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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
C9 assembly
Fyb1 assembly
Oxct1 assembly
Fbxo4 assembly
Mroh2b assembly
Rictor assembly
Sub1 assembly
Rad1 assembly
Skp2 assembly
Pdzd2 assembly
Nadk2 assembly
Nipbl assembly
Cplane1 assembly
Pdzd2 assembly
Rai14 assembly
Ttc23l assembly
6030458C11Rik assembly
Dnajc21 assembly
C1qtnf3 assembly
Nup155 assembly
Acot10 assembly
Cct5 assembly
Cpq assembly
Ankrd33b assembly
Cox6c assembly
Rida assembly
Matn2 assembly
Mtdh assembly
Pop1 assembly
1700084J12Rik assembly
4933414I06Rik assembly
9130002K18Rik assembly
4930592A05Rik assembly
Vps13b assembly
9430069I07Rik assembly
Stk3 assembly
Zfpm2 assembly
Spag1 assembly
Pabpc1 assembly
Azin1 assembly
Atp6v1c1 assembly
Snx31 assembly
Grhl2 assembly
Cthrc1 assembly
Baalc assembly
4930447A16Rik assembly
Dcstamp assembly
Rims2 assembly
Ebag9 assembly
Kcnv1 assembly
Eif3h assembly
Csmd3 assembly
4930548G14Rik assembly
Utp23 assembly
Oxr1 assembly
Zhx1 assembly
Ndufb9 assembly
Fbxo32 assembly
Derl1 assembly
Atad2 assembly
1700040F17Rik assembly
Ntaq1 assembly
Mrpl13 assembly
Ndrg1 assembly
Asap1 assembly
Dnaaf11 assembly
Fam135b assembly
4933412E24Rik assembly
Gsdmcl-ps assembly
Ly6g assembly
Ly6f assembly
Rhpn1 assembly
Ptp4a3 assembly
Gml2 assembly
Ly6h assembly
Rpl8 assembly
Zftraf1 assembly
Grina assembly
Pycr3 assembly
4933427E11Rik assembly
Ly6m assembly
Puf60 assembly
Lypd2 assembly
Gpihbp1 assembly
Maf1 assembly
Mroh4 assembly
Mfsd3 assembly
Apol6 assembly
Trappc9 assembly
Top1mt assembly
Spatc1 assembly
Ly6k assembly
Trappc9 assembly
Eef1d assembly
Them6 assembly
Rbfox2 assembly
Chrac1 assembly
1110038F14Rik assembly
Scrt1 assembly
Grap2 assembly
Septin3 assembly
Tob2 assembly
Tab1 assembly
Cenpm assembly
Ift27 assembly
Ndufa6 assembly
4930483J18Rik assembly
Smdt1 assembly
St13 assembly
Tmprss6 assembly
Cyp2d40 assembly
Cyb5r3 assembly
Tob2 assembly
Nptxr assembly
Cimip4 assembly
Cby1 assembly
Gga1 assembly
Nfam1 assembly
Mei1 assembly
Wbp2nl assembly
Fam227a assembly
Cyp2d26 assembly
Smim45 assembly
1700041B01Rik assembly
Polr3h assembly
Cyp2d22 assembly
Slc16a8 assembly
Apobec3 assembly
Cacna1i assembly
Mpst assembly
Pick1 assembly
Mapk11 assembly
Arfgap3 assembly
Ribc2 assembly
Selenoo assembly
Fam118a assembly
Pnpla5 assembly
Efcab6 assembly
Pnpla3 assembly
Parvb assembly
Smc1b assembly
Plxnb2 assembly
Upk3a assembly
Twf1 assembly
Nell2 assembly
Syt10 assembly
Lrrk2 assembly
Cpne8 assembly
Yaf2 assembly
Zcrb1 assembly
Ppp6r2 assembly
4933438A12Rik assembly
Ppp6r2 assembly
Tymp assembly
1700129L04Rik assembly
Irak4 assembly
Sbf1 assembly
Ccnt1 assembly
Hdac7 assembly
Fkbp11 assembly
Slc48a1 assembly
Rhebl1 assembly
Kansl2 assembly
Rpap3 assembly
Arid2 assembly
Spmip11 assembly
Ddx23 assembly
4833422M21Rik assembly
5830453K13Rik assembly
Asb8 assembly
Arf3 assembly
Arf3 assembly
Fmnl3 assembly
Asic1 assembly
Atf1 assembly
Acvrl1 assembly
Kcnh3 assembly
Map3k12 assembly
Zfp385a assembly
Tamalin assembly
Galnt6 assembly
Npff assembly
Krt88 assembly
Rpl39 assembly
Calcoco1 assembly
Atg101 assembly
Tmbim6 assembly
Atf7 assembly
Tmt1a assembly
2310068J16Rik assembly
Fam186a assembly
Faim2 assembly
Krt80 assembly
Gtsf1 assembly
Bcdin3d assembly
5730585A16Rik assembly
Prpf40b assembly
Troap assembly
Slc4a8 assembly
Csad assembly
Krt18 assembly
Vdr assembly
Ywhaz assembly
Serhl assembly
Rabl2 assembly
Rrp7a assembly
Aco2 assembly
Rac2 assembly
Hnrnpa1 assembly
Sqle assembly
Sf3b4 assembly
Pkdrej assembly
Pfdn5 assembly
Slxl1 assembly
Apol7a assembly
Sp7 assembly
Mchr1 assembly
Irak4 assembly
Grhl2 assembly
Pkhd1l1 assembly
Mrtfa assembly
Fam91a1 assembly
Mtss1 assembly
Alg12 assembly
Csrnp2 assembly
Tns2 assembly
Tomm22 assembly
Zfp41 assembly
Psca assembly
Eef1d assembly
Smagp assembly
Nrbp2 assembly
Tbc1d22a assembly
Erich5 assembly
Krt79 assembly
Zc3h3 assembly
Csmd3 assembly
Gsdmcl1 assembly
Apol7c assembly
Tmprss12 assembly
Gsdmc4 assembly
Adm2 assembly
Gramd4 assembly
Ly6g2 assembly
Mcat assembly
Slc22a22 assembly
Fam83a assembly
Tmem106c assembly
Gtsf2 assembly
Baiap2l2 assembly
Otulinl assembly
Cdh18 assembly
Cdh9 assembly
Dbpht1 assembly
Mafa assembly
Gsdmc assembly
Tas2r119 assembly
Zfat assembly
Adck5 assembly
Krt90 assembly
Klhl38 assembly
Apol10b assembly
Cyp2d34 assembly
Ttll12 assembly
Card6 assembly
F830031D20Rik assembly
Tmt1a2 assembly
Zfp647 assembly
Zfp42-ps1 assembly
Panx2 assembly
Ndufb11b assembly
A4galt assembly
Gsdmc3 assembly
D4Ertd360 ePCR
D8Bwg1112 ePCR
D0Nds1 ePCR
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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