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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:90438 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and loading genome assembly coordinates from NCBI annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Cyp2c54 assembly
Gm4844 assembly
Gm6386 assembly
Gm9276 assembly
Gm9277 assembly
Gm8184 assembly
Gm7795 assembly
EG668016 assembly
EG668608 assembly
Rps15a-ps2 assembly
Gm5248 assembly
Gm5247 assembly
Gm7810 assembly
Gm7798 assembly
Calhm1 assembly
Cyp26c1 assembly
Gm16446 assembly
Gm6020 assembly
EG666101 assembly
Gm6365 assembly
Gm6684 assembly
Gm9037 assembly
Gm4952 assembly
EG235855 assembly
EG667839 assembly
EG257761 assembly
Gm5693 assembly
Gm8222 assembly
Gm6545 assembly
Ms4a4a assembly
Rab11b-ps2 assembly
Gm6951 assembly
EG665978 assembly
Gm9056 assembly
Gm8034 assembly
EG628458 assembly
Gm8717 assembly
Gm8405 assembly
EG667850 assembly
EG667856 assembly
Gm6975 assembly
Gm7105 assembly
Cyp2c52-ps assembly
Gm9084 assembly
Gm8980 assembly
Lipo2 assembly
Gm16437 assembly
Rpl31-ps20 assembly
EG257719 assembly
Gm9070 assembly
Gm9067 assembly
Rpl31-ps18 assembly
Gm6252 assembly
EG433219 assembly
Gm10819 assembly
Gm16470 assembly
Gm4843 assembly
EG668551 assembly
H1f11-ps assembly
Cc2d2b assembly
Gm9099 assembly
Gm8369 assembly
Gm7074 assembly
Ldhb-ps assembly
Gm5512 assembly
Gm5513 assembly
Ppp1r2-ps3 assembly
Gm6501 assembly
Or5b105 assembly
Gm5519 assembly
Calhm3 assembly
Gm8658 assembly
Gm8943 assembly
Slc22a28 assembly
Gm6813 assembly
Pdzd7 assembly
EG667078 assembly
EG667074 assembly
Gm5521 assembly
EG668067 assembly
EG666158 assembly
Gm6425 assembly
Gm8781 assembly
Gm8783 assembly
EG545274 assembly
Gm5246 assembly
Cyp2c53-ps assembly
Gm8928 assembly
Gm5249 assembly
Gm6788 assembly
EG630743 assembly
Gm7096 assembly
Gm8789 assembly
EG667361 assembly
Gm6563 assembly
Rpl37-ps1 assembly
Gm5244 assembly
Gm5692 assembly
Gm7159 assembly
EG257763 assembly
EG257765 assembly
EG257764 assembly
Olfr1488-ps1 assembly
Gm8825 assembly
Gm9042 assembly
Gm16396 assembly
Gm7053 assembly
EG666871 assembly
Gm6776 assembly
Gm6937 assembly
Gm10820 assembly
Lipo1 assembly
Gm8412 assembly
Gm8851 assembly
Gm5827 assembly
Gm8988 assembly
Gm4757 assembly
Sh3pxd2a assembly
Gm8250 assembly
Gm9066 assembly
Gm8978 assembly
Gm8630 assembly
Gm8157 assembly
Gm8380 assembly
Gm6967 assembly
Hmgb1-ps4 assembly
EG621730 assembly
Gm5510 assembly
Lipo5 assembly
Gm8974 assembly
EG668093 assembly
EG668099 assembly
Gm9233 assembly
Gm6642 assembly
Nsa2-ps1 assembly
Gm5517 assembly
Gm5518 assembly
Morf4l1b assembly
Gm7102 assembly
Gm8663 assembly
Gm5822 assembly
Mif-ps9 assembly
Rpl13a-ps1 assembly
EG433259 assembly
Gm6293 assembly
EG666088 assembly
Gm6807 assembly
EG257762 assembly
EG257767 assembly
Gm5242 assembly
Gm5243 assembly
Rpl29-ps6 assembly
Gm5511 assembly
Gm5516 assembly
Gm6192 assembly
Gm6445 assembly
Gm15801 assembly
Lipo4 assembly
Gm7051 assembly
Gm7237 assembly
Gm7355 assembly
Gm7793 assembly
Gm8189 assembly
Or5b110-ps1 assembly
Hectd2os assembly
Gm9493 assembly
Gm9494 assembly
Gm9529 assembly
Gm9538 assembly
Gm9563 assembly
Gm9618 assembly
Gm9688 assembly
Gm9707 assembly
Gm2106 assembly
Gm2141 assembly
Gm2168 assembly
Gm2304 assembly
Gm2380 assembly
Gm2403 assembly
Gm2485 assembly
Gm2518 assembly
Gm2548 assembly
Gm2601 assembly
Gm2617 assembly
Gm2621 assembly
Gm2624 assembly
Gm2630 assembly
Gm2655 assembly
Scgb2a2 assembly
Gm2667 assembly
Gm2672 assembly
Gm3188 assembly
Gm3329 assembly
Gm3398 assembly
Gm3407 assembly
Gm3427 assembly
Gm3431 assembly
Gm3443 assembly
Gm3541 assembly
Gm3548 assembly
Gm3621 assembly
Gm3640 assembly
Gm3658 assembly
Gm3689 assembly
Gm3709 assembly
Gm3728 assembly
Gm3769 assembly
Gm3773 assembly
Gm3775 assembly
Gm3853 assembly
Gm3865 assembly
Ndufb4b assembly
Gm3875 assembly
Gm3885 assembly
Gm3911 assembly
Gm3916 assembly
Gm3927 assembly
Gm3929 assembly
Gm3939 assembly
Gm3975 assembly
Gm4010 assembly
Gm4060 assembly
Gm4095 assembly
Gm4110 assembly
Gm4112 assembly
Gm4115 assembly
Gm4143 assembly
Gm4161 assembly
Rpl10-ps6 assembly
Gm4183 assembly
Gm4219 assembly
Csf1r-ps assembly
Gm4225 assembly
Gm4238 assembly
Gm4242 assembly
Gm4269 assembly
Gm4311 assembly
AA387883 assembly
Gm4466 assembly
Gm4470 assembly
Gm4483 assembly
Gm4533 assembly
Kdm2a assembly
Gm2423 assembly
Cyp2c69 assembly
Gm17800 assembly
Gm17802 assembly
Gm17819 assembly
Gm17842 assembly
Cnn2-ps assembly
Gm17885 assembly
Gm17886 assembly
Gm17894 assembly
Gm17926 assembly
Gm18104 assembly
Gm18161 assembly
Gm18230 assembly
Gm18293 assembly
Gm18379 assembly
Gm18380 assembly
Gm18425 assembly
Gm18490 assembly
Gm18543 assembly
Gm18544 assembly
Gm18610 assembly
Gm18657 assembly
Gm18842 assembly
Gm18936 assembly
Gm18951 assembly
Gm18999 assembly
Gm19023 assembly
Gm19053 assembly
Gm19054 assembly
Gm19103 assembly
Gm19132 assembly
Gm19160 assembly
Gm19179 assembly
Gm19205 assembly
Gm19209 assembly
Gm19218 assembly
Gm19224 assembly
Gm19241 assembly
Gm19261 assembly
Gm19263 assembly
Gm19286 assembly
Selenok-ps3 assembly
Gm19312 assembly
Gm19322 assembly
Gm19328 assembly
Gm19341 assembly
Gm19352 assembly
Gm19380 assembly
Gm19392 assembly
Gm19408 assembly
Gm19414 assembly
Nsa2-ps1 assembly
Gm19424 assembly
Gm19425 assembly
Gm19437 assembly
Gm19455 assembly
Gm19474 assembly
Gm19494 assembly
Gm19505 assembly
Gm19557 assembly
Gm19574 assembly
Gm19602 assembly
Gm19639 assembly
Gm19646 assembly
Gm19690 assembly
Gm19697 assembly
Gm19698 assembly
Gm19717 assembly
Gm19724 assembly
Gm19730 assembly
Gm19754 assembly
Gm19755 assembly
Gm19788 assembly
Gm19830 assembly
Hspa12a assembly
Gm19947 assembly
Gm19956 assembly
Gm20019 assembly
Gm20030 assembly
Gm20041 assembly
Gm20106 assembly
Gm20283 assembly
Gm20295 assembly
Gm20344 assembly
Gm20569 assembly
Gm20762 assembly
Gm21060 assembly
Gm21081 assembly
Gm21105 assembly
Gm21325 assembly
Gm21328 assembly
Gm21336 assembly
Gm21345 assembly
Gm21361 assembly
Gm21375 assembly
Gm21402 assembly
Gm21408 assembly
Gm21415 assembly
Gm21542 assembly
Gm29834 assembly
Gm29846 assembly
Gm29863 assembly
Gm29898 assembly
Gm29917 assembly
Gm29946 assembly
Gm29947 assembly
Gm29974 assembly
Gm29998 assembly
Gm30021 assembly
Gm30042 assembly
Gm30082 assembly
Gm30123 assembly
Gm30234 assembly
Gm30263 assembly
Gm30381 assembly
Gm30496 assembly
Gm30541 assembly
Gm30581 assembly
Gm30627 assembly
Gm30826 assembly
Gm30840 assembly
Gm30890 assembly
Gm30943 assembly
Gm30990 assembly
Gm31070 assembly
Gm31092 assembly
Gm31119 assembly
Gm31151 assembly
Gm31166 assembly
Gm31208 assembly
Gm31300 assembly
Gm31301 assembly
Gm31331 assembly
Gm31355 assembly
Gm31356 assembly
Gm31417 assembly
Gm31418 assembly
Gm31441 assembly
Gm31506 assembly
Gm31538 assembly
Gm31568 assembly
Gm31594 assembly
Gm31595 assembly
Gm31604 assembly
Gm31719 assembly
Gm31733 assembly
Gm31734 assembly
Gm31823 assembly
Gm31911 assembly
Gm31912 assembly
Gm31964 assembly
Gm31965 assembly
Gm31978 assembly
Gm32026 assembly
Gm32027 assembly
Gm32028 assembly
Gm32042 assembly
Gm32081 assembly
Gm32109 assembly
Gm32143 assembly
Gm32144 assembly
Gm32189 assembly
Gm32245 assembly
Gm32256 assembly
Gm32257 assembly
Gm32294 assembly
Gm32341 assembly
Gm32342 assembly
Gm32343 assembly
Gm32395 assembly
Gm32396 assembly
Gm32397 assembly
Gm32440 assembly
Gm32441 assembly
Gm32469 assembly
Gm32491 assembly
Gm32492 assembly
Gm32574 assembly
Gm32575 assembly
Gm32629 assembly
Gm32689 assembly
Gm32718 assembly
Gm32750 assembly
Gm32771 assembly
Gm32873 assembly
Gm32932 assembly
Gm32960 assembly
Gm32979 assembly
Gm32980 assembly
Gm33036 assembly
Gm33132 assembly
Gm33133 assembly
Gm33288 assembly
Gm33305 assembly
Gm33306 assembly
Gm33417 assembly
Gm33465 assembly
Gm33482 assembly
Gm33545 assembly
Gm33600 assembly
Gm33649 assembly
Gm33678 assembly
Gm33705 assembly
Gm33755 assembly
Gm33756 assembly
Gm33950 assembly
Gm33951 assembly
Gm34012 assembly
Gm34076 assembly
Gm34116 assembly
Gm34186 assembly
Gm34235 assembly
Gm34236 assembly
Gm34299 assembly
Gm34300 assembly
Gm34347 assembly
Gm34377 assembly
Gm34406 assembly
Gm34432 assembly
Gm34459 assembly
Gm34516 assembly
Gm34517 assembly
Zfp950 assembly
Gm34575 assembly
Gm34636 assembly
Gm34713 assembly
Gm34778 assembly
Gm34808 assembly
Gm34922 assembly
Gm35064 assembly
Gm35103 assembly
Gm35132 assembly
Gm35183 assembly
Gm35268 assembly
Gm35269 assembly
Gm35322 assembly
Gm35349 assembly
Gm35406 assembly
Gm35438 assembly
Gm35460 assembly
Gm35483 assembly
Gm35505 assembly
Gm35554 assembly
Gm35609 assembly
Gm35610 assembly
Gm35697 assembly
Gm35754 assembly
Gm35781 assembly
Gm35782 assembly
Gm35838 assembly
Gm35839 assembly
Gm35866 assembly
Gm35867 assembly
Gm35922 assembly
Gm35923 assembly
Gm35985 assembly
Gm36006 assembly
Gm36042 assembly
Gm36043 assembly
Gm36126 assembly
Gm36178 assembly
Gm36209 assembly
Gm36258 assembly
Gm36319 assembly
Gm36339 assembly
Gm36370 assembly
Gm36394 assembly
Gm36419 assembly
Gm36492 assembly
Gm36493 assembly
Gm36494 assembly
Gm36532 assembly
Gm36566 assembly
Gm36602 assembly
Gm36608 assembly
Gm36629 assembly
Gm36655 assembly
Gm36672 assembly
Gm36693 assembly
Gm36721 assembly
Gm36773 assembly
Gm36774 assembly
Gm36775 assembly
Gm36787 assembly
Gm36829 assembly
Gm36860 assembly
Gm36871 assembly
Gm36885 assembly
Gm36913 assembly
Gm36914 assembly
Mir3084-2 assembly
Gm38486 assembly
Gm38527 assembly
Gm38568 assembly
Gm38581 assembly
Gm38597 assembly
Gm38616 assembly
Gm38621 assembly
Gm38656 assembly
Gm39582 assembly
Gm41801 assembly
Gm41802 assembly
Gm41803 assembly
Gm41804 assembly
Gm41805 assembly
Gm41806 assembly
Gm41807 assembly
Gm41808 assembly
Gm41809 assembly
Gm41810 assembly
Gm41811 assembly
Gm41812 assembly
Gm41813 assembly
Gm41814 assembly
Gm41815 assembly
Gm41816 assembly
Gm41817 assembly
Gm41818 assembly
Gm41819 assembly
Gm41820 assembly
Gm41821 assembly
Gm41822 assembly
Gm41823 assembly
Gm41824 assembly
Gm41825 assembly
Gm41826 assembly
Gm41827 assembly
Gm41828 assembly
Gm41829 assembly
Gm41830 assembly
Gm41831 assembly
Gm41832 assembly
Gm41833 assembly
Gm41834 assembly
Gm41835 assembly
Gm41836 assembly
Gm41837 assembly
Gm41838 assembly
Gm41839 assembly
Gm41840 assembly
Gm41841 assembly
Gm41842 assembly
Gm41843 assembly
Gm41844 assembly
Gm41845 assembly
Gm41846 assembly
Gm41847 assembly
Gm41848 assembly
Gm41849 assembly
Gm41850 assembly
Gm41851 assembly
Gm41852 assembly
Gm41853 assembly
Gm41854 assembly
Gm41855 assembly
Gm41856 assembly
Gm41857 assembly
Gm41858 assembly
Gm41859 assembly
Gm41860 assembly
Gm41861 assembly
Gm41862 assembly
Gm41863 assembly
Gm41864 assembly
Gm41865 assembly
Gm41866 assembly
Gm41867 assembly
Gm41868 assembly
Gm41869 assembly
Gm41870 assembly
Gm41871 assembly
Gm41872 assembly
Gm41873 assembly
Gm41874 assembly
Gm41875 assembly
Gm41876 assembly
Gm41877 assembly
Gm41878 assembly
Gm41879 assembly
Gm41880 assembly
Gm41881 assembly
Gm41882 assembly
Gm41883 assembly
Gm41884 assembly
Gm41885 assembly
Gm41886 assembly
Gm42057 assembly
Gm42058 assembly
Gm42059 assembly
Gm42060 assembly
Gm42061 assembly
Gm42062 assembly
Gm42063 assembly
Gm42064 assembly
Gm42065 assembly
Gm42066 assembly
Gm42067 assembly
Gm42068 assembly
Gm45918 assembly
Gm45928 assembly
Gm46643 assembly
Gm46644 assembly
Gm46645 assembly
Gm46646 assembly
Gm46647 assembly
Gm46648 assembly
Gm46649 assembly
Gm46650 assembly
Gm46651 assembly
Gm46652 assembly
Gm46653 assembly
Gm46654 assembly
Gm46655 assembly
Gm46656 assembly
Gm46657 assembly
Gm46658 assembly
Gm46659 assembly
Gm46660 assembly
Gm46661 assembly
Gm46662 assembly
Gm46663 assembly
Gm46664 assembly
Gm46665 assembly
Gm46666 assembly
Mir12192 assembly
Gm51429 assembly
Gm52380 assembly
Gm52381 assembly
Gm52382 assembly
Gm52383 assembly
Gm52384 assembly
Gm52385 assembly
Gm52386 assembly
Gm52387 assembly
Gm52388 assembly
Gm52389 assembly
Gm52390 assembly
Gm52391 assembly
Gm52392 assembly
Gm52393 assembly
Gm52394 assembly
Gm52395 assembly
Gm52396 assembly
Gm52397 assembly
Gm52398 assembly
Gm52399 assembly
Gm52400 assembly
Gm52401 assembly
Gm52402 assembly
Gm52403 assembly
Gm52404 assembly
Gm52405 assembly
Gm52406 assembly
Gm52407 assembly
Gm52408 assembly
Gm52412 assembly
Gm51400 assembly
Gm53143 assembly
Gm53144 assembly
Gm53145 assembly
Gm53146 assembly
Gm53193 assembly
Gm53225 assembly
Gm54044 assembly
Gm54045 assembly
Gm54046 assembly
Gm54047 assembly
Gm54048 assembly
Gm54049 assembly
Gm54050 assembly
Gm54051 assembly
Gm54052 assembly
Gm54053 assembly
Gm54054 assembly
Gm54055 assembly
Gm54056 assembly

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