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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:84900 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Integrating Computational Gene Models into the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) Database. Database Download. 2003;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Slc25a43 assembly
Gm9 assembly
Gm37 assembly
Gm38 assembly
Rhox11 assembly
Gm40 assembly
Gm41 assembly
Gm42 assembly
Gm43 assembly
Gm44 assembly
Scml1 assembly
Nhs assembly
Armcx4 assembly
Frmpd4 assembly
Gm360 assembly
Gm361 assembly
Tex13c1 assembly
Gm363 assembly
Gm364 assembly
Gpr101 assembly
Ldoc1 assembly
Adgrg4 assembly
Prrg3 assembly
Gm369 assembly
Gm370 assembly
Gm371 assembly
Zc4h2 assembly
Zc3h12b assembly
Gm374 assembly
Rtl3 assembly
Gpr174 assembly
Tent5d assembly
Gm378 assembly
Gm379 assembly
Hdx assembly
Gm381 assembly
Gm382 assembly
4921511C20Rik assembly
Nxf3 assembly
Rtl9 assembly
Itih5l-ps assembly
Ptchd1 assembly
Klhl34 assembly
Nhs assembly
Tceanc assembly
Gm394 assembly
Gm594 assembly
Fsip2l assembly
Brwd3 assembly
Gm614 assembly
Med14 assembly
Gm648 assembly
Gm649 assembly
Gm650 assembly
Gm686 assembly
Gm712 assembly
Tlr13 assembly
Gm714 assembly
Gm715 assembly
Gm716 assembly
Pcdh19 assembly
Spaca5 assembly
Nup62cl assembly
Tex13c3 assembly
Shroom4 assembly
Gm732 assembly
Gm773 assembly
Uprt assembly
Fnd3c2 assembly
Fndc3c1 assembly
Gm785 assembly
Gm849 assembly
Gm866 assembly
Gm1137 assembly
Rhox3a assembly
Thoc2 assembly
Gm1140 assembly
Gm1141 assembly
8030474K03Rik assembly
Cpxcr1 assembly
Gm1144 assembly
Gm1145 assembly
Bclaf3 assembly
Gm1147 assembly
Rhox12 assembly
Gm1531 assembly
Ssxa1 assembly
Frmd7 assembly
Gm1534 assembly
Gm1535 assembly
Gm1536 assembly
Gm1537 assembly
Tex28 assembly
Gm1539 assembly
Gm1540 assembly
Gm1541 assembly
Gm1542 assembly
Gm1543 assembly
Gm1544 assembly
Gm1545 assembly
Gm1546 assembly
Gm1547 assembly
Gm1549 assembly
Gm1716 assembly
Gm3858 assembly
Huwe1 assembly
Gm1719 assembly
Gm1720 assembly
Gm1721 assembly
Scml1 assembly
Thoc2 assembly
Gm1808 assembly
Gm866 assembly
Gm369 assembly
Gm1811 assembly
Gm1813 assembly
Tceal5 assembly
Magee2 assembly
Thoc2 assembly
E530001F21Rik assembly
Gm1848 assembly
Gm1849 assembly
Gm1861 assembly
Atf1-ps assembly
Gm1866 assembly
Gm1868 assembly
Gm1949 assembly

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