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C57BL/6 Strain Detail
  • Strain Name
  • Attributes
    strain family
  • MGI ID
  • Synonyms
    B6, Black 6, C57BL/6-Mx1s1
  • Other IDs
  • Strain Family Members
SNP Profile Heat Map
  • SNPs Involving C57BL/6
    32,441 from dbSNP Build 142
  • Comparison Strains
and QTL
254 associated QTL
Allele Marker
Aapb Aap
Abbp1C57BL/6 Abbp1
Abbp2C57BL/6 Abbp2
Abbp3C57BL/6 Abbp3
Abbp4C57BL/6 Abbp4
Aem1C57BL/6 Aem1
Aem2C57BL/6 Aem2
Aem3C57BL/6 Aem3
Afw13C57BL/6 Afw13
Afw16C57BL/6 Afw16
Airrq1C57BL/6 Airrq1
Airrq2C57BL/6 Airrq2
Airrq3C57BL/6 Airrq3
Airrq4C57BL/6 Airrq4
Airrq5C57BL/6 Airrq5
Airrq6C57BL/6 Airrq6
Airrq7C57BL/6 Airrq7
Airrq8C57BL/6 Airrq8
Airrq9C57BL/6 Airrq9
Airrq10C57BL/6 Airrq10
Airrq11C57BL/6 Airrq11
Airrq12C57BL/6 Airrq12
Airrq13C57BL/6 Airrq13
Airrq14C57BL/6 Airrq14
Airrq15C57BL/6 Airrq15
Airrq16C57BL/6 Airrq16
Berr5C57BL/6 Berr5
Bhr4C57BL/6 Bhr4
Bomd1C57BL/6 Bomd1
Bomd2C57BL/6 Bomd2
Bomd3C57BL/6 Bomd3
Bomd4C57BL/6 Bomd4
CapopC57BL/6 Capop
Carg2C57BL/6 Carg2
Cd4ts1C57BL/6 Cd4ts1
Cd4ts2C57BL/6 Cd4ts2
Cd4ts3C57BL/6 Cd4ts3
Cd4ts4C57BL/6 Cd4ts4
Cd4ts5C57BL/6 Cd4ts5
Cd4ts6C57BL/6 Cd4ts6
Cd4vts1C57BL/6 Cd4vts1
Cd8mts1C57BL/6 Cd8mts1
Cd8mts2C57BL/6 Cd8mts2
Cd8mts3C57BL/6 Cd8mts3
Cd8mts4C57BL/6 Cd8mts4
Cd8mts5C57BL/6 Cd8mts5
Cd8mts6C57BL/6 Cd8mts6
Cd8ts1C57BL/6 Cd8ts1
Cd8ts2C57BL/6 Cd8ts2
Cd8ts3C57BL/6 Cd8ts3
Char1C57BL/6 Char1
Char2C57BL/6 Char2
Char3C57BL/6 Char3
Char10C57BL/6 Char10
Coro1aLmb3-C57BL/6Scr Coro1a
CsptC57BL/6 Cspt
CtexC57BL/6 Ctex
Desp1C57BL/6 Desp1
Desp2C57BL/6 Desp2
Dibg1C57BL/6 Dibg1
Dice1C57BL/6 Dice1
Dice2C57BL/6 Dice2
Diwg1C57BL/6 Diwg1
Drb1C57BL/6 Drb1
Drb2C57BL/6 Drb2
Drb3C57BL/6 Drb3
Drb4C57BL/6 Drb4
Drb5C57BL/6 Drb5
Drb6C57BL/6 Drb6
Drb7C57BL/6 Drb7
Drb8C57BL/6 Drb8
Drb9C57BL/6 Drb9
Elpt2C57BL/6 Elpt2
Elpt3C57BL/6 Elpt3
Exz1C57BL/6 Exz1
Exz2C57BL/6 Exz2
Fcsa1C57BL/6 Fcsa1
Fcsa2C57BL/6 Fcsa2
Fcsa3C57BL/6 Fcsa3
Fcsa4C57BL/6 Fcsa4
Fcsa5C57BL/6 Fcsa5
Fcsa6C57BL/6 Fcsa6
Fcsa7C57BL/6 Fcsa7
Fibrs1C57BL/6 Fibrs1
Fibrs2C57BL/6 Fibrs2
Fibrs3C57BL/6 Fibrs3
Gasa1C57BL/6 Gasa1
Gasa2C57BL/6 Gasa2
Gasa3C57BL/6 Gasa3
Gasa4C57BL/6 Gasa4
Gre1C57BL/6 Gre1
Hfem1C57BL/6 Hfem1
Hfem2C57BL/6 Hfem2
Hfem3C57BL/6 Hfem3
Hfem4C57BL/6 Hfem4
HypnC57BL/6 Hypn
Hypn2C57BL/6 Hypn2
Hypn3C57BL/6 Hypn3
Idd1C57BL/6 Idd1
Idd3C57BL/6 Idd3
Idd4C57BL/6 Idd4
Idd5C57BL/6 Idd5
Idd6C57BL/6 Idd6
Idd6.2C57BL/6 Idd6.2
Idd7C57BL/6 Idd7
Idd11C57BL/6 Idd11
Idd12C57BL/6 Idd12
Idd13C57BL/6 Idd13
Idd18C57BL/6 Idd18
Insq6C57BL/6 Insq6
Insq7C57BL/6 Insq7
Insq8C57BL/6 Insq8
Insq9C57BL/6 Insq9
Insq10C57BL/6 Insq10
Laq1C57BL/6 Laq1
Leusq1C57BL/6 Leusq1
Leusq2C57BL/6 Leusq2
Leusq3C57BL/6 Leusq3
Leusq4C57BL/6 Leusq4
Leusq5C57BL/6 Leusq5
Leusq6C57BL/6 Leusq6
Lmb1C57BL/6Scr Lmb1
Lmb2C57BL/6Scr Lmb2
Lmb4C57BL/6Scr Lmb4
Lmr30C57BL/6 Lmr30
Moen1C57BL/6 Moen1
Moen2C57BL/6 Moen2
Moen3C57BL/6 Moen3
Mom7C57BL/6 Mom7
Mom21C57BL/6 Mom21
Mpsq1C57BL/6 Mpsq1
Mrdq1C57BL/6 Mrdq1
Mrdq2C57BL/6 Mrdq2
Mrdq3C57BL/6 Mrdq3
Mrdq4C57BL/6 Mrdq4
Mrdq5C57BL/6 Mrdq5
msrvh1C57BL/6 msrvh1
Nba5C57BL/6 Nba5
Nba10C57BL/6 Nba10
Noan1C57BL/6 Noan1
Noan2C57BL/6 Noan2
Ogrq1C57BL/6 Ogrq1
Ogrq2C57BL/6 Ogrq2
Ogrq3C57BL/6 Ogrq3
Ogrq4C57BL/6 Ogrq4
Ogrq5C57BL/6 Ogrq5
Ogrq6C57BL/6 Ogrq6
OmlrC57BL/6 Omlr
Otx2m1C57BL/6 Otx2m1
Otx2m2C57BL/6 Otx2m2
Pas19C57BL/6 Pas19
Pcd4ts1C57BL/6 Pcd4ts1
Pcd4ts2C57BL/6 Pcd4ts2
Pcd4ts3C57BL/6 Pcd4ts3
Pcd8ts1C57BL/6 Pcd8ts1
Pgia13C57BL/6 Pgia13
Pgia14C57BL/6 Pgia14
Pgia15C57BL/6 Pgia15
Pgia16C57BL/6 Pgia16
Pgia17C57BL/6 Pgia17
PitgpC57BL/6 Pitgp
Pscr1C57BL/6 Pscr1
Pscr2C57BL/6 Pscr2
Pscr3C57BL/6 Pscr3
Psds1C57BL/6 Psds1
Psds2C57BL/6 Psds2
Psds3C57BL/6 Psds3
Psds4C57BL/6 Psds4
Psl1C57BL/6 Psl1
Psl2C57BL/6 Psl2
Psl3C57BL/6 Psl3
Psl4C57BL/6 Psl4
Psl5C57BL/6 Psl5
Psl6C57BL/6 Psl6
Pwbwq1C57BL/6 Pwbwq1
Pwbwq2C57BL/6 Pwbwq2
Pwbwq3C57BL/6 Pwbwq3
Pwbwq4C57BL/6 Pwbwq4
Pwbwq5C57BL/6 Pwbwq5
Pwbwq6C57BL/6 Pwbwq6
Pwbwq7C57BL/6 Pwbwq7
Pwbwq8C57BL/6 Pwbwq8
Pwbwq9C57BL/6 Pwbwq9
Pwbwq10C57BL/6 Pwbwq10
Pwbwq11C57BL/6 Pwbwq11
Pwbwq12C57BL/6 Pwbwq12
Pwbwq13C57BL/6 Pwbwq13
Pwbwq14C57BL/6 Pwbwq14
Pwbwq15C57BL/6 Pwbwq15
Pwbwq16C57BL/6 Pwbwq16
Pwbwq17C57BL/6 Pwbwq17
Pwbwq18C57BL/6 Pwbwq18
Pwgrq1C57BL/6 Pwgrq1
Pwgrq2C57BL/6 Pwgrq2
Pwgrq3C57BL/6 Pwgrq3
Pwgrq4C57BL/6 Pwgrq4
Pwgrq5C57BL/6 Pwgrq5
Pwgrq6C57BL/6 Pwgrq6
Pwgrq7C57BL/6 Pwgrq7
Pwgrq8C57BL/6 Pwgrq8
Pwgrq9C57BL/6 Pwgrq9
Pwgrq10C57BL/6 Pwgrq10
Pwgrq11C57BL/6 Pwgrq11
Pwgrq12C57BL/6 Pwgrq12
Pwgrq13C57BL/6 Pwgrq13
Pwgrq14C57BL/6 Pwgrq14
Pwgrq15C57BL/6 Pwgrq15
Pwgrq16C57BL/6 Pwgrq16
Pwgrq17C57BL/6 Pwgrq17
Pwgrq18C57BL/6 Pwgrq18
Pwgrq19C57BL/6 Pwgrq19
Pwgrq20C57BL/6 Pwgrq20
Ramls1C57BL/6 Ramls1
Ramls2C57BL/6 Ramls2
Rgv1C57BL/6 Rgv1
Rhs1C57BL/6 Rhs1
Ri1C57BL/6 Ri1
Ril4C57BL/6 Ril4
RuaC57BL/6 Rua
Scpro1C57BL/6 Scpro1
Scpro2C57BL/6 Scpro2
Scpro3C57BL/6 Scpro3
Sgp2C57BL/6 Sgp2
Sgp5C57BL/6 Sgp5
Siafq1C57BL/6 Siafq1
Sle3C57BL/6 Sle3
Sle4C57BL/6 Sle4
Sle5C57BL/6 Sle5
Sle6C57BL/6 Sle6
Sle16C57BL/6 Sle16
Sle17C57BL/6 Sle17
Sle18C57BL/6 Sle18
Sle19C57BL/6 Sle19
Sle21C57BL/6 Sle21
Sle22C57BL/6 Sle22
Sles1C57BL/6 Sles1
Sles2C57BL/6 Sles2
Sles3C57BL/6 Sles3
Sles4C57BL/6 Sles4
Splic3C57BL/6 Splic3
Spm1C57BL/6 Spm1
Ssial1C57BL/6 Ssial1
Ssial2C57BL/6 Ssial2
Ssial3C57BL/6 Ssial3
Ssial4C57BL/6 Ssial4
Tcdel1C57BL/6 Tcdel1
Tcdel2C57BL/6 Tcdel2
Tilss1C57BL/6 Tilss1
Tilss2C57BL/6 Tilss2
Tir9C57BL/6 Tir9
Tir10C57BL/6 Tir10
Toa1C57BL/6 Toa1
Toa2C57BL/6 Toa2
Usp46C57BL/6 Usp46
Phenotype Overview

adipose tissue
cardiovascular system
digestive/alimentary system
endocrine/exocrine glands
hematopoietic system
immune system
liver/biliary system
nervous system
normal phenotype
renal/urinary system
reproductive system
respiratory system

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  • Earliest
    J:280877 BROWN DM, et al., The influence of animal strain selection and conditioning on biological experiments and assays. Practical aspects of strain variation in relation to pharmacological testing. J Pharm Pharmacol. 1962 Jul;14:399-405
  • All

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