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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:84900 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Integrating Computational Gene Models into the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) Database. Database Download. 2003;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Lct assembly
Cfap221 assembly
Arhgap30 assembly
Tdrd5 assembly
Becn2 assembly
Nsl1 assembly
Sbspon assembly
Dnah7b assembly
Ascl5 assembly
Gm198 assembly
Pik3c2b assembly
Gm200 assembly
Hmcn1 assembly
Rgsl1 assembly
Zfp648 assembly
Gm204 assembly
Gm205 assembly
Gm206 assembly
Mettl11b assembly
Gpr161 assembly
Dusp27 assembly
Gm210 assembly
Gm211 assembly
Slc30a10 assembly
Gm213 assembly
Gm214 assembly
Dytn assembly
Catip assembly
Tsga10 assembly
Gpr55 assembly
Gm219 assembly
Gm357 assembly
Rc3h1 assembly
Gm552 assembly
Gm553 assembly
Gm554 assembly
Vwa3b assembly
Espnl assembly
Gm597 assembly
Gm598 assembly
Gm642 assembly
Ush2a assembly
Gm677 assembly
Ccdc121 assembly
Lyg2 assembly
Gm816 assembly
Rbm44 assembly
Celrr assembly
Gm819 assembly
Gm820 assembly
Gm821 assembly
Gm970 assembly
Hecw2 assembly
Tmem237 assembly
Gm973 assembly
Mreg assembly
Hjurp assembly
Crocc2 assembly
Gm977 assembly
Gm978 assembly
Axdnd1 assembly
Dnah14 assembly
Gm981 assembly
Gm982 assembly
Ush2a assembly
Nsl1 assembly
5330438I03Rik assembly
Gm986 assembly
Gm987 assembly
Gal3st2 assembly
Gm989 assembly
Fam178b assembly
Mettl21e assembly
Dnah7a assembly
Gm993 assembly
Gm994 assembly
Gm1288 assembly
Gm1289 assembly
Gm1290 assembly
Gm1291 assembly
Gm1292 assembly
Gm1293 assembly
Gm1294 assembly
Gm1295 assembly
Gm1296 assembly
Gm1297 assembly
Gm1298 assembly
Gm1299 assembly
Gpr25 assembly
Sptb assembly
Gm1302 assembly
Gm1303 assembly
Gm1304 assembly
Kif28 assembly
Gm1306 assembly
Gm1307 assembly
Gm1308 assembly
Gm1309 assembly
Gm1310 assembly
Gm1311 assembly
Gm1312 assembly
Aim2 assembly
Gm1314 assembly
Gm1315 assembly
Gm1316 assembly
Gm1317 assembly
Nckap5 assembly
Xkr9 assembly
Gm1621 assembly
Gm1622 assembly
Gm1623 assembly
A630095N17Rik assembly
Gm1625 assembly
Kif1a assembly
Gm1627 assembly
Gm1628 assembly
Gm1629 assembly
Gm1727 assembly
Gm1728 assembly
Cps1 assembly
Hdac4 assembly
A430110L20Rik assembly
Plcl1 assembly
Kcnt2 assembly
Abca12 assembly
Slc9a2 assembly
Gm1814 assembly
Gm1831 assembly
Gm1832 assembly
Gm1833 assembly
Gm1886 assembly
Gm1887 assembly
A530032D15Rik assembly
Gm1889 assembly
Gm1921 assembly
Gm1922 assembly
Gm1923 assembly
Gm1924 assembly
Olfr55 assembly

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