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Gene Expression Image Detail
J:108109 Oxburgh L, et al., Development. 2004 Sep;131(18):4593-605
Caption A-F: Immunohistochemical staining at E11.5 (A,B), E12.5 (C,D) and E13.5 (E,F). G: RT-PCR. K indicates kidney (E11.5) and E indicates embryo (E17.5). Abbreviations: CD, collecting duct; CB, comma-shaped body; Mes, metanephric mesenchyme; MS, mature stroma; NM, nephrogenic mesenchyme; TR, collecting duct trunk; UB, ureteric bud.
This image is from Oxburgh L, Development 2004 Sep;131(18):4593-605 and is displayed with the permission of The Company of Biologists Limited who owns the Copyright.
Label Assay & Result Details (Gene Symbol) Spatial Mapping
A MGI:3654333 (Smad1)
B MGI:3654436 (Smad2)
C MGI:3654333 (Smad1)
D MGI:3654436 (Smad2)
E MGI:3654333 (Smad1)
F MGI:3654436 (Smad2)
G K Actba MGI:3654503 (Inhba)
G K Actbb MGI:3654506 (Inhbb)
G K Actbc MGI:3654507 (Inhbc)
G K Actbe MGI:3654508 (Inhbe)
G K Gdf1 MGI:3654509 (Gdf1)
G K Gdf2 MGI:3654510 (Gdf2)
G K Gdf3 MGI:3654511 (Gdf3)
G K Gdf5 MGI:3654512 (Gdf5)
G K Gdf6 MGI:3654513 (Gdf6)
G K Gdf7 MGI:3654514 (Gdf7)
G K Gdf8 MGI:3654515 (Mstn)
G K Gdf9 MGI:3654516 (Gdf9)
G K Gdf9b MGI:3654517 (Bmp15)
G K Gdf10 MGI:3654518 (Gdf10)
G K Gdf11 MGI:3654519 (Gdf11)
G K Gdf15 MGI:3654520 (Gdf15)
G K Mis MGI:3654521 (Amh)
G K nodal MGI:3654522 (Nodal)
G K Tgfb1 MGI:3654523 (Tgfb1)
G K Tgfb2 MGI:3654524 (Tgfb2)
G K Tgfb3 MGI:3654525 (Tgfb3)
G K Bmp2 MGI:3654526 (Bmp2)
G K Bmp3 MGI:3654527 (Bmp3)
G K Bmp4 MGI:3654528 (Bmp4)
G K Bmp5 MGI:3654529 (Bmp5)
G K Bmp6 MGI:3654530 (Bmp6)
G K Bmp7 MGI:3654531 (Bmp7)
G K Bmp8a MGI:3654532 (Bmp8a)
G K Bmp8b MGI:3654533 (Bmp8b)
G K Bmp9 MGI:3654534 (Gdf2)
G K Bmp10 MGI:3654535 (Bmp10)
G K Bmp15 MGI:3654536 (Bmp15)
G K endoglin MGI:3654537 (Eng)
G K Tgfbr3 MGI:3654538 (Tgfbr3)
G K Amhr2 MGI:3654539 (Amhr2)
G K Tgfbr2 MGI:3654540 (Tgfbr2)
G K Actr2a MGI:3654541 (Acvr2a)
G K Actr2b MGI:3654542 (Acvr2b)
G K Alk1 MGI:3654544 (Acvrl1)
G K Alk2 MGI:3654545 (Acvr1)
G K Alk3 MGI:3654546 (Bmpr1a)
G K Alk4 MGI:3654547 (Acvr1b)
G K Alk5 MGI:3654548 (Tgfbr1)
G K Alk6 MGI:3654549 (Bmpr1b)
G K Alk7 MGI:3654550 (Acvr1c)
G K N-myc MGI:3654551 (Mycn)
G E Actba MGI:3654452 (Inhba)
G E Actbb MGI:3654453 (Inhbb)
G E Actbc MGI:3654454 (Inhbc)
G E Actbe MGI:3654455 (Inhbe)
G E Gdf1 MGI:3654456 (Gdf1)
G E Gdf2 MGI:3654457 (Gdf2)
G E Gdf3 MGI:3654458 (Gdf3)
G E Gdf5 MGI:3654459 (Gdf5)
G E Gdf6 MGI:3654460 (Gdf6)
G E Gdf7 MGI:3654461 (Gdf7)
G E Gdf8 MGI:3654462 (Mstn)
G E Gdf9 MGI:3654463 (Gdf9)
G E Gdf9b MGI:3654464 (Bmp15)
G E Gdf10 MGI:3654465 (Gdf10)
G E Gdf11 MGI:3654466 (Gdf11)
G E Gdf15 MGI:3654467 (Gdf15)
G E Mis MGI:3654468 (Amh)
G E nodal MGI:3654469 (Nodal)
G E Tgfb1 MGI:3654470 (Tgfb1)
G E Tgfb2 MGI:3654471 (Tgfb2)
G E Tgfb3 MGI:3654472 (Tgfb3)
G E Bmp2 MGI:3654473 (Bmp2)
G E Bmp3 MGI:3654474 (Bmp3)
G E Bmp4 MGI:3654475 (Bmp4)
G E Bmp5 MGI:3654476 (Bmp5)
G E Bmp6 MGI:3654477 (Bmp6)
G E Bmp7 MGI:3654478 (Bmp7)
G E Bmp8a MGI:3654479 (Bmp8a)
G E Bmp8b MGI:3654480 (Bmp8b)
G E Bmp9 MGI:3654481 (Gdf2)
G E Bmp10 MGI:3654482 (Bmp10)
G E Bmp15 MGI:3654483 (Bmp15)
G E endoglin MGI:3654484 (Eng)
G E Tgfbr3 MGI:3654485 (Tgfbr3)
G E Amhr2 MGI:3654486 (Amhr2)
G E Tgfbr2 MGI:3654487 (Tgfbr2)
G E Actr2a MGI:3654489 (Acvr2a)
G E Actr2b MGI:3654492 (Acvr2b)
G E Bmpr2 MGI:3654493 (Bmpr2)
G E Alk1 MGI:3654494 (Acvrl1)
G E Alk2 MGI:5499873 (Acvr1)
G E Alk3 MGI:3654496 (Bmpr1a)
G E Alk4 MGI:3654498 (Acvr1b)
G E Alk5 MGI:3654499 (Tgfbr1)
G E Alk6 MGI:3654500 (Bmpr1b)
G E Alk7 MGI:3654501 (Acvr1c)
G E N-myc MGI:3654502 (Mycn)
G K Bmpr2 MGI:3654543 (Bmpr2)

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