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  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Cox8a assembly
Ppp1r14b assembly
Slc22a12 assembly
Tbx10 assembly
Sart1 assembly
Ahnak assembly
Rad9a assembly
Ovol1 assembly
Rasgrp2 assembly
Ctsw assembly
Rtn3 assembly
Slc29a2 assembly
Banf1 assembly
Map4k2 assembly
Znhit2 assembly
Cabp2 assembly
Nxf1 assembly
Zfpl1 assembly
Efemp2 assembly
Znrd2 assembly
1810009A15Rik assembly
Nudt8 assembly
Drap1 assembly
Rbm4b assembly
Tmem223 assembly
Tmem134 assembly
Catsperz assembly
Frmd8 assembly
Tmem179b assembly
Yif1a assembly
Rnaseh2c assembly
Ankrd13d assembly
Eif1ad assembly
2010003K11Rik assembly
Ttc9c assembly
Zdhhc24 assembly
B3gat3 assembly
Tm7sf2 assembly
Vps51 assembly
Plaat5 assembly
Aldh3b3 assembly
Syvn1 assembly
Batf2 assembly
Zbtb3 assembly
Nscme3l assembly
Ppp6r3 assembly
Rab1b assembly
1810058N15Rik assembly
Majin assembly
Sf3b2 assembly
Fibp assembly
Doc2g assembly
Rps6kb2 assembly
Dnajc4 assembly
Rbm14 assembly
Clcf1 assembly
Mrpl11 assembly
Gpha2 assembly
Syt12 assembly
Catsper1 assembly
Scgb1a1 assembly
Best1 assembly
Syt7 assembly
Ms4a4b assembly
Ms4a4d assembly
Rfk assembly
Fam111a assembly
Pga5 assembly
Ms4a6d assembly
Ms4a20 assembly
Ms4a19 assembly
Ms4a6b assembly
Ms4a10 assembly
Ms4a7 assembly
Vwce assembly
Tmem138 assembly
Ms4a6c assembly
Ccdc86 assembly
Tmc1 assembly
Keg1 assembly
Prune2 assembly
Fads3 assembly
Slc15a3 assembly
Fads2 assembly
Mrpl16 assembly
Ms4a3 assembly
Rfx3 assembly
Pip5k1b assembly
Fxn assembly
Rps7 assembly
Klf9 assembly
Tjp2 assembly
Sarnp assembly
1110059E24Rik assembly
Smarca2 assembly
Pabir1 assembly
Ptar1 assembly
1700021P04Rik assembly
Prkg1 assembly
Dkk1 assembly
Trpd52l3 assembly
Cdc37l1 assembly
Plpp6 assembly
Il33 assembly
Mlana assembly
Cd274 assembly
Ankrd1 assembly
Ifit3 assembly
Ppp1r3c assembly
Asah2 assembly
Sgms1os1 assembly
Atad1 assembly
A1cf assembly
Lipn assembly
Fra10ac1 assembly
Cep55 assembly
4931408D14Rik assembly
8430431K14Rik assembly
Pank1 assembly
Ifit1bl2 assembly
Acta2 assembly
Morf4l1 assembly
Cyp2c37 assembly
Cyp2c39 assembly
Btrc assembly
Sfrp5 assembly
Pdlim1 assembly
Ankrd2 assembly
Borcs7 assembly
Exosc1 assembly
4933411K16Rik assembly
Cuedc2 assembly
Ndufb8 assembly
Hoga1 assembly
Loxl4 assembly
Fbxl15 assembly
Arhgap19 assembly
Golga7b assembly
Dnmbp assembly
Pik3ap1 assembly
Cyp2c55 assembly
Cyp2c65 assembly
Cwf19l1 assembly
Zfp518a assembly
Bloc1s2 assembly
Zdhhc16 assembly
Pyroxd2 assembly
4930505N22Rik assembly
Mfsd13a assembly
4930557B21Rik assembly
Hif1an assembly
Arl3 assembly
As3mt assembly
Oga assembly
Pik3ap1 assembly
Trim8 assembly
Entpd7 assembly
Kcnip2 assembly
Mrpl43 assembly
Sfxn2 assembly
Sfxn3 assembly
Sh3pxd2a assembly
Pdcd11 assembly
Ppnr assembly
Vti1a assembly
Atp5mk assembly
Sfr1 assembly
Cfap43 assembly
4933436E20Rik assembly
Acsl5 assembly
Gucy2g assembly
4833424O12Rik assembly
Nt5c2 assembly
Mirt1 assembly
Gsto2 assembly
Sorcs1 assembly
Xpnpep1 assembly
Pnliprp2 assembly
Spmip5 assembly
Dennd10 assembly
Pnlip assembly
2700089I24Rik assembly
Ccdc172 assembly
4930442E04Rik assembly
Fam204a assembly
Cacul1 assembly
Sfxn4 assembly
Eef1a1-ps1 assembly
Pde6c assembly
Ndufv1 assembly
Eef1g assembly
Prpf19 assembly
Cyp2c38 assembly
Dmrt2 assembly
Mpeg1 assembly
Unc93b1 assembly
Twnk assembly
Tbc1d12 assembly
Smc5 assembly
Rin1 assembly
Cyp2c70 assembly
Kif20b assembly
Dmrt3 assembly
Rorb assembly
Ppp1ca assembly
Cnih2 assembly
Gstp3 assembly
Tkfc assembly
Eml3 assembly
Habp2 assembly
Erlin1 assembly
Ndufs8 assembly
Npas4 assembly
Opalin assembly
Ccdc87 assembly
Vwa2 assembly
Ubtd1 assembly
Morn4 assembly
Lrfn4 assembly
Atg2a assembly
Mrpl21 assembly
Peli3 assembly
Dtx4 assembly
Fkbp2 assembly
Frat2 assembly
Kcnv2 assembly
Ms4a5 assembly
Ranbp6 assembly
Trpm6 assembly
Pkd2l1 assembly
Zfp950 assembly
Cyb561a3 assembly
Ric1 assembly
Dagla assembly
Scd4 assembly
Ssh3 assembly
Tigd3 assembly
Slc22a26 assembly
Slc22a27 assembly
Itprip assembly
Snord3b-ps1 assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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