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C57BL/6J Strain Detail
  • Strain Name
  • Attributes
    inbred strain
  • MGI ID
  • Synonyms
    B6, B6J, Black 6, C57 Black
  • Collection
    DO/CC Founder
SNP Profile Heat Map
  • SNPs Involving C57BL/6J
    19,171,272 from dbSNP Build 142
  • Comparison Strains
and QTL
20 associated mutations
2681 associated QTL
Allele Marker
Aaaq1C57BL/6J Aaaq1
Aaiq1C57BL/6J Aaiq1
Aaiq2C57BL/6J Aaiq2
Aaiq3C57BL/6J Aaiq3
Aaiq4C57BL/6J Aaiq4
Aaj1C57BL/6J Aaj1
Aaj2C57BL/6J Aaj2
Aaj3C57BL/6J Aaj3
Aaj4C57BL/6J Aaj4
Aalq1C57BL/6J Aalq1
Aanq1C57BL/6J Aanq1
Aanq2C57BL/6J Aanq2
Aanq3C57BL/6J Aanq3
Aanq4C57BL/6J Aanq4
Aaq1C57BL/6J Aaq1
Aaq2C57BL/6J Aaq2
Aath1C57BL/6J Aath1
Aath2C57BL/6J Aath2
Aath3C57BL/6J Aath3
Aath6C57BL/6J Aath6
Aath7C57BL/6J Aath7
Aath8C57BL/6J Aath8
Abcc6Dyscalc1-C57BL/6J Abcc6
Abd1C57BL/6J Abd1
Abfm1C57BL/6J Abfm1
Abfm2C57BL/6J Abfm2
AblpC57BL/6J Ablp
AcadsHdlq8-C57BL/6J Acads
Acdes1C57BL/6J Acdes1
Acq1C57BL/6J Acq1
Acq2C57BL/6J Acq2
Actd1C57BL/6J Actd1
Actd2C57BL/6J Actd2
Actd3C57BL/6J Actd3
Actd4C57BL/6J Actd4
Actdes1C57BL/6J Actdes1
Actdse1C57BL/6J Actdse1
Actre1C57BL/6J Actre1
Actre2C57BL/6J Actre2
Actre3C57BL/6J Actre3
Actre4C57BL/6J Actre4
Actre6C57BL/6J Actre6
Actre7C57BL/6J Actre7
Actre8C57BL/6J Actre8
Actre9C57BL/6J Actre9
Actre10C57BL/6J Actre10
Actre11C57BL/6J Actre11
Actre13C57BL/6J Actre13
Actre14C57BL/6J Actre14
Actres1C57BL/6J Actres1
Actres2C57BL/6J Actres2
Actres3C57BL/6J Actres3
Actres4C57BL/6J Actres4
Actres5C57BL/6J Actres5
Actrse1C57BL/6J Actrse1
Actrse2C57BL/6J Actrse2
Actrse3C57BL/6J Actrse3
Actrse4C57BL/6J Actrse4
Actrse5C57BL/6J Actrse5
Actvty1C57BL/6J Actvty1
Actvty2C57BL/6J Actvty2
Adip19C57BL/6J Adip19
Adip21C57BL/6J Adip21
Adip22C57BL/6J Adip22
Adip23C57BL/6J Adip23
Adip24C57BL/6J Adip24
Adip25C57BL/6J Adip25
Adq1C57BL/6J Adq1
Adq2C57BL/6J Adq2
Aec1C57BL/6J Aec1
Aec2C57BL/6J Aec2
Afpq8C57BL/6J Afpq8
Agedq1C57BL/6J Agedq1
Agedq2C57BL/6J Agedq2
AgocC57BL/6J Agoc
Agoc2C57BL/6J Agoc2
Ahl2C57BL/6J Ahl2
Ahl3C57BL/6J Ahl3
Ahl9C57BL/6J Ahl9
Ahrq1C57BL/6J Ahrq1
Alaa1C57BL/6J Alaa1
Alaa2C57BL/6J Alaa2
Alaa3C57BL/6J Alaa3
Alaa4C57BL/6J Alaa4
Albq1C57BL/6J Albq1
Albq2C57BL/6J Albq2
Albq3C57BL/6J Albq3
Albq4C57BL/6J Albq4
Albq5C57BL/6J Albq5
Albq5aC57BL/6J Albq5a
Albq5bC57BL/6J Albq5b
Albq5cC57BL/6J Albq5c
Albq6C57BL/6J Albq6
Albq7C57BL/6J Albq7
Albq8C57BL/6J Albq8
Albq9C57BL/6J Albq9
Albq21C57BL/6J Albq21
Alcdp1C57BL/6J Alcdp1
Alcdp2C57BL/6J Alcdp2
Alcp1C57BL/6J Alcp1
Alcp2C57BL/6J Alcp2
Alcp3C57BL/6J Alcp3
Alcp4C57BL/6J Alcp4
Alcp5C57BL/6J Alcp5
Alcp6C57BL/6J Alcp6
Alcp7C57BL/6J Alcp7
Alcp8C57BL/6J Alcp8
Alcp9C57BL/6J Alcp9
Alcp10C57BL/6J Alcp10
Alcp11C57BL/6J Alcp11
Alcp12C57BL/6J Alcp12
Alcp13C57BL/6J Alcp13
Alcp14C57BL/6J Alcp14
Alcp15C57BL/6J Alcp15
Alcp16C57BL/6J Alcp16
Alcp17C57BL/6J Alcp17
Alcp18C57BL/6J Alcp18
Alcp19C57BL/6J Alcp19
Alcp20C57BL/6J Alcp20
Alcp21C57BL/6J Alcp21
Alcp22C57BL/6J Alcp22
Alcp23C57BL/6J Alcp23
Alcp24C57BL/6J Alcp24
Alcw1C57BL/6J Alcw1
Alcw2C57BL/6J Alcw2
Alcw3C57BL/6J Alcw3
Alcw4C57BL/6J Alcw4
Aldee1C57BL/6J Aldee1
Aldee2C57BL/6J Aldee2
Alh1C57BL/6J Alh1
Aliq1C57BL/6J Aliq1
Aliq2C57BL/6J Aliq2
Aliq3C57BL/6J Aliq3
Aliq4C57BL/6J Aliq4
Alplq1C57BL/6J Alplq1
Alplq2C57BL/6J Alplq2
amdC57BL/6J amd
Amdt1C57BL/6J Amdt1
Amdt2C57BL/6J Amdt2
Amesf1C57BL/6J Amesf1
Amesf2C57BL/6J Amesf2
Amesf3C57BL/6J Amesf3
Amp1C57BL/6J Amp1
Amp2C57BL/6J Amp2
Angfq1C57BL/6J Angfq1
Angfq2C57BL/6J Angfq2
Angfq3C57BL/6J Angfq3
Angfq4C57BL/6J Angfq4
Angfq5C57BL/6J Angfq5
Angfq7C57BL/6J Angfq7
Angle1C57BL/6J Angle1
Angle2C57BL/6J Angle2
Angle3C57BL/6J Angle3
Angle4C57BL/6J Angle4
Angle5C57BL/6J Angle5
Angvq1C57BL/6J Angvq1
Angvq2C57BL/6J Angvq2
Aod1C57BL/6J Aod1
Aod1aC57BL/6J Aod1a
Aod1bC57BL/6J Aod1b
Aod2C57BL/6J Aod2
Aod3C57BL/6J Aod3
Aod4C57BL/6J Aod4
Aod5C57BL/6J Aod5
AordiC57BL/6J Aordi
Aorls1C57BL/6J Aorls1
Aorls2C57BL/6J Aorls2
Ap1qC57BL/6J Ap1q
Ap2qC57BL/6J Ap2q
Ap3qC57BL/6J Ap3q
Ap4qC57BL/6J Ap4q
Ap5qC57BL/6J Ap5q
Ap6qC57BL/6J Ap6q
Apsic1C57BL/6J Apsic1
Apsic2C57BL/6J Apsic2
Apsic3C57BL/6J Apsic3
Apsic4C57BL/6J Apsic4
Arbq1C57BL/6J Arbq1
Arbq2C57BL/6J Arbq2
AreqC57BL/6J Areq
ArfixC57BL/6J Arfix
Ari4C57BL/6J Ari4
Ari7C57BL/6J Ari7
Arlm1C57BL/6J Arlm1
Arlsq1C57BL/6J Arlsq1
Arlsq2C57BL/6J Arlsq2
Arrd1C57BL/6J Arrd1
Arrd2C57BL/6J Arrd2
Arrd3C57BL/6J Arrd3
Arrd4C57BL/6J Arrd4
Ars13C57BL/6J Ars13
Ars14C57BL/6J Ars14
Ars15C57BL/6J Ars15
Ars16C57BL/6J Ars16
Ars17C57BL/6J Ars17
Ars18C57BL/6J Ars18
Ars19C57BL/6J Ars19
Ars20C57BL/6J Ars20
Ars21C57BL/6J Ars21
Ars22C57BL/6J Ars22
Ars23C57BL/6J Ars23
Ars24C57BL/6J Ars24
Arti1C57BL/6J Arti1
Arti2C57BL/6J Arti2
ArtlesC57BL/6J Artles
ArwC57BL/6J Arw
Asbb1C57BL/6J Asbb1
Asbb2C57BL/6J Asbb2
Asbb3C57BL/6J Asbb3
Ascla1C57BL/6J Ascla1
Ascla2C57BL/6J Ascla2
Ascla3C57BL/6J Ascla3
Ascla4C57BL/6J Ascla4
Ascla5C57BL/6J Ascla5
Ascla6C57BL/6J Ascla6
Asp2C57BL/6J Asp2
Asp3C57BL/6J Asp3
Asubf1C57BL/6J Asubf1
Asubf2C57BL/6J Asubf2
Atfat1C57BL/6J Atfat1
Atfat2C57BL/6J Atfat2
Ath2C57BL/6J Ath2
Ath3C57BL/6J Ath3
Ath6C57BL/6J Ath6
Ath9C57BL/6J Ath9
Ath11C57BL/6J Ath11
Ath11aC57BL/6J Ath11a
Ath11bC57BL/6J Ath11b
Ath13C57BL/6J Ath13
Ath16C57BL/6J Ath16
Ath17C57BL/6J Ath17
Ath18C57BL/6J Ath18
Ath19C57BL/6J Ath19
Ath20C57BL/6J Ath20
Ath21C57BL/6J Ath21
Ath29C57BL/6J Ath29
Ath30C57BL/6J Ath30
Ath31C57BL/6J Ath31
Ath32C57BL/6J Ath32
Ath33C57BL/6J Ath33
Ath37C57BL/6J Ath37
Ath38C57BL/6J Ath38
Athla1C57BL/6J Athla1
Athsq1C57BL/6J Athsq1
Athsq2C57BL/6J Athsq2
Aubm5C57BL/6J Aubm5
Avd2q1C57BL/6J Avd2q1
Avptaq1C57BL/6J Avptaq1
Avptaq2C57BL/6J Avptaq2
Avptaq3C57BL/6J Avptaq3
Awtq1C57BL/6J Awtq1
Awtq2C57BL/6J Awtq2
AxtavC57BL/6J Axtav
AxtexC57BL/6J Axtex
Axtldb31C57BL/6J Axtldb31
Axtldb32C57BL/6J Axtldb32
Axtldb33C57BL/6J Axtldb33
AxtlmC57BL/6J Axtlm
Axtq1C57BL/6J Axtq1
Axtq2C57BL/6J Axtq2
Axtq3C57BL/6J Axtq3
Axtrb1C57BL/6J Axtrb1
Axtrb2C57BL/6J Axtrb2
Axtrb3C57BL/6J Axtrb3
Axtrb4C57BL/6J Axtrb4
Axtrb5C57BL/6J Axtrb5
Axtzm1C57BL/6J Axtzm1
Azdm1C57BL/6J Azdm1
Azdm2C57BL/6J Azdm2
Azdm3C57BL/6J Azdm3
Azdm4C57BL/6J Azdm4
Azdm5C57BL/6J Azdm5
Ba1C57BL/6J Ba1
Ba2C57BL/6J Ba2
Ba3C57BL/6J Ba3
Ba4C57BL/6J Ba4
Ba5C57BL/6J Ba5
Ba6C57BL/6J Ba6
BabrC57BL/6J Babr
Bacsq1C57BL/6J Bacsq1
Bacszq1C57BL/6J Bacszq1
Bacszq2C57BL/6J Bacszq2
Batq1C57BL/6J Batq1
Batq2C57BL/6J Batq2
Bbq1C57BL/6J Bbq1
Bczr1C57BL/6J Bczr1
Bczr2C57BL/6J Bczr2
Bczr3C57BL/6J Bczr3
Bdln1C57BL/6J Bdln1
Bdln2C57BL/6J Bdln2
Bdln7C57BL/6J Bdln7
Bdln8C57BL/6J Bdln8
Bdln9C57BL/6J Bdln9
Bdlnq7C57BL/6J Bdlnq7
Bdmass1C57BL/6J Bdmass1
Bdmass2C57BL/6J Bdmass2
Bdt1C57BL/6J Bdt1
Bdt2C57BL/6J Bdt2
Bdt3C57BL/6J Bdt3
Bdt4C57BL/6J Bdt4
Bdt5C57BL/6J Bdt5
Bdt6C57BL/6J Bdt6
Bdw1C57BL/6J Bdw1
BdwtqC57BL/6J Bdwtq
BdywtC57BL/6J Bdywt
Belr1C57BL/6J Belr1
Berr7C57BL/6J Berr7
Berr8C57BL/6J Berr8
Bfsz1C57BL/6J Bfsz1
Bfsz2C57BL/6J Bfsz2
Bglu3C57BL/6J Bglu3
Bhr1C57BL/6J Bhr1
Bhr2C57BL/6J Bhr2
Bhr3C57BL/6J Bhr3
Bhr8C57BL/6J Bhr8
Bis1C57BL/6J Bis1
Bis3C57BL/6J Bis3
Bis4C57BL/6J Bis4
Blacv1C57BL/6J Blacv1
BldpotC57BL/6J Bldpot
Blmpf1C57BL/6J Blmpf1
Blmpf2C57BL/6J Blmpf2
Blmpf3C57BL/6J Blmpf3
Blmpf4C57BL/6J Blmpf4
Blmpf5C57BL/6J Blmpf5
Blndq1C57BL/6J Blndq1
Blndq2C57BL/6J Blndq2
Bmc1C57BL/6J Bmc1
Bmc2C57BL/6J Bmc2
Bmc3C57BL/6J Bmc3
Bmc4C57BL/6J Bmc4
Bmc5C57BL/6J Bmc5
Bmc6C57BL/6J Bmc6
Bmc7C57BL/6J Bmc7
Bmc8C57BL/6J Bmc8
Bmc9C57BL/6J Bmc9
Bmc10C57BL/6J Bmc10
Bmc11C57BL/6J Bmc11
Bmch5C57BL/6J Bmch5
Bmd1C57BL/6J Bmd1
Bmd1aC57BL/6J Bmd1a
Bmd1bC57BL/6J Bmd1b
Bmd1cC57BL/6J Bmd1c
Bmd2C57BL/6J Bmd2
Bmd3C57BL/6J Bmd3
Bmd4C57BL/6J Bmd4
Bmd5C57BL/6J Bmd5
Bmd5aC57BL/6J Bmd5a
Bmd5bC57BL/6J Bmd5b
Bmd5cC57BL/6J Bmd5c
Bmd6C57BL/6J Bmd6
Bmd7C57BL/6J Bmd7
Bmd8C57BL/6J Bmd8
Bmd9C57BL/6J Bmd9
Bmd10C57BL/6J Bmd10
Bmd11C57BL/6J Bmd11
Bmd12C57BL/6J Bmd12
Bmd13C57BL/6J Bmd13
Bmd14C57BL/6J Bmd14
Bmd15C57BL/6J Bmd15
Bmd16C57BL/6J Bmd16
Bmd19C57BL/6J Bmd19
Bmd20C57BL/6J Bmd20
Bmd21C57BL/6J Bmd21
Bmd22C57BL/6J Bmd22
Bmd23C57BL/6J Bmd23
Bmd24C57BL/6J Bmd24
Bmd25C57BL/6J Bmd25
Bmd26C57BL/6J Bmd26
Bmd27C57BL/6J Bmd27
Bmd28C57BL/6J Bmd28
Bmd29C57BL/6J Bmd29
Bmd30C57BL/6J Bmd30
Bmd31C57BL/6J Bmd31
Bmd32C57BL/6J Bmd32
Bmd33C57BL/6J Bmd33
Bmd34C57BL/6J Bmd34
Bmd35C57BL/6J Bmd35
Bmd36C57BL/6J Bmd36
Bmd37C57BL/6J Bmd37
Bmd39C57BL/6J Bmd39
Bmd46C57BL/6J Bmd46
Bmgr2C57BL/6J Bmgr2
Bmgr3C57BL/6J Bmgr3
Bmgr4C57BL/6J Bmgr4
Bmiq1C57BL/6J Bmiq1
Bmiq2C57BL/6J Bmiq2
Bmiq3C57BL/6J Bmiq3
Bmiq4C57BL/6J Bmiq4
Bmiq13C57BL/6J Bmiq13
BmnxC57BL/6J Bmnx
Bnszq2C57BL/6J Bnszq2
Bntq1C57BL/6J Bntq1
Bntq2C57BL/6J Bntq2
Bntq3C57BL/6J Bntq3
Bntq4C57BL/6J Bntq4
Bntq5C57BL/6J Bntq5
Bntq6C57BL/6J Bntq6
Bntq7C57BL/6J Bntq7
Bntq8C57BL/6J Bntq8
Bntq9C57BL/6J Bntq9
Bntq10C57BL/6J Bntq10
Bntq11C57BL/6J Bntq11
Bntq12C57BL/6J Bntq12
Bntq13C57BL/6J Bntq13
Bntq14C57BL/6J Bntq14
Bntq15C57BL/6J Bntq15
Bntq16C57BL/6J Bntq16
Bntq17C57BL/6J Bntq17
Bodwt1C57BL/6J Bodwt1
Bodwt2C57BL/6J Bodwt2
Bodyw1C57BL/6J Bodyw1
Bodyw2C57BL/6J Bodyw2
Bodyw3C57BL/6J Bodyw3
Bodyw4C57BL/6J Bodyw4
Bodyw5C57BL/6J Bodyw5
Bodyw6C57BL/6J Bodyw6
Bomd5C57BL/6J Bomd5
Bomd6C57BL/6J Bomd6
Bomd7C57BL/6J Bomd7
BoneqC57BL/6J Boneq
Bonmid1C57BL/6J Bonmid1
Bonmid2C57BL/6J Bonmid2
Bplpf1C57BL/6J Bplpf1
Bplpf2C57BL/6J Bplpf2
Bpq1C57BL/6J Bpq1
Bpq2C57BL/6J Bpq2
Bpq3C57BL/6J Bpq3
Bpq4C57BL/6J Bpq4
Bpq5C57BL/6J Bpq5
Bpq6C57BL/6J Bpq6
Bpq10C57BL/6J Bpq10
Bpq11C57BL/6J Bpq11
Bpq12C57BL/6J Bpq12
Bpq13C57BL/6J Bpq13
Brabq1C57BL/6J Brabq1
Brabq2C57BL/6J Brabq2
Brabq3C57BL/6J Brabq3
Brml1C57BL/6J Brml1
Brml2C57BL/6J Brml2
Brml3C57BL/6J Brml3
Brml4C57BL/6J Brml4
Brml5C57BL/6J Brml5
Brml6C57BL/6J Brml6
Brml7C57BL/6J Brml7
Brml8C57BL/6J Brml8
Brml9C57BL/6J Brml9
Brml10C57BL/6J Brml10
Brml11C57BL/6J Brml11
Brml12C57BL/6J Brml12
Brml13C57BL/6J Brml13
Brml14C57BL/6J Brml14
Brmth1C57BL/6J Brmth1
Brmth2C57BL/6J Brmth2
Brmth3C57BL/6J Brmth3
Brmth4C57BL/6J Brmth4
Brmth5C57BL/6J Brmth5
Brmth6C57BL/6J Brmth6
Brmth7C57BL/6J Brmth7
Brmth8C57BL/6J Brmth8
Brmth9C57BL/6J Brmth9
Brmth10C57BL/6J Brmth10
Brmth11C57BL/6J Brmth11
Brnvl1C57BL/6J Brnvl1
Brnvl2C57BL/6J Brnvl2
BrnwqC57BL/6J Brnwq
Brwq1C57BL/6J Brwq1
Brwt1C57BL/6J Brwt1
Brwt2C57BL/6J Brwt2
Brwt3C57BL/6J Brwt3
Brwt4C57BL/6J Brwt4
BsbobC57BL/6J Bsbob
Bsbob2C57BL/6J Bsbob2
Bsbob3C57BL/6J Bsbob3
Bsbob4C57BL/6J Bsbob4
Bsbob5C57BL/6J Bsbob5
Bsc1C57BL/6J Bsc1
Bslm4C57BL/6J Bslm4
BttsC57BL/6J Btts
Bulb1C57BL/6J Bulb1
Bulb2C57BL/6J Bulb2
Bulb3C57BL/6J Bulb3
Bulb4C57BL/6J Bulb4
Bw1C57BL/6J Bw1
Bw2C57BL/6J Bw2
Bw3C57BL/6J Bw3
Bw8q1C57BL/6J Bw8q1
Bw8q2C57BL/6J Bw8q2
Bw25q1C57BL/6J Bw25q1
Bw25q2C57BL/6J Bw25q2
Bw26C57BL/6J Bw26
Bw27C57BL/6J Bw27
Bw28C57BL/6J Bw28
Bw29C57BL/6J Bw29
Bw30C57BL/6J Bw30
Bw31C57BL/6J Bw31
Bw32C57BL/6J Bw32
Bw33C57BL/6J Bw33
Bw34C57BL/6J Bw34
Bw40C57BL/6J Bw40
Bwdq6C57BL/6J Bwdq6
Bwdq7C57BL/6J Bwdq7
Bwdq8C57BL/6J Bwdq8
Bwdq9C57BL/6J Bwdq9
Bwhb1C57BL/6J Bwhb1
Bwhb2C57BL/6J Bwhb2
BwobC57BL/6J Bwob
Bwq2C57BL/6J Bwq2
Bwq9C57BL/6J Bwq9
Bwq10C57BL/6J Bwq10
Bwq11C57BL/6J Bwq11
Bwq12C57BL/6J Bwq12
Bwq13C57BL/6J Bwq13
Bwq14C57BL/6J Bwq14
Bwq19C57BL/6J Bwq19
Bwq20C57BL/6J Bwq20
Bwq21C57BL/6J Bwq21
Bwtq1C57BL/6J Bwtq1
Bwtq2C57BL/6J Bwtq2
Bwtq3C57BL/6J Bwtq3
Bwtq4C57BL/6J Bwtq4
Bwtq5C57BL/6J Bwtq5
Bwtq6C57BL/6J Bwtq6
Bwtq7C57BL/6J Bwtq7
Bwtq13C57BL/6J Bwtq13
Bwtq14C57BL/6J Bwtq14
Bwvoq1C57BL/6J Bwvoq1
BywqC57BL/6J Bywq
C7mlqC57BL/6J C7mlq
C10bw2C57BL/6J C10bw2
C10bw3C57BL/6J C10bw3
C10bw4C57BL/6J C10bw4
C10bw6C57BL/6J C10bw6
Cacq1C57BL/6J Cacq1
Cacq2C57BL/6J Cacq2
Cadq1C57BL/6J Cadq1
Canq1C57BL/6J Canq1
Canq2C57BL/6J Canq2
Canq3C57BL/6J Canq3
Canq4C57BL/6J Canq4
Capsq1C57BL/6J Capsq1
Capsq2C57BL/6J Capsq2
Capsq3C57BL/6J Capsq3
Capsq4C57BL/6J Capsq4
Cara1C57BL/6J Cara1
Cara2C57BL/6J Cara2
Cara3C57BL/6J Cara3
Carfhg1C57BL/6J Carfhg1
Carfhg2C57BL/6J Carfhg2
Carg5C57BL/6J Carg5
Carp1C57BL/6J Carp1
Carp2C57BL/6J Carp2
Carp3C57BL/6J Carp3
Carq1C57BL/6J Carq1
Cath1C57BL/6J Cath1
Cbcq1C57BL/6J Cbcq1
Cbcq2C57BL/6J Cbcq2
Cbm1C57BL/6J Cbm1
Cbm2C57BL/6J Cbm2
Cbm3C57BL/6J Cbm3
Cbm4C57BL/6J Cbm4
Cbm5C57BL/6J Cbm5
Ccc1C57BL/6J Ccc1
Ccc2C57BL/6J Ccc2
Ccc3C57BL/6J Ccc3
Ccc4C57BL/6J Ccc4
Ccmp1C57BL/6J Ccmp1
Ccmp2C57BL/6J Ccmp2
Ccmp3C57BL/6J Ccmp3
Ccmp4C57BL/6J Ccmp4
Ccmp5C57BL/6J Ccmp5
Ccmp6C57BL/6J Ccmp6
Ccmp7C57BL/6J Ccmp7
Ccmp8C57BL/6J Ccmp8
Ccmp9C57BL/6J Ccmp9
Ccs3C57BL/6J Ccs3
CdavC57BL/6J Cdav
Cdcs1C57BL/6J Cdcs1
Cdcs2C57BL/6J Cdcs2
Cdcs3C57BL/6J Cdcs3
Cdcs4C57BL/6J Cdcs4
Cdcs5C57BL/6J Cdcs5
Cdcs6C57BL/6J Cdcs6
Cdcs7C57BL/6J Cdcs7
Cdcs8C57BL/6J Cdcs8
Cdcs9C57BL/6J Cdcs9
Cdcs10C57BL/6J Cdcs10
CdifC57BL/6J Cdif
Ceih1C57BL/6J Ceih1
Ceih2C57BL/6J Ceih2
Ceih3C57BL/6J Ceih3
Cfbw1C57BL/6J Cfbw1
Cfbw2C57BL/6J Cfbw2
Cfbw3C57BL/6J Cfbw3
Cfbw4C57BL/6J Cfbw4
Cfbw5C57BL/6J Cfbw5
CfidC57BL/6J Cfid
Cfld1C57BL/6J Cfld1
Cfld2C57BL/6J Cfld2
Cfld3C57BL/6J Cfld3
Cfld4C57BL/6J Cfld4
Cfmq1C57BL/6J Cfmq1
Cfmq2C57BL/6J Cfmq2
Cfmq3C57BL/6J Cfmq3
Cfq13C57BL/6J Cfq13
Cfq14C57BL/6J Cfq14
Cfq15C57BL/6J Cfq15
Cfq16C57BL/6J Cfq16
Cfq17C57BL/6J Cfq17
Cfq18C57BL/6J Cfq18
Cfq19C57BL/6J Cfq19
Cfq20C57BL/6J Cfq20
Cfq21C57BL/6J Cfq21
Cfq22C57BL/6J Cfq22
Cfq23C57BL/6J Cfq23
Cfsw1C57BL/6J Cfsw1
Cfsw2C57BL/6J Cfsw2
Cfsw3C57BL/6J Cfsw3
Char2aC57BL/6J Char2a
Char2bC57BL/6J Char2b
Char4C57BL/6J Char4
Char9C57BL/6J Char9
Char11C57BL/6J Char11
Chlq1C57BL/6J Chlq1
Chlq2C57BL/6J Chlq2
Chlq5C57BL/6J Chlq5
Chlq7C57BL/6J Chlq7
Chlq9C57BL/6J Chlq9
Chol1C57BL/6J Chol1
Chol2C57BL/6J Chol2
Cholq1C57BL/6J Cholq1
Cholq2C57BL/6J Cholq2
Cholq3C57BL/6J Cholq3
Cholq4C57BL/6J Cholq4
Cholq5C57BL/6J Cholq5
Cholq6C57BL/6J Cholq6
Cholq7C57BL/6J Cholq7
Cholq8C57BL/6J Cholq8
Cholq9C57BL/6J Cholq9
Cholq10C57BL/6J Cholq10
Cholq11C57BL/6J Cholq11
Cholq12C57BL/6J Cholq12
Cholq13C57BL/6J Cholq13
Cholq14C57BL/6J Cholq14
Cholq15C57BL/6J Cholq15
Cholq16C57BL/6J Cholq16
Cholq17C57BL/6J Cholq17
Choq1C57BL/6J Choq1
Choq2C57BL/6J Choq2
Circp1C57BL/6J Circp1
Circp2C57BL/6J Circp2
Civq1C57BL/6J Civq1
Civq2C57BL/6J Civq2
Civq3C57BL/6J Civq3
Civq5C57BL/6J Civq5
Civq6C57BL/6J Civq6
Ckdbp1C57BL/6J Ckdbp1
Ckdbp2C57BL/6J Ckdbp2
Clptq1C57BL/6J Clptq1
Cmhcl2C57BL/6J Cmhcl2
Cmn1C57BL/6J Cmn1
Cmn2C57BL/6J Cmn2
Cmn3C57BL/6J Cmn3
Cms1C57BL/6J Cms1
Cms2C57BL/6J Cms2
Cnes1C57BL/6J Cnes1
Cnes2C57BL/6J Cnes2
Cnes3C57BL/6J Cnes3
Cocia1C57BL/6J Cocia1
Cocia2C57BL/6J Cocia2
Cocia3C57BL/6J Cocia3
Cocia4C57BL/6J Cocia4
Cocia5C57BL/6J Cocia5
Cocia6C57BL/6J Cocia6
Cocia7C57BL/6J Cocia7
Cocia8C57BL/6J Cocia8
Cocia9C57BL/6J Cocia9
Cocia10C57BL/6J Cocia10
Cocia11C57BL/6J Cocia11
Cocia12C57BL/6J Cocia12
Cocia13C57BL/6J Cocia13
Cocia14C57BL/6J Cocia14
Cocia17C57BL/6J Cocia17
Cocia18C57BL/6J Cocia18
Cocia19C57BL/6J Cocia19
Cocrb1C57BL/6J Cocrb1
Cocrb2C57BL/6J Cocrb2
Cocrb3C57BL/6J Cocrb3
Cocrb4C57BL/6J Cocrb4
Cocrb5C57BL/6J Cocrb5
Cocrb6C57BL/6J Cocrb6
Cocrb7C57BL/6J Cocrb7
Cocrb8C57BL/6J Cocrb8
Cocrb9C57BL/6J Cocrb9
Cocrb10C57BL/6J Cocrb10
Cocrb11C57BL/6J Cocrb11
Cocrb12C57BL/6J Cocrb12
Cocrb13C57BL/6J Cocrb13
Cocrb14C57BL/6J Cocrb14
Cocrb15C57BL/6J Cocrb15
Cocrb16C57BL/6J Cocrb16
Col4a1m1C57BL/6J Col4a1m1
Cons1C57BL/6J Cons1
Cons2C57BL/6J Cons2
Cons3C57BL/6J Cons3
Cons4C57BL/6J Cons4
Cons5C57BL/6J Cons5
Cons6C57BL/6J Cons6
Cosz1C57BL/6J Cosz1
Cosz2C57BL/6J Cosz2
Cosz3C57BL/6J Cosz3
Cplaq4C57BL/6J Cplaq4
Cplaq5C57BL/6J Cplaq5
Cplaq6C57BL/6J Cplaq6
Cplaq7C57BL/6J Cplaq7
Cplaq8C57BL/6J Cplaq8
Cplaq13C57BL/6J Cplaq13
Cq1C57BL/6J Cq1
Cq2C57BL/6J Cq2
Cq3C57BL/6J Cq3
Cq4C57BL/6J Cq4
Cq6C57BL/6J Cq6
Crhq1C57BL/6J Crhq1
Crhr1taq1C57BL/6J Crhr1taq1
Crhr1taq2C57BL/6J Crhr1taq2
Crhr1taq3C57BL/6J Crhr1taq3
Crhtaq1C57BL/6J Crhtaq1
Crhtaq2C57BL/6J Crhtaq2
Crhtaq3C57BL/6J Crhtaq3
Criq1C57BL/6J Criq1
Criq2C57BL/6J Criq2
Criq3C57BL/6J Criq3
Crq1C57BL/6J Crq1
Crq2C57BL/6J Crq2
Ctrq1C57BL/6J Ctrq1
Ctrq2C57BL/6J Ctrq2
Ctrq3C57BL/6J Ctrq3
Cxv2C57BL/6J Cxv2
CyxC57BL/6J Cyx
D1ved1C57BL/6J D1ved1
D1ved2C57BL/6J D1ved2
D1ved3C57BL/6J D1ved3
D1ved4C57BL/6J D1ved4
D1vet1C57BL/6J D1vet1
D1vet2C57BL/6J D1vet2
D2avgsC57BL/6J D2avgs
D2vet1C57BL/6J D2vet1
D2vet2C57BL/6J D2vet2
D2vet3C57BL/6J D2vet3
D2vet4C57BL/6J D2vet4
D3maxs1C57BL/6J D3maxs1
D3maxs2C57BL/6J D3maxs2
D3vedC57BL/6J D3ved
D3vetC57BL/6J D3vet
D4maxsC57BL/6J D4maxs
D4ved1C57BL/6J D4ved1
D4ved2C57BL/6J D4ved2
D4vetC57BL/6J D4vet
D5vet1C57BL/6J D5vet1
D5vet2C57BL/6J D5vet2
D6avgsC57BL/6J D6avgs
D6maxsC57BL/6J D6maxs
D6vetC57BL/6J D6vet
DatdC57BL/6J Datd
Dautb1C57BL/6J Dautb1
Dautb2C57BL/6J Dautb2
Dautb3C57BL/6J Dautb3
Dautb4C57BL/6J Dautb4
Dbm1C57BL/6J Dbm1
Dbm2C57BL/6J Dbm2
Dbm3C57BL/6J Dbm3
Dbm4C57BL/6J Dbm4
Dbmc1C57BL/6J Dbmc1
Dbmc2C57BL/6J Dbmc2
Dbmc3C57BL/6J Dbmc3
Dcollq1C57BL/6J Dcollq1
Depmq1C57BL/6J Depmq1
DermsC57BL/6J Derms
Desp3C57BL/6J Desp3
Desp4C57BL/6J Desp4
Dfsit1C57BL/6J Dfsit1
DiobqC57BL/6J Diobq
Dipa1C57BL/6J Dipa1
Dipa2C57BL/6J Dipa2
Dipa3C57BL/6J Dipa3
Dipa4C57BL/6J Dipa4
Dipa5C57BL/6J Dipa5
Dipa6C57BL/6J Dipa6
Dipa7C57BL/6J Dipa7
Dipa8C57BL/6J Dipa8
Disso1C57BL/6J Disso1
Disso2C57BL/6J Disso2
Dloc1C57BL/6J Dloc1
Dloc2C57BL/6J Dloc2
Dmfsq1C57BL/6J Dmfsq1
Dmfsq2C57BL/6J Dmfsq2
Dmyaq1C57BL/6J Dmyaq1
Dmyaq2C57BL/6J Dmyaq2
Dmyaq3C57BL/6J Dmyaq3
Dntcs1C57BL/6J Dntcs1
Dntcs2C57BL/6J Dntcs2
Dob9C57BL/6J Dob9
Dpe1C57BL/6J Dpe1
DpmlC57BL/6J Dpml
Dpnrems1C57BL/6J Dpnrems1
Dpnrems2C57BL/6J Dpnrems2
Dps1C57BL/6J Dps1
Dps2C57BL/6J Dps2
Dps3C57BL/6J Dps3
Drinkcacl21C57BL/6J Drinkcacl21
Drinkcacl22C57BL/6J Drinkcacl22
Drinkcacl23C57BL/6J Drinkcacl23
Drinkcacl24C57BL/6J Drinkcacl24
Drinkcacl25C57BL/6J Drinkcacl25
Drinkcala1C57BL/6J Drinkcala1
Drinkcala2C57BL/6J Drinkcala2
Drinkcala3C57BL/6J Drinkcala3
Drinkkcl1C57BL/6J Drinkkcl1
Drinkkcl2C57BL/6J Drinkkcl2
Drinkkcl3C57BL/6J Drinkkcl3
Drinkkcl4C57BL/6J Drinkkcl4
Drinkkcl5C57BL/6J Drinkkcl5
Drinkmgcl21C57BL/6J Drinkmgcl21
Drinkmgcl22C57BL/6J Drinkmgcl22
Drinkmgcl23C57BL/6J Drinkmgcl23
Drinkmgcl24C57BL/6J Drinkmgcl24
Drinkmgcl25C57BL/6J Drinkmgcl25
Drinknacl1C57BL/6J Drinknacl1
Drinknacl2C57BL/6J Drinknacl2
Drinknh4cl1C57BL/6J Drinknh4cl1
Drinknh4cl2C57BL/6J Drinknh4cl2
Drinkqhcl1C57BL/6J Drinkqhcl1
Drinkqhcl2C57BL/6J Drinkqhcl2
Drinksac1C57BL/6J Drinksac1
Drinksac2C57BL/6J Drinksac2
Drinksac3C57BL/6J Drinksac3
Drinksac4C57BL/6J Drinksac4
Drinksac5C57BL/6J Drinksac5
Drinkwater1C57BL/6J Drinkwater1
Dshv1C57BL/6J Dshv1
Dshv2C57BL/6J Dshv2
DsigeC57BL/6J Dsige
Dsm1C57BL/6J Dsm1
Dsm2C57BL/6J Dsm2
Dsm3C57BL/6J Dsm3
Dsm4C57BL/6J Dsm4
Dsm5C57BL/6J Dsm5
Dss1C57BL/6J Dss1
Dssc1C57BL/6J Dssc1
Dssc2C57BL/6J Dssc2
Ducm1C57BL/6J Ducm1
Dyscalc2C57BL/6J Dyscalc2
Dyscalc3C57BL/6J Dyscalc3
Dyscalc4C57BL/6J Dyscalc4
Ebm1C57BL/6J Ebm1
Ebmgr1C57BL/6J Ebmgr1
Ecbs1C57BL/6J Ecbs1
Ecgnq1C57BL/6J Ecgnq1
Edlmmq1C57BL/6J Edlmmq1
Edlmmq2C57BL/6J Edlmmq2
Edlmmq3C57BL/6J Edlmmq3
Edlmmq4C57BL/6J Edlmmq4
Edlmmq5C57BL/6J Edlmmq5
Edlmmq6C57BL/6J Edlmmq6
Edlmmq7C57BL/6J Edlmmq7
Edlmmq8C57BL/6J Edlmmq8
Edlmmq9C57BL/6J Edlmmq9
Edlmmq10C57BL/6J Edlmmq10
Eeq3C57BL/6J Eeq3
Eeq4C57BL/6J Eeq4
Egm1C57BL/6J Egm1
Egm2C57BL/6J Egm2
Eia1C57BL/6J Eia1
Eih1C57BL/6J Eih1
Eih2C57BL/6J Eih2
Eila1C57BL/6J Eila1
Eila2C57BL/6J Eila2
Eila3C57BL/6J Eila3
Eiwa1C57BL/6J Eiwa1
Eiwa2C57BL/6J Eiwa2
Eiwax1C57BL/6J Eiwax1
Eiwax2C57BL/6J Eiwax2
Eiwax3C57BL/6J Eiwax3
ElntC57BL/6J Elnt
Elorr3C57BL/6J Elorr3
ElptC57BL/6J Elpt
Elsgp1C57BL/6J Elsgp1
Elsgp2C57BL/6J Elsgp2
Elsgp3C57BL/6J Elsgp3
Embq1C57BL/6J Embq1
Emlq1C57BL/6J Emlq1
Emlq2C57BL/6J Emlq2
Emlq3C57BL/6J Emlq3
Emo1C57BL/6J Emo1
Emo2C57BL/6J Emo2
Emo4C57BL/6J Emo4
Emo5C57BL/6J Emo5
Emrq1C57BL/6J Emrq1
Emrq2C57BL/6J Emrq2
Emrq3C57BL/6J Emrq3
Epbs1C57BL/6J Epbs1
Eppiq1C57BL/6J Eppiq1
Eppiq2C57BL/6J Eppiq2
Epsf16C57BL/6J Epsf16
Epsf17C57BL/6J Epsf17
Epsf18C57BL/6J Epsf18
Epsf19C57BL/6J Epsf19
Epsf20C57BL/6J Epsf20
Era1C57BL/6J Era1
Erars1C57BL/6J Erars1
Erars2C57BL/6J Erars2
Estq1C57BL/6J Estq1
Estq2C57BL/6J Estq2
Estq3C57BL/6J Estq3
Estq4C57BL/6J Estq4
Etan1C57BL/6J Etan1
Etax1C57BL/6J Etax1
Etax2C57BL/6J Etax2
Etax3C57BL/6J Etax3
Etax4C57BL/6J Etax4
Etax5C57BL/6J Etax5
Etax6C57BL/6J Etax6
Etax7C57BL/6J Etax7
Etax8C57BL/6J Etax8
Etax9C57BL/6J Etax9
Etax10C57BL/6J Etax10
Etax11C57BL/6J Etax11
Etax12C57BL/6J Etax12
Ethm1C57BL/6J Ethm1
Ethm2C57BL/6J Ethm2
Ethm3C57BL/6J Ethm3
Ethm4C57BL/6J Ethm4
EtiaC57BL/6J Etia
Etlm1C57BL/6J Etlm1
Etlm2C57BL/6J Etlm2
EtmrC57BL/6J Etmr
Etohc1C57BL/6J Etohc1
Etohc2C57BL/6J Etohc2
Etohc3C57BL/6J Etohc3
Etohcta1C57BL/6J Etohcta1
Etohcta2C57BL/6J Etohcta2
Etohcta3C57BL/6J Etohcta3
Etohcta4C57BL/6J Etohcta4
Etohcta5C57BL/6J Etohcta5
Etohcta6C57BL/6J Etohcta6
Etohcta7C57BL/6J Etohcta7
Etohcta8C57BL/6J Etohcta8
Etohcta9C57BL/6J Etohcta9
Etohcta10C57BL/6J Etohcta10
EtohilaC57BL/6J Etohila
EtohrC57BL/6J Etohr
Etq1C57BL/6J Etq1
Etq2C57BL/6J Etq2
Ewc4C57BL/6J Ewc4
Ewc5C57BL/6J Ewc5
Exq1C57BL/6J Exq1
Exq2C57BL/6J Exq2
Exq3C57BL/6J Exq3
Eye1C57BL/6J Eye1
Eye2C57BL/6J Eye2
Facq1C57BL/6J Facq1
Fatmq1C57BL/6J Fatmq1
Fatmq2C57BL/6J Fatmq2
Fatq1C57BL/6J Fatq1
Fawq1C57BL/6J Fawq1
Fbmd1C57BL/6J Fbmd1
Fbmd2C57BL/6J Fbmd2
Fbmd3C57BL/6J Fbmd3
Fbmd4C57BL/6J Fbmd4
Fbmd5C57BL/6J Fbmd5
Fbrwt1C57BL/6J Fbrwt1
Fbrwt2C57BL/6J Fbrwt2
Fbtq1C57BL/6J Fbtq1
Fbtq2C57BL/6J Fbtq2
Fbtq3C57BL/6J Fbtq3
Fbtq4C57BL/6J Fbtq4
Fbtq5C57BL/6J Fbtq5
Fbtq6C57BL/6J Fbtq6
Fbtq7C57BL/6J Fbtq7
Fbtq8C57BL/6J Fbtq8
Fcs1C57BL/6J Fcs1
Fcs2C57BL/6J Fcs2
Fcs3C57BL/6J Fcs3
Fcs4C57BL/6J Fcs4
FdprefC57BL/6J Fdpref
Fecq1C57BL/6J Fecq1
Fecq2C57BL/6J Fecq2
Fembm1C57BL/6J Fembm1
Fembm2C57BL/6J Fembm2
Fembm3C57BL/6J Fembm3
Fembm4C57BL/6J Fembm4
Fembm5C57BL/6J Fembm5
Fembm6C57BL/6J Fembm6
Fembm7C57BL/6J Fembm7
Feml1C57BL/6J Feml1
Feml2C57BL/6J Feml2
Feml3C57BL/6J Feml3
Feml4C57BL/6J Feml4
Fexq1C57BL/6J Fexq1
Fexq2C57BL/6J Fexq2
Ffal1C57BL/6J Ffal1
Fgf23lq1C57BL/6J Fgf23lq1
Fgf23lq2C57BL/6J Fgf23lq2
Fgf23lq3C57BL/6J Fgf23lq3
Fgf23lq4C57BL/6J Fgf23lq4
Fglu2C57BL/6J Fglu2
Fiq1C57BL/6J Fiq1
Fmbmd1C57BL/6J Fmbmd1
Fmbmd2C57BL/6J Fmbmd2
Fmbmd3C57BL/6J Fmbmd3
Fmbmd4C57BL/6J Fmbmd4
Fmbmd5C57BL/6J Fmbmd5
Fmbmd6C57BL/6J Fmbmd6
Fmbmd7C57BL/6J Fmbmd7
Fmbmd8C57BL/6J Fmbmd8
Fmbmd9C57BL/6J Fmbmd9
Fmbmd10C57BL/6J Fmbmd10
Fmcd1C57BL/6J Fmcd1
Fmcd2C57BL/6J Fmcd2
Fmct1C57BL/6J Fmct1
Fmct2C57BL/6J Fmct2
Fmct3C57BL/6J Fmct3
Fmct4C57BL/6J Fmct4
Fmct5C57BL/6J Fmct5
Fmct6C57BL/6J Fmct6
Fmct7C57BL/6J Fmct7
Fmctv1C57BL/6J Fmctv1
Fmctv2C57BL/6J Fmctv2
Fmctv3C57BL/6J Fmctv3
Fmctv4C57BL/6J Fmctv4
Fmctv5C57BL/6J Fmctv5
Fmctv6C57BL/6J Fmctv6
Fmgty1C57BL/6J Fmgty1
Fmgty4C57BL/6J Fmgty4
Fmgty5C57BL/6J Fmgty5
Fmgty6C57BL/6J Fmgty6
Fmgty9C57BL/6J Fmgty9
Fmgty10C57BL/6J Fmgty10
Fmgty13C57BL/6J Fmgty13
Fmgty14C57BL/6J Fmgty14
Fmld1C57BL/6J Fmld1
Fmld2C57BL/6J Fmld2
Fmld3C57BL/6J Fmld3
Fmld4C57BL/6J Fmld4
Fmls1C57BL/6J Fmls1
Fmls2C57BL/6J Fmls2
Fmls3C57BL/6J Fmls3
Fmls4C57BL/6J Fmls4
Fmls5C57BL/6J Fmls5
Fmlv1C57BL/6J Fmlv1
Fmlv2C57BL/6J Fmlv2
Fmlv3C57BL/6J Fmlv3
Fmlv4C57BL/6J Fmlv4
Fmlv5C57BL/6J Fmlv5
Fmlv6C57BL/6J Fmlv6
Fmlv7C57BL/6J Fmlv7
Fmlv8C57BL/6J Fmlv8
Fmlv9C57BL/6J Fmlv9
Fmlv10C57BL/6J Fmlv10
FpdtyC57BL/6J Fpdty
FpliC57BL/6J Fpli
Frct1C57BL/6J Frct1
Frct2C57BL/6J Frct2
Frct3C57BL/6J Frct3
Frct3aC57BL/6J Frct3a
Frct3bC57BL/6J Frct3b
Frct3cC57BL/6J Frct3c
Frct3dC57BL/6J Frct3d
Frct4C57BL/6J Frct4
Frct5C57BL/6J Frct5
Frp1C57BL/6J Frp1
Frp2C57BL/6J Frp2
Frp3C57BL/6J Frp3
Fss1C57BL/6J Fss1
Fss2C57BL/6J Fss2
Fss3C57BL/6J Fss3
Fss4C57BL/6J Fss4
Fss5C57BL/6J Fss5
Fss6C57BL/6J Fss6
Ftir1C57BL/6J Ftir1
Ftm1C57BL/6J Ftm1
Ftm2C57BL/6J Ftm2
Ftm3C57BL/6J Ftm3
Ftm4C57BL/6J Ftm4
Ftm5C57BL/6J Ftm5
Fwth1C57BL/6J Fwth1
Fwth2C57BL/6J Fwth2
GaucC57BL/6J Gauc
GbrlnC57BL/6J Gbrln
GcsfisC57BL/6J Gcsfis
Gdac1C57BL/6J Gdac1
Gdcr1C57BL/6J Gdcr1
Gdcr2C57BL/6J Gdcr2
Gdq1C57BL/6J Gdq1
Gdq2C57BL/6J Gdq2
Gf1C57BL/6J Gf1
Gf2C57BL/6J Gf2
Gf3C57BL/6J Gf3
Gf4C57BL/6J Gf4
Gf5C57BL/6J Gf5
Gf6C57BL/6J Gf6
Gfpq1C57BL/6J Gfpq1
Giq1C57BL/6J Giq1
Gluchos1C57BL/6J Gluchos1
Gluchos2C57BL/6J Gluchos2
Gluchos3C57BL/6J Gluchos3
Gluil1C57BL/6J Gluil1
Gluil2C57BL/6J Gluil2
Gluq1C57BL/6J Gluq1
Gluq2C57BL/6J Gluq2
Gluq3C57BL/6J Gluq3
Gluq4C57BL/6J Gluq4
Gmcq1C57BL/6J Gmcq1
Gmcq2C57BL/6J Gmcq2
Gmcq3C57BL/6J Gmcq3
Gmcq4C57BL/6J Gmcq4
Gmcq5C57BL/6J Gmcq5
Gmcq6C57BL/6J Gmcq6
Gmcq7C57BL/6J Gmcq7
Gmcq9C57BL/6J Gmcq9
Gmmq1C57BL/6J Gmmq1
Gmmq2C57BL/6J Gmmq2
Gmmq3C57BL/6J Gmmq3
Gmmq4C57BL/6J Gmmq4
Gmmq5C57BL/6J Gmmq5
Gmmq6C57BL/6J Gmmq6
Gmmq7C57BL/6J Gmmq7
Gmmq8C57BL/6J Gmmq8
GnfC57BL/6J Gnf
Gnf1C57BL/6J Gnf1
Gnf2C57BL/6J Gnf2
Gnf3C57BL/6J Gnf3
Gnf4C57BL/6J Gnf4
Gnf5C57BL/6J Gnf5
Gofm1C57BL/6J Gofm1
Gofm2C57BL/6J Gofm2
Gofm3C57BL/6J Gofm3
Gofm4C57BL/6J Gofm4
Gonadfat1C57BL/6J Gonadfat1
Gonadfat2C57BL/6J Gonadfat2
Gpab1C57BL/6J Gpab1
Gpdc1C57BL/6J Gpdc1
Gpdc2C57BL/6J Gpdc2
Gpdc3C57BL/6J Gpdc3
Grass1C57BL/6J Grass1
GrvC57BL/6J Grv
Gsi1C57BL/6J Gsi1
Gsi2C57BL/6J Gsi2
Gssq1C57BL/6J Gssq1
GstmlC57BL/6J Gstml
Guq1C57BL/6J Guq1
Guq2C57BL/6J Guq2
GusrC57BL/6J Gusr
Gutl1C57BL/6J Gutl1
Habiir1C57BL/6J Habiir1
Habiir2C57BL/6J Habiir2
Habiir3C57BL/6J Habiir3
Habiir4C57BL/6J Habiir4
Habiir5C57BL/6J Habiir5
HacuC57BL/6J Hacu
Hbact1C57BL/6J Hbact1
Hbact2C57BL/6J Hbact2
Hbact3C57BL/6J Hbact3
Hbact4C57BL/6J Hbact4
Hbact5C57BL/6J Hbact5
Hbact6C57BL/6J Hbact6
Hbact7C57BL/6J Hbact7
Hbbcq3C57BL/6J Hbbcq3
Hbbcq4C57BL/6J Hbbcq4
Hbbcq5C57BL/6J Hbbcq5
Hbrear1C57BL/6J Hbrear1
Hbrear2C57BL/6J Hbrear2
Hbrear3C57BL/6J Hbrear3
Hbrear4C57BL/6J Hbrear4
Hbrear5C57BL/6J Hbrear5
HbtqC57BL/6J Hbtq
Hcif1C57BL/6J Hcif1
Hcif2C57BL/6J Hcif2
Hcs7C57BL/6J Hcs7
Hcs8C57BL/6J Hcs8
Hcs9C57BL/6J Hcs9
Hctq6C57BL/6J Hctq6
Hctq7C57BL/6J Hctq7
Hctq8C57BL/6J Hctq8
HdisC57BL/6J Hdis
Hdl1C57BL/6J Hdl1
Hdl2C57BL/6J Hdl2
Hdl3C57BL/6J Hdl3
Hdl4C57BL/6J Hdl4
Hdl5C57BL/6J Hdl5
Hdl6C57BL/6J Hdl6
Hdl34C57BL/6J Hdl34
Hdl35C57BL/6J Hdl35
Hdl36C57BL/6J Hdl36
Hdl37C57BL/6J Hdl37
Hdl38C57BL/6J Hdl38
Hdl39C57BL/6J Hdl39
Hdl40C57BL/6J Hdl40
HdlchoC57BL/6J Hdlcho
Hdlcl1C57BL/6J Hdlcl1
Hdlcl2C57BL/6J Hdlcl2
Hdlq5C57BL/6J Hdlq5
Hdlq6C57BL/6J Hdlq6
Hdlq7C57BL/6J Hdlq7
Hdlq9C57BL/6J Hdlq9
Hdlq14C57BL/6J Hdlq14
Hdlq15C57BL/6J Hdlq15
Hdlq16C57BL/6J Hdlq16
Hdlq17C57BL/6J Hdlq17
Hdlq18C57BL/6J Hdlq18
Hdlq19C57BL/6J Hdlq19
Hdlq40C57BL/6J Hdlq40
Hdlq41C57BL/6J Hdlq41
Hdlq42C57BL/6J Hdlq42
Hdlq43C57BL/6J Hdlq43
Hdlq44C57BL/6J Hdlq44
Hdlq45C57BL/6J Hdlq45
Hdlq46C57BL/6J Hdlq46
Hdlq47C57BL/6J Hdlq47
Hdlq48C57BL/6J Hdlq48
Hdlq49C57BL/6J Hdlq49
Hdlq50C57BL/6J Hdlq50
Hdlq51C57BL/6J Hdlq51
Hdlq52C57BL/6J Hdlq52
Hdlq53C57BL/6J Hdlq53
Hdlq54C57BL/6J Hdlq54
Hdlq55C57BL/6J Hdlq55
Hdlq56C57BL/6J Hdlq56
Hdlq57C57BL/6J Hdlq57
Hdlq58C57BL/6J Hdlq58
Hdlq59C57BL/6J Hdlq59
Hdlq60C57BL/6J Hdlq60
Hdlq74C57BL/6J Hdlq74
Hdlq76C57BL/6J Hdlq76
Hdlq85C57BL/6J Hdlq85
Hdlq86C57BL/6J Hdlq86
Hdlq87C57BL/6J Hdlq87
Hdlq88C57BL/6J Hdlq88
Hdlq91C57BL/6J Hdlq91
Hdlq92C57BL/6J Hdlq92
Hdlq93C57BL/6J Hdlq93
Hdlq94C57BL/6J Hdlq94
Hdlq95C57BL/6J Hdlq95
Hdlq96C57BL/6J Hdlq96
Hdlq97C57BL/6J Hdlq97
Hdlq98C57BL/6J Hdlq98
Hdlq102C57BL/6J Hdlq102
Heal4C57BL/6J Heal4
Heal5C57BL/6J Heal5
Heal9C57BL/6J Heal9
Heal10C57BL/6J Heal10
Heal11C57BL/6J Heal11
Heal14C57BL/6J Heal14
Heal17C57BL/6J Heal17
Heal18C57BL/6J Heal18
Heal20C57BL/6J Heal20
Heal21C57BL/6J Heal21
Heal22C57BL/6J Heal22
HefraC57BL/6J Hefra
Hemq1C57BL/6J Hemq1
Hemq2C57BL/6J Hemq2
Hemq3C57BL/6J Hemq3
Hemq4C57BL/6J Hemq4
Hemq5C57BL/6J Hemq5
Hemq6C57BL/6J Hemq6
Hfnq1C57BL/6J Hfnq1
Hfnq2C57BL/6J Hfnq2
Hipmt1C57BL/6J Hipmt1
Hipmt2C57BL/6J Hipmt2
Hipmt3C57BL/6J Hipmt3
Hipp1C57BL/6J Hipp1
Hipp2C57BL/6J Hipp2
Hipp3C57BL/6J Hipp3
Hipp4C57BL/6J Hipp4
Hipp5C57BL/6J Hipp5
Hlbsb1C57BL/6J Hlbsb1
Hlbsb2C57BL/6J Hlbsb2
Hlq1C57BL/6J Hlq1
Hlq2C57BL/6J Hlq2
Hlq3C57BL/6J Hlq3
Hlq4C57BL/6J Hlq4
Hlq5C57BL/6J Hlq5
HlvwC57BL/6J Hlvw
Hmtb1C57BL/6J Hmtb1
Hmtb2C57BL/6J Hmtb2
Hmtb3C57BL/6J Hmtb3
Hmtb4C57BL/6J Hmtb4
Hmtb5C57BL/6J Hmtb5
Hmtb6C57BL/6J Hmtb6
Hmtb8C57BL/6J Hmtb8
Hmtb9C57BL/6J Hmtb9
Hmtb10C57BL/6J Hmtb10
Hmtb11C57BL/6J Hmtb11
Homaq1C57BL/6J Homaq1
Homaq2C57BL/6J Homaq2
Homaq3C57BL/6J Homaq3
Hpcr1C57BL/6J Hpcr1
Hpcr2C57BL/6J Hpcr2
HpdtyC57BL/6J Hpdty
Hpi1C57BL/6J Hpi1
Hpi2C57BL/6J Hpi2
Hpic1C57BL/6J Hpic1
Hpic2C57BL/6J Hpic2
Hpic5C57BL/6J Hpic5
Hplq1C57BL/6J Hplq1
Hpw1C57BL/6J Hpw1
Hrdg1C57BL/6J Hrdg1
HrecC57BL/6J Hrec
HrI1C57BL/6J HrI1
HrI4C57BL/6J HrI4
HrI5C57BL/6J HrI5
HrlC57BL/6J Hrl
Hrq4C57BL/6J Hrq4
Hrq5C57BL/6J Hrq5
Hrq6C57BL/6J Hrq6
Hrsq1C57BL/6J Hrsq1
Hrsq5C57BL/6J Hrsq5
Hrsq6C57BL/6J Hrsq6
Hrsq7C57BL/6J Hrsq7
Hrsq10C57BL/6J Hrsq10
Hrsq11C57BL/6J Hrsq11
Hrsq12C57BL/6J Hrsq12
Hrtfm1C57BL/6J Hrtfm1
Hrtfm2C57BL/6J Hrtfm2
Hrtiq1C57BL/6J Hrtiq1
Hrtr1C57BL/6J Hrtr1
Hrtrat1C57BL/6J Hrtrat1
Hrvhf1C57BL/6J Hrvhf1
HrwqC57BL/6J Hrwq
HsgcqC57BL/6J Hsgcq
Hsks1C57BL/6J Hsks1
Hsl1C57BL/6J Hsl1
Hstq1C57BL/6J Hstq1
Hstq1aC57BL/6J Hstq1a
Hstq1bC57BL/6J Hstq1b
Hstq2C57BL/6J Hstq2
Hstq2aC57BL/6J Hstq2a
Hstq2bC57BL/6J Hstq2b
Hstx1C57BL/6J Hstx1
Hstx2C57BL/6J Hstx2
Hstx2aC57BL/6J Hstx2a
Hstx2bC57BL/6J Hstx2b
Hsv1sm1C57BL/6J Hsv1sm1
Hsv1sm2C57BL/6J Hsv1sm2
Hsv1sw1C57BL/6J Hsv1sw1
Hsv1sw2C57BL/6J Hsv1sw2
Htas1C57BL/6J Htas1
Htas2C57BL/6J Htas2
Htas3C57BL/6J Htas3
Htas4C57BL/6J Htas4
Htas5C57BL/6J Htas5
Htas6C57BL/6J Htas6
Htas7C57BL/6J Htas7
Htas8C57BL/6J Htas8
Htas9C57BL/6J Htas9
HtsC57BL/6J Hts
HvtiC57BL/6J Hvti
Hwbw1C57BL/6J Hwbw1
Hwbw2C57BL/6J Hwbw2
Hwtf2C57BL/6J Hwtf2
HycdcC57BL/6J Hycdc
Hydcs1C57BL/6J Hydcs1
Hylaq1C57BL/6J Hylaq1
Hylaq2C57BL/6J Hylaq2
Hylaq3C57BL/6J Hylaq3
HypismC57BL/6J Hypism
Iba1C57BL/6J Iba1
Iba2C57BL/6J Iba2
Iba3C57BL/6J Iba3
Iba4C57BL/6J Iba4
Iba5C57BL/6J Iba5
Iba6C57BL/6J Iba6
Iba7C57BL/6J Iba7
Iba8C57BL/6J Iba8
Ibdq1C57BL/6J Ibdq1
IchsC57BL/6J Ichs
Idd4C57BL/6J Idd4
Idd5.1C57BL/6J Idd5.1
Idd9C57BL/6J Idd9
Idd10C57BL/6J Idd10
Idd11C57BL/6J Idd11
Idd16C57BL/6J Idd16
Idd17C57BL/6J Idd17
Idd18.2C57BL/6J Idd18.2
Idd18.3C57BL/6J Idd18.3
Idd23C57BL/6J Idd23
IdohtqC57BL/6J Idohtq
Ifbl1C57BL/6J Ifbl1
Ifbl2C57BL/6J Ifbl2
Ifbl3C57BL/6J Ifbl3
Ifbl4C57BL/6J Ifbl4
Ifbl5C57BL/6J Ifbl5
Ifbw1C57BL/6J Ifbw1
Ifbw2C57BL/6J Ifbw2
Ifbw3C57BL/6J Ifbw3
Ifbw4C57BL/6J Ifbw4
Ifvrq1C57BL/6J Ifvrq1
Ifvrq2C57BL/6J Ifvrq2
Ifvrq3C57BL/6J Ifvrq3
Ifvrq4C57BL/6J Ifvrq4
Ifvrq5C57BL/6J Ifvrq5
Ifvrq6C57BL/6J Ifvrq6
Ifvrq7C57BL/6J Ifvrq7
Igf1sl1C57BL/6J Igf1sl1
Igf1sl2C57BL/6J Igf1sl2
Igf1sl3C57BL/6J Igf1sl3
Igf1sl4C57BL/6J Igf1sl4
Igfdq1C57BL/6J Igfdq1
Igfdq2C57BL/6J Igfdq2
Igfdq3C57BL/6J Igfdq3
Igly2C57BL/6J Igly2
Igly9C57BL/6J Igly9
Igmsc1C57BL/6J Igmsc1
Ihtw1C57BL/6J Ihtw1
Ildr2Dbsm1-C57BL/6J Ildr2
Imab2C57BL/6J Imab2
Imab3C57BL/6J Imab3
Imab4C57BL/6J Imab4
Imab5C57BL/6J Imab5
Imab6C57BL/6J Imab6
Imab7C57BL/6J Imab7
ImacqC57BL/6J Imacq
Imraq1C57BL/6J Imraq1
Imraq2C57BL/6J Imraq2
Imraq3C57BL/6J Imraq3
Imrfq1C57BL/6J Imrfq1
Imrfq2C57BL/6J Imrfq2
Inf1C57BL/6J Inf1
Inf2qC57BL/6J Inf2q
Insq12C57BL/6J Insq12
Insq13C57BL/6J Insq13
Iopq1C57BL/6J Iopq1
Irav1C57BL/J Irav1
Iremsq1C57BL/6J Iremsq1
Iremsq2C57BL/6J Iremsq2
Itbq1C57BL/6J Itbq1
Ity2C57BL/6J Ity2
Ity2aC57BL/6J Ity2a
Ity2bC57BL/6J Ity2b
Ity3C57BL/6J Ity3
Ity3aC57BL/6J Ity3a
Ity3bC57BL/6J Ity3b
Iva1C57BL/6J Iva1
Iva2C57BL/6J Iva2
Jckm1C57BL/6J Jckm1
Jckm2C57BL/6J Jckm2
Jckm3C57BL/6J Jckm3
Jckm4C57BL/6J Jckm4
Kcal1C57BL/6J Kcal1
Kcal2C57BL/6J Kcal2
Kcal3C57BL/6J Kcal3
Kdw1C57BL/6J Kdw1
Kidbw1C57BL/6J Kidbw1
Kidbw2C57BL/6J Kidbw2
Krcn2C57BL/6J Krcn2
Krq1C57BL/6J Krq1
Krq2C57BL/6J Krq2
Krq3C57BL/6J Krq3
Kwq13C57BL/6J Kwq13
Kwq14C57BL/6J Kwq14
Kwq15C57BL/6J Kwq15
L1hydro1C57BL/6J L1hydro1
Lacanx1C57BL/6J Lacanx1
Lacanx2C57BL/6J Lacanx2
Lacanx3C57BL/6J Lacanx3
Lacanx4C57BL/6J Lacanx4
Lbm11C57BL/6J Lbm11
Lbm12C57BL/6J Lbm12
Lbm13C57BL/6J Lbm13
Lbm14C57BL/6J Lbm14
Lbm15C57BL/6J Lbm15
LdlchoC57BL/6J Ldlcho
Led1C57BL/6J Led1
Led2C57BL/6J Led2
Led2aC57BL/6J Led2a
Led3C57BL/6J Led3
Leg2C57BL/6J Leg2
Letohc1C57BL/6J Letohc1
Lfhrvq1C57BL/6J Lfhrvq1
Lfibq1C57BL/6J Lfibq1
Lfibq2C57BL/6J Lfibq2
Lfibq3C57BL/6J Lfibq3
Lfibq4C57BL/6J Lfibq4
Lfibq5C57BL/6J Lfibq5
Lfibq6C57BL/6J Lfibq6
Lfibq7C57BL/6J Lfibq7
Lfibq8C57BL/6J Lfibq8
Lfibq9C57BL/6J Lfibq9
Lfibq10C57BL/6J Lfibq10
Lfibq11C57BL/6J Lfibq11
Lfibq12C57BL/6J Lfibq12
Lfibq13C57BL/6J Lfibq13
Lfibq14C57BL/6J Lfibq14
Lfibq15C57BL/6J Lfibq15
Lfibq16C57BL/6J Lfibq16
Lfibq17C57BL/6J Lfibq17
Lfibq18C57BL/6J Lfibq18
Lfibq19C57BL/6J Lfibq19
Lfibq20C57BL/6J Lfibq20
Lfibq21C57BL/6J Lfibq21
Lfibq22C57BL/6J Lfibq22
Lfibq23C57BL/6J Lfibq23
Lfibq24C57BL/6J Lfibq24
Lfibq25C57BL/6J Lfibq25
Lfibq26C57BL/6J Lfibq26
Lfibq27C57BL/6J Lfibq27
Lfibq28C57BL/6J Lfibq28
Lgdr1C57BL/6J Lgdr1
Lgdr2C57BL/6J Lgdr2
LhypC57BL/6J Lhyp
Lick1C57BL/6J Lick1
Lick2C57BL/6J Lick2
Lick3C57BL/6J Lick3
Life1C57BL/6J Life1
Lifespan1C57BL/6J Lifespan1
Lifespan2C57BL/6J Lifespan2
Lifespan3C57BL/6J Lifespan3
Lipq1C57BL/6J Lipq1
Lipq2C57BL/6J Lipq2
Lipq3C57BL/6J Lipq3
Litsq1C57BL/6J Litsq1
Litsq2C57BL/6J Litsq2
LivbwC57BL/6J Livbw
Livq1C57BL/6J Livq1
Livq2C57BL/6J Livq2
Livq3C57BL/6J Livq3
Lmq1C57BL/6J Lmq1
Lmq2C57BL/6J Lmq2
Lmq3C57BL/6J Lmq3
Lmq4C57BL/6J Lmq4
Lmq5C57BL/6J Lmq5
Lmq6C57BL/6J Lmq6
Lmq7C57BL/6J Lmq7
Lmq8C57BL/6J Lmq8
Lmq9C57BL/6J Lmq9
Lmq10C57BL/6J Lmq10
Lmq11C57BL/6J Lmq11
Lmq12C57BL/6J Lmq12
Lmr1C57BL/6J Lmr1
Lmr2C57BL/6J Lmr2
Lngr1C57BL/6J Lngr1
Lngrn1C57BL/6J Lngrn1
Lngrn2C57BL/6J Lngrn2
Lnmbq1C57BL/6J Lnmbq1
Lnopy2C57BL/6J Lnopy2
Loca1C57BL/6J Loca1
Loca2C57BL/6J Loca2
LpolvC57BL/6J Lpolv
Lppl1C57BL/6J Lppl1
Lptl1C57BL/6J Lptl1
Lptl2C57BL/6J Lptl2
Lrncs1C57BL/6J Lrncs1
Lrncs2C57BL/6J Lrncs2
Lrncs3C57BL/6J Lrncs3
Lrnpcs1C57BL/6J Lrnpcs1
Lrnpcs2C57BL/6J Lrnpcs2
Lrnpcs3C57BL/6J Lrnpcs3
Lrnx1C57BL/6J Lrnx1
Lrnx2C57BL/6J Lrnx2
Lrnx3C57BL/6J Lrnx3
Lrnx4C57BL/6J Lrnx4
Lrnx5C57BL/6J Lrnx5
Lrnx6C57BL/6J Lrnx6
Lrnx7C57BL/6J Lrnx7
Lrnx8C57BL/6J Lrnx8
Lrnx9C57BL/6J Lrnx9
Lrnx10C57BL/6J Lrnx10
Lrnx11C57BL/6J Lrnx11
Lrnx12C57BL/6J Lrnx12
Ls1C57BL/6J Ls1
Ls2C57BL/6J Ls2
Lskcn2C57BL/6J Lskcn2
Lsmcq1C57BL/6J Lsmcq1
Lsq1C57BL/6J Lsq1
Lsr1C57BL/6J Lsr1
Lsrm1C57BL/6J Lsrm1
Ltgq1C57BL/6J Ltgq1
Ltgq2C57BL/6J Ltgq2
Ltsw1C57BL/6J Ltsw1
Ltsw2C57BL/6J Ltsw2
Lvic1C57BL/6J Lvic1
Lvic2C57BL/6J Lvic2
Lvic3C57BL/6J Lvic3
Lvic4C57BL/6J Lvic4
Lvic5C57BL/6J Lvic5
Lwq9C57BL/6J Lwq9
M1fscn2C57BL/6J M1fscn2
M2fscn2C57BL/6J M2fscn2
M3fscn2C57BL/6J M3fscn2
Macdq1C57BL/6J Macdq1
MahlC57BL/6J Mahl
Malq1C57BL/6J Malq1
Manr1C57BL/J Manr1
Marq1C57BL/6J Marq1
Marq2C57BL/6J Marq2
Marq3C57BL/6J Marq3
Marq4C57BL/6J Marq4
Marq5C57BL/6J Marq5
MastrC57BL/6J Mastr
Mawdq1C57BL/6J Mawdq1
Mawq1C57BL/6J Mawq1
MbsydC57BL/6J Mbsyd
Mcdif1C57BL/6J Mcdif1
Mcdif2C57BL/6J Mcdif2
Mcdif3C57BL/6J Mcdif3
Mchcq2C57BL/6J Mchcq2
Mchq17C57BL/6J Mchq17
Mchq18C57BL/6J Mchq18
Mchq19C57BL/6J Mchq19
mct1C57BL/6J mct1
Mcvq14C57BL/6J Mcvq14
Mcvq15C57BL/6J Mcvq15
mdlk1C57BL/6J mdlk1
Mdmg1C57BL/6J Mdmg1
Mec1C57BL/6J Mec1
Mec2C57BL/6J Mec2
Mec3C57BL/6J Mec3
Mec4C57BL/6J Mec4
Mec5C57BL/6J Mec5
Mec6C57BL/6J Mec6
Mecth1C57BL/6J Mecth1
Mecth2C57BL/6J Mecth2
Melm1C57BL/6J Melm1
Melm2C57BL/6J Melm2
Melm3C57BL/6J Melm3
Methp1C57BL/6J Methp1
Metl1C57BL/6J Metl1
Metl3C57BL/6J Metl3
MetpqC57BL/6J Metpq
MhC57BL/6J Mh
Mhp1C57BL/6J Mhp1
Mhp2C57BL/6J Mhp2
Mhstq1C57BL/6J Mhstq1
Mhstq2C57BL/6J Mhstq2
Mhsvr1C57BL/6J Mhsvr1
MijuC57BL/6J Miju
Mlca1C57BL/6J Mlca1
Mlca2C57BL/6J Mlca2
Mlca4C57BL/6J Mlca4
Mlca5C57BL/6J Mlca5
Mleu1C57BL/6J Mleu1
Mleu2C57BL/6J Mleu2
Mleu3C57BL/6J Mleu3
Mleu4C57BL/6J Mleu4
Mleu5C57BL/6J Mleu5
Mmom1C57BL/6J Mmom1
Mmom2C57BL/6J Mmom2
Mmom3C57BL/6J Mmom3
Mmom4C57BL/6J Mmom4
Mmwdq1C57BL/6J Mmwdq1
Mnek1aC57BL/6J Mnek1a
Mnek1bC57BL/6J Mnek1b
Mnek1cC57BL/6J Mnek1c
Mnic1C57BL/6J Mnic1
Mnic2C57BL/6J Mnic2
Mnic3C57BL/6J Mnic3
Mnif1C57BL/6J Mnif1
Mnif2C57BL/6J Mnif2
Mnif3C57BL/6J Mnif3
MnotchC57BL/6J Mnotch
Moaq1C57BL/6J Moaq1
Moaq2C57BL/6J Moaq2
Mobq1C57BL/6J Mobq1
Mobq2C57BL/6J Mobq2
Mobq3C57BL/6J Mobq3
Mobq4C57BL/6J Mobq4
Mobq5C57BL/6J Mobq5
Mobq6C57BL/6J Mobq6
Mobq7C57BL/6J Mobq7
Mobq8C57BL/6J Mobq8
Mobq9C57BL/6J Mobq9
Modc1C57BL/6J Modc1
Modc2C57BL/6J Modc2
Modc3C57BL/6J Modc3
Modn1C57BL/6J Modn1
Modvl1C57BL/6J Modvl1
Modvl6C57BL/6J Modvl6
Moe1C57BL/6J Moe1
Moe2C57BL/6J Moe2
Mofp1C57BL/6J Mofp1
Mofp2C57BL/6J Mofp2
Mofp3C57BL/6J Mofp3
Mofp4C57BL/6J Mofp4
Mofp5C57BL/6J Mofp5
Mofp6C57BL/6J Mofp6
Mohg1C57BL/6J Mohg1
Mohg2C57BL/6J Mohg2
Mohg3C57BL/6J Mohg3
Mohg4C57BL/6J Mohg4
Mohg5C57BL/6J Mohg5
Mohg6C57BL/6J Mohg6
Mohg7C57BL/6J Mohg7
Mohg8C57BL/6J Mohg8
Mohg9C57BL/6J Mohg9
Mol1C57BL/6J Mol1
Mol2C57BL/6J Mol2
Mol3C57BL/6J Mol3
Mol4C57BL/6J Mol4
Mom3C57BL/6J Mom3
Mom5C57BL/6J Mom5
Mom6C57BL/6J Mom6
Mom12C57BL/6J Mom12
Mom14C57BL/6J Mom14
Mom15C57BL/6J Mom15
Mom16C57BL/6J Mom16
Mom17C57BL/6J Mom17
Mom18C57BL/6J Mom18
Moo1C57BL/6J Moo1
Moo2C57BL/6J Moo2
Moo3C57BL/6J Moo3
Moo4C57BL/6J Moo4
Mop1C57BL/6J Mop1
Mop2C57BL/6J Mop2
Mop2aC57BL/6J Mop2a
Mop2bC57BL/6J Mop2b
Mop3C57BL/6J Mop3
Mord2C57BL/6J Mord2
Mord3C57BL/6J Mord3
Morph1C57BL/6J Morph1
Morph2C57BL/6J Morph2
Morph3C57BL/6J Morph3
Morph4C57BL/6J Morph4
Mors1C57BL/6J Mors1
Mors2C57BL/6J Mors2
Mors3C57BL/6J Mors3
Mors4C57BL/6J Mors4
Mota1C57BL/6J Mota1
Motr1C57BL/6J Motr1
Mpaps1C57BL/6J Mpaps1
Mpdk1C57BL/6J Mpdk1
Mpdk2C57BL/6J Mpdk2
Mpdk3C57BL/6J Mpdk3
Mpdk4C57BL/6J Mpdk4
Mpdk5C57BL/6J Mpdk5
Mpdk6C57BL/6J Mpdk6
Mpdk7C57BL/6J Mpdk7
Mpdk8C57BL/6J Mpdk8
Mptp1C57BL/6J Mptp1
Mrip1C57BL/6J Mrip1
Mrip2C57BL/6J Mrip2
Mrip3C57BL/6J Mrip3
Mrip4C57BL/6J Mrip4
Mrip5C57BL/6J Mrip5
Msam1C57BL/6J Msam1
Msam2C57BL/6J Msam2
Msam3C57BL/6J Msam3
Mskt1C57BL/6J Mskt1
Mskt2C57BL/6J Mskt2
Mskt3C57BL/6J Mskt3
Mskt4C57BL/6J Mskt4
Mskt5C57BL/6J Mskt5
Mskt6C57BL/6J Mskt6
Mskt7C57BL/6J Mskt7
Mskt8C57BL/6J Mskt8
Mskt9C57BL/6J Mskt9
Mtbcq9C57BL/6J Mtbcq9
Mtxe1C57BL/6J Mtxe1
Mtxe2C57BL/6J Mtxe2
Mtxe3C57BL/6J Mtxe3
Mtxe4C57BL/6J Mtxe4
Mtxe5C57BL/6J Mtxe5
Mtxe6C57BL/6J Mtxe6
Mtxe7C57BL/6J Mtxe7
Mtxe8C57BL/6J Mtxe8
Mtxe9C57BL/6J Mtxe9
Mvb2C57BL/6J Mvb2
Mvb3C57BL/6J Mvb3
Mvb4C57BL/6J Mvb4
Mwmlpa1C57BL/6J Mwmlpa1
Mwmlpa2C57BL/6J Mwmlpa2
Mwmlpa3C57BL/6J Mwmlpa3
Mwmlpa4C57BL/6J Mwmlpa4
Mwmlpt1C57BL/6J Mwmlpt1
Mwmlpt2C57BL/6J Mwmlpt2
Mwmlpt3C57BL/6J Mwmlpt3
Mwmlpt4C57BL/6J Mwmlpt4
Mxwdq1C57BL/6J Mxwdq1
Mxwdq2C57BL/6J Mxwdq2
Myh4C57BL/6J Myh4
Nabq1C57BL/6J Nabq1
Nabq2C57BL/6J Nabq2
Nafldq1C57BL/6J Nafldq1
Naq2C57BL/6J Naq2
Nba9C57BL/6J Nba9
Neocv1C57BL/6J Neocv1
Neocv2C57BL/6J Neocv2
Nhdlq4C57BL/6J Nhdlq4
Nhdlq5C57BL/6J Nhdlq5
Nhdlq6C57BL/6J Nhdlq6
Nhdlq7C57BL/6J Nhdlq7
Nhdlq11C57BL/6J Nhdlq11
Nhdlq12C57BL/6J Nhdlq12
Nhdlq14C57BL/6J Nhdlq14
Nicoq1C57BL/6J Nicoq1
Nicoq2C57BL/6J Nicoq2
Nicoq3C57BL/6J Nicoq3
Nicoq4C57BL/6J Nicoq4
Nigsq1C57BL/6J Nigsq1
Nihlr1C57BL/6J Nihlr1
Nihls1C57BL/6J Nihls1
Nilac1C57BL/6J Nilac1
Nilac2C57BL/6J Nilac2
Nilac3C57BL/6J Nilac3
Nilac4C57BL/6J Nilac4
Nilac5C57BL/6J Nilac5
Nilac6C57BL/6J Nilac6
Nilac7C57BL/6J Nilac7
Nilac8C57BL/6J Nilac8
Nilac9C57BL/6J Nilac9
Nilac10C57BL/6J Nilac10
Nilac11C57BL/6J Nilac11
Nilac12C57BL/6J Nilac12
NirepC57BL/6J Nirep
Nktcn1C57BL/6J Nktcn1
Nktcn2C57BL/6J Nktcn2
Nnc1C57BL/6J Nnc1
Nobq3C57BL/6J Nobq3
Nociq1C57BL/6J Nociq1
Nociq2C57BL/6J Nociq2
Nociq3C57BL/6J Nociq3
Noreq Noreq
Nq1C57BL/6J Nq1
Nremsbq1C57BL/6J Nremsbq1
Nremsbq2C57BL/6J Nremsbq2
Nremsbq3C57BL/6J Nremsbq3
Nremslq1C57BL/6J Nremslq1
Nremslq2C57BL/6J Nremslq2
Nremslq3C57BL/6J Nremslq3
Nremslq4C57BL/6J Nremslq4
Nremstq1C57BL/6J Nremstq1
Nremstq2C57BL/6J Nremstq2
Nremstq3C57BL/6J Nremstq3
Nsila1C57BL/6J Nsila1
Nsila2C57BL/6J Nsila2
Nsila3C57BL/6J Nsila3
Nsila4C57BL/6J Nsila4
Nsila5C57BL/6J Nsila5
Nsila6C57BL/6J Nsila6
Nsila7C57BL/6J Nsila7
Nsila8C57BL/6J Nsila8
Nsila9C57BL/6J Nsila9
Nsila10C57BL/6J Nsila10
Nstr1C57BL/6J Nstr1
Nstr2C57BL/6J Nstr2
Nsv1C57BL/6J Nsv1
Ntta1C57BL/6J Ntta1
Ntta2C57BL/6J Ntta2
Ntta3C57BL/6J Ntta3
Obq5C57BL/6J Obq5
Obq6C57BL/6J Obq6
Obq16C57BL/6J Obq16
Obq17C57BL/6J Obq17
Obq18C57BL/6J Obq18
Obq19C57BL/6J Obq19
Obq23C57BL/6J Obq23
Obq24C57BL/6J Obq24
Obq25C57BL/6J Obq25
Obq26C57BL/6J Obq26
Obq27C57BL/6J Obq27
Obq28C57BL/6J Obq28
Obq29C57BL/6J Obq29
Obq30C57BL/6J Obq30
Obq31C57BL/6J Obq31
Obq32C57BL/6J Obq32
Obq33C57BL/6J Obq33
Obq34C57BL/6J Obq34
Obq35C57BL/6J Obq35
Obq37C57BL/6J Obq37
Obrq1C57BL/6J Obrq1
Obrq2C57BL/6J Obrq2
Obrq2aC57BL/6J Obrq2a
Obrq3C57BL/6J Obrq3
Obrq4C57BL/6J Obrq4
Obrq5C57BL/6J Obrq5
Obrq6C57BL/6J Obrq6
Obrq7C57BL/6J Obrq7
Obrq8C57BL/6J Obrq8
Obrq9C57BL/6J Obrq9
Obrq10C57BL/6J Obrq10
Obrq11C57BL/6J Obrq11
Obrq12C57BL/6J Obrq12
Obrq13C57BL/6J Obrq13
Obrq14C57BL/6J Obrq14
Obrq15C57BL/6J Obrq15
Obrq16C57BL/6J Obrq16
Obrq17C57BL/6J Obrq17
Obrq18C57BL/6J Obrq18
Obrq19C57BL/6J Obrq19
Obrq20C57BL/6J Obrq20
Obrq21C57BL/6J Obrq21
OfactC57BL/6J Ofact
Ofca1C57BL/6J Ofca1
Ofca2C57BL/6J Ofca2
Ofca3C57BL/6J Ofca3
Ofca4C57BL/6J Ofca4
OhtqC57BL/6J Ohtq
OpefaC57BL/6J Opefa
Oremsq1C57BL/6J Oremsq1
Oremsq2C57BL/6J Oremsq2
Oriq1C57BL/6J Oriq1
Oriq2C57BL/6J Oriq2
Oriq3C57BL/6J Oriq3
Oriq4C57BL/6J Oriq4
Oriq5C57BL/6J Oriq5
Ots1C57BL/6J Ots1
Pabr1C57BL/6J Pabr1
Pabr2C57BL/6J Pabr2
Pain1C57BL/6J Pain1
Par1C57BL/6J Par1
Pas1C57BL/6J Pas1
Pas11C57BL/6J Pas11
Pas12C57BL/6J Pas12
Pas13C57BL/6J Pas13
Pas15C57BL/6J Pas15
Pas16C57BL/6J Pas16
Pbbcp1C57BL/6J Pbbcp1
Pbbcp2C57BL/6J Pbbcp2
Pbctlp1C57BL/6J Pbctlp1
Pbft1C57BL/6J Pbft1
Pbft2C57BL/6J Pbft2
Pbft3C57BL/6J Pbft3
Pbmd1C57BL/6J Pbmd1
Pbmd2C57BL/6J Pbmd2
Pbmd3C57BL/6J Pbmd3
Pbmd4C57BL/6J Pbmd4
Pbrbc2C57BL/6J Pbrbc2
Pbrbc3C57BL/6J Pbrbc3
Pbrbc4C57BL/6J Pbrbc4
Pbrgcsf1C57BL/6J Pbrgcsf1
Pbrgcsf2C57BL/6J Pbrgcsf2
Pbw1C57BL/6J Pbw1
Pbw2C57BL/6J Pbw2
Pbw3C57BL/6J Pbw3
Pbwg1C57BL/6J Pbwg1
Pbwg1.1C57BL/6J Pbwg1.1
Pbwg1.2C57BL/6J Pbwg1.2
Pbwg1.3C57BL/6J Pbwg1.3
Pbwg1.4C57BL/6J Pbwg1.4
Pbwg1.5C57BL/6J Pbwg1.5
Pbwg1.6C57BL/6J Pbwg1.6
Pbwg1.7C57BL/6J Pbwg1.7
Pbwg1.8C57BL/6J Pbwg1.8
Pbwg1.9C57BL/6J Pbwg1.9
Pbwg1.10C57BL/6J Pbwg1.10
Pbwg1.11C57BL/6J Pbwg1.11
Pbwg1.12C57BL/6J Pbwg1.12
Pbwg2C57BL/6J Pbwg2
Pbwg3C57BL/6J Pbwg3
Pbwg4C57BL/6J Pbwg4
Pbwg5C57BL/6J Pbwg5
Pbwg6C57BL/6J Pbwg6
Pbwg7C57BL/6J Pbwg7
Pbwg8C57BL/6J Pbwg8
Pbwg9C57BL/6J Pbwg9
Pbwg10C57BL/6J Pbwg10
Pbwg11C57BL/6J Pbwg11
Pbwg12C57BL/6J Pbwg12
Pbwg13C57BL/6J Pbwg13
Pbwg14C57BL/6J Pbwg14
Pbwg15C57BL/6J Pbwg15
Pbwg16C57BL/6J Pbwg16
Pbwg17C57BL/6J Pbwg17
Pbwg18C57BL/6J Pbwg18
Pbwg19C57BL/6J Pbwg19
Pbwg20C57BL/6J Pbwg20
Pbwg21C57BL/6J Pbwg21
Pbwg22C57BL/6J Pbwg22
PbwmC57BL/6J Pbwm
Pcho7C57BL/6J Pcho7
Pcho8C57BL/6J Pcho8
Pcho9C57BL/6J Pcho9
Pcho10C57BL/6J Pcho10
Pcho11C57BL/6J Pcho11
Pcholq1C57BL/6J Pcholq1
Pcholq2C57BL/6J Pcholq2
Pcholq3C57BL/6J Pcholq3
Pcholq4C57BL/6J Pcholq4
Pcpila1C57BL/6J Pcpila1
Pcpila2C57BL/6J Pcpila2
Pcpila3C57BL/6J Pcpila3
Pcyts1C57BL/6J Pcyts1
Pcyts2C57BL/6J Pcyts2
Pcyts3C57BL/6J Pcyts3
Pcyts4C57BL/6J Pcyts4
Pcyts5C57BL/6J Pcyts5
Pcyts6C57BL/6J Pcyts6
Pdcc1C57BL/6J Pdcc1
Pdcc2C57BL/6J Pdcc2
Pdcc3C57BL/6J Pdcc3
Pfat1C57BL/6J Pfat1
Pfat2C57BL/6J Pfat2
Pfat3C57BL/6J Pfat3
Pfat4C57BL/6J Pfat4
Pfat5C57BL/6J Pfat5
Pgct1C57BL/6J Pgct1
Phdlc1C57BL/6J Phdlc1
Phdlc2C57BL/6J Phdlc2
Phdlc5C57BL/6J Phdlc5
PheoC57BL/6J Pheo
Phrtq1C57BL/6J Phrtq1
PidysC57BL/6J Pidys
Pifs1C57BL/6J Pifs1
Pifs2C57BL/6J Pifs2
Pircd1C57BL/6J Pircd1
Pis1C57BL/6J Pis1
Pis2C57BL/6J Pis2
Pisnl1C57BL/6J Pisnl1
Pisnl2C57BL/6J Pisnl2
Pitm5C57BL/6J Pitm5
PkcalC57BL/6J Pkcal
PkcclC57BL/6J Pkccl
Plast1C57BL/6J Plast1
Plast1aC57BL/6J Plast1a
Plast1bC57BL/6J Plast1b
Plast2aC57BL/6J Plast2a
Plast2bC57BL/6J Plast2b
Plast3C57BL/6J Plast3
Plast4C57BL/6J Plast4
Plema1C57BL/6J Plema1
Plema2C57BL/6J Plema2
Plema3C57BL/6J Plema3
PlepC57BL/6J Plep
Plgr1C57BL/6J Plgr1
Pmesf1C57BL/6J Pmesf1
Pmesf2C57BL/6J Pmesf2
Pmesf3C57BL/6J Pmesf3
Pnhdlc1C57BL/6J Pnhdlc1
Pnhdlc2C57BL/6J Pnhdlc2
Pnhdlc3C57BL/6J Pnhdlc3
Pnhdlc4C57BL/6J Pnhdlc4
Pnhdlc5C57BL/6J Pnhdlc5
Pnhdlc6C57BL/6J Pnhdlc6
Pnrq1C57BL/6J Pnrq1
PodC57BL/6J Pod
Ppipq1C57BL/6J Ppipq1
Ppiq12C57BL/6J Ppiq12
Ppiq13C57BL/6J Ppiq13
Ppiq14C57BL/6J Ppiq14
Ppiq15C57BL/6J Ppiq15
PrxshC57BL/6J Prxsh
Psrs1C57BL/6J Psrs1
Psrs2C57BL/6J Psrs2
Psrs3C57BL/6J Psrs3
Psrs4C57BL/6J Psrs4
Psrs5C57BL/6J Psrs5
Psrs6C57BL/6J Psrs6
Psrs7C57BL/6J Psrs7
Pstc1C57BL/6J Pstc1
Pstc2C57BL/6J Pstc2
Pstc3C57BL/6J Pstc3
Pstc4C57BL/6J Pstc4
Pstc5C57BL/6J Pstc5
Psubf1C57BL/6J Psubf1
Psubf2C57BL/6J Psubf2
Ptbq1C57BL/6J Ptbq1
Ptfat1C57BL/6J Ptfat1
Ptfat2C57BL/6J Ptfat2
Ptfat3C57BL/6J Ptfat3
Ptnu1C57BL/6J Ptnu1
Ptnu2C57BL/6J Ptnu2
Ptnu3C57BL/6J Ptnu3
Ptnu4C57BL/6J Ptnu4
Ptnu5C57BL/6J Ptnu5
Ptz1aC57BL/6J Ptz1a
Ptz1bC57BL/6J Ptz1b
Pubt1C57BL/6J Pubt1
Qrr1C57BL/6J Qrr1
Qrr1dC57BL/6J Qrr1d
Qrr1pC57BL/6J Qrr1p
QuiC57BL/6J Qui
Radpf1C57BL/6J Radpf1
Radpf2C57BL/6J Radpf2
Radpf3C57BL/6J Radpf3
Radpf4C57BL/6J Radpf4
Raml1C57BL/6J Raml1
Raml2C57BL/6J Raml2
Raml3C57BL/6J Raml3
Raml4C57BL/6J Raml4
Raml5C57BL/6J Raml5
Ramt1C57BL/6J Ramt1
Rapop4C57BL/6J Rapop4
Rapop5C57BL/6J Rapop5
Rapop6C57BL/6J Rapop6
Rapop7C57BL/6J Rapop7
Rbc9C57BL/6J Rbc9
Rbcn1C57BL/6J Rbcn1
Rbcn2C57BL/6J Rbcn2
Rbcn3C57BL/6J Rbcn3
Rear1C57BL/6J Rear1
Rear2C57BL/6J Rear2
Reb1C57BL/6J Reb1
Recrq1C57BL/6J Recrq1
Recrq2C57BL/6J Recrq2
Recrq3C57BL/6J Recrq3
Recrq4C57BL/6J Recrq4
Recrq5C57BL/6J Recrq5
Recrq6C57BL/6J Recrq6
Recrq7C57BL/6J Recrq7
Remsbq1C57BL/6J Remsbq1
Remsbq2C57BL/6J Remsbq2
Remslp1C57BL/6J Remslp1
Remslp2C57BL/6J Remslp2
Remslp3C57BL/6J Remslp3
Remslp4C57BL/6J Remslp4
Remslp5C57BL/6J Remslp5
Remslp6C57BL/6J Remslp6
Remslq1C57BL/6J Remslq1
Remslq2C57BL/6J Remslq2
Remslq3C57BL/6J Remslq3
Remsqq1C57BL/6J Remsqq1
Remsqq2C57BL/6J Remsqq2
Remstpq1C57BL/6J Remstpq1
Remstpq2C57BL/6J Remstpq2
Remstpq3C57BL/6J Remstpq3
Remstpq4C57BL/6J Remstpq4
Renf1C57BL/6J Renf1
Renf2C57BL/6J Renf2
Rfpw1C57BL/6J Rfpw1
Rfpw2C57BL/6J Rfpw2
Rfpw3C57BL/6J Rfpw3
Rfpw4C57BL/6J Rfpw4
Rfpw5C57BL/6J Rfpw5
Rfpw6C57BL/6J Rfpw6
Rfpw7C57BL/6J Rfpw7
Rfq1C57BL/6J Rfq1
Rfq2C57BL/6J Rfq2
Rigs1C57BL/6J Rigs1
Ril6C57BL/6J Ril6
Rmerr1C57BL/6J Rmerr1
Rmp1C57BL/6J Rmp1
Rmp2C57BL/6J Rmp2
Rmp3C57BL/6J Rmp3
Rosd1C57BL/6J Rosd1
Rotet1C57BL/6J Rotet1
Rotse1C57BL/6J Rotse1
Rotse2C57BL/6J Rotse2
Rotse3C57BL/6J Rotse3
Rotst1C57BL/6J Rotst1
Rpe65450M Rpe65
RplagC57BL/6J Rplag
Rrodp1C57BL/6J Rrodp1
Rrodp2C57BL/6J Rrodp2
Rta1C57BL/6J Rta1
Rta2C57BL/6J Rta2
Rv3C57BL/6J Rv3
Salpa3C57BL/6J Salpa3
Salpa4C57BL/6J Salpa4
Sbnt1C57BL/6J Sbnt1
Sbnt2C57BL/6J Sbnt2
Scarb1Hdlq1-C57BL/6J Scarb1
Scfq5C57BL/6J Scfq5
Scfr1C57BL/6J Scfr1
Scfr2C57BL/6J Scfr2
Scfr3C57BL/6J Scfr3
Scl2C57BL/6J Scl2
Scon5C57BL/6J Scon5
Scpro4C57BL/6J Scpro4
Scpro5C57BL/6J Scpro5
Scpro6C57BL/6J Scpro6
Scpro7C57BL/6J Scpro7
Scpro8C57BL/6J Scpro8
Scpro9C57BL/6J Scpro9
Scpro10C57BL/6J Scpro10
Scpro11C57BL/6J Scpro11
Scq1C57BL/6J Scq1
Scram1C57BL/6J Scram1
Scvg1C57BL/6J Scvg1
Scvg2C57BL/6J Scvg2
Scvg3C57BL/6J Scvg3
Sefq1C57BL/6J Sefq1
Ses1aC57BL/6J Ses1a
Ses1bC57BL/6J Ses1b
Ses2C57BL/6J Ses2
Ses3C57BL/6J Ses3
Ses4C57BL/6J Ses4
Ses5C57BL/6J Ses5
Ses6C57BL/6J Ses6
Ses7C57BL/6J Ses7
Ses8C57BL/6J Ses8
Ses9C57BL/6J Ses9
Ses10C57BL/6J Ses10
Sgp3C57BL/6J Sgp3
Sh1C57BL/6J Sh1
Sh2C57BL/6J Sh2
Sh3C57BL/6J Sh3
Sh4C57BL/6J Sh4
Shali1C57BL/6J Shali1
Shali2C57BL/6J Shali2
Shali3C57BL/6J Shali3
Shali4C57BL/6J Shali4
Shali5C57BL/6J Shali5
Sicd1C57BL/6J Sicd1
Sicd2C57BL/6J Sicd2
Sicd3C57BL/6J Sicd3
Sicd4C57BL/6J Sicd4
Sicd5C57BL/6J Sicd5
Skcsq1C57BL/6J Skcsq1
Skcsq2C57BL/6J Skcsq2
Skcsq3C57BL/6J Skcsq3
Skcsq4C57BL/6J Skcsq4
Skcsq5C57BL/6J Skcsq5
Skcsq6C57BL/6J Skcsq6
Skcsq7C57BL/6J Skcsq7
Skmw1C57BL/6J Skmw1
Skmw2C57BL/6J Skmw2
Skmw3C57BL/6J Skmw3
Skmw4C57BL/6J Skmw4
Skmw5C57BL/6J Skmw5
Skmw6C57BL/6J Skmw6
Skmw7C57BL/6J Skmw7
Skmw8C57BL/6J Skmw8
Skmw9C57BL/6J Skmw9
Skmw10C57BL/6J Skmw10
Skmw11C57BL/6J Skmw11
Skmw12C57BL/6J Skmw12
Skmw13C57BL/6J Skmw13
Skmw14C57BL/6J Skmw14
Skmw15C57BL/6J Skmw15
Skmw16C57BL/6J Skmw16
Skmw17C57BL/6J Skmw17
Skmw18C57BL/6J Skmw18
Skmw19C57BL/6J Skmw19
Skmw21C57BL/6J Skmw21
Skmw22C57BL/6J Skmw22
Skmw23C57BL/6J Skmw23
Skmw24C57BL/6J Skmw24
Skmw25C57BL/6J Skmw25
Skmw26C57BL/6J Skmw26
Skmw27C57BL/6J Skmw27
Skmw28C57BL/6J Skmw28
Skmw29C57BL/6J Skmw29
Skmw30C57BL/6J Skmw30
Skmw31C57BL/6J Skmw31
Skmw32C57BL/6J Skmw32
Skmw33C57BL/6J Skmw33
Skmw34C57BL/6J Skmw34
Skmw35C57BL/6J Skmw35
Skmw36C57BL/6J Skmw36
Skmw37C57BL/6J Skmw37
Skmw38C57BL/6J Skmw38
Skmw39C57BL/6J Skmw39
Skmw40C57BL/6J Skmw40
Skmw41C57BL/6J Skmw41
Skmw42C57BL/6J Skmw42
Skshq1C57BL/6J Skshq1
Skshq2C57BL/6J Skshq2
Skshq3C57BL/6J Skshq3
Skshq4C57BL/6J Skshq4
Skshq5C57BL/6J Skshq5
Skshq6C57BL/6J Skshq6
Skshq7C57BL/6J Skshq7
Skshq8C57BL/6J Skshq8
Skshq9C57BL/6J Skshq9
Skshq10C57BL/6J Skshq10
Skshq11C57BL/6J Skshq11
Skshq12C57BL/6J Skshq12
Skshq13C57BL/6J Skshq13
Skshq14C57BL/6J Skshq14
Skshq15C57BL/6J Skshq15
Skshq16C57BL/6J Skshq16
Skshq17C57BL/6J Skshq17
Skshq18C57BL/6J Skshq18
Skshq19C57BL/6J Skshq19
Skshq20C57BL/6J Skshq20
Skshq21C57BL/6J Skshq21
Skshq22C57BL/6J Skshq22
Skshq23C57BL/6J Skshq23
Skshq24C57BL/6J Skshq24
Skshq25C57BL/6J Skshq25
Skshq26C57BL/6J Skshq26
Skshq27C57BL/6J Skshq27
Skshq28C57BL/6J Skshq28
Skshq29C57BL/6J Skshq29
Skshq30C57BL/6J Skshq30
Slaq2C57BL/6J Slaq2
Slaq3C57BL/6J Slaq3
Slcs1C57BL/6J Slcs1
Sle1C57BL/6J Sle1
Sle1aC57BL/6J Sle1a
Sle1bC57BL/6J Sle1b
Sle1cC57BL/6J Sle1c
Sle2C57BL/6J Sle2
Sle12C57BL/6J Sle12
Sle13C57BL/6J Sle13
Sle20C57BL/6J Sle20
Sle23C57BL/6J Sle23
Sle24C57BL/6J Sle24
Slms1C57BL/6J Slms1
Slms2C57BL/6J Slms2
Slt1C57BL/6J Slt1
Slt2C57BL/6J Slt2
Slt3C57BL/6J Slt3
Slt4C57BL/6J Slt4
Slt5C57BL/6J Slt5
SlthsrC57BL/6J Slthsr
Sm1C57BL/6J Sm1
Sm2C57BL/6J Sm2
Smgd1C57BL/6J Smgd1
Smmq1C57BL/6J Smmq1
Smmq2C57BL/6J Smmq2
Smmq3C57BL/6J Smmq3
Sod1mC57BL/6J Sod1m
Sox10m2C57BL/6J Sox10m2
Sox10m3C57BL/6J Sox10m3
Sox10m4C57BL/6J Sox10m4
Sox10m5C57BL/6J Sox10m5
Spha1C57BL/6J Spha1
Spha2C57BL/6J Spha2
Spha3C57BL/6J Spha3
spkw2C57BL/6J spkw2
Splrn1C57BL/6J Splrn1
Splrn2C57BL/6J Splrn2
Spw1C57BL/6J Spw1
Spw2C57BL/6J Spw2
Spw3C57BL/6J Spw3
Spw4C57BL/6J Spw4
Spw5C57BL/6J Spw5
Sreq Sreq
SrilpC57BL/6J Srilp
Ssen1C57BL/6J Ssen1
Ssen2C57BL/6J Ssen2
Ssen3C57BL/6J Ssen3
Ssnt1C57BL/6J Ssnt1
Ssnt2C57BL/6J Ssnt2
Ssnt3C57BL/6J Ssnt3
Ssrq1C57BL/6J Ssrq1
Ssrq2C57BL/6J Ssrq2
Ssrq3C57BL/6J Ssrq3
Ssrq4C57BL/6J Ssrq4
Ssrq5C57BL/6J Ssrq5
Ssrq6C57BL/6J Ssrq6
Ssrq7C57BL/6J Ssrq7
Ssrq8C57BL/6J Ssrq8
Ssrq9C57BL/6J Ssrq9
Ssrq10C57BL/6J Ssrq10
Ssrq11C57BL/6J Ssrq11
Sssq1C57BL/6J Sssq1
Sst1C57BL/6J Sst1
Sst2C57BL/6J Sst2
Sst3C57BL/6J Sst3
Sst4C57BL/6J Sst4
Sst5C57BL/6J Sst5
Sstapa1C57BL/6J Sstapa1
Sstapa2C57BL/6J Sstapa2
Sstapa3C57BL/6J Sstapa3
Sstapa4C57BL/6J Sstapa4
Stia1C57BL/6J Stia1
Stia2C57BL/6J Stia2
StnnC57BL/6J Stnn
Stsl2C57BL/6J Stsl2
Stsl3aC57BL/6J Stsl3a
Stsl3bC57BL/6J Stsl3b
Stsl4C57BL/6J Stsl4
Stsl5C57BL/6J Stsl5
StvC57BL/6J Stv
Suprmam1C57BL/6J Suprmam1
Svtbq1C57BL/6J Svtbq1
Svtbq2C57BL/6J Svtbq2
Svtbq3C57BL/6J Svtbq3
Svtbq4C57BL/6J Svtbq4
SvtmsC57BL/6J Svtms
Swq6C57BL/6J Swq6
Synch2C57BL/6J Synch2
Sysbp3C57BL/6J Sysbp3
Szs1C57BL/6J Szs1
Szs2C57BL/6J Szs2
Szs3C57BL/6J Szs3
Szs4C57BL/6J Szs4
Szs5C57BL/6J Szs5
Szs6C57BL/6J Szs6
Szs7C57BL/6J Szs7
Szs8C57BL/6J Szs8
Szs9C57BL/6J Szs9
Szs10C57BL/6J Szs10
Szs11C57BL/6J Szs11
Szs12C57BL/6J Szs12
Szs13C57BL/6J Szs13
Szv1C57BL/6J Szv1
Szv2C57BL/6J Szv2
Szv3C57BL/6J Szv3
T1pdtyC57BL/6J T1pdty
T2dm2C57BL/6J T2dm2
T2dm3C57BL/6J T2dm3
TabwC57BL/6J Tabw
Tabw2C57BL/6J Tabw2
TafatC57BL/6J Tafat
Tailq7C57BL/6J Tailq7
Tailq8C57BL/6J Tailq8
Tammq1C57BL/6J Tammq1
Tammq2C57BL/6J Tammq2
Tammq3C57BL/6J Tammq3
Tammq4C57BL/6J Tammq4
Tammq5C57BL/6J Tammq5
Tammq6C57BL/6J Tammq6
Tammq7C57BL/6J Tammq7
Tammq8C57BL/6J Tammq8
Tanidd1C57BL/6J Tanidd1
Tanidd2C57BL/6J Tanidd2
Taste1C57BL/6J Taste1
Taste2C57BL/6J Taste2
Taste3C57BL/6J Taste3
Taste4C57BL/6J Taste4
Taste5C57BL/6J Taste5
Taste6C57BL/6J Taste6
Taste7C57BL/6J Taste7
Taste8C57BL/6J Taste8
Taste9C57BL/6J Taste9
Taste10C57BL/6J Taste10
Taste11C57BL/6J Taste11
Taste12C57BL/6J Taste12
TauphC57BL/6J Tauph
Tavq1C57BL/6J Tavq1
Tb2r1C57BL/6J Tb2r1
Tbmd1C57BL/6J Tbmd1
Tbqt1C57BL/6J Tbqt1
Tbqt2C57BL/6J Tbqt2
Tbqt3C57BL/6J Tbqt3
Tbqt4C57BL/6J Tbqt4
Tbqt5C57BL/6J Tbqt5
Tbqt6C57BL/6J Tbqt6
Tbqt7C57BL/6J Tbqt7
Tbrs1C57BL/6J Tbrs1
Tbrs2C57BL/6J Tbrs2
Tbrs3C57BL/6J Tbrs3
Tbrs4C57BL/6J Tbrs4
Tbrs5C57BL/6J Tbrs5
Tbt1C57BL/6J Tbt1
Tbt2C57BL/6J Tbt2
Tbt3C57BL/6J Tbt3
Tbt4C57BL/6J Tbt4
Tcq1C57BL/6J Tcq1
Tcq2C57BL/6J Tcq2
Tcq3C57BL/6J Tcq3
Tcq11C57BL/6J Tcq11
Tcq12C57BL/6J Tcq12
Tcq13C57BL/6J Tcq13
Tcq14C57BL/6J Tcq14
Tcq15C57BL/6J Tcq15
Tcq16C57BL/6J Tcq16
Tcq17C57BL/6J Tcq17
Tfv1C57BL/6J Tfv1
Tgl5C57BL/6J Tgl5
Tgl6C57BL/6J Tgl6
Tgl7C57BL/6J Tgl7
Tgl8C57BL/6J Tgl8
Tgq1C57BL/6J Tgq1
Tgq2C57BL/6J Tgq2
Tgq3C57BL/6J Tgq3
Tgq32C57BL/6J Tgq32
Tgq33C57BL/6J Tgq33
Tgq34C57BL/6J Tgq34
Thyct1C57BL/6J Thyct1
Thyct2C57BL/6J Thyct2
Thypr1C57BL/6J Thypr1
Thypr2C57BL/6J Thypr2
Thypr3C57BL/6J Thypr3
Tisms1C57BL/6J Tisms1
Tisms2C57BL/6J Tisms2
TismtC57BL/6J Tismt
TismvC57BL/6J Tismv
TllnC57BL/6J Tlln
Tlsr1C57BL/6J Tlsr1
Tlsr2C57BL/6J Tlsr2
Tlsr3C57BL/6J Tlsr3
Tlsr4C57BL/6J Tlsr4
Tlsr5C57BL/6J Tlsr5
Tlsr8C57BL/6J Tlsr8
Tlsr9C57BL/6J Tlsr9
Tlsr10C57BL/6J Tlsr10
Tlyr1C57BL/6J Tlyr1
Tmc1m1C57BL/6J Tmc1m1
Tmevd5C57BL/6J Tmevd5
Tmrb1C57BL/6J Tmrb1
Tmrb2C57BL/6J Tmrb2
Tmrdq1C57BL/6J Tmrdq1
Tmrdq2C57BL/6J Tmrdq2
Tnbs1C57BL/6J Tnbs1
Tnbs2C57BL/6J Tnbs2
TnfpC57BL/6J Tnfp
Tnfsf4Ath1-C57BL/6J Tnfsf4
Tons1C57BL/6J Tons1
Tons2C57BL/6J Tons2
Tpapa1C57BL/6J Tpapa1
Tpnr1C57BL/6J Tpnr1
Tpnr2C57BL/6J Tpnr2
Tpnr3C57BL/6J Tpnr3
Tpnr5C57BL/6J Tpnr5
Tpnr6C57BL/6J Tpnr6
Tpnr7C57BL/6J Tpnr7
Tprems1C57BL/6J Tprems1
Tprems2C57BL/6J Tprems2
Trbv4c1C57BL/6J Trbv4c1
Trbv4c2C57BL/6J Trbv4c2
Tremstq1C57BL/6J Tremstq1
Tremstq2C57BL/6J Tremstq2
Tremstq3C57BL/6J Tremstq3
TrglydC57BL/6J Trglyd
TriglC57BL/6J Trigl
Trigq1C57BL/6J Trigq1
Trigq3C57BL/6J Trigq3
Trigq4C57BL/6J Trigq4
Trigq5C57BL/6J Trigq5
Trigq6C57BL/6J Trigq6
Trigq7C57BL/6J Trigq7
Trmq1C57BL/6J Trmq1
Trmq2C57BL/6J Trmq2
Tsbq1C57BL/6J Tsbq1
Tsbq2C57BL/6J Tsbq2
Tsbq3C57BL/6J Tsbq3
Tsbq4C57BL/6J Tsbq4
Tsti1C57BL/6J Tsti1
Tsti2C57BL/6J Tsti2
Tsti3C57BL/6J Tsti3
Tsti4C57BL/6J Tsti4
TswtC57BL/6J Tswt
Tsz1C57BL/6J Tsz1
Tubisq1C57BL/6J Tubisq1
Twbq1C57BL/6J Twbq1
Twbq2C57BL/6J Twbq2
Twbq3C57BL/6J Twbq3
Twq1C57BL/6J Twq1
Twq2C57BL/6J Twq2
Twq5C57BL/6J Twq5
V25Dq1C57BL/6J V25Dq1
V25Dq2C57BL/6J V25Dq2
V25Dq3C57BL/6J V25Dq3
V25Dq4C57BL/6J V25Dq4
V25Dq5C57BL/6J V25Dq5
V25Dq6C57BL/6J V25Dq6
V25Dq7C57BL/6J V25Dq7
V25Dq8C57BL/6J V25Dq8
V25Dq9C57BL/6J V25Dq9
V125Dq1C57BL/6J V125Dq1
V125Dq2C57BL/6J V125Dq2
V125Dq3C57BL/6J V125Dq3
V125Dq4C57BL/6J V125Dq4
V125Dq5C57BL/6J V125Dq5
V125Dq6C57BL/6J V125Dq6
V125Dq7C57BL/6J V125Dq7
V125Dq8C57BL/6J V125Dq8
V125Dq9C57BL/6J V125Dq9
V125Dq10C57BL/6J V125Dq10
V125Dq11C57BL/6J V125Dq11
V125Dq12C57BL/6J V125Dq12
V125Dq13C57BL/6J V125Dq13
V125Dq14C57BL/6J V125Dq14
Vacq1C57BL/6J Vacq1
Vacq2C57BL/6J Vacq2
Vacq3C57BL/6J Vacq3
Vacq4C57BL/6J Vacq4
Vacq5C57BL/6J Vacq5
Vacq6C57BL/6J Vacq6
Vacq7C57BL/6J Vacq7
Vasr1C57BL/6J Vasr1
Vav3Idd18.1-C57BL/6J Vav3
Vent1C57BL/6J Vent1
Vent2C57BL/6J Vent2
Vent3C57BL/6J Vent3
Vgot1C57BL/6J Vgot1
Vgot2C57BL/6J Vgot2
Vmbic1C57BL/6J Vmbic1
Vmbic2C57BL/6J Vmbic2
Vmbic3C57BL/6J Vmbic3
Vmbic4C57BL/6J Vmbic4
Vmbic5C57BL/6J Vmbic5
Vmbic6C57BL/6J Vmbic6
Vmbic7C57BL/6J Vmbic7
Vmbic8C57BL/6J Vmbic8
Vmbic9C57BL/6J Vmbic9
Vmbic10C57BL/6J Vmbic10
Vmm1C57BL/6J Vmm1
Vmm2C57BL/6J Vmm2
Vmm3C57BL/6J Vmm3
Vmm4C57BL/6J Vmm4
Vmm6C57BL/6J Vmm6
Vmmt1C57BL/6J Vmmt1
Vmmt3C57BL/6J Vmmt3
Vmmt4C57BL/6J Vmmt4
Vmmt6C57BL/6J Vmmt6
Vmmt7C57BL/6J Vmmt7
Vmmt14C57BL/6J Vmmt14
Vmmt17C57BL/6J Vmmt17
Vnhv1C57BL/6J Vnhv1
Vnhv2C57BL/6J Vnhv2
Voq1C57BL/6J Voq1
VpantdC57BL/6J Vpantd
Vtbt1C57BL/6J Vtbt1
Vtbt2C57BL/6J Vtbt2
Vtbt3C57BL/6J Vtbt3
Vtbt4C57BL/6J Vtbt4
Vtbt5C57BL/6J Vtbt5
Vtbt6C57BL/6J Vtbt6
Vtbt7C57BL/6J Vtbt7
Vtbt8C57BL/6J Vtbt8
Vtbt9C57BL/6J Vtbt9
Vtbt10C57BL/6J Vtbt10
Vtbt11C57BL/6J Vtbt11
Vtbt12C57BL/6J Vtbt12
Vtbt13C57BL/6J Vtbt13
Vtbt14C57BL/6J Vtbt14
Vtbt15C57BL/6J Vtbt15
Vtbt16C57BL/6J Vtbt16
Vtbt17C57BL/6J Vtbt17
Vtbt18C57BL/6J Vtbt18
Vtbt19C57BL/6J Vtbt19
Vurm1C57BL/6J Vurm1
Vwr1C57BL/6J Vwr1
Vwr2C57BL/6J Vwr2
Vwr3C57BL/6J Vwr3
Wbcc1C57BL/6J Wbcc1
Wbcc2C57BL/6J Wbcc2
Wbcc3C57BL/6J Wbcc3
Wbqq1C57BL/6J Wbqq1
Wbqq2C57BL/6J Wbqq2
Weich1C57BL/6J Weich1
Weich2C57BL/6J Weich2
Weich3C57BL/6J Weich3
Weich4C57BL/6J Weich4
Weich5C57BL/6J Weich5
Weich6C57BL/6J Weich6
Wg1C57BL/6J Wg1
Wg2C57BL/6J Wg2
Wg2aC57BL/6J Wg2a
Wg2bC57BL/6J Wg2b
Wg2cC57BL/6J Wg2c
Wg2dC57BL/6J Wg2d
Wg3C57BL/6J Wg3
Wg4C57BL/6J Wg4
Wg5C57BL/6J Wg5
Wg6C57BL/6J Wg6
Wg7C57BL/6J Wg7
Why1C57BL/6J Why1
Why2C57BL/6J Why2
Wra1C57BL/6J Wra1
wrmod1C57BL/6J wrmod1
Wt3q1C57BL/6J Wt3q1
Wt3q2C57BL/6J Wt3q2
Wt3q3C57BL/6J Wt3q3
Wt6q1C57BL/6J Wt6q1
Wt6q2C57BL/6J Wt6q2
Wt6q3C57BL/6J Wt6q3
Wt10q1C57BL/6J Wt10q1
Wt10q2C57BL/6J Wt10q2
Wt10q3C57BL/6J Wt10q3
Wt10q4C57BL/6J Wt10q4
Wtmq1C57BL/6J Wtmq1
Wtmq2C57BL/6J Wtmq2
Wtmq3C57BL/6J Wtmq3
Wtmq4C57BL/6J Wtmq4
Wtmq5C57BL/6J Wtmq5
Wtmq6C57BL/6J Wtmq6
Wtmq7C57BL/6J Wtmq7
Wtmq8C57BL/6J Wtmq8
Wtmq9C57BL/6J Wtmq9
Wtq1C57BL/6J Wtq1
Wtq2C57BL/6J Wtq2
XydsqC57BL/6J Xydsq
Xzvdq1C57BL/6J Xzvdq1
Xzvdq2C57BL/6J Xzvdq2
Xzvdq3C57BL/6J Xzvdq3
Xzvdq4C57BL/6J Xzvdq4
Xzvdq5C57BL/6J Xzvdq5
Xzvdq6C57BL/6J Xzvdq6
Xzvdq7C57BL/6J Xzvdq7
Xzvdq8C57BL/6J Xzvdq8
Xzvdq9C57BL/6J Xzvdq9
Xzvdq10C57BL/6J Xzvdq10
Xzvdq11C57BL/6J Xzvdq11
Xzvdq12C57BL/6J Xzvdq12
Xzvdq13C57BL/6J Xzvdq13
Xzvdq14C57BL/6J Xzvdq14
Xzvdq15C57BL/6J Xzvdq15
Xzvdq16C57BL/6J Xzvdq16
Xzvdq17C57BL/6J Xzvdq17
Xzvdq18C57BL/6J Xzvdq18
Xzvdq19C57BL/6J Xzvdq19
Yprl1C57BL/6J Yprl1
Yprl2C57BL/6J Yprl2
Yprl3C57BL/6J Yprl3
YvC57BL/6J Yv
Zc3h4C57BL/6J Zc3h4
Phenotype Overview

adipose tissue
cardiovascular system
digestive/alimentary system
endocrine/exocrine glands
hematopoietic system
immune system
liver/biliary system
nervous system
normal phenotype
renal/urinary system
reproductive system
respiratory system

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2 associated strain records at IMSR
IMSR Repository IMSR Strain Why Matched
JAX:000664 JAX C57BL/6J exact match to ID
MMRRC:069684 MMRRC C57BL/6J exact match to name
  • Earliest
    J:309 WALLACE ME, Locus of the gene 'fidget' in the house mouse. Nature. 1950 Sep 2;166(4218):407
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