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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:84900 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Integrating Computational Gene Models into the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) Database. Database Download. 2003;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Tspyl3 assembly
Man1b1 assembly
Lcn11 assembly
Sohlh1 assembly
Rexo4 assembly
Klhl41 assembly
Fads2b assembly
Kiz assembly
Banf2 assembly
Gpat2 assembly
Bahd1 assembly
Sel1l2 assembly
Bpifb6 assembly
Gm120 assembly
Defb21 assembly
Wfdc6a assembly
Nrsn2 assembly
Gm124 assembly
Gm342 assembly
Gm343 assembly
Gm344 assembly
Gm345 assembly
Gm346 assembly
Ppp1r26 assembly
Tbpl2 assembly
Zbtb34 assembly
Gm350 assembly
Lrrc55 assembly
Xirp2 assembly
Ccdc9b assembly
Sptbn5 assembly
Spdye4c assembly
Gm356 assembly
Gm358 assembly
Ppp1r3d assembly
A630050E04Rik assembly
A130030D18Rik assembly
Gm559 assembly
A530010F05Rik assembly
Smim26 assembly
Zfp217 assembly
Dnmt3bos assembly
Gm613 assembly
Ccdc32 assembly
Zfp512b assembly
Gm646 assembly
Pla2g4f assembly
Gm678 assembly
Shc4 assembly
Vstm2l assembly
Lkaaear1 assembly
Wfdc8 assembly
Prdm11 assembly
Gm708 assembly
Gm709 assembly
Adamts13 assembly
Stkld1 assembly
Slc39a12 assembly
Gm756 assembly
Rnf224 assembly
Gm758 assembly
Gm759 assembly
Card9 assembly
Gm783 assembly
Gm822 assembly
Cfap77 assembly
Gm824 assembly
A330043C09Rik assembly
Gm826 assembly
Mamdc4 assembly
Ajm1 assembly
Ddx31 assembly
Prdm12 assembly
Adgrd2-ps assembly
Scn3a assembly
Pjvk assembly
Gm1002 assembly
A530006G24Rik assembly
Ninl assembly
4921509C19Rik assembly
Bpifb4 assembly
Gm1007 assembly
Zfp663 assembly
Gm1009 assembly
Cdh26 assembly
Zfp408 assembly
Gpr176 assembly
Pla2g4b assembly
Gm1014 assembly
Gm1318 assembly
Gm1319 assembly
Gm1320 assembly
Gm1321 assembly
Gm1322 assembly
Gm1323 assembly
Gm1324 assembly
Gm1325 assembly
Gm1326 assembly
Gm1327 assembly
Gm1328 assembly
Gm1329 assembly
Gm1330 assembly
Gm1331 assembly
Tldc2 assembly
Gm1333 assembly
Gm1334 assembly
Gm1335 assembly
Gm1336 assembly
Ankrd63 assembly
Gm1338 assembly
Gm1339 assembly
Gm1630 assembly
Platr26 assembly
Gm1632 assembly
9430088L24Rik assembly
Ninl assembly
Gm1635 assembly
Nol4l assembly
Gm1637 assembly
Ctxn2 assembly
Gm1639 assembly
A430048G15Rik assembly
Gm1641 assembly
Camsap1 assembly
Ralgapa2 assembly
Pde11a assembly
Plcb2 assembly
Spata5l1 assembly
Duox2 assembly
Gm1826 assembly
Gm1834 assembly
Gm1846 assembly
Gm1855 assembly
Gm1890 assembly
Gm1891 assembly
Gm1925 assembly
Gm1926 assembly
Cerkl assembly
Npepl1 assembly
Zfp972 assembly
Pkp4 assembly
Upf2 assembly
Myo3b assembly
Trp53i11 assembly
Gm6710 assembly
Birc7 assembly
Pfdn4 assembly
Rtn4rl2 assembly

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