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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Nxph1 assembly
Gngt1 assembly
Asns assembly
Slc25a13 assembly
Gng11 assembly
Rpa3 assembly
Vps50 assembly
Ppp1r9a assembly
Vps50 assembly
C1galt1 assembly
Glcci1 assembly
Ndufa4 assembly
Wnt2 assembly
Tmem168 assembly
Ankrd7 assembly
Phf14 assembly
Tmem106b assembly
St7 assembly
Foxp2 assembly
Ppp1r3a assembly
Grm8 assembly
Fscn3 assembly
Cpa1 assembly
Atp6v1f assembly
Tnpo3 assembly
Ndufa5 assembly
Lingo1 assembly
Rnf148 assembly
Ing3 assembly
Wasl assembly
Fezf1 assembly
1700080G18Rik assembly
Gcc1 assembly
Hyal6 assembly
Hyal5 assembly
Ssmem1 assembly
6530409C15Rik assembly
Klhdc10 assembly
Hyal4 assembly
Lmod2 assembly
Wnt16 assembly
Impdh1 assembly
Rab19 assembly
Trim24 assembly
Cnot4 assembly
Fmc1 assembly
Nup205 assembly
Chchd3 assembly
1700111E14Rik assembly
1200014N16Rik assembly
Lrguk assembly
8030453O22Rik assembly
Tmem213 assembly
Slc35b4 assembly
Atp6v0a4 assembly
Mtpn assembly
Pip assembly
Sva assembly
Or2a7 assembly
Or2a57 assembly
Clec5a assembly
Tpk1 assembly
Try4 assembly
Cntnap2 assembly
Prss37 assembly
Sval1 assembly
Ssbp1 assembly
1810009J06Rik assembly
5830405F06Rik assembly
Fam131b assembly
Llcfc1 assembly
Tcaf1 assembly
Trpv6 assembly
Sval2 assembly
Prss1 assembly
Inmt assembly
Hnrnpa2b1 assembly
Adcyap1r1 assembly
Cul1 assembly
Mturn assembly
Npy assembly
Scrn1 assembly
Chn2 assembly
Zfp398 assembly
Spmip4 assembly
Cpvl assembly
9130019P16Rik assembly
Osbpl3 assembly
Snx10 assembly
9030405F24Rik assembly
Malsu1 assembly
Atp6v0e2 assembly
Prr15 assembly
Npvf assembly
Ppp1r17 assembly
Tacstd2 assembly
Lsm5 assembly
4930544G11Rik assembly
Prdm5 assembly
Mmrn1 assembly
Lancl2 assembly
Herc6 assembly
Nap1l5 assembly
Avl9 assembly
Vmn1r10 assembly
Vmn1r11 assembly
Vmn1r13 assembly
Vmn1r15 assembly
Vmn1r14 assembly
Vmn1r30 assembly
Capg assembly
St3gal5 assembly
Mrpl35 assembly
Jkampl assembly
Chmp3 assembly
Retsat assembly
0610030E20Rik assembly
6330415B21Rik assembly
Sh2d6 assembly
Spmip9 assembly
Kcmf1 assembly
Immt assembly
Suclg1 assembly
Ggcx assembly
Vamp5 assembly
Cct7 assembly
Nagk assembly
Pole4 assembly
Nat8 assembly
Mrpl53 assembly
Nat8f5 assembly
Dqx1 assembly
Ino80b assembly
Pradc1 assembly
Ankrd53 assembly
Wdr54 assembly
Exoc6b assembly
5430434F05Rik assembly
Mogs assembly
Nat8f2 assembly
Sfxn5 assembly
Tacr1 assembly
Tia1 assembly
Vmn1r51 assembly
Vmn1r45 assembly
Bmp10 assembly
Tpra1 assembly
Nfu1 assembly
Chchd6 assembly
Gkn1 assembly
Gkn2 assembly
Lsm3 assembly
Gkn3 assembly
Rab43 assembly
Slc41a3 assembly
1700031F10Rik assembly
Tmem43 assembly
Kbtbd12 assembly
Isy1 assembly
Efcc1 assembly
Zxdc assembly
Eefsec assembly
Vmn1r43 assembly
Vmn1r42 assembly
Vmn1r52 assembly
V1ra8 assembly
Vmn1r50 assembly
Vmn1r53 assembly
Vmn1r44 assembly
Vmn1r40 assembly
Magi1 assembly
Suclg2 assembly
Slc25a26 assembly
Rbsn assembly
Mrps25 assembly
Tpt1 assembly
Chl1 assembly
Gpr27 assembly
Foxp1 assembly
Rybp assembly
Cntn4 assembly
Cntn6 assembly
Crbn assembly
Arl8b assembly
Trnt1 assembly
Edem1 assembly
Oxtr assembly
Sec13 assembly
Tamm41 assembly
Fancd2os assembly
Brox assembly
Setd5 assembly
Atg7 assembly
Fancd2 assembly
Brpf1 assembly
Ghrl assembly
Srgap3 assembly
Il17rc assembly
Cidec assembly
Ninj2 assembly
Tuba8 assembly
Cand2 assembly
3110021A11Rik assembly
Zfand4 assembly
Washc2 assembly
Ankrd26 assembly
Rasgef1a assembly
Marchf8 assembly
Zfp248 assembly
4931430N09Rik assembly
4933440N22Rik assembly
Erc1 assembly
9530062K07Rik assembly
Slc6a12 assembly
Slc6a13 assembly
Aicda assembly
Acrbp assembly
Mrpl51 assembly
Ncapd2 assembly
Ptms assembly
Clec4b1 assembly
Rimklb assembly
Nanog assembly
1700063H04Rik assembly
Foxj2 assembly
Cd163 assembly
Mug1 assembly
Klra15 assembly
Clec7a assembly
Tas2r103 assembly
Tas2r116 assembly
Tas2r140 assembly
Nrip2 assembly
Clec1b assembly
Ndufa9 assembly
Tspan11 assembly
Clec2g assembly
Tex52 assembly
Clec12b assembly
5430401F13Rik assembly
5530400C23Rik assembly
Klrb1b assembly
Clec2d assembly
Clec2i assembly
Clec2h assembly
Klra18 assembly
Klra19 assembly
Arhgdib assembly
Hebp1 assembly
Aebp2 assembly
Slco1b2 assembly
Igbp1b assembly
Atf7ip assembly
Pde3a assembly
Slco1c1 assembly
Dera assembly
Mgst1 assembly
Plbd1 assembly
Golt1b assembly
Rpl38 assembly
Mansc1 assembly
Art4 assembly
Erp27 assembly
Fam234b assembly
Gprc5d assembly
Plcz1 assembly
Gpr19 assembly
C2cd5 assembly
C2cd5 assembly
Bicd1 assembly
Rep15 assembly
Resf1 assembly
Fgfr1op2 assembly
Ppfibp1 assembly
Tm7sf3 assembly
Smco2 assembly
Rassf8 assembly
1700034J05Rik assembly
Ccdc91 assembly
Sinhcaf assembly
Atp6v1b1 assembly
Calu assembly
Tfec assembly
Slco1a1 assembly
Hpgds assembly
Gstk1 assembly
Slc6a1 assembly
Prss3 assembly
Prss2 assembly
Smyd5 assembly
Olr1 assembly
Gimap7 assembly
Nr2c2 assembly
Akr1b10 assembly
Prb1b assembly
Pdia4 assembly
Klra23 assembly
Alms1 assembly
Klra21 assembly
Tas2r14 assembly
Vmn1r48 assembly
Vmn1r54 assembly
Vmn1r29 assembly
Vmn1r-ps8 assembly
Vmn1r25 assembly
Erc1 assembly
Vmn1r37 assembly
Vmn1r36 assembly
Vmn1r35 assembly
Vmn1r38 assembly
Vmn1r33 assembly
Vmn1r32 assembly
Vmn1r17 assembly
Vmn1r26 assembly
Vmn1r24 assembly
Vmn1r5 assembly
Vmn1r6 assembly
Vmn1r4 assembly
Vmn1r30 assembly
Vmn1r22 assembly
Vmn1r23 assembly
Vmn1r28 assembly
Vmn1r18 assembly
Vmn1r19 assembly
Vmn1r21 assembly
Vmn1r9 assembly
Vmn1r7 assembly
Vmn1r8 assembly
Vmn1r27 assembly
Cyp26b1 assembly
Clstn3 assembly
Il23r assembly
Lrrc4 assembly
Akr1d1 assembly
Gys2 assembly
Mrps35 assembly
Moxd2 assembly
Mug2 assembly
Ruvbl1 assembly
Hnrnpf assembly
Ndufb2 assembly
Gadd45a assembly
Zfp422 assembly
Ccdc136 assembly
Tcaf2 assembly
Kbtbd2 assembly
Ano2 assembly
Gars1 assembly
Klre1 assembly
Tspan33 assembly
Parp12 assembly
Zfp786 assembly
Lncpint assembly
Bmal2 assembly
Eva1a assembly
Uroc1 assembly
BC022713 assembly
Plekhg6 assembly
Aak1 assembly
Fkbp14 assembly
BC048671 assembly
Vgll4 assembly
Gxylt2 assembly
Far2 assembly
Bms1 assembly
Zfp775 assembly
C1rl assembly
Casd1 assembly
D630045J12Rik assembly
Fancd2 assembly
Hdac11 assembly
Luc7l2 assembly
Gprc5a assembly
Rerg assembly
Aoc1l3 assembly
Tas2r105 assembly
Tas2r108 assembly
Tas2r135 assembly
Tas2r136 assembly
Tas2r139 assembly
Tas2r143 assembly
Tas2r144 assembly
Vmn1r47 assembly
Vmn1r16 assembly
Vmn2r26 assembly
Iqub assembly
Ccser1 assembly
Tnip3 assembly
Plxna4os2 assembly
A230083G16Rik assembly
B4galnt3 assembly
Tmtc1 assembly
A2ml1 assembly
Thnsl2 assembly
Fam180a assembly
Clec2e assembly
Tcaf3 assembly
Prmt8 assembly
Clec12a assembly
Tapbpl assembly
Tas2r102 assembly
Tas2r104 assembly
Tas2r106 assembly
Tas2r107 assembly
Tas2r109 assembly
Tas2r110 assembly
Tas2r113 assembly
Tas2r114 assembly
Tas2r115 assembly
Tas2r117 assembly
Tas2r118 assembly
Tas2r120 assembly
Tas2r121 assembly
Tas2r123 assembly
Tas2r124 assembly
Tas2r125 assembly
Tas2r126 assembly
Tas2r129 assembly
Tas2r130 assembly
Tas2r131 assembly
Tas2r138 assembly
Vmn1r46 assembly
Zfp637 assembly
Rpl30-ps1 assembly
Minpp1-ps assembly
Ybx1-ps2 assembly
Vmn1r-ps25 assembly
Vmn1r-ps26 assembly
Vmn1r-ps27 assembly
Vmn1r-ps28 assembly
Vmn1r-ps34 assembly
Vmn1r-ps10 assembly
Tas2r146-ps1 assembly
Tas2r111-ps2 assembly
Tas2r145-ps3 assembly
Tas2r141-ps4 assembly
Tas2r142-ps5 assembly
Prb1a assembly
Zfp783 assembly
AY512915 assembly
Wipf3 assembly
Igkv9-129 assembly
Igkv7-33 assembly
Gapdh assembly
Npm3-ps1 assembly
Mug-ps1 assembly
D15Ertd556e ePCR
D0Nds23 ePCR
D0Nds34 ePCR
D0Nds38 ePCR
D0Nds42 ePCR
Mgll-rs2 ePCR
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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