Hs6st1 assembly
Unc50 assembly
1700001G17Rik assembly
Ankrd39 assembly
Mitd1 assembly
Lyg1 assembly
Ccdc115 assembly
Vwa3b assembly
4933424G06Rik assembly
Fam178b assembly
Cnot11 assembly
Cracdl assembly
1700101I19Rik assembly
Zfp451 assembly
Tbc1d8 assembly
Rev1 assembly
Cnnm3 assembly
Cnnm4 assembly
Khdrbs2 assembly
Hspe1 assembly
Mob4 assembly
Nck2 assembly
Tmeff2 assembly
1700019A02Rik assembly
Asnsd1 assembly
Hsfy2 assembly
8430432A02Rik assembly
Poglut2 assembly
Gulp1 assembly
1700066M21Rik assembly
Wdr75 assembly
4930434H03Rik assembly
Rftn2 assembly
Nck2 assembly
Boll assembly
Tex30 assembly
Ccdc150 assembly
Ecrg4 assembly
Gpr45 assembly
Col5a2 assembly
Bmpr2 assembly
Creb1 assembly
Bzw1 assembly
Spats2l assembly
C2cd6 assembly
Ppil3 assembly
Ica1l assembly
Pard3b assembly
Zdbf2 assembly
Flacc1 assembly
4933402D24Rik assembly
Fastkd2 assembly
Cyp20a1 assembly
Eef1b2 assembly
Nop58 assembly
Slc23a3 assembly
Tuba4a assembly
Cdk5r2 assembly
Pikfyve assembly
Rpe assembly
Bcs1l assembly
Zfand2b assembly
Gmppa assembly
Crygf assembly
Stk11ip assembly
Stk36 assembly
Abcb6 assembly
Glb1l assembly
Cyp27a1 assembly
Spag16 assembly
Nhej1 assembly
Arpc2 assembly
Slc4a3 assembly
Dnajb2 assembly
Pnkd assembly
Pecr assembly
Pth2r assembly
Farsb assembly
Cul3 assembly
Mogat1 assembly
Wdfy1 assembly
Alppl2 assembly
Glrp1 assembly
Per2 assembly
Dnajb3 assembly
Agfg1 assembly
Nmur1 assembly
Ecel1 assembly
Fbxo36 assembly
Tm4sf20 assembly
Eif4e2 assembly
Ilkap assembly
Prss56 assembly
Psmd1 assembly
Armc9 assembly
Klhl30 assembly
4933407L21Rik assembly
Daw1 assembly
Slc16a14 assembly
Tex44 assembly
2810459M11Rik assembly
Snorc assembly
4833421G17Rik assembly
Spata3 assembly
Iqca1 assembly
Spp2 assembly
Alpi assembly
Rhbdd1 assembly
A030005L19Rik assembly
Sphkap assembly
Ptma assembly
Irs1 assembly
St8sia4 assembly
Vps4b assembly
Pign assembly
Ing5 assembly
Ppp1r7 assembly
Thap4 assembly
Ndufa10 assembly
Fam174a assembly
Slco6b1 assembly
Mterf4 assembly
Kdsr assembly
5033417F24Rik assembly
Slco6d1 assembly
Serpinb12 assembly
Slco6c1 assembly
Relch assembly
Gpr35 assembly
Serpinb7 assembly
Pask assembly
Serpinb8 assembly
Ptpn4 assembly
Ddx18 assembly
Steap3 assembly
2610027F03Rik assembly
Insig2 assembly
3110009E18Rik assembly
Clasp1 assembly
Ccdc93 assembly
Ralb assembly
Tfcp2l1 assembly
Dbi assembly
Gpr39 assembly
Zranb3 assembly
Tmem163 assembly
Actr3 assembly
Lrrn2 assembly
Mapkapk2 assembly
Srgap2 assembly
Mcm6 assembly
Avpr1b assembly
Tmem183a assembly
Ubxn4 assembly
Golt1a assembly
Fcmr assembly
Kdm5b assembly
Zc3h11a assembly
Chit1 assembly
Adipor1 assembly
Nuak2 assembly
Pfkfb2 assembly
Dstyk assembly
Il24 assembly
Adora1 assembly
Kif14 assembly
Elf3 assembly
Aspm assembly
Timm17a assembly
B3galt2 assembly
Uchl5 assembly
Ddx59 assembly
Arl8a assembly
Ppp1r12b assembly
Glrx2 assembly
Inava assembly
Mroh3 assembly
Lmod1 assembly
Rgl1 assembly
Rnasel assembly
Tsen15 assembly
Swt1 assembly
Rgs8 assembly
Apobec4 assembly
Npl assembly
Glul assembly
Qsox1 assembly
Acbd6 assembly
Angptl1 assembly
Tex35 assembly
Tor1aip2 assembly
Nphs2 assembly
Kifap3 assembly
Cacybp assembly
Fmo1 assembly
Prdx6-rs3 assembly
Rabgap1l assembly
Vamp4 assembly
Blzf1 assembly
Prrc2c assembly
Fmo2 assembly
Cenpl assembly
Mettl13 assembly
Rabgap1l assembly
1600012P17Rik assembly
Ankrd45 assembly
Ccdc181 assembly
Tex50 assembly
4930562F07Rik assembly
Rabgap1l assembly
Mroh9 assembly
Sec16b assembly
Ppox assembly
F11r assembly
Itln1 assembly
Dedd assembly
Uhmk1 assembly
Sh2d1b1 assembly
Aldh9a1 assembly
Tbx19 assembly
Alyref2 assembly
Pcp4l1 assembly
Mgst3 assembly
Mpc2 assembly
Nos1ap assembly
Nectin4 assembly
Rgs5 assembly
Tada1 assembly
Dcaf6 assembly
Slamf8 assembly
Slamf7 assembly
Dpt assembly
Ifi205 assembly
Opn3 assembly
Grem2 assembly
Zbtb18 assembly
Rbm8a assembly
Cox20 assembly
Efcab2 assembly
Dusp23 assembly
Spmip3 assembly
Smyd3 assembly
Sdccag8 assembly
Cep170 assembly
Wdr64 assembly
4930527J03Rik assembly
Desi2 assembly
Cadm3 assembly
Bpnt1 assembly
Mtarc1 assembly
Mtarc2 assembly
Coq8a assembly
Nvl assembly
Pycr2 assembly
Cnih3 assembly
1700056E22Rik assembly
4930433J02Rik assembly
Eprs1 assembly
Cnih4 assembly
Acbd3 assembly
Capn8 assembly
Esrrg assembly
Rrp15 assembly
Gpatch2 assembly
Spata17 assembly
Atf3 assembly
Nenf assembly
Smyd2 assembly
Tatdn3 assembly
Rd3 assembly
Spata45 assembly
Dtl assembly
Batf3 assembly
Resp18 assembly
Stk16 assembly
Csrp1 assembly
Gsta3 assembly
Tnr assembly
Ndufb3 assembly
B4galt3 assembly
Crb1 assembly
Rnpep assembly
Farp2 assembly
Atp6v1g3 assembly
Asb18 assembly
Stradb assembly
Pnkd assembly
Snrpe assembly
Acmsd assembly
B3gnt7 assembly
Odr4 assembly
Lpgat1 assembly
Tmem63a assembly
Lyplal1 assembly
Sde2 assembly
Klhl12 assembly
Camk1g assembly
Carf assembly
Dyrk3 assembly
Fmo4 assembly
Gpbar1 assembly
Cmklr2 assembly
Mark1 assembly
Mpp4 assembly
Ctdsp1 assembly
Nme7 assembly
Plekhb2 assembly
Prkag3 assembly
Rab29 assembly
Adcy10 assembly
Tfap2d assembly
Trpm8 assembly
Map3k19 assembly
Sp140l2 assembly
Fam124b assembly
Aqp12 assembly
Abca12 assembly
Asic4 assembly
Teddm2 assembly
Ino80d assembly
Eif5b assembly
Cryzl2 assembly
Retreg2 assembly
Dennd1b assembly
Unc80 assembly
Hycc2 assembly
Cspp1 assembly
Marchf4 assembly
Cntn2 assembly
Fev assembly
Lgsn assembly
Il19 assembly
Cxcr1 assembly
Kiss1 assembly
Neurl3 assembly
Mgat4a assembly
Neu4 assembly
Plekha6 assembly
R3hdm1 assembly
Satb2 assembly
Tnn assembly
Mgat4f assembly
Mcmdc2 assembly
Cpa6 assembly
Igfn1 assembly
Ankmy1 assembly
C1ql2 assembly
C230029F24Rik assembly
Kansl1l assembly
Kif26b assembly
Ankrd44 assembly
Il17f assembly
Ano7 assembly
Serpinb13 assembly
Serpinb3b assembly
Serpinb3d assembly
Sned1 assembly
Eif4a-ps4 assembly
Smt3h2-ps4 assembly
5033404E19Rik assembly
Ifi208 assembly
Fmo6 assembly
Ifi211 assembly
A530053M12Rik assembly
Itlnb assembly
Serpinb3a assembly
Rn4.5s-ps4 assembly
D2Jpk1 ePCR
Nras-ps2 assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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