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Informative Gene Names Initiative

The Mouse Genome Nomenclature group is evaluating gene names and symbols for mouse protein coding genes with gene model nomenclature to make them more informative. New names and symbols are based on annotations of protein domains from InterPro. Name changes are coordinated with the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee, Rat Genome Database and with the GenCode mouse genome annotation team. Contact nomen@jax.org with suggestions or comments regarding the new names.

Completed Genes | In Progress

Completed Genes

MGI IDOld SymbolNew Symbol  New NameDate Updated
MGI:19148254930430A15RikA26c3ANKRD26-like family C, member 319 September, 2019
MGI:3028051C130079G13Rik    Aadacl2fm1    AADACL2 family member 119 September, 2019
MGI:3779495Gm5538Aadacl2fm2AADACL2 family member 219 September, 2019
MGI:3643798Gm8298Aadacl2fm3AADACL2 family member 319 September, 2019
MGI:26858809430007A20RikAadacl4fm1AADACL4 family member 119 September, 2019
MGI:3652194Gm13124Aadacl4fm2AADACL4 family member 219 September, 2019
MGI:3650721Gm13178Aadacl4fm3AADACL4 family member 319 September, 2019
MGI:2685282Gm436Aadacl4fm4AADACL4 family member 419 September, 2019
MGI:2685284Gm438Aadacl4fm5AADACL4 family member 519 September, 2019
MGI:19258751700061G19RikAcsbg3acyl-CoA synthetase bubblegum family member 319 September, 2019
MGI:19233425830473C10RikAlbfm1albumin superfamily member 119 September, 2019
MGI:30453474933408B17RikBrd8dcBRD8 domain containing19 September, 2019
MGI:19186455430419D17RikCdcp3CUB domain containing protein 319 September, 2019
MGI:26859204922502D21RikClec2mC-type lectin domain family 2, member m19 September, 2019
MGI:3644285Gm6880Ctag2l1CTAG2 like 119 September, 2019
MGI:3645826Gm6890Ctag2l2CTAG2 like 219 September, 2019
MGI:3709605Gm14851Defa38defensin, alpha, 3819 September, 2019
MGI:3708769Gm15292Defa40defensin, alpha, 4019 September, 2019
MGI:3705230Gm15293Defa41defensin, alpha, 4119 September, 2019
MGI:3645033Gm7849Defa42defensin, alpha, 4219 September, 2019
MGI:3648003Gm7861Defa43defensin, alpha, 4319 September, 2019
MGI:19170111600015I10RikDoxl1diamine oxidase-like protein 119 September, 2019
MGI:19261461500015O10RikEcrg4ECRG4 augurin precursor19 September, 2019
MGI:19166911700023F06RikEfcab15EF-hand calcium binding domain 1519 September, 2019
MGI:3644226Gm8994Eif4a3l1eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4A3 like 119 September, 2019
MGI:26870414833423E24RikFads2bfatty acid desaturase 2B19 September, 2019
MGI:37143511700047I17Rik2Fam177a2family with sequence similarity 177 member A219 September, 2019
MGI:24416894931440F15RikFem1alfem-1 homolog A like19 September, 2019
MGI:2685441Gm595Fsip2lpredicted gene 595fibrous sheath-interacting protein 2-like19 September, 2019
MGI:3045360E330017A01RikFtdcferritin domain containing19 September, 2019
MGI:2685002Gm156Klrh1killer cell lectin-like receptor subfamily H, member 119 September, 2019
MGI:19173842210011C24RikMisp3MISP family member 319 September, 2019
MGI:19140134933425L06RikNt5el5' nucleotidase, ecto-like19 September, 2019
MGI:3710598Gm13769Olfr1565olfactory receptor 156519 September, 2019
MGI:19140054933415F23RikPpp1r14blprotein phosphatase 1, regulatory inhibitor subunit 14B like19 September, 2019
MGI:2441881C130060K24RikQrfprlpyroglutamylated RFamide peptide receptor like19 September, 2019
MGI:26849739130204L05RikS100a7l2S100 calcium binding protein A7 like 219 September, 2019
MGI:19253424921511M17RikSamt1bspermatogenesis associated multipass transmembrane protein 1b19 September, 2019
MGI:3710528Gm10057Samt1cspermatogenesis associated multipass transmembrane protein 1c19 September, 2019
MGI:3709336Gm15140Samt1dspermatogenesis associated multipass transmembrane protein 1d19 September, 2019
MGI:19223214930524N10RikSamt2bspermatogenesis associated multipass transmembrane protein 2b19 September, 2019
MGI:2441788A230050P20RikShflshiftless antiviral inhibitor of ribosomal frameshifting19 September, 2019
MGI:3645333Gm5868Slc10a4l solute carrier family 10 (sodium/bile acid cotransporter family), member 4 like  19 September, 2019
MGI:3702173Gm14085Slc28a2bsolute carrier family 28 member 2b19 September, 2019
MGI:26859396430531B16RikSpef1lsperm flagellar 1 like19 September, 2019
MGI:19139824921530L21RikSpertlspermatid associated like19 September, 2019
MGI:3702972Gm10696Spopfm2speckle-type BTB/POZ protein family member 219 September, 2019
MGI:3645677Gm4858Tdpoz8TD and POZ domain containing 819 September, 2019
MGI:3702970Gm9125Tdpoz9TD and POZ domain containing 919 September, 2019
MGI:3702974Gm7534Zpld2zona pellucida like domain containing 219 September, 2019

In Progress

The table below lists a subset of the genes we are currently working on. This subset lists unnamed members of the PRAME gene family.

Current SymbolCurrent NameUniProt ID  UniProt Name
A430089I19Rik  RIKEN cDNA A430089I19 gene  IPR026271PRAME family
B020004J07RikRIKEN cDNA B020004J07 geneIPR026271PRAME family
Gm10424predicted gene 10424IPR026271    PRAME family
Gm10436predicted gene 10436IPR026271PRAME family
Gm12794predicted gene 12794IPR026271PRAME family
Gm12800predicted gene 12800IPR026271PRAME family
Gm13023predicted gene 13023IPR026271PRAME family
Gm13078predicted gene 13078IPR026271PRAME family
Gm13083predicted gene 13083IPR026271PRAME family
Gm13084predicted gene 13084IPR026271PRAME family
Gm13088predicted gene 13088IPR026271PRAME family
Gm13089predicted gene 13089IPR026271PRAME family
Gm13101predicted gene 13101IPR026271PRAME family
Gm13103predicted gene 13103IPR026271PRAME family
Gm13119predicted gene 13119IPR026271PRAME family
Gm13128predicted gene 13128IPR026271PRAME family
Gm16367predicted gene 16367IPR026271PRAME family
Gm16427predicted gene 16427IPR026271PRAME family
Gm16429predicted gene 16429IPR026271PRAME family
Gm3106predicted gene 3106IPR026271PRAME family
Gm3139predicted gene 3139IPR026271PRAME family
Gm3147predicted gene 3147IPR026271PRAME family
Gm3259predicted gene 3259IPR026271PRAME family
Gm6502predicted gene 6502IPR026271PRAME family
Gm6509predicted gene 6509IPR026271PRAME family
Gm7682predicted gene 7682IPR026271PRAME family
Gm7792predicted gene 7792IPR026271PRAME family
Gm7942predicted gene 7942IPR026271PRAME family
Gm7971predicted gene 7971IPR026271PRAME family
Gm7978predicted gene 7978IPR026271PRAME family

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