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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Olfr15 assembly
Nudt16l1 assembly
Nmral1 assembly
Trap1 assembly
Anks3 assembly
1700037C18Rik assembly
Vasn assembly
4930451G09Rik assembly
Septin12 assembly
Mgrn1 assembly
Cluap1 assembly
6720473M11Rik assembly
1700016D08Rik assembly
4930562C15Rik assembly
Coro7 assembly
Tfap4 assembly
Nagpa assembly
Eef2kmt assembly
Rpl39l assembly
1810013L24Rik assembly
2900045O03Rik assembly
Tmem114 assembly
Atf7ip2 assembly
Abat assembly
Ciita assembly
Olfr19 assembly
Kng1 assembly
Ece2 assembly
Ehhadh assembly
Gspt2 assembly
Top3b assembly
Cep20 assembly
Ece2 assembly
Rsl1d1 assembly
Teddm3 assembly
3110001I22Rik assembly
Efcab1 assembly
Rtp4 assembly
Slc25a1 assembly
Thap7 assembly
Ydjc assembly
Tbccd1 assembly
Pkp2 assembly
Shisa9 assembly
Tmem41a assembly
4933404G15Rik assembly
Parn assembly
1300002P22Rik assembly
Snx29 assembly
Ifitm7 assembly
Lrrc74b assembly
Etv5 assembly
Klhl24 assembly
Senp2 assembly
Txndc11 assembly
Ccdc116 assembly
Smpd4 assembly
Fam131a assembly
Hic2 assembly
Rtn4r assembly
B3gnt5 assembly
Dgcr8 assembly
Il1rap assembly
Gp5 assembly
Plaat1 assembly
Dynlt2b assembly
Ppp1r2 assembly
Rnf168 assembly
Cpn2 assembly
Pigx assembly
Opa1 assembly
1700025H01Rik assembly
Acap2 assembly
Cldn16 assembly
Sec22a assembly
Fyttd1 assembly
Fam162a assembly
Parp14 assembly
Umps assembly
Ropn1 assembly
Csta2 assembly
4930444G20Rik assembly
Adprh assembly
Atp6v1a assembly
Arhgap31 assembly
Gsk3b assembly
Tmem39a assembly
Ccdc191 assembly
Naa50 assembly
Tex55 assembly
Qtrt2 assembly
Polq assembly
Golgb1 assembly
B4galt4 assembly
Zbtb20 assembly
Gcsam assembly
Alcam assembly
Retnla assembly
Retnlb assembly
Cd200r1 assembly
Gtpbp8 assembly
Atg3 assembly
Ccdc80 assembly
Dubr assembly
Dzip3 assembly
1700026J12Rik assembly
Ift57 assembly
Cd200r3 assembly
1700116B05Rik assembly
Cd96 assembly
Boc assembly
Cpox assembly
St3gal6 assembly
Tmem45a assembly
Tmem30c assembly
Dcbld2 assembly
Cep97 assembly
Senp7 assembly
Filip1l assembly
Col8a1 assembly
Stx19 assembly
Arl13b assembly
Arl6 assembly
4930453N24Rik assembly
Chmp2b assembly
4933411O13Rik assembly
Zfp654 assembly
Vgll3 assembly
Gbe1 assembly
Usp25 assembly
1700063K16Rik assembly
Mir99ahg assembly
Hspa13 assembly
Chodl assembly
1700066C05Rik assembly
Cct8 assembly
Krtap6-1 assembly
Krtap6-3 assembly
Krtap19-5 assembly
Krtap13 assembly
Mrpl39 assembly
Mis18a assembly
Paxbp1 assembly
N6amt1 assembly
Cfap298 assembly
Krtap6-5 assembly
1110008E08Rik assembly
2310061N02Rik assembly
2310057N15Rik assembly
2310079G19Rik assembly
Eva1c assembly
4931406G06Rik assembly
Krtap7-1 assembly
Usp16 assembly
Urb1 assembly
Mrap assembly
Krtap19-3 assembly
2310034C09Rik assembly
Krtap19-2 assembly
Krtap19-4 assembly
Krtap21-1 assembly
Krtap19-1 assembly
Itsn1 assembly
Cryzl1 assembly
Igsf5 assembly
1700093J21Rik assembly
C2cd2 assembly
Fam243 assembly
2410124H12Rik assembly
Mrps6 assembly
Muc13 assembly
Atp5o assembly
Atp5j assembly
Crebbp assembly
Ccdc50 assembly
Krtap14 assembly
Sdf2l1 assembly
Krtap19-1 assembly
Krtap16-3 assembly
Krtap16-6 assembly
Vasn assembly
Dnajc28 assembly
Mettl22 assembly
Polr2h assembly
Alg1 assembly
Eif4g1 assembly
Nepro assembly
BC016579 assembly
Igsf11 assembly
F630003A18Rik assembly
Map3k7cl assembly
Gpr156 assembly
Snx4 assembly
Mylk assembly
Krtap21-1 assembly
Hacd2 assembly
Krtap19-9b assembly
Atf7ip2 assembly
Parp14 assembly
Fbxo45 assembly
Marf1 assembly
Eif2b5 assembly
A130079P16Rik assembly
Fam43a assembly
Yeats2 assembly
Vwa5b2 assembly
Btla assembly
Csnka2ip assembly
Cldn17 assembly
Mrtfb assembly
Klhl6 assembly
Muc20 assembly
Ostn assembly
Pi4ka assembly
Rbm11 assembly
Uts2b assembly
Zdhhc19 assembly
Lca5l assembly
Muc4 assembly
B830017H08Rik assembly
Cd200r2 assembly
Ftdc2 assembly
F830005K03Rik assembly
Impg2 assembly
Kng2 assembly
Pou1f1 assembly
A930007A09Rik assembly
Csta1 assembly
Stfa2l1 assembly
Ck-ps3 assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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