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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Radiation Hybrid
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:58777 Elliott R, Chromosome Locations Based on RH mapping. Personal Communication. 2000;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Pdk4 AJ001418
Aass AJ224761
Polr1a AF000938
Il12rb2 U64199
Dguok AJ133750
Mthfd2 M63445
Tex261 X81058
Gp9 AB007464
Cacna1c L01776
Foxm1 Y11245
Eps8 L21671
Sox5 AJ010604
Itpr2 Z71173
Nfe2l3 AB013852
Reg3g D63361
Fbln2 X75285
Cav3 U36579
Pde1c L76946
Irf5 AW491843
Fkbp9 AW549641
Tcf7l1 AJ223069
Rnf103 AW146237
Nup210 AI836801
Reg1 D14010
Reg3a AV063448
Usp18 AW047653
Wnt5b M89799
Phc1 AW557034
Zfp800 AA407452
Rps4l AA407494
Adck2 AA408112
Trnt1 AA408384
Klhdc4 AA408426
Ergic2 AA408438
Slc2a3 AA408729
Tex261 AA409339
AA414988 AA414988
AA517463 AA517463
AA517562 AA517562
4930528J11Rik AA517636
AA517653 AA517653
Akirin2 AA522011
Luc7l2 AA522013
Parp12 AA536654
Resf1 AA536804
Gng12 AA536815
AA545190 AA545190
Mgll AA589436
AA589488 AA589488
Il17re AA589509
AA589522 AA589522
Ptcd3 AA589622
Chd4 AA617397
Ggct AA673177
Ccdc126 AA675040
Krcc1 AA792894
Tax1bp1 AA930106
Skap2 AA960083
Fbxo9 AA986398
D6Mgi34 AA986430
Asprv1 AA986851
Crebl2 AI046348
Adipor2 AI115388
Isy1 AI181014
Gabarapl1 AI196471
Txnrd3 AI196535
AI256396 AI256396
Tia1 AI256674
Mlf2 AI256856
Hibadh AI265272
Nat8f1 AI266962
Fxyd4 AI267073
Rarres2 AI303516
Zranb3 AI316834
Gfpt1 AI324119
AI324858 AI324858
Rimklb AI325948
Pbp2 AI326308
Dnajb8 AI326313
Abcc9 AI414027
1810058I24Rik AI414869
Repin1 AI425994
Tspan12 AI426782
Plekha5 AI428202
Tmem209 AI428435
Bcl2l14 AI429211
Doxl1 AI429442
Trim24 AI447469
Eogt AI447490
Zfp862-ps AI448302
Pcyox1 AI448340
Mturn AI448550
Cep41 AI449046
Snrnp27 AI449063
A130009E19Rik AI449249
Abcc9 AI449286
AI449595 AI449595
Klhl42 AI450355
Herc6 AI451296
Gng12 AI115529
Eif4e3 AI451927
Cd69 AI452015
Srgap3 AI452337
0610030E20Rik AI461894
Foxp1 AI461938
Fam13a AI462012
Tmem168 AI462344
Sumf1 AI463102
Ccdc126 AI465320
Agk AI465370
Gng12 AI314170
  • Experiment
    The markers listed under this experiment were assigned to mouse Chromosome 6 using the Mouse T31 Radiation Hybrid mapping panel. A sequence mapped in the T31 panel may have a computational association with a marker in MGI.

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