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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Klf6 assembly
Akr1c13 assembly
Pfkp assembly
Gtpbp4 assembly
Dip2c assembly
Wdr37 assembly
Net1 assembly
Ucn3 assembly
Akr1c20 assembly
Adarb2 assembly
Gdi2 assembly
Mrpl32 assembly
Zscan12 assembly
Or2w1 assembly
Mplkip assembly
Nkapl assembly
Yae1d1 assembly
Isca1 assembly
Cdk13 assembly
Zkscan3 assembly
4930448F12Rik assembly
Stard3nl assembly
Rala assembly
Elmo1 assembly
Cmah assembly
Abt1 assembly
H1f6 assembly
Acot13 assembly
Carmil1 assembly
4933427I18Rik assembly
Ripor2 assembly
H1f1 assembly
H1f4 assembly
BC005537 assembly
E2f3 assembly
Irf4 assembly
Hdgfl1 assembly
Prl2b1 assembly
Uqcrfs1 assembly
Prl3a1 assembly
Prl8a9 assembly
Cdkal1 assembly
Prl8a1 assembly
Prl7b1 assembly
Nqo2 assembly
Eci2 assembly
Foxf2 assembly
Serpinb1a assembly
Tex56 assembly
Pxdc1 assembly
Eci3 assembly
Bphl assembly
1700018A04Rik assembly
Fam217a assembly
Tubb2b assembly
Wrnip1 assembly
Serpinb9d assembly
Serpinb9c assembly
Serpinb9e assembly
Serpinb6b assembly
Eef1e1 assembly
Tbc1d7 assembly
Snrnp48 assembly
Rreb1 assembly
Fars2 assembly
Cage1 assembly
4933436N17Rik assembly
Mcur1 assembly
Gcnt2 assembly
C030005H24Rik assembly
Ranbp9 assembly
Sema4d assembly
Kif13a assembly
S1pr3 assembly
Aspn assembly
Dek assembly
Fam120aos assembly
Cenpp assembly
Nol8 assembly
4931429P17Rik assembly
Ecm2 assembly
Susd3 assembly
Nxnl2 assembly
Secisbp2 assembly
Wnk2 assembly
5033430I15Rik assembly
Uimc1 assembly
Spock1 assembly
Macroh2a1 assembly
Zfp346 assembly
Gprin1 assembly
Trpc7 assembly
F12 assembly
Gkap1 assembly
Prelid1 assembly
Pdlim7 assembly
Tmed9 assembly
Qng1 assembly
Pcbd2 assembly
2900064B16Rik assembly
Ddx46 assembly
Thoc3 assembly
Tspan17 assembly
Rmi1 assembly
Rnaset2a assembly
Catsper3 assembly
Hnrnpa0 assembly
C330026N13Rik assembly
E130119H09Rik assembly
Slc28a3 assembly
Pfn3 assembly
Hnrnpk assembly
Hsd17b3 assembly
Habp4 assembly
Prxl2c assembly
Mterf3 assembly
Uqcrb assembly
Zfp85os assembly
Cts3 assembly
Cfap90 assembly
Ercc6l2 assembly
Golm1 assembly
Ctsll3 assembly
Aopep assembly
Zfp493 assembly
Spata31d1e assembly
Ercc6l2 assembly
Ctsq assembly
Naa35 assembly
Zfp369 assembly
Zfp58 assembly
Cast assembly
Slc12a7 assembly
Ccdc127 assembly
Cep72 assembly
Trip13 assembly
Zdhhc11 assembly
Slc6a19os assembly
Nkd2 assembly
2210408I21Rik assembly
Slf1 assembly
Rhobtb3 assembly
Slc6a19 assembly
Spata9 assembly
Pou5f2 assembly
Arsk assembly
8030423J24Rik assembly
Erap1 assembly
Arb2a assembly
Cetn3 assembly
Edil3 assembly
Jmy assembly
Cmya5 assembly
Mblac2 assembly
Lysmd3 assembly
Btf3 assembly
Scamp1 assembly
Polk assembly
Erbin assembly
Mrps36 assembly
Dimt1 assembly
1700029F12Rik assembly
Nsa2 assembly
Nt5el assembly
Cwc27 assembly
Srek1ip1 assembly
5330431K02Rik assembly
Apoo assembly
Tmem174 assembly
Ptcd2 assembly
Slc30a5 assembly
H2bl1 assembly
2310005E17Rik assembly
3830408C21Rik assembly
Taf9 assembly
Iqgap2 assembly
Rnf180 assembly
Btf3 assembly
Sv2c assembly
Rgs7bp assembly
Shisal2b assembly
Cenpk assembly
Trim23 assembly
Plk2 assembly
Gpbp1 assembly
Ndufaf2 assembly
Plpp1 assembly
Ndufs4 assembly
Mtrex assembly
Ankrd55 assembly
Snx18 assembly
Isl1 assembly
H3f3a assembly
Rnf7 assembly
4833420G17Rik assembly
4930435F18Rik assembly
Nnt assembly
Cryba4 assembly
Cox7c assembly
Kif2a assembly
Gcm2 assembly
Tent2 assembly
Ccnb1 assembly
Emb assembly
Ftl1 assembly
Bhmt assembly
Rpp40 assembly
Prl2c3 assembly
Ubqln1 assembly
Gmds assembly
Prl7c1 assembly
Tpbpb assembly
Cts3 assembly
Vmn1r-ps103 assembly
Vmn1r200 assembly
Vmn1r199 assembly
Vmn1r214 assembly
Vmn1r213 assembly
Vmn1r206 assembly
Vmn1r205 assembly
Vmn1r210 assembly
Vmn1r203 assembly
Vmn1r220 assembly
Vmn1r219 assembly
Vmn1r217 assembly
Vmn1r222 assembly
Vmn1r212 assembly
Vmn1r196 assembly
Vmn1r211 assembly
Vmn1r197 assembly
Vmn1r215 assembly
Vmn1r198 assembly
Vmn1r201 assembly
Vmn1r218 assembly
Vmn1r195 assembly
Vmn1r202 assembly
Vmn1r193 assembly
Vmn1r216 assembly
Vmn1r189 assembly
Vmn1r191 assembly
Vmn1r188 assembly
Vmn1r192 assembly
Vmn1r190-ps assembly
Scgn assembly
B4galt7 assembly
Paip1 assembly
Nup153 assembly
Mboat1 assembly
Mylip assembly
Adamts16 assembly
Serpinb1c assembly
Nrsn1 assembly
Unc5a assembly
Plpp1 assembly
Ndufs6 assembly
4833439L19Rik assembly
Tbca assembly
Ice1 assembly
Ell2 assembly
Mtrr assembly
Ofcc1 assembly
Prl3d2 assembly
Prl3d3 assembly
AF078112 assembly
Arl10 assembly
Marveld2 assembly
Zfp825 assembly
Heatr1 assembly
Fam193b assembly
Lyrm4 assembly
C330022B21Rik assembly
Dcdc2a assembly
Gpr141 assembly
Rplp0 assembly
Vmn1r208 assembly
Zfp738 assembly
Zfp595 assembly
A830005F24Rik assembly
Zfp759 assembly
BC048507 assembly
BC051665 assembly
Serpinb9f assembly
Zfp874a assembly
Rnf182 assembly
Zfp458 assembly
Zfp459 assembly
Snrp1c-ps2 assembly
Cycs-ps3 assembly
Vdac3-ps1 assembly
Prl2c5 assembly
Speer6-ps1 assembly
Zfp998 assembly
Zfp366 assembly
Zfp708 assembly
Larp4b assembly
4932411K12Rik assembly
Zscan26 assembly
Hsp25-ps1 assembly
Rn4.5s-ps3 assembly
Prl2c3 assembly
D8Bwg1265 ePCR
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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