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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:84900 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Integrating Computational Gene Models into the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) Database. Database Download. 2003;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm5 assembly
Tmprss11a assembly
Gm51 assembly
Syna assembly
Msantd1 assembly
Tada2b assembly
Zfyve28 assembly
Cytl1 assembly
Arap2 assembly
Gm7056 assembly
Ccdc62 assembly
Rundc3b assembly
Zfp804b assembly
Gm442 assembly
Cct8l1 assembly
Garem2 assembly
Gm445 assembly
Tmem156 assembly
Ccdc149 assembly
Myo18b assembly
2900026A02Rik assembly
Wscd2 assembly
Dhx37 assembly
Trim56 assembly
Gm453 assembly
Gm454 assembly
Gm455 assembly
Atg9b assembly
Gm3822 assembly
Plcxd1 assembly
1810059H22Rik assembly
Gm680 assembly
E130006D01Rik assembly
Mtus2 assembly
Zfp853 assembly
Gm834 assembly
4930458A03Rik assembly
Gm836 assembly
Tmem211 assembly
N4bp2 assembly
Nom1 assembly
Adgrf3 assembly
Gm1042 assembly
Gm1043 assembly
Cep135 assembly
Odaph assembly
Hfm1 assembly
Gm1047 assembly
Gm1048 assembly
Fbrsl1 assembly
Dhx37 assembly
A330070K13Rik assembly
Vgf assembly
Zcwpw1 assembly
Gm1054 assembly
Kpna7 assembly
Gm1056 assembly
B3glct assembly
Nfxl1 assembly
Gm1059 assembly
Drc1 assembly
Lrrc43 assembly
Gm1062 assembly
Gm1376 assembly
Dpp6 assembly
Gm1378 assembly
Gm1379 assembly
Gm1380 assembly
Fam47e assembly
Ephx4 assembly
Gm1383 assembly
Gm1384 assembly
Gm1385 assembly
Gm1386 assembly
Gm1387 assembly
Gm1388 assembly
Gm1389 assembly
Gm1390 assembly
Gm1391 assembly
Gm1392 assembly
Gm1393 assembly
Ssh1 assembly
Ssh1 assembly
Gm1396 assembly
Gm1397 assembly
Gm1398 assembly
Gm1673 assembly
Gm1674 assembly
Gm1675 assembly
Gm1676 assembly
Gm1677 assembly
Gm1678 assembly
Lrcol1 assembly
Gm1680 assembly
Gm1681 assembly
Gm1682 assembly
Gm3716 assembly
Gm1684 assembly
Kcnk13 assembly
Pttg1ip2 assembly
Gm1732 assembly
Gm1733 assembly
Gm1734 assembly
Gm5 assembly
4933427G23Rik assembly
Rsbn1l assembly
Hfm1 assembly
Lmtk2 assembly
Barhl2 assembly
5031410I06Rik assembly
Gm1816 assembly
Gm1837 assembly
Smok2b assembly
Gm1894 assembly
Gm1895 assembly
Gm1896 assembly
Gm1897 assembly
Gm1929 assembly
Gm1930 assembly
Gm1931 assembly
Gm1932 assembly
Gm1933 assembly
Gm1934 assembly
Gm1935 assembly
Cxcl3 assembly
Pdap1 assembly
Actr3b assembly
Gm1645 assembly

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