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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Casp4 assembly
Casp12 assembly
Alkbh8 assembly
Kbtbd3 assembly
Cwf19l2 assembly
Arhgap42 assembly
Pdgfd assembly
Ddi1 assembly
Aasdhppt assembly
1700128F08Rik assembly
Dcun1d5 assembly
Alkbh8 assembly
Birc2 assembly
4930433N12Rik assembly
Phxr4 assembly
Cep57 assembly
Or1m1 assembly
Cdc37 assembly
Or7e165 assembly
Fbxl12 assembly
Eif3g assembly
Keap1 assembly
Cwc15 assembly
Chordc1 assembly
Fdx2 assembly
Vstm5 assembly
1700012B09Rik assembly
Angptl6 assembly
4931406C07Rik assembly
Raver1 assembly
Endod1 assembly
Zfp558 assembly
Naalad2 assembly
Mbd3l1 assembly
Muc16 assembly
Taf1d assembly
Amotl1 assembly
Sesn3 assembly
1700084C06Rik assembly
Icam4 assembly
Tyk2 assembly
Ankrd49 assembly
Sesn3 assembly
Mrpl4 assembly
Tmed1 assembly
Ecsit assembly
Carm1 assembly
Pigyl assembly
Swsap1 assembly
Ccdc159 assembly
Eepd1 assembly
Dock6 assembly
Herpud2 assembly
Glb1l3 assembly
Rgl3 assembly
Anln assembly
Bmper assembly
Dock6 assembly
B3gat1 assembly
Odad3 assembly
Thyn1 assembly
Ncapd3 assembly
Qtrt1 assembly
S1pr5 assembly
Rp9 assembly
Chek1 assembly
St3gal4 assembly
Pus3 assembly
Srpra assembly
Pate6 assembly
Rpusd4 assembly
2700018L24Rik assembly
Pate5 assembly
4930581F22Rik assembly
Tmed2 assembly
Pate4 assembly
Tirap assembly
Fdx1 assembly
Hyou1 assembly
Or8d1 assembly
Or8c9 assembly
Fxyd2 assembly
Sorl1 assembly
Slc37a4 assembly
Spa17 assembly
Or8g20 assembly
Robo3 assembly
Zw10 assembly
Timm8b assembly
Sc5d assembly
Usp2 assembly
Htr3b assembly
Apoa5 assembly
Sdhd assembly
Vwa5a assembly
Plet1 assembly
Esam assembly
Arhgef12 assembly
Pou2af2 assembly
2010007H06Rik assembly
Jhy assembly
Vps11 assembly
C2cd2l assembly
Pih1d2 assembly
Hoatz assembly
Dscaml1 assembly
Cfap68 assembly
Dixdc1 assembly
Tmem225 assembly
C030014I23Rik assembly
Gramd1b assembly
Trappc4 assembly
Nectin1 assembly
Vsig2 assembly
Slc37a2 assembly
Bcl9l assembly
Zfp202 assembly
Tmprss5 assembly
Dscaml1 assembly
Bco2 assembly
Tle3 assembly
Stra6 assembly
Clk3 assembly
Hcn4 assembly
Pstpip1 assembly
Arih1 assembly
Psma4 assembly
Rcn2 assembly
Commd4 assembly
Sln assembly
Hmg20a assembly
Mpi assembly
Parp6 assembly
Ubl7 assembly
Skic8 assembly
Isl2 assembly
Senp8 assembly
Ulk3 assembly
Fbxo22 assembly
Uaca assembly
Neil1 assembly
1700036A12Rik assembly
Rec114 assembly
Man2c1 assembly
Paqr5 assembly
1700017B05Rik assembly
Tbc1d21 assembly
4930510E17Rik assembly
Ccdc33 assembly
Cul5 assembly
Dmxl2 assembly
Parp6 assembly
9230112J17Rik assembly
Tspan3 assembly
Ptpn9 assembly
Arid3b assembly
Nrg4 assembly
Tex9 assembly
Smad3 assembly
Smad6 assembly
Pdcd7 assembly
Hacd3 assembly
Aqp9 assembly
Pigb assembly
Tipin assembly
Myo1e assembly
Aagab assembly
Snapc5 assembly
Dnaaf4 assembly
Sltm assembly
Rpl4 assembly
Rps27l assembly
Zwilch assembly
Cgnl1 assembly
Ciao2a assembly
Aph1c assembly
2300009A05Rik assembly
Mtfmt assembly
Aph1b assembly
Gcnt3 assembly
Pygo1 assembly
Ccpg1 assembly
Krtap21-1 assembly
Dpp8 assembly
Kbtbd13 assembly
C2cd4b assembly
Fam81a assembly
Iqch assembly
Herc1 assembly
Snx1 assembly
Trip4 assembly
Lactb assembly
Ccnb2 assembly
Eef1a1 assembly
Gsta4 assembly
Arpp19 assembly
Carnmt1 assembly
4930542C12Rik assembly
Ooep assembly
Mto1 assembly
Mlip assembly
Cilk1 assembly
Mapk6 assembly
A930005C09Rik assembly
Filip1 assembly
Phip assembly
Hmgn3 assembly
Snap91 assembly
Ube3d assembly
Zfp949 assembly
Snhg5 assembly
Pgm3 assembly
Tbx18 assembly
Syncrip assembly
Nt5e assembly
Plscr2 assembly
Plscr1 assembly
Tfdp2 assembly
Atr assembly
Foxl2 assembly
U2surp assembly
2610303G11Rik assembly
Prr23a3 assembly
Nmnat3 assembly
Pik3cb assembly
Trim42 assembly
Mrps22 assembly
Clstn2 assembly
Rasa2 assembly
Xrn1 assembly
Tex264 assembly
Stag1 assembly
Naa80 assembly
Aste1 assembly
Uba5 assembly
Nprl2 assembly
Iqcf4 assembly
Cep70 assembly
Poc1a assembly
5730493B19Rik assembly
Inhca assembly
Dzip1l assembly
Cpne4 assembly
Armc8 assembly
Iqcf1 assembly
Manf assembly
Iqcf5 assembly
Pik3r4 assembly
Nudt16 assembly
Slc38a3 assembly
Abhd14b assembly
Atp2c1 assembly
Wdr82 assembly
Dbr1 assembly
Rad54l2 assembly
Alas1 assembly
Ubp1 assembly
Ngp assembly
Sema3f assembly
Pdcd6ip assembly
Ip6k1 assembly
Nicn1 assembly
Ndufaf3 assembly
Shisa5 assembly
Nradd assembly
Actl11 assembly
Inka1 assembly
Tmem89 assembly
Cdhr4 assembly
4933411B09Rik assembly
Lrrfip2 assembly
Qars1 assembly
Ccdc12 assembly
Mon1a assembly
Lrrc2 assembly
4930506F14Rik assembly
Clasp2 assembly
Ip6k2 assembly
Fbxw27 assembly
Trank1 assembly
Atrip assembly
Klhdc8b assembly
Slc25a20 assembly
Wdr6 assembly
Nckipsd assembly
Slc26a6 assembly
Ucn2 assembly
Rpl24 assembly
Stt3b assembly
Gadl1 assembly
Zcwpw2 assembly
Cmc1 assembly
Kif15 assembly
Ccr8 assembly
Vill assembly
Xcr1 assembly
Ackr2 assembly
1110059G10Rik assembly
Exosc7 assembly
Abhd5 assembly
Wdr48 assembly
Zdhhc3 assembly
Eif1b assembly
Ctdspl assembly
Fyco1 assembly
Tmem42 assembly
Klhl40 assembly
Ccdc13 assembly
Ttc21a assembly
Ulk4 assembly
Hhatl assembly
Higd1a assembly
Acaa1a assembly
Oaz2 assembly
Nck1 assembly
Azi2 assembly
Rpl14 assembly
Pclaf assembly
Fbxo9 assembly
Cox5a assembly
Plcd1 assembly
Rab3d assembly
Or8g19 assembly
Or7e178 assembly
Syncrip assembly
Tmem123 assembly
Tlr9 assembly
Rbm5 assembly
Dync1li1 assembly
Ice2 assembly
Cspg4 assembly
Plxnb1 assembly
Mtnr1b assembly
Spsb4 assembly
Camkv assembly
Zfp810 assembly
Kank2 assembly
Cplx3 assembly
Tmem45b assembly
Plppr2 assembly
Msantd2 assembly
Zfp280d assembly
Herc1 assembly
Ttc36 assembly
Slc24a1 assembly
Tmprss4 assembly
Acsbg1 assembly
Zmynd10 assembly
Dock3 assembly
Rtp3 assembly
Arhgap32 assembly
Rhoa assembly
Rnf7 assembly
Ptpn23 assembly
Minar1 assembly
Atosa assembly
Csnk1g1 assembly
Ntm assembly
Prss42 assembly
Gpd1l assembly
Thsd4 assembly
Slc25a38 assembly
Zfp609 assembly
Lman1l assembly
Kri1 assembly
Sidt2 assembly
Foxred1 assembly
Cep164 assembly
Zbtb44 assembly
Glb1l2 assembly
BC043934 assembly
Cimap1c assembly
Bsx assembly
Cx3cr1 assembly
Fez1 assembly
Gmppb assembly
Gtf2a2 assembly
Or8g17 assembly
Or8b3 assembly
Or10n1 assembly
Or10d1b assembly
Or8g50 assembly
Or8a1 assembly
Rps25 assembly
Slc9a9 assembly
Unc13c assembly
1600029O15Rik assembly
Piwil4 assembly
Cfap300 assembly
9630041A04Rik assembly
Ankk1 assembly
Olfm2 assembly
Kirrel3os assembly
Tmem205 assembly
Smco4 assembly
Zfp599 assembly
Dclk3 assembly
Gask1a assembly
Klhl31 assembly
Rps27 assembly
Hmgb1-rs16 assembly
Cycs-ps1 assembly
Mthfs assembly
Nr1h2-ps assembly
Rnf123 assembly
4930579C12Rik assembly
BC050972 assembly
9330154J02Rik assembly
9430025E04Rik assembly
9530085L02Rik assembly
7030419G21Rik assembly
Fbxw15 assembly
Fbxw19 assembly
AY074887 assembly
Slc51b assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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