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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
1700008P02Rik assembly
Zfhx4 assembly
Zfand1 assembly
Chmp4c assembly
Fabp9 assembly
Lrrcc1 assembly
Chmp4c assembly
4930539N22Rik assembly
Fabp12 assembly
Bhlhe22 assembly
Car13 assembly
Tnfsf10 assembly
Dnajc5b assembly
2810416G20Rik assembly
Lrriq4 assembly
Sec62 assembly
4933429H19Rik assembly
Lrrc34 assembly
Armc1 assembly
Spata16 assembly
Egfem1 assembly
Samd7 assembly
Actrt3 assembly
Mynn assembly
Nlgn1 assembly
Gnb4 assembly
Fxr1 assembly
Zmat3 assembly
Il21 assembly
Acad9 assembly
Ttc14 assembly
Mfn1 assembly
4930429B21Rik assembly
Zfp639 assembly
Pex5l assembly
Bbs7 assembly
Gpr160 assembly
Mccc1 assembly
1810062G17Rik assembly
Mrpl47 assembly
Atp11b assembly
Afg2a assembly
Pcdh10 assembly
1700018B24Rik assembly
Sclt1 assembly
Abhd18 assembly
Pgrmc2 assembly
Larp1b assembly
Mfsd8 assembly
1700017G19Rik assembly
Fundc2b assembly
D3Ertd751e assembly
Pcdh10 assembly
Rab33b assembly
Dclk1 assembly
Slc7a11 assembly
Smad9 assembly
Ndufc1 assembly
Cog6 assembly
Exosc8 assembly
Selenot assembly
3230402G14Rik assembly
Tsc22d2 assembly
Alg5 assembly
P2ry13 assembly
4930449A18Rik assembly
Naa15 assembly
Supt20 assembly
Gpr87 assembly
Sucnr1 assembly
Rfxap assembly
P2ry1 assembly
Veph1 assembly
Ccnl1 assembly
Mbnl1 assembly
Kpna4 assembly
Schip1 assembly
Mfsd1 assembly
Rsrc1 assembly
Trim59 assembly
Ift80 assembly
Smc4 assembly
Sptssb assembly
Arl14 assembly
Pdcd10 assembly
Bche assembly
Arhgef2 assembly
Rit1 assembly
Fga assembly
Sh3d19 assembly
Kirrel1 assembly
Glmp assembly
Gpatch4 assembly
Mrpl24 assembly
Ppid assembly
Tmem144 assembly
4931402H11Rik assembly
Tmem79 assembly
Rbm46os assembly
4930579G24Rik assembly
Mnd1 assembly
Tsacc assembly
Khdc4 assembly
Lrba assembly
Trim2 assembly
Fcrl2 assembly
Hapln2 assembly
Tuft1 assembly
Psmb4 assembly
Vps72 assembly
Hcn3 assembly
Sema6c assembly
Hax1 assembly
Scamp3 assembly
Slc27a3 assembly
Oaz3 assembly
Rfx5 assembly
Atp8b2 assembly
Krtcap2 assembly
S100a14 assembly
Them5 assembly
Lce1m assembly
Mrps21 assembly
Lce3b assembly
Riiad1 assembly
Chtop assembly
Kplce assembly
Lce1a1 assembly
Plekho1 assembly
Gpr89 assembly
Ilf2 assembly
Hormad1 assembly
Chd1l assembly
Rab13 assembly
Dpm3 assembly
Lce1b assembly
Bola1 assembly
Scnm1 assembly
Lelp1 assembly
Ube2q1 assembly
Prpf3 assembly
Lysmd1 assembly
Rusc1 assembly
Tdrkh assembly
Ubap2l assembly
Cfap141 assembly
Lce1c assembly
Kprp assembly
4632404H12Rik assembly
Crtc2 assembly
Polr3c assembly
Mindy1 assembly
Rprd2 assembly
Them4 assembly
Anxa9 assembly
Lce1i assembly
Snx27 assembly
Cers2 assembly
Sprr5 assembly
Gabpb2 assembly
Bcl9 assembly
Nup210l assembly
9230110I02Rik assembly
Dcst1 assembly
Zfp687 assembly
Nudt17 assembly
Sv2a assembly
Dap3 assembly
Setdb1 assembly
Mrpl9 assembly
Kcnn3 assembly
Gstm3 assembly
Ptpn22 assembly
Stxbp3 assembly
Ptgfrn assembly
Gstm6 assembly
Casq2 assembly
Hipk1 assembly
Sort1 assembly
Ddx20 assembly
Syt6 assembly
Sike1 assembly
Dram2 assembly
Tmem167b assembly
Ubl4b assembly
Reg4 assembly
Lamtor5 assembly
Mybphl assembly
Adora3 assembly
Wars2 assembly
Adam30 assembly
Ppm1j assembly
Cyb561d1 assembly
Spag17 assembly
4930564D02Rik assembly
Cfap276 assembly
Gpsm2 assembly
Cimap3 assembly
Tspan2 assembly
Kcnd3 assembly
Chia1 assembly
Gstm1 assembly
Gstm2 assembly
Vav3 assembly
Henmt1 assembly
Prpf38b assembly
Rnpc3 assembly
Slc25a54 assembly
Ntng1 assembly
Mfsd14a assembly
Slc30a7 assembly
Lrrc39 assembly
Sass6 assembly
1700061I17Rik assembly
Plppr5 assembly
Snx7 assembly
Usp53 assembly
Prss12 assembly
Bcar3 assembly
Myoz2 assembly
Sec24d assembly
4933405D12Rik assembly
Ndst3 assembly
Tlcd4 assembly
Synpo2 assembly
Neurog2 assembly
Casp6 assembly
Pla2g12a assembly
Ostc assembly
Mcub assembly
Larp7 assembly
1700003H04Rik assembly
Alpk1 assembly
Cyp2u1 assembly
1700006A11Rik assembly
Fam241a assembly
Col25a1 assembly
Ndst4 assembly
Aimp1 assembly
Cenpe assembly
Dapp1 assembly
Adh4 assembly
Dkk2 assembly
2810428J06Rik assembly
Gstcd assembly
4930579F01Rik assembly
Cisd2 assembly
Adh6a assembly
Bdh2 assembly
Manba assembly
Adh6-ps1 assembly
Ints12 assembly
Slc9b1 assembly
Arhgef38 assembly
Tacr3 assembly
Bcl10 assembly
2410004B18Rik assembly
Odf2l assembly
Ddah1 assembly
Znhit6 assembly
Rpf1 assembly
Ttll7 assembly
Col24a1 assembly
Ctbs assembly
4930503B20Rik assembly
4930519L02Rik assembly
Pdlim5 assembly
Selenof assembly
St6galnac3 assembly
Pigk assembly
Lrrc40 assembly
1810013D15Rik assembly
Srsf11 assembly
5730460C07Rik assembly
Lrriq3 assembly
4930597L12Rik assembly
Fpgt assembly
Rpe65 assembly
Plk4 assembly
Zbtb7b assembly
Adam15 assembly
Rnf13 assembly
Pdgfc assembly
Ttc14 assembly
Lamtor2 assembly
Cp assembly
Crabp2 assembly
Eif4e assembly
Pdha2 assembly
Clk2 assembly
Fmo5 assembly
Cth assembly
Chil4 assembly
Psma5 assembly
Lrrc71 assembly
5830417I10Rik assembly
Clca3a2 assembly
Ndst3 assembly
Dcun1d1 assembly
Slc7a12 assembly
Naxe assembly
Prok1 assembly
Phc3 assembly
Clca3b assembly
Tifa assembly
Ash1l assembly
Slc44a3 assembly
Slc16a4 assembly
Rap1gds1 assembly
Gtf2b assembly
St7l assembly
Nudt6 assembly
Stoml3 assembly
Vmn2r7 assembly
Tdpoz1 assembly
Amigo1 assembly
Smcp assembly
Rbm8a assembly
Ssx2ip assembly
Dnajc19 assembly
Ap4b1 assembly
Aph1a assembly
Ap1ar assembly
Smg5 assembly
Adgrl4 assembly
Clcc1 assembly
Mgst2 assembly
Tm4sf4 assembly
Adamtsl4 assembly
Rps23 assembly
Sirpb1a assembly
Lrrc7 assembly
Arhgef11 assembly
Erich3 assembly
Msto1 assembly
Dennd4b assembly
Kyat3 assembly
Gm57858 assembly
Chil6 assembly
Cetn4 assembly
Rxfp4 assembly
Itga10 assembly
Nr1h5 assembly
Otud7b assembly
Ralyl assembly
Gon4l assembly
Dnai3 assembly
Fat4 assembly
BC027582 assembly
BC028528 assembly
Vtcn1 assembly
Plch1 assembly
Tdpoz4 assembly
Tdpoz5 assembly
Ube2l3-ps1 assembly
Gm26553 assembly
Scp2-ps1 assembly
Rpl29-ps1 assembly
D13Mgi25 ePCR
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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