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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:81858 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Data Curation Using Mouse Genome Assembly. 2003 Feb 26;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Zbtb8os assembly
Ppcs assembly
Galt assembly
Kif2c assembly
Psip1 assembly
Rab6a assembly
Ube2j2 assembly
Zfyve9 assembly
Arhgef16 assembly
Rpl11 assembly
Carmil3 assembly
Vps13d assembly
Zfp362 assembly
Paip2b assembly
Zbtb40 assembly
Snx30 assembly
Kank4os assembly
Ptpn3 assembly
1110065F06Rik assembly
6720462K09Rik assembly
Foxo6os assembly
C030004N09Rik assembly
Tnc assembly
Igsf21 assembly
Focad assembly
Fbxo10 assembly
Trnp1 assembly
Znf41-ps assembly
Mup2 assembly
Sec61b assembly
1700008B15Rik assembly
Tmem61 assembly
8030451A03Rik assembly
Junos assembly
C630028M04Rik assembly
Cldn19 assembly
Cnksr1 assembly
Mup3 assembly
Oxct2b assembly
Rasef assembly
Rps8 assembly
Spag8 assembly
Epha10 assembly
Rnf223 assembly
Pramel17 assembly
Lrp8os2 assembly
I0C0044D17Rik assembly
Ldlrad2 assembly
Ube2u assembly
Zkscan16 assembly
Cela2a assembly
5830444B04Rik assembly
4930578G10Rik assembly
1700095A21Rik assembly
Ccnl2 assembly
2700003L17Rik assembly
2700054B07Rik assembly
4930509A12Rik assembly
4930546J17Rik assembly
4933438K21Rik assembly
5330417P21Rik assembly
9630009N12Rik assembly
A630034I12Rik assembly
Lrp8 assembly
B230117O15Rik assembly
Bach2os assembly
Casz1 assembly
BC049688 assembly
BC062258 assembly
C230088H06Rik assembly
Cdc26 assembly
Csmd2 assembly
D830031N03Rik assembly
Bach2 assembly
E130218I03Rik assembly
Gdap6 assembly
Dpy19l4 assembly
Snhg3 assembly
Smarca5-ps assembly
Frg2f1 assembly
C530005A16Rik assembly
Angptl7 assembly
Rad54b assembly
5730409E04Rik assembly
Klhl32 assembly
Cyp4a12b assembly
Ccdc17 assembly
Rhbdl2 assembly
Spata21 assembly
4930573O21Rik assembly
4933427I04Rik assembly
Ccnd3-ps assembly
CK137956 assembly
Kncn assembly
Rnu11 assembly
Cct3-ps1 assembly
G830015F12Rik assembly
B930046K06Rik assembly
Zfp981 assembly
Zfp992 assembly
Gm13259 assembly
Gm13066 assembly
Tmem274 assembly
Gm13112 assembly
Gm13117 assembly
Rps19-ps3 assembly
Zfp982 assembly
Gm13162 assembly
Gm13205 assembly
Gm13299 assembly
Zfp978 assembly
Gm13307 assembly
Zfp991 assembly
Gm11213 assembly
Fam205a2 assembly
Gm13307 assembly
Gm13271 assembly
Gm13272 assembly
Gm13275 assembly
Gm13276 assembly
Gm13277 assembly
Gm13279 assembly
Gm13278 assembly
Gm13284 assembly
Gm13285 assembly
Gm13287 assembly
Gm13288 assembly
Gm13289 assembly
Gm13290 assembly
Gm11756 assembly
Gm11757 assembly
Gm11758 assembly
Gm13309 assembly
Mup13 assembly
Mup14 assembly
Gm11837 assembly
Gm11236 assembly
Gm11237 assembly
Gm11238 assembly
Gm11239 assembly
Gm12744 assembly
Gm12905 assembly
Gm12940 assembly
A230083N12Rik assembly
Dcdc2b assembly
Gm12992 assembly
Gm13001 assembly
Gm13008 assembly
Gm13031 assembly
Gm13032 assembly
Zfp987 assembly
Gm8935 assembly
Gm13054 assembly
Ccdc107 assembly
AV139087 assembly
A730015C16Rik assembly
D230011M17Rik assembly
BC057193 assembly
C630004L07Rik assembly
AY512949 assembly
B230104I21Rik assembly
4921514A10Rik assembly
9130219A07Rik assembly
A730068I03Rik assembly
D130062J21Rik assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium assembly. MGI curators confirm the relationships between sequence, marker and location.

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Mouse Genome Database (MGD), Gene Expression Database (GXD), Mouse Models of Human Cancer database (MMHCdb) (formerly Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB), Gene Ontology (GO)
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