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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Fam3d assembly
Dnase1l3 assembly
Cfap20dc assembly
Acox2 assembly
Or2t1 assembly
Cadps assembly
Ngly1 assembly
Thoc7 assembly
Oxsm assembly
Ptprg assembly
Synpr assembly
Ube2e1 assembly
Kcnk5 assembly
Saysd1 assembly
Rtraf assembly
Nkiras1 assembly
Thrb assembly
Top2b assembly
Ppp3cb assembly
Nrg3 assembly
Capn7 assembly
Colq assembly
Cacna2d3 assembly
Nek4 assembly
Ldb3 assembly
Mapk8 assembly
Btd assembly
Ncoa4 assembly
Dusp13b assembly
Opn4 assembly
Tmem254 assembly
Chchd1 assembly
Mrps16 assembly
Pbrm1 assembly
Lrrc18 assembly
Samd8 assembly
Nudt13 assembly
Spcs1 assembly
Comtd1 assembly
Ccser2 assembly
Ecd assembly
4931403M11Rik assembly
4933413J09Rik assembly
Zswim8 assembly
Lrmda assembly
Appl1 assembly
Fut11 assembly
Stimate assembly
1700054O19Rik assembly
Eaf1 assembly
Tasor assembly
Cacna1d assembly
Kcnk16 assembly
Mss51 assembly
4930542C16Rik assembly
1810062O18Rik assembly
Dcp1a assembly
6230400D17Rik assembly
Cfap70 assembly
9230112D13Rik assembly
Galnt15 assembly
Nisch assembly
Rgr assembly
Hacl1 assembly
Slmap assembly
Ndst2 assembly
Msmb assembly
Rps24 assembly
Ang2 assembly
Efs assembly
Or6e1 assembly
Slc7a7 assembly
Ajuba assembly
Prmt5 assembly
Ear4 assembly
Rnase2b assembly
Ltb4r2 assembly
Rnase2a assembly
Osgep assembly
Ccdc198 assembly
Psmc6 assembly
Cmtm5 assembly
Nop9 assembly
Cideb assembly
Mrpl52 assembly
Ngdn assembly
Oxa1l assembly
Cgrrf1 assembly
Dydc1 assembly
Khnyn assembly
Txndc16 assembly
Dydc2 assembly
Dhrs2 assembly
Cdkn3 assembly
Nfatc4 assembly
Cdh24 assembly
1700123O20Rik assembly
4931414P19Rik assembly
Samd4 assembly
Pck2 assembly
Rnase10 assembly
Slc35f4 assembly
4930579G18Rik assembly
4930572G02Rik assembly
Rab2b assembly
Tssk4 assembly
Rnase6 assembly
9530086P17Rik assembly
Fbxo34 assembly
Rnase4 assembly
Mettl3 assembly
Ripk3 assembly
Mat1a assembly
Cma2 assembly
Lgals3 assembly
Tgm1 assembly
Xpo4 assembly
Micu2 assembly
Zdhhc20 assembly
Zmym2 assembly
C030013D06Rik assembly
Cryl1 assembly
Kif13b assembly
Kpna3 assembly
Ints6 assembly
Sgcg assembly
Spryd7 assembly
Rnaseh2b assembly
1700129C05Rik assembly
Ebpl assembly
Mipep assembly
4921532D01Rik assembly
Rcbtb1 assembly
Cdadc1 assembly
Amer2 assembly
Pinx1 assembly
Prss52 assembly
5330427O13Rik assembly
9630015K15Rik assembly
Tdh assembly
Sox7 assembly
Adra1a assembly
Pnoc assembly
Adam28 assembly
Egr3 assembly
Fbxo16 assembly
Extl3 assembly
Trim35 assembly
Polr3d assembly
Ccdc25 assembly
1110020C17Rik assembly
Scara5 assembly
Ppp2r2a assembly
Esco2 assembly
Pebp4 assembly
Elp3 assembly
4930578I07Rik assembly
Slc25a37 assembly
Xpo7 assembly
Bin3 assembly
Rhobtb2 assembly
Sucla2 assembly
Nufip1 assembly
Cpb2 assembly
Zc3h13 assembly
Med4 assembly
Gpalpp1 assembly
Kctd4 assembly
Slc25a30 assembly
Zc3h13 assembly
Lrrc63 assembly
Erich6b assembly
Cnmd assembly
Dnajc15 assembly
Rgcc assembly
Naa16 assembly
Sugt1 assembly
Vwa8 assembly
1700020M10Rik assembly
Epsti1 assembly
Diaph3 assembly
Klf5 assembly
Ccdc202 assembly
Dis3 assembly
Pibf1 assembly
Klhl1 assembly
Klf12 assembly
Fbxl3 assembly
Obi1 assembly
4930517O19Rik assembly
Prr30 assembly
4930428F12Rik assembly
4930449E01Rik assembly
Gpc5 assembly
Gpc6 assembly
Hs6st3 assembly
Uggt2 assembly
Dzip1 assembly
Dzip1 assembly
Gpr180 assembly
Slc15a1 assembly
Clybl assembly
Tmtc4 assembly
Zic5 assembly
Tkt assembly
Hnrnpc assembly
Cnih1 assembly
Timm23 assembly
Gnpnat1 assembly
Abhd6 assembly
Cideb assembly
Vmn2r88 assembly
Vmn2r123 assembly
Vmn2r89 assembly
Vmn2r89 assembly
Vmn2r88 assembly
Gdf2 assembly
Cldn10 assembly
4931432E15Rik assembly
1700049E17Rik1 assembly
4930503E14Rik assembly
Drgx assembly
Il25 assembly
Cdhr1 assembly
Il17rd assembly
Stab1 assembly
Atxn7 assembly
Lgi3 assembly
Dlgap5 assembly
Rp1l1 assembly
Pdlim2 assembly
Ints9 assembly
D130079A08Rik assembly
Trav7d-6 assembly
A430107P09Rik assembly
Il17d assembly
Nr1d2 assembly
Cog3 assembly
Sox21 assembly
Asb14 assembly
Arf5 assembly
Psme2b assembly
Ggact assembly
Lrrc3b assembly
Xkr6 assembly
Nudt18 assembly
Dleu7 assembly
Gucy1b2 assembly
Stk24 assembly
Tox4 assembly
1700001F09Rik assembly
1700024B05Rik assembly
1700084P21Rik assembly
Tmem273 assembly
Akap11 assembly
Ang4 assembly
Zfp395 assembly
Dock5 assembly
Lrit1 assembly
Npm2 assembly
Fermt2 assembly
Ttc5 assembly
Zfhx2 assembly
Trim52 assembly
C1qtnf9 assembly
Zmym5 assembly
Sntn assembly
Fam107a assembly
Synb assembly
Ska3 assembly
Zmiz1 assembly
Tlr11 assembly
Ube2e2 assembly
1700110I01Rik assembly
5430414B19Rik assembly
4930555G01Rik assembly
D830030K20Rik assembly
Zfp395 assembly
A230065C20Rik assembly
Ang3 assembly
D14Sh1 ePCR
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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