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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:82104 Sinclair R, et al., Mouse Olfactory Receptor Genes: Reconciliation of multiple data collections against the public genome assembly. 2003;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Or6z7 assembly
Or6b9 assembly
Or10a4 assembly
Or51a39 assembly
Or13a17 assembly
Or13a18 assembly
Or13a20 assembly
Or13a27 assembly
Or13a28 assembly
Or10h28 assembly
Or51b6 assembly
Or51b17 assembly
Or51b4 assembly
Or52z1 assembly
Or52a5 assembly
Or52a5b assembly
Or51e2 assembly
Or56a42-ps1 assembly
Or52a20 assembly
Olfr255 assembly
Or52ae6-ps1 assembly
Or51v16-ps1 assembly
Or5ae1 assembly
Or5ae2 assembly
Or14c39 assembly
Or14c40 assembly
Or14a256 assembly
Or14c41 assembly
Or14c42-ps1 assembly
Or14c45 assembly
Or14a257 assembly
Or14c43 assembly
Or14n1-ps1 assembly
Or14c44 assembly
Or14c44 assembly
Or6aa1 assembly
Or14a258 assembly
Or14a259 assembly
Or14o1-ps1 assembly
Or14a260 assembly
Or6f1 assembly
Or13g1 assembly
Or14c46 assembly
Or5p5 assembly
Olfr468-ps1 assembly
Or5p50 assembly
Or5p51 assembly
Or5p5c-ps1 assembly
Or5p52 assembly
Or5p53 assembly
Or5p54 assembly
Or5p55 assembly
Or5p56 assembly
Or5p6 assembly
Or10ab4 assembly
Or5p57 assembly
Or5p4 assembly
Or5p58 assembly
Or5p59 assembly
Or5p60 assembly
Or5p61 assembly
Or5p62 assembly
Or5p63 assembly
Or5p64 assembly
Or5p65-ps1 assembly
Or5p66 assembly
Or5p1 assembly
Or5p67 assembly
Or5p68 assembly
Or5p69 assembly
Or5p70 assembly
Or5p71-ps1 assembly
Or5p72 assembly
Or5p73 assembly
Or5ag1-ps1 assembly
Or5p74-ps1 assembly
Or5p75-ps1 assembly
Or5p76 assembly
Or52n4b assembly
Or56b1b assembly
Or5p77-ps1 assembly
Or5p78 assembly
Or5p79 assembly
Or5p80 assembly
Or10ab5 assembly
Or5p81 assembly
Olfr511-ps1 assembly
Or10a3m assembly
Or5e1 assembly
Or10a48 assembly
Olfr515-ps1 assembly
Or10a3b assembly
Or10a49 assembly
Or10a3 assembly
Or10a3n assembly
Or2at4 assembly
Or2at1 assembly
Or6ae1 assembly
Or6f2 assembly
Or6b13 assembly
Or13a19 assembly
Or12j2 assembly
Or13o1-ps1 assembly
Or13w1-ps1 assembly
Or12j3 assembly
Or2j6 assembly
Or13a21 assembly
Or12j4 assembly
Or13x1-ps1 assembly
Or13a22 assembly
Or12j5 assembly
Or13a23-ps1 assembly
Or13a24 assembly
Or13a25 assembly
Or12m1-ps1 assembly
Or13a26 assembly
Or13s1-ps1 assembly
Or55b3 assembly
Or55b4 assembly
Or55b10 assembly
Or52b4j-ps1 assembly
Or52b4 assembly
Or52b4i assembly
Or52b3 assembly
Or51r1 assembly
Or52p2 assembly
Or52k2 assembly
Or52m2 assembly
Or52m1 assembly
Or51h1 assembly
Or52i2 assembly
Or51d1 assembly
Or51e1 assembly
Or51a25 assembly
Or51f23b assembly
Or51f5 assembly
Or51f23c-ps1 assembly
Or51u1-ps1 assembly
Or51f23 assembly
Or51f4-ps1 assembly
Or51f1 assembly
Or52r6-ps1 assembly
Or51f2 assembly
Or52r1 assembly
Or51a8 assembly
Or51s1 assembly
Or51h5 assembly
Or51h7 assembly
Or51t4 assembly
Or51a6 assembly
Or51a7 assembly
Or51g2 assembly
Or51g1 assembly
Or51a3-ps1 assembly
Or51a41-ps1 assembly
Or51a44-ps1 assembly
Or52r1b assembly
Or51f1d assembly
Or52r1c assembly
Or51f1e assembly
Or51a5 assembly
Or51l1-ps1 assembly
Or51p1 assembly
Or52e2 assembly
Or52c1-ps1 assembly
Or52s1b assembly
Or52j3 assembly
Or52s1 assembly
Or52e3 assembly
Or52e51-ps1 assembly
Or52e19 assembly
Or52ab2 assembly
Or52ab7 assembly
Or52ab4 assembly
Or52ad1 assembly
Or52s19 assembly
Or52ab8-ps1 assembly
Or52e19b assembly
Or52e19b assembly
Or52s6 assembly
Or51l14 assembly
Or52d13 assembly
Or52ae7 assembly
Or51af1 assembly
Or51ag1 assembly
Or51aa5 assembly
Or51aa2 assembly
Or51ab3 assembly
Or51ab3 assembly
Or51ah3 assembly
Or51ac3 assembly
Or52z12 assembly
Or52z13 assembly
Or52z14 assembly
Or51v14 assembly
Or51v15-ps1 assembly
Or52a33 assembly
Or51b6b assembly
Or51v8 assembly
Or52z15 assembly
Or51v16-ps1 assembly
Or52a20 assembly
Or52a24 assembly
Or52ae9 assembly
Or51l4 assembly
Or51m1 assembly
Or51ai2 assembly
Or51k2 assembly
Or51k7 assembly
Or51q1 assembly
Or51k3-ps1 assembly
Or51k4-ps1 assembly
Or51q1c assembly
Or51k1 assembly
Or51i1 assembly
Or51i2 assembly
Or51a10 assembly
Or51a42 assembly
Or51a43 assembly
Or51a24 assembly
Or52d1 assembly
Or52f1-ps1 assembly
Or52h1 assembly
Or52h2 assembly
Or52b6-ps1 assembly
Or52h9 assembly
Or52h7 assembly
Or52d3 assembly
Or52u1 assembly
Or52ac1 assembly
Or52p1 assembly
Or56b1 assembly
Or52n4 assembly
Or52n20 assembly
Or56b2l-ps1 assembly
Or56b2 assembly
Or52n21-ps1 assembly
Or56b2j assembly
Or52n1 assembly
Or52n3 assembly
Or52n2 assembly
Or52n2b assembly
Or52n2c assembly
Or52n5 assembly
Or52e18 assembly
Or52e8 assembly
Or52e15 assembly
Or52e54-ps1 assembly
Or52e53-ps1 assembly
Or52e8b assembly
Or52e7 assembly
Or52e4 assembly
Or52e5 assembly
Or56a3 assembly
Or56a41 assembly
Or56a3b assembly
Or56a42-ps1 assembly
Or56a5 assembly
Or56a4 assembly
Or52l1 assembly
Or52x1 assembly
Or56b6 assembly
Or56b34 assembly
Or56b35 assembly
Or52b1 assembly
Or52b2 assembly
Or52w1 assembly
Or2ag12 assembly
Or2ag1b assembly
Or2ag13 assembly
Or2ag14-ps1 assembly
Or2ag15 assembly
Or2ag16 assembly
Or2ag17 assembly
Or2ag18 assembly
Or2ag2b assembly
Or13n4 assembly
Or2ag19 assembly
Or2ag20 assembly
Or2ag1 assembly
Or2ag2 assembly
Or2d3 assembly
Or2d3b assembly
Or2d3c assembly
Or2d4 assembly
Or6b6 assembly
Or6i1-ps1 assembly
Or10a5 assembly
Or10a2 assembly
Or2d2 assembly
Or2d36 assembly
Or6z3 assembly
Or2bd2 assembly
Olfr1345-ps1 assembly
Or6z5 assembly
Or6z6 assembly
Or6z1 assembly
Or10am5 assembly
Or5bw2 assembly
Or13a24 assembly
Or52j3 assembly
Or52a24 assembly
Or51o1-ps1 assembly
Or14c44 assembly
Or2d3b assembly
Or5p63 assembly
Or52n4b assembly
Or13a24 assembly
Olfr1560-ps1 assembly
Or6a2 assembly

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