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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:81858 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Data Curation Using Mouse Genome Assembly. 2003 Feb 26;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Dnajc17 assembly
D2Ertd198 assembly
Ptp4a1 assembly
Snap23 assembly
Ube2v1 assembly
Lcmt2 assembly
Serf2 assembly
Ell3 assembly
Psd4 assembly
Paral1 assembly
Pip5kl1 assembly
Cdh22 assembly
L3mbtl1 assembly
Pak6 assembly
C230071H18Rik assembly
8030447M02Rik assembly
C130057M05Rik assembly
Phf21a assembly
Haglr assembly
C230011H18Rik assembly
8030497I03Rik assembly
5230400M03Rik assembly
E030016H06Rik assembly
A330106F07Rik assembly
Pax6os1 assembly
C130063K03Rik assembly
Dcaf17 assembly
A630073K07Rik assembly
B230209G03Rik assembly
D130084N16Rik assembly
Norad assembly
Zfp335 assembly
Adrm1 assembly
Ebf4 assembly
Tmx2 assembly
Eif3j1 assembly
Zfp341 assembly
Nsfl1c assembly
Set assembly
Ttll9 assembly
Peds1 assembly
Mcts2 assembly
Snhg7os assembly
AF085738 assembly
Atp8b4 assembly
Wfdc16 assembly
Baz2b assembly
Zfp971 assembly
Bpifb3 assembly
n-THgtg5 assembly
A330069E16Rik assembly
BC029722 assembly
Accsl assembly
1700101G07Rik assembly
2810430I11Rik assembly
G630016G05Rik assembly
1700007A02Rik assembly
1700016C23Rik assembly
1700055L01Rik assembly
2310035O12Rik assembly
2410164B09Rik assembly
2700033N17Rik assembly
2810430I11Rik assembly
2900092N22Rik assembly
4930417H01Rik assembly
4930442J19Rik assembly
4930488B04Rik assembly
5330413P13Rik assembly
9230108I15Rik assembly
9330179A15Rik assembly
Svs3b assembly
9830144P21Rik assembly
A430018G15Rik assembly
A730017L22Rik assembly
A930030B21Rik assembly
Ano3 assembly
B930063I24Rik assembly
BC030308 assembly
Cacnb2 assembly
BG072301 assembly
C230014O12Rik assembly
D730044P03Rik assembly
Mir670hg assembly
Gpcpd1 assembly
A230005M16Rik assembly
Mroh8 assembly
Trp53rka assembly
A630075F10Rik assembly
Gcnt7 assembly
Pcsk2os1 assembly
Ypel4 assembly
Fam166a assembly
Rbbp8nl assembly
Stk35os1 assembly
Cdnf assembly
Abhd16b assembly
Ccdc73 assembly
D630003M21Rik assembly
D930015M05Rik assembly
Nostrin assembly
Phyhd1 assembly
Snora65 assembly
Slc39a1-ps assembly
Gm2026 assembly
Zfp973 assembly
Ano3 assembly
Shf assembly
Kcng1 assembly
Dcdc5 assembly
Qrfp assembly
C130021I20Rik assembly
Fau-ps1 assembly
Mfap1b assembly
D930003E18Rik assembly
0610009E02Rik assembly
n-THgtg5 assembly
Gm13179 assembly
Fcnaos assembly
Gm14232 assembly
Gm14276 assembly
Gm14302 assembly
Gm14321 assembly
Gm14343 assembly
Gm13538 assembly
Gm13558 assembly
Gm13568 assembly
Gm13691 assembly
Gm13696 assembly
Gm13697 assembly
Gm13698 assembly
Chn1os1 assembly
Or8k3 assembly
Or8k31-ps1 assembly
Gm13764 assembly
Gm14017 assembly
Slc28a2b assembly
Syndig1 assembly
Gm14144 assembly
Gm14152 assembly
Gm14205 assembly
Gm14220 assembly
Gm14235 assembly
Gssos2 assembly
Gm14453 assembly
Gm14416 assembly
Gm14418 assembly
Gm14419 assembly
Gm14430 assembly
Gm14432 assembly
Gm14434 assembly
Zfp968-ps assembly
OTTMUSG00000016613 assembly
Zfp973 assembly
Gm14440 assembly
A130079P16Rik assembly
2700079J08Rik assembly
Myh7b assembly
D2Mgi5 assembly
D2Mgi9 assembly
Ctcfl assembly
Pramel7 assembly
C630004M23Rik assembly
5730471H19Rik assembly
9330195I24Rik assembly
F730209L11Rik assembly
6030499A19Rik assembly
F830016D02Rik assembly
F830034J09Rik assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium assembly. MGI curators confirm the relationships between sequence, marker and location.

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