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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:81858 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Data Curation Using Mouse Genome Assembly. 2003 Feb 26;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Rmnd1 assembly
Rab5b assembly
D10Mit1011 assembly
Kics2 assembly
Zfp433 assembly
Scyl2 assembly
BC025920 assembly
2610311E24Rik assembly
BC024063 assembly
Cnksr3 assembly
Zfc3h1 assembly
D830039D19Rik assembly
9930024M15Rik assembly
5330438D12Rik assembly
D230019N24Rik assembly
Lin28b assembly
9530078M16Rik assembly
A130019P10Rik assembly
Mcu assembly
Plk5 assembly
Slc35f1 assembly
Snrpf assembly
B230114P17Rik assembly
D630033A02Rik assembly
Mcm9 assembly
Bend3 assembly
Arfgef3 assembly
Rps26 assembly
Sarnp assembly
Slc2a12 assembly
Duxf3 assembly
Akap12 assembly
Sbno2 assembly
Amd2 assembly
Raet1a assembly
Raet1c assembly
Raet1d assembly
Raet1e assembly
Naca assembly
Agap2 assembly
Zbtb2 assembly
Rdh16f2 assembly
C920009B18Rik assembly
Taf7l2 assembly
Ulbp3 assembly
B020014A21Rik assembly
F730021E23Rik assembly
Elane assembly
2900009I19Rik assembly
4930486F22Rik assembly
4930519F09Rik assembly
4930584D05Rik assembly
A330049N07Rik assembly
A730043B01Rik assembly
A830082N09Rik assembly
Rmst assembly
Adamts14 assembly
BC020402 assembly
Zfp873 assembly
Platr7 assembly
D730042M07Rik assembly
D830005E20Rik assembly
E130317F20Rik assembly
F930017D23Rik assembly
Lin28b assembly
Hsp90b1 assembly
1700120B22Rik assembly
Mfsd12 assembly
Il20ra assembly
Adgb assembly
Sowahc assembly
4933439G19Rik assembly
A430046D13Rik assembly
D430050E20Rik assembly
Rnf217 assembly
Stac3 assembly
Tmprss9 assembly
Zfp938 assembly
Rps12 assembly
Zfp781 assembly
4921516A02Rik assembly
B430219N15Rik assembly
2310075K07Rik assembly
C230021G24Rik assembly
Uqcc6 assembly
Dux assembly
Hymai assembly
Txlnb assembly
Mfsd4b3-ps assembly
E330037I15Rik assembly
B230364G03Rik assembly
A230060F14Rik assembly
C030005K15Rik assembly
A630052K13Rik assembly
F420014N23Rik assembly
BB319198 assembly
C86562 assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium assembly. MGI curators confirm the relationships between sequence, marker and location.

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Mouse Genome Database (MGD), Gene Expression Database (GXD), Mouse Models of Human Cancer database (MMHCdb) (formerly Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB)), Gene Ontology (GO)
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