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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:84900 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Integrating Computational Gene Models into the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) Database. Database Download. 2003;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Gm58 assembly
Gm59 assembly
Zbtb45 assembly
Ppp1r37 assembly
Ccdc61 assembly
Gipr assembly
Fbxo27 assembly
Hipk4 assembly
Nccrp1 assembly
Rsf1 assembly
Dchs1 assembly
Cfap119 assembly
Cog7 assembly
Asphd1 assembly
Mtg1 assembly
Cfap46 assembly
Gp6 assembly
Vmn2r54 assembly
Gm471 assembly
Opa3 assembly
Vmn1r178 assembly
Irgc assembly
Vmn1r180 assembly
Vmn1r183 assembly
Gm477 assembly
Ffar3 assembly
Hspb6 assembly
Zfp507 assembly
4930433I11Rik assembly
Gm482 assembly
Gm483 assembly
Ntn5 assembly
Gm485 assembly
Mrgpra16 assembly
Gm487 assembly
Cers3 assembly
Mctp2 assembly
Ubqlnl assembly
Gm491 assembly
Gm492 assembly
Usp35 assembly
Ctf2 assembly
Gpr139 assembly
Gm496 assembly
Gm497 assembly
Acte1 assembly
Mrgprd assembly
Igfl3 assembly
Gfy assembly
Gm582 assembly
Gm621 assembly
Gsg1l assembly
Vmn1r-ps79 assembly
Gm655 assembly
Gm657 assembly
Mrgprx3-ps assembly
Gm682 assembly
Gm683 assembly
Bsph1 assembly
Zc3h4 assembly
Ceacam16 assembly
Gm772 assembly
D830036C21Rik assembly
Gm843 assembly
Gm844 assembly
Gm855 assembly
Sbk3 assembly
Sbk2 assembly
Gm1080 assembly
Gipr assembly
Arhgap33os assembly
Gm1083 assembly
Slc6a16 assembly
Gm1085 assembly
Gm1086 assembly
Gm1087 assembly
Usp35 assembly
Alg8 assembly
Plpp4 assembly
Gm1091 assembly
Gm1092 assembly
Spef1l assembly
Gm1094 assembly
B4galnt4 assembly
Gm1096 assembly
Gm1097 assembly
Mrgprg assembly
Pstk assembly
Brsk1 assembly
Gm1101 assembly
Irgc assembly
Zbtb2 assembly
Gm1104 assembly
Gm1421 assembly
Vmn1r55 assembly
Gm1423 assembly
Nova2 assembly
Opa3 assembly
Gm1426 assembly
Gm1427 assembly
Gm1428 assembly
Wdr88 assembly
Gm1430 assembly
Iglon5 assembly
Gm1432 assembly
Gm1433 assembly
Kash5 assembly
Gm1435 assembly
Gm1436 assembly
Gm1437 assembly
Gm1438 assembly
Gm1439 assembly
Gm1440 assembly
Gm1441 assembly
Gm1442 assembly
Gm1443 assembly
Gm1444 assembly
Gm1445 assembly
Vmn1r123 assembly
Vmn1r119 assembly
Gm1448 assembly
Gm1449 assembly
Cyp2t4 assembly
Gm1451 assembly
Gm1452 assembly
Gm1453 assembly
Gm1454 assembly
Gm1455 assembly
Gm1456 assembly
Gm1690 assembly
Zfp568 assembly
Gm1692 assembly
Gm1693 assembly
Gm1694 assembly
B230311B06Rik assembly
Gm1696 assembly
E030018B13Rik assembly
Zfp939 assembly
Zfp976 assembly
Trpm1 assembly
Zfp850 assembly
Abcc8 assembly
Prkcz2 assembly
Gm1844 assembly
Gm1865 assembly
Gm1902 assembly
Ovol3 assembly
Gm1904 assembly
Gm1905 assembly
Gm1906 assembly
Gm1939 assembly
Zranb1 assembly
Zfp114 assembly
Vmn2r43 assembly
Krtdap assembly
Scgb2b20 assembly
Jakmip3 assembly
Nlrp12 assembly
Scgb1c1 assembly
Dsp assembly

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