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  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Polr2k assembly
Ddx3x assembly
Gpc3 assembly
Was assembly
Rps2 assembly
Tra2b assembly
Tspyl2 assembly
Drp2 assembly
Pfkfb1 assembly
Cnga2 assembly
Amot assembly
Tceal9 assembly
Opn1mw assembly
Hmgb3 assembly
Stag2 assembly
Capn6 assembly
Tsc22d3 assembly
Aff2 assembly
Obp1b assembly
Obp1a assembly
Rp2 assembly
Uxt assembly
Gspt2 assembly
Gabre assembly
Scml2 assembly
Rai2 assembly
Tenm1 assembly
Gpr34 assembly
Trex2 assembly
Ndufb11 assembly
Bcap31 assembly
Sytl4 assembly
Pcsk1n assembly
Apln assembly
Hs6st2 assembly
Nono assembly
Srpx assembly
Nap1l3 assembly
Atp11c assembly
Ubqln2 assembly
Pbsn assembly
Gabrq assembly
Septin6 assembly
Dlg3 assembly
Ap1s2 assembly
Rhox9 assembly
Slc6a14 assembly
Il1rapl2 assembly
Med12 assembly
Cltrn assembly
Car5b assembly
Tspan6 assembly
P2ry4 assembly
Morf4l2 assembly
Elf4 assembly
Ndufa1 assembly
Tnmd assembly
Tceal3 assembly
Cox7b assembly
Lage3 assembly
Eif1ax assembly
Kcne1l assembly
C1galt1c1 assembly
Fam3a assembly
Ndufb11b assembly
Mcts2 assembly
Tab3 assembly
Cypt1 assembly
4933400A11Rik assembly
4933436I01Rik assembly
Zcchc18 assembly
Vma21 assembly
H2ap assembly
Fundc2 assembly
Ppp1r2-ps9 assembly
Cylc1 assembly
Armcx2 assembly
Alg13 assembly
Pbdc1 assembly
2010106E10Rik assembly
Atp1b4 assembly
Tex13a assembly
Ssxb1 assembly
Mid1ip1 assembly
Apool assembly
Upf3b assembly
Eola1 assembly
Prr32 assembly
Asb11 assembly
Mcts1 assembly
Asb9 assembly
Pir assembly
Ace2 assembly
Ctag2 assembly
Prrg1 assembly
Gprasp1 assembly
Map7d2 assembly
Hdac8 assembly
Mospd1 assembly
Asb12 assembly
Stk26 assembly
3830403N18Rik assembly
Magea9 assembly
Gpr173 assembly
Dmrtc1a assembly
4931400O07Rik assembly
Phf6 assembly
4933401B06Rik assembly
4933434C23Rik assembly
4933428M09Rik assembly
5430402E10Rik assembly
Tasl assembly
Bcor assembly
Gdpd2 assembly
Tcp11x2 assembly
Btbd35f1 assembly
Mageb16 assembly
Fthl17a assembly
Fundc1 assembly
Snx12 assembly
Htatsf1 assembly
Utp14a assembly
Cul4b assembly
Cldn34b2 assembly
Actrt1 assembly
Samt3 assembly
Dusp21 assembly
Haus7 assembly
Satl1 assembly
Fam122c assembly
Cldn34c4 assembly
Magea14 assembly
Lonrf3 assembly
Efhc2 assembly
Fam90a1b assembly
Magec2 assembly
Arl13a assembly
Rbm31y assembly
4930447F04Rik assembly
4930480E11Rik assembly
Cldn34d assembly
Zcchc13 assembly
Samt2b assembly
4930519F16Rik assembly
4930513O06Rik assembly
Ints6l assembly
Samt4 assembly
Rhox2a assembly
H2al3 assembly
1700020N15Rik assembly
Mageh1 assembly
Morc4 assembly
4930402K13Rik assembly
Pramex1 assembly
Gpr165 assembly
6530403M18Rik assembly
H2al1m assembly
1700010D01Rik assembly
Tceal6 assembly
Ppp1r2-ps7 assembly
Mospd2 assembly
Nkrf assembly
Apex2 assembly
Steep1 assembly
Yipf6 assembly
Samt1b assembly
Flicr assembly
Armcx1 assembly
Tmsb15a assembly
Zfp449 assembly
Vsig1 assembly
Rhox4b assembly
Sh3bgrl assembly
Nudt11 assembly
Fgf16 assembly
Ctps2 assembly
Maged2 assembly
Smarca1 assembly
Pabpc5 assembly
Magee1 assembly
Magee2 assembly
Vmn1r41 assembly
2410013L13Rik assembly
Ophn1 assembly
Arr3 assembly
Nxf7 assembly
Tlr7 assembly
Tlr8 assembly
Tmem47 assembly
Xpnpep2 assembly
Ccnb3 assembly
Pdk3 assembly
Fam199x assembly
Gab3 assembly
Enox2 assembly
Tgif2lx1 assembly
Lancl3 assembly
Nox1 assembly
Zfp280c assembly
Pin4 assembly
1700013H16Rik assembly
1700031F05Rik assembly
Rtl8c assembly
Ct55 assembly
4930595M18Rik assembly
4933416I08Rik assembly
Rtl5 assembly
Tmem255a assembly
Awat2 assembly
Zfp711 assembly
Sowahd assembly
Hsf3 assembly
BC022960 assembly
Taf9b assembly
Cdr1os assembly
Cypt2 assembly
Cnksr2 assembly
Zfp300 assembly
Eif2c5 assembly
Eras assembly
Il1rapl1 assembly
Lhfpl1 assembly
Frmpd4 assembly
Pgr15l assembly
Wnk3 assembly
Reps2 assembly
Ssx9 assembly
Ssxb2 assembly
Stard8 assembly
Vgll1 assembly
Vsig4 assembly
Pnma3 assembly
Amd-ps1 assembly
Vmn2r129 assembly
Smt3h1-ps assembly
Ssxb3 assembly
Ssxb9 assembly
Ssxb10 assembly
E330016L19Rik assembly
Zfp36l3 assembly
Dgkk assembly
Pcna-ps1 assembly
D2Mit503 ePCR
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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