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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Ccr6 assembly
Tiam2 assembly
Snx9 assembly
1700010I14Rik assembly
6530411M01Rik assembly
Fndc1 assembly
1110051A18Rik assembly
Tmem242 assembly
4930506C21Rik assembly
4930470H14Rik assembly
Sytl3 assembly
Fbl assembly
Afdn assembly
Mrpl18 assembly
Agpat4 assembly
Pacrg assembly
Phf10 assembly
Dact2 assembly
4930432N10Rik assembly
Smoc2 assembly
Mrgprh assembly
Fpr-rs4 assembly
Fpr2 assembly
Lix1 assembly
Riok2 assembly
Spaca6 assembly
Vmn2r107 assembly
Zfp53 assembly
Ppp2r1a assembly
Pdpk1 assembly
Syngr3 assembly
Clcn7 assembly
Msln assembly
Cldn9 assembly
Rpl3l assembly
Dnase1l2 assembly
Pgp assembly
Ndufb10 assembly
Nherf2 assembly
Ptx4 assembly
Haghl assembly
Abca3 assembly
Kctd5 assembly
Prss32 assembly
Metrn assembly
Prss41 assembly
Telo2 assembly
Caskin1 assembly
Tekt4 assembly
Noxo1 assembly
Tedc2 assembly
Unkl assembly
Meiob assembly
Lmf1 assembly
Paqr4 assembly
Gng13 assembly
Prss28 assembly
Eci1 assembly
Rnps1 assembly
Snrpc assembly
Pacsin1 assembly
Decr2 assembly
Tuba-rs1 assembly
Spdef assembly
Stub1 assembly
Clps assembly
Rps10 assembly
Uqcc2 assembly
Ergic1 assembly
Snrpg assembly
Lhfpl5 assembly
Mcrip2 assembly
Mettl26 assembly
Ccdc167 assembly
Mrpl28 assembly
1810014P07Rik assembly
Cuta assembly
Btbd9 assembly
Zbtb9 assembly
Tmem217 assembly
Jmjd8 assembly
Luc7l assembly
1700049J03Rik assembly
Tbc1d22bos assembly
Pi16 assembly
Mdga1 assembly
Ggnbp1 assembly
Crebrf assembly
Nme4 assembly
BC004004 assembly
Kifc1 assembly
Rgl2 assembly
Zfp101 assembly
Wiz assembly
Akap8l assembly
Brd4 assembly
Rmcs5 assembly
Atp6v1g2 assembly
Zfp414 assembly
Slc44a4 assembly
Ly6g6e assembly
5430410E06Rik assembly
Zfp763 assembly
Zfp955b assembly
Cyp4f41-ps assembly
4833413E03Rik assembly
Ndufv3 assembly
Akap8 assembly
Apom assembly
Myo1f assembly
Ubd assembly
Or2n1e assembly
Polr1h assembly
Mrps18b assembly
Rpp21 assembly
Dhx16 assembly
2410017I17Rik assembly
Ppp1r18os assembly
Atat1 assembly
2410137M14Rik assembly
Zfp57 assembly
Ppp2r5d assembly
Kif6 assembly
Nfkbie assembly
Gnmt assembly
Pla2g7 assembly
Mrpl2 assembly
Plcl2 assembly
Zfp318 assembly
Polh assembly
Trem2 assembly
Tomm6 assembly
Rpl7l1 assembly
2310039H08Rik assembly
Pgc assembly
1700067P10Rik assembly
Tspo2 assembly
Lrfn2 assembly
Clic5 assembly
Spats1 assembly
Treml1 assembly
9130008F23Rik assembly
Klhdc3 assembly
Cnpy3 assembly
1600014C23Rik assembly
Xpo5 assembly
Mocs1 assembly
Ptchd4 assembly
Slc25a27 assembly
Foxp4 assembly
4930556A20Rik assembly
4930564C03Rik assembly
Cimip3 assembly
Rsph9 assembly
1700122O11Rik assembly
Taf8 assembly
Mocs1 assembly
Enpp5 assembly
Tnfrsf21 assembly
Crip3 assembly
Hdgfl2 assembly
Sema6b assembly
Chaf1a assembly
Tnfaip8l1 assembly
Plin3 assembly
Mpnd assembly
Sult1c2 assembly
Ndufa11 assembly
Rfx2 assembly
Ranbp3 assembly
Pot1b assembly
Lonp1 assembly
4930553P13Rik assembly
Lrg1 assembly
Arrdc5 assembly
Slc5a7 assembly
Plin4 assembly
Nudt12 assembly
Pdzph1 assembly
Alkbh7 assembly
Dennd1c assembly
Nudt12os assembly
Gtf2f1 assembly
Gpr108 assembly
Acsbg3 assembly
Mllt1 assembly
Man2a1 assembly
Vapa assembly
Fbxl17 assembly
Ppp4r1 assembly
Ndufv2 assembly
4930583I09Rik assembly
9030409C19Rik assembly
Themis3 assembly
Ndc80 assembly
Ypel5 assembly
Galnt14 assembly
Spdya assembly
Memo1 assembly
Lbh assembly
Clip4 assembly
Ehd3 assembly
Srd5a2 assembly
Ltbp1 assembly
Birc6 assembly
Strn assembly
Spast assembly
Gemin6 assembly
Ttc39d assembly
Yipf4 assembly
Tmem178 assembly
Atl2 assembly
Qpct assembly
4921513D11Rik assembly
Thumpd2 assembly
Ndufaf7 assembly
Vit assembly
Prkd3 assembly
Eif2ak2 assembly
Zfp36l2 assembly
Haao assembly
Dync2li1 assembly
Camkmt assembly
Ttc7 assembly
Atp6v1e2 assembly
4930500A05Rik assembly
Stpg4 assembly
Tmem247 assembly
Srbd1 assembly
Mta3 assembly
Foxn2 assembly
Gtf2a1l assembly
Ston1 assembly
Fshr assembly
Zfand3 assembly
Fer assembly
Tsr3 assembly
Hnrnpm assembly
Atp6v0c assembly
Cyp4f14 assembly
Pde10a assembly
Rps6ka2 assembly
Epcam assembly
Srf assembly
Bnip1 assembly
Fpr3 assembly
Vmn2r104 assembly
Mapk14 assembly
Rmcs2 assembly
Tagap1 assembly
1700001E04Rik assembly
5033421C21Rik assembly
5830477G23Rik assembly
Atl2 assembly
Tmprss3 assembly
AY036118 assembly
Cyp4f13 assembly
Vmn1r229 assembly
Vmn1r226 assembly
Vmn1r228 assembly
Vmn1r232 assembly
Vmn1r225 assembly
Vmn1r231 assembly
Vmn1r230 assembly
Vmn1r235 assembly
Vmn1r233 assembly
Rab40c assembly
Antkmt assembly
Rhbdl1 assembly
Slc26a8 assembly
Pex6 assembly
Cchcr1 assembly
Frs3 assembly
Socs5 assembly
Ly6g5b assembly
Slc30a6 assembly
Abcc10 assembly
Emilin2 assembly
Slc37a1 assembly
Fpr-rs6 assembly
Fpr-rs7 assembly
Adamts10 assembly
Prss27 assembly
Pja2 assembly
Zdhhc14 assembly
Zfp13 assembly
Cdc5l assembly
Cript assembly
Lrpprc assembly
Washc1 assembly
Rhot2 assembly
Rrp36 assembly
Zfp959 assembly
BC016608 assembly
Zfp119b assembly
Kcng3 assembly
Anks1 assembly
Uqcc4 assembly
Prdm9 assembly
Tmem63b assembly
Lemd2 assembly
Trim31 assembly
Pcare assembly
Wdr24 assembly
Bicdl2 assembly
Crb3 assembly
Enpp4 assembly
H2-M10.6 assembly
H2-M11 assembly
Hcfc1r1 assembly
Morn2 assembly
Prss33 assembly
Prss34 assembly
Vmn1r227 assembly
Zfp523 assembly
Morc2b assembly
Rab44 assembly
A330017A19Rik assembly
Mettl4 assembly
Zfp677 assembly
BC002059 assembly
Zfp758 assembly
Zfp229 assembly
Dnph1 assembly
Tsbp1 assembly
Zfp811 assembly
Tmem204 assembly
Zfp952 assembly
Ip6k3 assembly
Fsd1 assembly
Grm4 assembly
Kcnk12 assembly
Vmn1r234 assembly
Vmn1r236 assembly
Capn11 assembly
4930488N24Rik assembly
2700099C18Rik assembly
AY702103 assembly
Hs3st6 assembly
Ckb-ps2 assembly
Ldha-ps3 assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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Mouse Genome Database (MGD), Gene Expression Database (GXD), Mouse Models of Human Cancer database (MMHCdb) (formerly Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB)), Gene Ontology (GO)
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