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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:81858 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Data Curation Using Mouse Genome Assembly. 2003 Feb 26;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Crxos assembly
Ap2a2 assembly
Psmd8 assembly
Taf10 assembly
Rab6a assembly
Pde2a assembly
2810047C21Rik1 assembly
Rps19 assembly
Map3k10 assembly
Ticrr assembly
D930021H04Rik assembly
6430502G17Rik assembly
8430406M14Rik assembly
2900046D03Rik assembly
D630004N19Rik assembly
A330074H02Rik assembly
A330087D11Rik assembly
6030403N03Rik assembly
7030407A21Rik assembly
Foxi2 assembly
C130083A15Rik assembly
Akap13 assembly
Gdpd5 assembly
Zc3h4 assembly
Chd2 assembly
Chsy1 assembly
Dnah3 assembly
Mrpl48 assembly
Gipr assembly
Rpl18 assembly
Zfp28 assembly
Rplp2 assembly
Ctf2 assembly
Iglon5 assembly
Adamtsl3 assembly
B3gnt6 assembly
Psg22 assembly
Kash5 assembly
Inpp5a assembly
Mrgpra1 assembly
Nsccn1 assembly
Phxr5 assembly
Psg21 assembly
Rgma assembly
Vmn1r183 assembly
Vmn1r93 assembly
U2af2 assembly
Zfp141 assembly
Gvin3 assembly
Crxos assembly
A230073K19Rik assembly
Lrp3 assembly
Zfp607a assembly
Zfp382 assembly
Dnaaf3 assembly
Zfp551 assembly
Adamts17 assembly
B430319F04Rik assembly
Vmn2r66 assembly
Mrgprx2 assembly
4931431B13Rik assembly
1700010N08Rik assembly
1700095K22Rik assembly
1700112H04Rik assembly
1700121F22Rik assembly
2200002A13Rik assembly
Lypd5 assembly
4930448A20Rik assembly
4930558N11Rik assembly
Wdr87-ps assembly
9030223M17Rik assembly
9530015I06Rik assembly
A330068G13Rik assembly
B130055M24Rik assembly
B230201I24Rik assembly
BC024386 assembly
BC046251 assembly
BC049265 assembly
BC049285 assembly
BC058420 assembly
BC060293 assembly
Snhg14 assembly
A230006K03Rik assembly
Akip1 assembly
E230032D23Rik assembly
E430016F16Rik assembly
Gm398 assembly
Gsk3a assembly
Itgad assembly
Mrgpra4 assembly
Mypop assembly
Sprn assembly
V1rd19 assembly
Vmn1r62 assembly
XM_145358 assembly
XM_356036 assembly
Zscan4a assembly
4732471J01Rik assembly
B130024G19Rik assembly
Insyn2a assembly
A930016O22Rik assembly
Slc28a1 assembly
Zfp784 assembly
Iqck assembly
Ssc5d assembly
Vmn1r90 assembly
Tmem145 assembly
BC024978 assembly
Trim72 assembly
Selenov assembly
Ccdc8 assembly
Chrna10 assembly
Shisa7 assembly
Gdpd4 assembly
Mrgprb13 assembly
Pinlyp assembly
Isoc2a assembly
Klk13 assembly
Ceacam-ps1 assembly
Mrgprc2-ps assembly
Shank1 assembly
Usp17lf assembly
Vmn1r59 assembly
Vmn1r56 assembly
Ftl1 assembly
Zfp646 assembly
Vmn2r60 assembly
Zscan4f assembly
A030001D20Rik assembly
C230038L03Rik assembly
D030047H15Rik assembly
2510046G10Rik assembly
D030047H15Rik assembly
Fam174b assembly
9330171B17Rik assembly
ENSMUSG00000070636 assembly
Gm12758 assembly
4930428B01Rik assembly
Tomt assembly
D0Kist4 assembly
D7Mgi3 assembly
Ano5 assembly
Zfp82 assembly
Tmc3 assembly
Tmc4 assembly
E130208F15Rik assembly
B130016D09Rik assembly
A230065N10Rik assembly
Tmem147os assembly
1500002F19Rik assembly
B230322F03Rik assembly
9430064I24Rik assembly
F830223B06Rik assembly
  • Reference
    The markers listed below for this experiment were mapped to mouse chromosomes based on sequence similarities to the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium assembly. MGI curators confirm the relationships between sequence, marker and location.

Contributing Projects:
Mouse Genome Database (MGD), Gene Expression Database (GXD), Mouse Models of Human Cancer database (MMHCdb) (formerly Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB), Gene Ontology (GO)
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