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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Sdcbp assembly
Nsmaf assembly
Plag1 assembly
Asph assembly
Rps20 assembly
Clvs1 assembly
Rab2a assembly
Tgs1 assembly
Cdh17 assembly
Ccne2 assembly
Virma assembly
Decr1 assembly
Cibar1 assembly
Rbm12b1 assembly
Pip4p2 assembly
Lrrc69 assembly
Fut9 assembly
Cngb3 assembly
Ttpa assembly
Fhl5 assembly
Rmdn1 assembly
Ufl1 assembly
4930528A17Rik assembly
Ndufaf4 assembly
1700025O08Rik assembly
Slc7a13 assembly
Tstd3 assembly
Gpr63 assembly
Bach2 assembly
Zfp292 assembly
Smim8 assembly
Smim27 assembly
Spaca1 assembly
5830493J20Rik assembly
Ube2j1 assembly
Bag1 assembly
Or13c7e-ps1 assembly
Aqp7 assembly
Aqp3 assembly
Unc13b assembly
Gne assembly
Dctn3 assembly
Pigo assembly
Aptx assembly
Stoml2 assembly
1700022I11Rik assembly
Ube2r2 assembly
Hint2 assembly
Dcaf12 assembly
Enho assembly
Rpp25l assembly
Glipr2 assembly
Hrct1 assembly
Fam219a assembly
Spmip6 assembly
Nfx1 assembly
2310029O18Rik assembly
Fam219aos assembly
Kif24 assembly
Fancg assembly
Dnajb5 assembly
Ubap1 assembly
Clta assembly
Tpm2 assembly
Nr4a3 assembly
Exosc3 assembly
Alg2 assembly
Anp32b assembly
Cavin4 assembly
Trmt10b assembly
Msantd3 assembly
Aldh1b1 assembly
Stra6l assembly
Trim14 assembly
Trmo assembly
Igfbpl1 assembly
Grhpr assembly
Tmeff1 assembly
Polr1e assembly
Nans assembly
Ppp3r2 assembly
Nipsnap3b assembly
Smc2 assembly
Toporsl assembly
Nipsnap3a assembly
Cylc2 assembly
Kif12 assembly
Ctnnal1 assembly
Astn2 assembly
Aknaos assembly
Ptgr1 assembly
Txndc8 assembly
Trim32 assembly
Prpf4 assembly
Wdr31 assembly
Hsdl2 assembly
Zfp618 assembly
Zfp618 assembly
Hdhd3 assembly
Tex48 assembly
Whrn assembly
Pole3 assembly
Pakap assembly
Bspry assembly
Cdk5rap2 assembly
Brinp1 assembly
Tle1 assembly
Dmac1 assembly
Zdhhc21 assembly
Ttc39b assembly
2310002L09Rik assembly
Ccdc171 assembly
Saxo1 assembly
Adamtsl1 assembly
Rps6 assembly
Ifnab assembly
Hacd4 assembly
Mtap assembly
4930553M12Rik assembly
Ift74 assembly
Caap1 assembly
Tusc1 assembly
Izumo3 assembly
Eqtn assembly
Cyp2j9 assembly
Fggy assembly
Hook1 assembly
Oma1 assembly
Dock7 assembly
Dynlt5 assembly
Itgb3bp assembly
4921539E11Rik assembly
Mier1 assembly
4930456L15Rik assembly
0610025J13Rik assembly
Tm2d1 assembly
Eps15 assembly
Lrp8 assembly
Rnf11 assembly
Txndc12 assembly
Magohb assembly
Acot11 assembly
Tceanc2 assembly
Cmpk1 assembly
Tspan1 assembly
Mmachc assembly
Bend5 assembly
Lurap1 assembly
Ccdc163 assembly
Czib assembly
Coa7 assembly
Rab3b assembly
Mutyh assembly
Toe1 assembly
1700021J08Rik assembly
Ttc4 assembly
Ssbp3 assembly
2700068H02Rik assembly
Usp24 assembly
Ndc1 assembly
4930522H14Rik assembly
Dhcr24 assembly
Tex38 assembly
Dhcr24 assembly
Tmem275 assembly
Pomgnt1 assembly
Gpbp1l1 assembly
Lrp8os1 assembly
Uqcrh assembly
Agbl4 assembly
Dmrtb1 assembly
Tmem59 assembly
Akr1a1 assembly
Mast2 assembly
Mtf1 assembly
Hivep3 assembly
St3gal3 assembly
Artn assembly
Fhl3 assembly
B4galt2 assembly
P3h1 assembly
Dmap1 assembly
2610528J11Rik assembly
Rnf220 assembly
Utp11 assembly
Ppcs assembly
Med8 assembly
Akirin1 assembly
Hyi assembly
Meaf6 assembly
3100002H09Rik assembly
Ccdc30 assembly
1700102N10Rik assembly
Kif2c assembly
Sf3a3 assembly
Tmem269 assembly
Ccdc30 assembly
Tmem53 assembly
Mfsd2a assembly
9530002B09Rik assembly
9530034E10Rik assembly
Eri3 assembly
Cap1 assembly
Ybx1 assembly
Ncdn assembly
Mrps15 assembly
Sh3d21 assembly
Csmd2os assembly
Smim12 assembly
Kpna6 assembly
Rbbp4 assembly
Ptp4a2 assembly
Ccdc28b assembly
Zbtb8os assembly
Zbtb8a assembly
S100pbp assembly
Rnf19b assembly
Tmem39b assembly
Tmem234 assembly
Tssk3 assembly
Gpr3 assembly
Rps6ka1 assembly
Nudc assembly
Hp1bp3 assembly
E2f2 assembly
Kif17 assembly
Ddost assembly
Tcea3 assembly
Srsf10 assembly
Lypla2 assembly
Clic4 assembly
Srrm1 assembly
Sfn assembly
Akr7a5 assembly
Snrnp40 assembly
Rnf186 assembly
Nkain1 assembly
Med18 assembly
Ubxn11 assembly
Tex46 assembly
Pnrc2 assembly
Pef1 assembly
Syf2 assembly
Kdf1 assembly
Cd164l2 assembly
Aunip assembly
Mrto4 assembly
Fuca1 assembly
Trnau1ap assembly
Tmem50a assembly
Cda assembly
Otud3 assembly
1700029M20Rik assembly
Hnrnpr assembly
Nipal3 assembly
Selenon assembly
Vwa5b1 assembly
Rap1gap assembly
Stpg1 assembly
AB041806 assembly
Gmeb1 assembly
Tinagl1 assembly
Zbtb17 assembly
Casp9 assembly
Vamp3 assembly
Agtrap assembly
Uts2 assembly
Clcn6 assembly
Hspb7 assembly
Spen assembly
Efhd2 assembly
Trmt112 assembly
Sdhb assembly
Cfap107 assembly
Cenps assembly
Draxin assembly
Slc25a33 assembly
Mad2l2 assembly
Fhad1 assembly
Nol9 assembly
Errfi1 assembly
Fblim1 assembly
2510039O18Rik assembly
Pramel13os assembly
Clstn1 assembly
Clcnkb assembly
Park7 assembly
Sdf4 assembly
Dffb assembly
Mmp23 assembly
Mmel1 assembly
Wrap73 assembly
Tprg1l assembly
1500002C15Rik assembly
Tmem52 assembly
Prdm16 assembly
Mxra8 assembly
Mrpl20 assembly
4930533B18Rik assembly
Chd5 assembly
Nphp4 assembly
Ttll10 assembly
Morn1 assembly
Ssu72 assembly
Vwa1 assembly
Rpl22 assembly
Dnaja1 assembly
Serf2 assembly
Cdc20 assembly
Cited4 assembly
Atp6v1g1 assembly
Orc3 assembly
Klf17 assembly
Sytl1 assembly
Psip1 assembly
Topors assembly
Ndufs5 assembly
Yars1 assembly
Rex2 assembly
Clcnka assembly
Or13p10 assembly
Slc35a1 assembly
Ripk2 assembly
Sgip1 assembly
9530057J20Rik assembly
Zfp979 assembly
Lsm10 assembly
Ankrd6 assembly
Usp48 assembly
Tnfsf15 assembly
Nadk assembly
Map7d1 assembly
Slc26a7 assembly
Tmem51 assembly
Cdk5rap2 assembly
Cyp2j13 assembly
Usp1 assembly
Tesk2 assembly
Ipo13 assembly
Pdik1l assembly
Hcrtr1 assembly
Tardbp assembly
Ifnlr1 assembly
Acnat2 assembly
Themis2 assembly
Ago1 assembly
Car9 assembly
Ifnz assembly
Adgrb2 assembly
Atg4c assembly
Sesn2 assembly
Dmrta1 assembly
Dmrta2 assembly
Gba2 assembly
Padi6 assembly
Ftl2-ps assembly
Isg15 assembly
BC005685 assembly
Slc66a1 assembly
Efcab7 assembly
Yrdc assembly
Zbtb8b assembly
Fam151a assembly
Rspo1 assembly
1700045I11Rik assembly
Mup10 assembly
4930466F19Rik assembly
Eif4g3 assembly
4930578G10Rik assembly
Adamtsl1 assembly
Crybg2 assembly
Atpaf1 assembly
Gnl2 assembly
Tex10 assembly
Fam76a assembly
Zyg11a assembly
Plekhg5 assembly
BC024537 assembly
Abitram assembly
Iqcc assembly
Pars2 assembly
Esrp1 assembly
Casz1 assembly
Zc3h12a assembly
Sh2d5 assembly
Ttll10 assembly
Spata31f3 assembly
Igsf21 assembly
Szt2 assembly
Slc45a1 assembly
Fbxo10 assembly
Fbxo2 assembly
Foxo6 assembly
Frmpd1 assembly
Ifna12 assembly
Ifna13 assembly
Ifnk assembly
Ifne assembly
Kdm4a assembly
Man1c1 assembly
Pabpc4 assembly
Phf13 assembly
Podn assembly
Srsf12 assembly
Tnfrsf14 assembly
Zscan20 assembly
Plekhn1 assembly
Samd11 assembly
Ttc22 assembly
Dynlt4 assembly
Slfnl1 assembly
Ccin assembly
4933430I17Rik assembly
Zfp691 assembly
Airim assembly
Skint9 assembly
Skint3 assembly
Tmem69 assembly
Cyp4a31 assembly
Tmem82 assembly
Dnai4 assembly
Fam167b assembly
Tmem39b assembly
Frem1 assembly
Cimap2 assembly
Rimkla assembly
Tstd2 assembly
Skint7 assembly
C130073F10Rik assembly
Catsper4 assembly
Cdcp2 assembly
Dlgap3 assembly
Leprot assembly
Sdr16c5 assembly
Hmgb1-rs18 assembly
Bhmt-ps1 assembly
Hspe1-ps4 assembly
B230220N19Rik assembly
Trim63 assembly
BC039966 assembly
D130007C19Rik assembly
9430025C20Rik assembly
Pramel20 assembly
Zdhhc18 assembly
Crocc assembly
Rbpj-ps1 assembly
Rbpj-ps2 assembly
Ldha-ps2 assembly
Tcp1-ps1 assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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