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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Lats1 assembly
Katna1 assembly
Myct1 assembly
Syne1 assembly
Vip assembly
Nmbr assembly
Cited2 assembly
Hivep2 assembly
Grm1 assembly
Hebp2 assembly
Adat2 assembly
Fuca2 assembly
Nhsl1 assembly
Fbxo30 assembly
Abracl assembly
Stx11 assembly
Zc2hc1b assembly
Slc35d3 assembly
Gje1 assembly
Stxbp5 assembly
Perp assembly
Pex7 assembly
Tbpl1 assembly
Sgk1 assembly
Pde7b assembly
Stx7 assembly
Akap7 assembly
Ahi1 assembly
Bclaf1 assembly
Mtfr2 assembly
Moxd1 assembly
4933406P04Rik assembly
1700021A07Rik assembly
Taar1 assembly
Hey2 assembly
Hint3 assembly
Mtcl3 assembly
2310057J18Rik assembly
Rnf146 assembly
Hddc2 assembly
Rspo3 assembly
Tmem200a assembly
Rwdd1 assembly
Cdk19os assembly
Ddo assembly
Slc22a16 assembly
Cdc40 assembly
Tube1 assembly
Mfsd4b2 assembly
2210408O09Rik assembly
Slc16a10 assembly
Zup1 assembly
Trdn assembly
Tspyl4 assembly
Mtres1 assembly
Pdss2 assembly
4930431F10Rik assembly
Ppil6 assembly
3110009E22Rik assembly
Cep57l1 assembly
Ccdc162 assembly
Qrsl1 assembly
Man1a assembly
Oit3 assembly
Spock2 assembly
Asf1a assembly
Nepn assembly
Dcbld1 assembly
Pla2g12b assembly
Gcc2 assembly
4933411G06Rik assembly
Mcm9 assembly
Vsir assembly
Fam184a assembly
Ddit4 assembly
Fam162b assembly
Dnajb12 assembly
Gopc assembly
Pln assembly
Pald1 assembly
Dnajc12 assembly
Pbld2 assembly
Herc4 assembly
Ccar1 assembly
Ppa1 assembly
Pbld1 assembly
Rufy2 assembly
Slc29a3 assembly
Tysnd1 assembly
Kifbp assembly
Pldi assembly
Unc5b assembly
Neurog3 assembly
Srgn assembly
Sar1a assembly
Tacr2 assembly
Rhobtb1 assembly
Cabcoco1 assembly
Arid5b assembly
Mrln assembly
Ipmk assembly
5730416O20Rik assembly
Fam13c assembly
Derl3 assembly
Rsph14 assembly
Susd2 assembly
4930483K19Rik assembly
Rab36 assembly
Adora2a assembly
Tle2 assembly
Hcn2 assembly
Or7a41 assembly
S1pr4 assembly
Casp14 assembly
Fhl4 assembly
Tjp3 assembly
Midn assembly
Fstl3 assembly
Mrpl54 assembly
Lsm7 assembly
Eid3 assembly
Adamtsl5 assembly
Rexo1 assembly
Atp8b3 assembly
Nopchap1 assembly
Nfic assembly
Polrmt assembly
Chst11 assembly
Nmrk2 assembly
Fam174c assembly
Rnf126 assembly
Cactin assembly
Reep6 assembly
Mier2 assembly
Polr3b assembly
Tektl1 assembly
Rfx4 assembly
Syde1 assembly
Jsrp1 assembly
Tektip1 assembly
Abtb3 assembly
Mterf2 assembly
1700092E16Rik assembly
Glt8d2 assembly
4930442H23Rik assembly
1700009J07Rik assembly
Ndufs7 assembly
4930463O16Rik assembly
Pwp2 assembly
Atp5f1d assembly
Plekhj1 assembly
Ankrd24 assembly
Misp assembly
Chst11 assembly
Pias4 assembly
Tle6 assembly
Mknk2 assembly
Rps15 assembly
Syn3 assembly
Ikbip assembly
Nup37 assembly
Washc3 assembly
Bltp3b assembly
Parpbp assembly
1700113H08Rik assembly
Pmch assembly
Nedd1 assembly
Phxr2 assembly
Fgd6 assembly
Ntn4 assembly
Plxnc1 assembly
Mrpl42 assembly
Dusp6 assembly
Atp2b1 assembly
1110019B22Rik assembly
Cep83 assembly
Nudt4 assembly
Poc1b assembly
Amdhd1 assembly
Csl assembly
Cep83 assembly
Galnt4 assembly
Lta4h assembly
Tmtc2 assembly
Nts assembly
Glipr1l2 assembly
Mgat4c assembly
Glipr1l1 assembly
Glipr1 assembly
Lrriq1 assembly
A930009A15Rik assembly
Pawr assembly
Rab21 assembly
Cct2 assembly
Kcnmb4 assembly
Llph assembly
Kcnmb4 assembly
Cpm assembly
2310038O07Rik assembly
Irak3 assembly
Grip1 assembly
4932442E05Rik assembly
Lyz3 assembly
Ptprb assembly
Yeats4 assembly
Cdk2 assembly
Myl6 assembly
Slc16a7 assembly
Avil assembly
Gdf11 assembly
Mettl1 assembly
Ikzf4 assembly
Hsd17b6 assembly
Avpr1a assembly
Rbms2 assembly
Spryd4 assembly
Ormdl2 assembly
Lrig3 assembly
Rnf41 assembly
Atp23 assembly
Nabp2 assembly
Sdr9c7 assembly
4921513I03Rik assembly
Usp15 assembly
Tmt1b assembly
Arhgef25 assembly
Slc39a5 assembly
Xpot assembly
Dnajc14 assembly
Tbc1d30 assembly
Os9 assembly
Tsfm assembly
Pym1 assembly
Il23a assembly
Dtx3 assembly
Baz2a assembly
Pip4k2c assembly
Srgap1 assembly
Cdk4 assembly
Pa2g4 assembly
Tac2 assembly
Rab5b assembly
Gadd45b assembly
Ptprr assembly
Chst3 assembly
Uqcr11 assembly
Arl1 assembly
Dohh assembly
Slc39a3 assembly
Lrp1 assembly
Ptprb assembly
Atp5f1b assembly
Rap1b assembly
Kcnmb4os1 assembly
Rdh1 assembly
Macroh2a3 assembly
Lin7a assembly
Kifc5c-ps assembly
Afg1l assembly
Stab2 assembly
Ddx50 assembly
Diras1 assembly
Rassf9 assembly
Chpt1 assembly
Ube2d1 assembly
Appl2 assembly
Tspan8 assembly
Rxylt1 assembly
Mical1 assembly
Gipc3 assembly
Gprc6a assembly
Lrrc3 assembly
Tph2 assembly
Arg1 assembly
Cdk17 assembly
Slx assembly
Ndufa12 assembly
Metap2 assembly
Ube2n assembly
Aldh8a1 assembly
Abhd17a assembly
Ginm1 assembly
Hkdc1 assembly
Nt5dc3 assembly
Lrrc20 assembly
Slc5a8 assembly
Sult3a1 assembly
Suox assembly
2610305J24Rik assembly
Vmn2r81 assembly
Bend3 assembly
Cep290 assembly
Plppr3 assembly
Nhsl1 assembly
Marchf9 assembly
Nemp1 assembly
Ccdc138 assembly
Bpifc assembly
Tspear assembly
Il22ra2 assembly
Plekhg1 assembly
Ppp4r2 assembly
Rsph4a assembly
Scml4 assembly
4732465J04Rik assembly
Spata31h1 assembly
Mob3a assembly
Mettl24 assembly
9230106D20Rik assembly
Nav3 assembly
Rdh18-ps assembly
Mfsd4b5 assembly
Ric8b assembly
Mettl25 assembly
Vmn2r-ps105 assembly
Ctnna3 assembly
Zc3h12d assembly
Usp44 assembly
Phactr2 assembly
Mex3d assembly
Slc17a8 assembly
Slc2a12 assembly
Ulbp1 assembly
Smt3h2-ps3 assembly
Dbil5-ps assembly
Ndufa4l2 assembly
A330032P22Rik assembly
Taar3 assembly
Taar7c-ps assembly
Taar7d assembly
Taar7f assembly
Taar8c assembly
Best3 assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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Mouse Genome Database (MGD), Gene Expression Database (GXD), Mouse Models of Human Cancer database (MMHCdb) (formerly Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB)), Gene Ontology (GO)
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