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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:90438 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Obtaining and loading genome assembly coordinates from NCBI annotations. 2005;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm17740 assembly
Gm17741 assembly
Gm17747 assembly
Gm17755 assembly
Trav13n-1 assembly
Gm17772 assembly
Gm17774 assembly
Gm17778 assembly
Trav5d-2 assembly
Trav15d-3 assembly
Trav12-4 assembly
Trav22 assembly
Trav15-3 assembly
Trav23 assembly
Trdv3 assembly
Traj47 assembly
Trav5n-2 assembly
Trav15n-3 assembly
Trav3-2 assembly
Trav5-2 assembly
Gm17792 assembly
Gm17805 assembly
Gm17882 assembly
Gm17922 assembly
Gm17923 assembly
Gm17932 assembly
Gm17940 assembly
Gm17941 assembly
Gm18071 assembly
Gm18072 assembly
Gm18073 assembly
Gm18074 assembly
Gm18075 assembly
Gm18076 assembly
Gm18077 assembly
Gm18078 assembly
Gm18079 assembly
Gm18080 assembly
Gm18081 assembly
Gm18082 assembly
Gm18142 assembly
Gm18143 assembly
Gm18144 assembly
Gm18145 assembly
Gm18146 assembly
Gm18147 assembly
Gm18148 assembly
Gm18215 assembly
Gm18216 assembly
Gm18274 assembly
Gm18275 assembly
Gm18276 assembly
Gm18277 assembly
Gm18321 assembly
Gm18367 assembly
Gm18368 assembly
Gm18369 assembly
Gm18370 assembly
Gm18398 assembly
Gm18523 assembly
Gm18524 assembly
Gm18525 assembly
Gm18565 assembly
Gm18569 assembly
Gm18567 assembly
Gm18568 assembly
Gm18569 assembly
Gm18572 assembly
Gm18571 assembly
Gm18572 assembly
Gm18573 assembly
Gm18574 assembly
Gm18575 assembly
Gm18576 assembly
Gm18577 assembly
Gm18578 assembly
Gm18579 assembly
Gm18580 assembly
Gm18605 assembly
Gm18681 assembly
Gm18682 assembly
Gm18683 assembly
Gm18711 assembly
Gm18712 assembly
Gm18760 assembly
Gm18761 assembly
Gm18762 assembly
Gm18785 assembly
Gm18810 assembly
Gm18811 assembly
Gm18812 assembly
Gm18813 assembly
Gm18834 assembly
Gm18835 assembly
Gm18836 assembly
Gm18884 assembly
Gm18885 assembly
Gm18909 assembly
Gm18926 assembly
Pou5f1-rs6 assembly
Gm18947 assembly
Gm18962 assembly
Gm18976 assembly
Gm18977 assembly
Gm19013 assembly
Gm19014 assembly
Gm19015 assembly
Gm19016 assembly
Gm19017 assembly
Gm19018 assembly
Gm19019 assembly
Gm19034 assembly
Gm19050 assembly
Gm19061 assembly
Gm19097 assembly
Gm19098 assembly
Gm19099 assembly
Gm19109 assembly
Gm19120 assembly
Gm19129 assembly
Gm19146 assembly
Gm19156 assembly
Gm19157 assembly
Gm19158 assembly
Gm19198 assembly
Gm19216 assembly
Gm19222 assembly
Gm19223 assembly
Gm19259 assembly
Fkbp1a-ps1 assembly
Gm19290 assembly
Gm19301 assembly
Gm19311 assembly
Gm19351 assembly
Gm19370 assembly
Gm19377 assembly
Gm19422 assembly
Gm19471 assembly
Gm19521 assembly
Gm19597 assembly
Gm19615 assembly
Gm19703 assembly
Gm19716 assembly
Gm19823 assembly
Gm19829 assembly
Gm19845 assembly
Gm19888 assembly
Gm19889 assembly
Gm19909 assembly
C1qtnf9bos assembly
Gm20029 assembly
Gm20034 assembly
Gm20081 assembly
Gm20088 assembly
Gm20111 assembly
Gm20127 assembly
Gm20140 assembly
Gm20146 assembly
Gm20167 assembly
Gm20174 assembly
Gm20200 assembly
Gm20213 assembly
Gm20236 assembly
Gm20237 assembly
Gm20241 assembly
Gm20242 assembly
Gm20266 assembly
Gm20290 assembly
Gm20349 assembly
Gm20592 assembly
Gm20966 assembly
Gm21010 assembly
Gm21021 assembly
Gm21063 assembly
Gm21079 assembly
Gm21103 assembly
Gm21154 assembly
Gm21161 assembly
Gm21162 assembly
Gm21192 assembly
Gm21211 assembly
Gm21254 assembly
Gm21255 assembly
Gm21259 assembly
Gm21263 assembly
Gm21298 assembly
Gm21342 assembly
Gm21373 assembly
Gm21430 assembly
Gm21437 assembly
Gm21445 assembly
Gm21451 assembly
Gm21456 assembly
Gm16867 assembly
Gm21495 assembly
Gm21560 assembly
Entpd4b assembly
Gm29713 assembly
Gm29717 assembly
Cirop assembly
Gm29800 assembly
Gm29849 assembly
Gm29850 assembly
Gm29871 assembly
Gm29899 assembly
Gm29957 assembly
Gm30004 assembly
Gm30006 assembly
Gm30008 assembly
Gm30031 assembly
Gm30051 assembly
Gm30054 assembly
Gm30083 assembly
Gm30108 assembly
Gm30131 assembly
Gm30157 assembly
Gm30179 assembly
Gm30212 assembly
Gm30214 assembly
Gm30216 assembly
Gm30244 assembly
Gm30245 assembly
Gm30246 assembly
Gm30274 assembly
Gm30275 assembly
Gm30333 assembly
Gm30334 assembly
Gm30363 assembly
Gm30365 assembly
Gm30392 assembly
Gm30393 assembly
Gm30438 assembly
Gm30439 assembly
Gm30467 assembly
Gm30499 assembly
Gm30500 assembly
Gm30523 assembly
Gm30556 assembly
Gm30558 assembly
Gm30584 assembly
Gm30608 assembly
Gm30659 assembly
Gm30662 assembly
Gm30689 assembly
Gm30711 assembly
Gm30716 assembly
Gm30748 assembly
Gm30749 assembly
Gm30750 assembly
Gm30780 assembly
Gm30783 assembly
Rnf212b assembly
Gm30806 assembly
Gm30869 assembly
Gm30926 assembly
Gm30951 assembly
Gm30952 assembly
Gm30969 assembly
Gm30970 assembly
Gm31000 assembly
Gm31001 assembly
Gm31003 assembly
Gm31004 assembly
Gm31035 assembly
Gm31039 assembly
Gm31071 assembly
Gm31072 assembly
Gm31107 assembly
Gm31131 assembly
Gm31132 assembly
Gm31167 assembly
Gm31168 assembly
Gm31192 assembly
Gm31222 assembly
Gm31227 assembly
Gm31250 assembly
Gm31251 assembly
Gm31280 assembly
Gm31281 assembly
Gm31316 assembly
Gm31338 assembly
Gm31339 assembly
Gm31392 assembly
Gm31393 assembly
Gm31394 assembly
Gm31395 assembly
Gm31425 assembly
Gm31456 assembly
Gm31487 assembly
Gm31488 assembly
Gm31517 assembly
Gm31548 assembly
Gm31577 assembly
Gm31606 assembly
Gm31607 assembly
Gm31632 assembly
Gm31633 assembly
Gm31658 assembly
Gm31720 assembly
Gm31723 assembly
Gm31748 assembly
Gm31775 assembly
Gm31776 assembly
Gm31804 assembly
Gm31807 assembly
Gm31838 assembly
Gm31839 assembly
Gm31840 assembly
Gm31895 assembly
Gm31896 assembly
Gm31921 assembly
Gm31947 assembly
Gm31951 assembly
Gm31979 assembly
Gm31980 assembly
Gm31981 assembly
Gm32008 assembly
Gm32041 assembly
Gm32044 assembly
Gm32045 assembly
Gm32068 assembly
Gm32092 assembly
Gm32093 assembly
Gm32121 assembly
Gm32123 assembly
Gm32162 assembly
Gm32187 assembly
Gm32224 assembly
Gm32269 assembly
Gm32307 assembly
Gm32329 assembly
Gm32379 assembly
Gm32382 assembly
Gm32427 assembly
Gm32452 assembly
Gm32454 assembly
Gm32455 assembly
Gm32482 assembly
Gm32497 assembly
Gm32498 assembly
Gm32537 assembly
Gm32587 assembly
Gm32645 assembly
Gm32674 assembly
Gm32729 assembly
Gm32762 assembly
Gm32815 assembly
Gm32857 assembly
Gm32859 assembly
Gm32860 assembly
Gm32912 assembly
Gm32913 assembly
Gm32966 assembly
Gm32969 assembly
Gm33021 assembly
Gm33022 assembly
Gm33025 assembly
Gm33076 assembly
Gm33077 assembly
Gm33121 assembly
Gm33173 assembly
Gm33198 assembly
Gm33203 assembly
Gm33245 assembly
Gm33246 assembly
Gm33295 assembly
Gm33298 assembly
Gm33299 assembly
Gm33321 assembly
Gm33349 assembly
Gm33393 assembly
Gm33430 assembly
Gm33450 assembly
Gm33472 assembly
Gm33473 assembly
Gm33523 assembly
Gm33524 assembly
Gm33525 assembly
Gm33526 assembly
Gm33582 assembly
Gm33583 assembly
Gm33657 assembly
Gm33686 assembly
Gm33717 assembly
Gm33718 assembly
Gm33719 assembly
Gm33768 assembly
Gm33769 assembly
Gm33790 assembly
Gm33822 assembly
Gm33824 assembly
Gm33825 assembly
Gm33876 assembly
Gm33879 assembly
Gm33880 assembly
Gm33906 assembly
Gm33933 assembly
Gm33935 assembly
Gm33997 assembly
Gm34059 assembly
Gm34060 assembly
Gm34061 assembly
Gm34092 assembly
Gm34124 assembly
Gm34167 assembly
Gm34171 assembly
Gm34198 assembly
Gm34199 assembly
Gm34223 assembly
Gm34250 assembly
Gm34310 assembly
Gm34313 assembly
Gm34360 assembly
Gm34361 assembly
Gm34362 assembly
Gm34415 assembly
Gm34417 assembly
Gm34440 assembly
Gm34442 assembly
Gm34443 assembly
Gm34499 assembly
Gm34500 assembly
Gm34588 assembly
Gm34589 assembly
Gm34643 assembly
Gm34702 assembly
Gm34703 assembly
Gm34750 assembly
Gm34754 assembly
Gm34756 assembly
Gm34757 assembly
Gm34758 assembly
Gm34792 assembly
Gm34819 assembly
Gm34848 assembly
Gm34874 assembly
Gm34875 assembly
Gm34907 assembly
Gm34934 assembly
Gm34935 assembly
Gm34936 assembly
Gm34996 assembly
Gm34997 assembly
Gm34998 assembly
Gm35052 assembly
Gm35053 assembly
Gm35078 assembly
Gm35079 assembly
Gm35116 assembly
Gm35146 assembly
Gm35164 assembly
Gm35166 assembly
Gm35196 assembly
Gm35197 assembly
Gm35217 assembly
Gm35218 assembly
Gm35247 assembly
Gm35281 assembly
Gm35307 assembly
Gm35308 assembly
Gm35334 assembly
Gm35336 assembly
Gm35360 assembly
Gm35361 assembly
Gm35362 assembly
Gm35385 assembly
Gm35387 assembly
Gm35388 assembly
Gm35389 assembly
Gm35418 assembly
Gm35419 assembly
Gm35447 assembly
Gm35449 assembly
Gm35450 assembly
Gm35468 assembly
Gm35517 assembly
Gm35563 assembly
Gm35566 assembly
Gm35595 assembly
Gm35623 assembly
Gm35675 assembly
Gm35678 assembly
Gm35679 assembly
Gm35680 assembly
Gm35766 assembly
Gm35767 assembly
Gm35799 assembly
Gm35823 assembly
Gm35852 assembly
Gm35905 assembly
Gm35907 assembly
Gm35908 assembly
Gm35909 assembly
Gm35962 assembly
Gm35965 assembly
Gm35966 assembly
Gm35967 assembly
Gm36020 assembly
Gm36022 assembly
Gm36024 assembly
Gm36025 assembly
Gm36058 assembly
Gm36060 assembly
Gm36080 assembly
Gm36082 assembly
Gm36104 assembly
Gm36105 assembly
Gm36106 assembly
Gm36107 assembly
Gm36146 assembly
Gm36162 assembly
Gm36164 assembly
Gm36165 assembly
Gm36218 assembly
Gm36219 assembly
Gm36242 assembly
Gm36270 assembly
Gm36271 assembly
Gm36302 assembly
Gm36324 assembly
Gm2956 assembly
Gm36382 assembly
Gm36407 assembly
Gm36410 assembly
Gm36429 assembly
Gm36448 assembly
Gm36476 assembly
Gm36477 assembly
Gm36506 assembly
Gm36530 assembly
Gm36534 assembly
Gm36583 assembly
Gm36611 assembly
Gm36612 assembly
Gm36641 assembly
Gm36674 assembly
Gm36704 assembly
Gm36705 assembly
Gm36786 assembly
Gm36789 assembly
Gm36842 assembly
Gm36845 assembly
Gm36923 assembly
Gm36924 assembly
Gm38408 assembly
Gm38409 assembly
Gm38418 assembly
Gm38463 assembly
Gm38524 assembly
Gm38605 assembly
Gm38620 assembly
Gm38641 assembly
Gm38660 assembly
Gm38680 assembly
Gm38685 assembly
Gm38690 assembly
Gm38713 assembly
Gm41082 assembly
Gm41083 assembly
Gm41084 assembly
Gm41085 assembly
Gm41086 assembly
Gm41087 assembly
Gm41088 assembly
Gm41089 assembly
Gm41090 assembly
Gm41091 assembly
Gm41092 assembly
Gm41093 assembly
Gm41094 assembly
Gm41095 assembly
Gm41096 assembly
Gm41097 assembly
Gm41098 assembly
Gm41099 assembly
Gm41100 assembly
Gm41101 assembly
Gm41102 assembly
Gm41103 assembly
Gm41104 assembly
Gm41105 assembly
Gm41106 assembly
Gm41107 assembly
Gm41108 assembly
Gm41109 assembly
Gm41110 assembly
Gm41111 assembly
Gm41112 assembly
Gm41113 assembly
Gm41114 assembly
Gm41115 assembly
Gm41116 assembly
Gm41117 assembly
Gm41118 assembly
Gm41119 assembly
Gm41120 assembly
Gm41121 assembly
Smim4 assembly
Gm41123 assembly
Gm41124 assembly
Gm41125 assembly
Gm41126 assembly
Gm41127 assembly
Gm41128 assembly
Gm41129 assembly
Gm41130 assembly
Gm41131 assembly
Gm41132 assembly
Gm41133 assembly
Gm41134 assembly
Gm41135 assembly
Gm41136 assembly
Gm41137 assembly
Gm41138 assembly
Gm41139 assembly
Gm41140 assembly
Gm41141 assembly
Gm41142 assembly
Gm41143 assembly
Gm41144 assembly
Gm41145 assembly
Gm41146 assembly
Gm41147 assembly
Gm41148 assembly
Gm41149 assembly
Gm41150 assembly
Gm41151 assembly
Gm41152 assembly
Gm41153 assembly
Gm41154 assembly
Gm41155 assembly
Gm41156 assembly
Gm41157 assembly
Gm41158 assembly
Gm41159 assembly
Gm41160 assembly
Gm41161 assembly
Gm41162 assembly
Gm41163 assembly
Gm41164 assembly
Gm41165 assembly
Gm41166 assembly
Gm41167 assembly
Gm41168 assembly
Gm41169 assembly
Gm41170 assembly
Gm41171 assembly
Gm41172 assembly
Gm41173 assembly
Gm41174 assembly
Gm41175 assembly
Gm41176 assembly
Gm41177 assembly
Gm41178 assembly
Gm41179 assembly
Gm41180 assembly
Gm41181 assembly
Gm41182 assembly
Gm41183 assembly
Gm41184 assembly
Gm41185 assembly
Gm41186 assembly
Gm41187 assembly
Gm41188 assembly
Gm41189 assembly
Gm41190 assembly
Gm41191 assembly
Gm41192 assembly
Gm41193 assembly
Gm41194 assembly
Gm41195 assembly
Gm41196 assembly
Gm41197 assembly
Gm41198 assembly
Gm41199 assembly
Gm41200 assembly
Gm41201 assembly
Gm41202 assembly
Gm41203 assembly
Gm41204 assembly
Gm41205 assembly
Gm41206 assembly
Gm41207 assembly
Gm41208 assembly
Gm41209 assembly
Gm41210 assembly
Gm41211 assembly
Gm41212 assembly
Gm41213 assembly
Gm41214 assembly
Gm41215 assembly
Gm41216 assembly
Gm41217 assembly
Gm41218 assembly
Gm41219 assembly
Gm41220 assembly
Gm41221 assembly
Gm41222 assembly
Gm41223 assembly
Gm41224 assembly
Gm41225 assembly
Gm41226 assembly
Gm41227 assembly
Gm41228 assembly
Gm41229 assembly
Gm41230 assembly
Gm41231 assembly
Gm41232 assembly
Gm41233 assembly
Gm41234 assembly
Gm41235 assembly
Gm41236 assembly
Gm41237 assembly
Gm41238 assembly
Gm41239 assembly
Gm41240 assembly
Gm41241 assembly
Gm41242 assembly
Gm41243 assembly
Gm41244 assembly
Gm41245 assembly
Gm41246 assembly
Gm41247 assembly
Gm41248 assembly
Gm41249 assembly
Gm41250 assembly
Gm41251 assembly
Gm41252 assembly
Gm41253 assembly
Israa assembly
Gm45935 assembly
Gm46441 assembly
Gm46442 assembly
Gm46443 assembly
Gm46444 assembly
Gm46445 assembly
Gm46446 assembly
Gm46447 assembly
Gm46448 assembly
Gm46449 assembly
Gm46450 assembly
Gm46451 assembly
Gm46452 assembly
Gm46453 assembly
Gm46454 assembly
Gm46455 assembly
Gm46456 assembly
Gm46457 assembly
Gm46458 assembly
Gm46459 assembly
Gm46460 assembly
Gm46461 assembly
Gm46462 assembly
Gm46463 assembly
Gm46464 assembly
Gm46465 assembly
Gm46466 assembly
Gm46467 assembly
Gm46468 assembly
Gm46469 assembly
Gm46470 assembly
Erich6b assembly
Gm46472 assembly
Gm46473 assembly
Gm46474 assembly
Gm46475 assembly
Gm46476 assembly
Gm46477 assembly
Gm46478 assembly
Gm46479 assembly
Gm46480 assembly
Gm46481 assembly
Gm46482 assembly
Gm46483 assembly
Gm46484 assembly
Gm46485 assembly
Gm46486 assembly
Gm46487 assembly
Gm46488 assembly
Gm46489 assembly
Gm46490 assembly
Gm46491 assembly
Gm46492 assembly
Gm46493 assembly
Gm50593 assembly
Gm51262 assembly
Mir12185 assembly
Gm51421 assembly
Gm51422 assembly
Gm51423 assembly
Gm52088 assembly
Gm52089 assembly
Gm52090 assembly
Gm52091 assembly
Gm52092 assembly
Gm52093 assembly
Gm52094 assembly
Gm52095 assembly
Gm52096 assembly
Gm52097 assembly
Gm52098 assembly
Gm52099 assembly
Gm52100 assembly
Gm52101 assembly
Gm52102 assembly
Gm52103 assembly
Gm52104 assembly
Gm52105 assembly
Gm52106 assembly
Gm52107 assembly
Gm52108 assembly
Gm52109 assembly
Gm52110 assembly
Gm52111 assembly
Gm52112 assembly
Gm52113 assembly
Gm52114 assembly
Gm52115 assembly
Gm52116 assembly
Gm52117 assembly
Gm52118 assembly
Gm52119 assembly
Gm52120 assembly
Gm52121 assembly
Gm52122 assembly
Gm52123 assembly
Gm52124 assembly
Gm52125 assembly
Gm52126 assembly
Gm52127 assembly
Gm52128 assembly
Gm52129 assembly
Gm52130 assembly
Gm52131 assembly
Gm52132 assembly
Gm52133 assembly
Gm52134 assembly
Gm52135 assembly
Gm52136 assembly
Gm52137 assembly
Gm52138 assembly
Gm52139 assembly
Gm52140 assembly
Gm52141 assembly
Gm52142 assembly
Gm52143 assembly
Gm52144 assembly
Gm52145 assembly
Gm52146 assembly
Gm52147 assembly
Gm52148 assembly
Gm52149 assembly
Gm52150 assembly
Gm52151 assembly
Gm52152 assembly
Gm52153 assembly
Gm52165 assembly
Gm52166 assembly
Gm52167 assembly
Gm52168 assembly
Gm52169 assembly
Gm52170 assembly
Gm50496 assembly
Gm51403 assembly
Gm51404 assembly
Gm53082 assembly
Gm53131 assembly
Gm53132 assembly
Gm53197 assembly
Gm53217 assembly
Gm53218 assembly
Gm53219 assembly
Gm53220 assembly
Gm53257 assembly
Gm53820 assembly
Gm53821 assembly
Gm53822 assembly
Gm53823 assembly
Gm53824 assembly
Gm53825 assembly
Gm53826 assembly
Gm53827 assembly
Gm53828 assembly
Gm53829 assembly
Gm53830 assembly
Gm53831 assembly
Gm53832 assembly
Gm53833 assembly
Gm53834 assembly
Gm53835 assembly
Gm53836 assembly
Gm53837 assembly
Gm53838 assembly
Gm53839 assembly
Gm53840 assembly
Gm53841 assembly
Gm53842 assembly
Gm53843 assembly
Gm53844 assembly
Gm53845 assembly
Gm53846 assembly
Gm53847 assembly
Gm53848 assembly
Gm53849 assembly
Gm53850 assembly
Gm53851 assembly
Gm53852 assembly
Gm53853 assembly
Gm53854 assembly
Gm53855 assembly
Gm53856 assembly
Gm53857 assembly
Gm53858 assembly
Gm53859 assembly
Gm53860 assembly
Gm53861 assembly
Gm53862 assembly
Gm53863 assembly
Gm53864 assembly
Gm53865 assembly
Gm53866 assembly
Gm53867 assembly

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