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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:78475 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Chromosome assignment of mouse genes using the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC) assembly and the ENSEMBL Database. 2002;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Itsn2 assembly
Cenpo assembly
Pfn4 assembly
2900045O20Rik assembly
Rab10os assembly
Slc7a15 assembly
Jakmip3 assembly
Wdr35 assembly
Ttc32 assembly
Pum2 assembly
Vsnl1 assembly
Msgn1 assembly
Smc6 assembly
5730510P18Rik assembly
Nt5c1b assembly
1700034J04Rik assembly
3732407C23Rik assembly
Cyria assembly
Rock2 assembly
Taf1b assembly
Rnf144a assembly
Arpc5 assembly
Atp6v1c2 assembly
Nbas assembly
Lratd1 assembly
Rsad2 assembly
Sox11 assembly
Slc26a4 assembly
Dcdc2c assembly
Fam110c assembly
Colec11 assembly
Sntg2 assembly
Nampt assembly
Prkar2b assembly
Sypl1 assembly
Sostdc1 assembly
Tspan13 assembly
Bzw2 assembly
4921508M14Rik assembly
9130015A21Rik assembly
Atxn7l1 assembly
Lrrc72 assembly
Efcab10 assembly
Prps1l1 assembly
Hdac9 assembly
Ferd3l assembly
Lrrn3 assembly
Immp2l assembly
Cfl2 assembly
Psma6 assembly
Npas3 assembly
Prorp assembly
Eapp assembly
Aldoart2 assembly
Fam177a assembly
Dtd2 assembly
Nubpl assembly
Scfd1 assembly
Fam177a assembly
Ppp2r3c assembly
Strn3 assembly
Prkd1 assembly
Gemin2 assembly
Mipol1 assembly
Trappc6b assembly
Nin assembly
Mnat1 assembly
Pole2 assembly
Timm9 assembly
Fkbp3 assembly
Actr10 assembly
Nemf assembly
L3hypdh assembly
Daam1 assembly
Dmac2l assembly
Klhdc2 assembly
Lrr1 assembly
Dnaaf2 assembly
Nemf assembly
Ccdc175 assembly
4930512B01Rik assembly
Tomm20l assembly
4930447C04Rik assembly
2700049A03Rik assembly
Map4k5 assembly
Lrrc9 assembly
Rtn1 assembly
Sav1 assembly
Trim9 assembly
Ppm1a assembly
Ppp2r5e assembly
Wdr89 assembly
Trmt5 assembly
Gphn assembly
Mthfd1 assembly
Synj2bp assembly
Plek2 assembly
Cox16 assembly
Slc39a9 assembly
Plekhd1os assembly
Zbtb25 assembly
Garin2 assembly
Pigh assembly
Rdh12 assembly
Tex21 assembly
Hspe1-ps2 assembly
Srsf5 assembly
Numb assembly
Med6 assembly
Rbm25 assembly
Gpatch2l assembly
Pnma1 assembly
Riox1 assembly
Bbof1 assembly
Ttll5 assembly
Fcf1 assembly
Dcaf4 assembly
Dnal1 assembly
Isca2 assembly
Ptgr2 assembly
Dlst assembly
Ylpm1 assembly
Jdp2 assembly
Ngb assembly
Acot2 assembly
Acot3 assembly
Acot4 assembly
Sel1l assembly
Gstz1 assembly
Slirp assembly
1700019M22Rik assembly
Noxred1 assembly
3200001D21Rik assembly
Adck1 assembly
Cep128 assembly
Gtf2a1 assembly
Serpina3c assembly
Serpina3n assembly
Serpina5 assembly
Papola assembly
Vrk1 assembly
Ccnk assembly
Ptpn21 assembly
Fbln5 assembly
Golga5 assembly
Cpsf2 assembly
Ubr7 assembly
Serpina12 assembly
Efcab11 assembly
Foxn3 assembly
3300002A11Rik assembly
Trip11 assembly
3110018I06Rik assembly
4930408O17Rik assembly
Serpina3a assembly
Tc2n assembly
Ppp4r4 assembly
Zc3h14 assembly
Ifi27l2a assembly
9330161L09Rik assembly
Kcnk10 assembly
Ak7 assembly
Prima1 assembly
Bcl11b assembly
Clmn assembly
Bdkrb1 assembly
Serpina1e assembly
Wars1 assembly
Evl assembly
Ppp1r13b assembly
Mark3 assembly
Cyp46a1 assembly
Ppp2r5c assembly
Siva1 assembly
Gpr132 assembly
Nudt14 assembly
1700001K19Rik assembly
Coa8 assembly
Cinp assembly
Bag5 assembly
Cdca4 assembly
Brf1 assembly
Zfp839 assembly
Esyt2 assembly
Exoc3l4 assembly
Tdrd9 assembly
Tex22 assembly
Ncapg2 assembly
5033406O09Rik assembly
Abcb5 assembly
4930425K24Rik assembly
Zfp386 assembly
Polr1f assembly
Atxn3 assembly
Sec23a assembly
Sf3b6 assembly
Acaca assembly
Gdap10 assembly
Rplp2 assembly
Tmed10 assembly
2410018L13Rik assembly
4930428B01Rik assembly
Grhl1 assembly
Mgat2 assembly
Papln assembly
Tmem18 assembly
Ahsa1 assembly
Nek9 assembly
Kif26a assembly
Slc24a4 assembly
Serpina4-ps1 assembly
Map3k9 assembly
Serpina1c assembly
Serpina3m assembly
Psma3 assembly
Cdca7l assembly
Flvcr2 assembly
L2hgdh assembly
Serpina10 assembly
Stxbp6 assembly
Klf11 assembly
2900060N12Rik assembly
Togaram1 assembly
Adam6a assembly
Acot5 assembly
Btbd6 assembly
Gpr135 assembly
Hectd1 assembly
Klhl29 assembly
Kcnf1 assembly
Kcnk13 assembly
Klhdc1 assembly
Mia2 assembly
Prpf39 assembly
Rin3 assembly
Snx13 assembly
Syt16 assembly
Zfyve1 assembly
Slc7a15 assembly
9030624G23Rik assembly
9330151L19Rik assembly
Serpina3b assembly
Wdr25 assembly
Serpina3f assembly
Baz1a assembly
Wdcp assembly
Dbpht2 assembly
Gphb5 assembly
Iah1 assembly
Rnu7-ps1 assembly
D1Ertd291e ePCR
Rnu3b-ps3 ePCR
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium (MGSC V3) assembly. The chromosomal locations were downloaded from the Ensembl database. The relative band sizes and therefor cytogenetic positions within a chromosome are estimated from a drawing of the karyotype. The total bp length of the euchromatic chromosome sequence is divided up in

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Mouse Genome Database (MGD), Gene Expression Database (GXD), Mouse Models of Human Cancer database (MMHCdb) (formerly Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB)), Gene Ontology (GO)
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