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Mapping Data
  • Experiment
    TEXT-Physical Mapping
  • Chromosome
  • Reference
    J:84900 Mouse Genome Informatics Scientific Curators, Integrating Computational Gene Models into the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) Database. Database Download. 2003;
  • ID
GeneAlleleAssay TypeDescription
Ankrd65 assembly
Nt5c1a assembly
Maneal assembly
Gm56 assembly
Gxylt1 assembly
Mms22l assembly
Mdn1 assembly
Gm136 assembly
Ndufb6 assembly
Slc25a51 assembly
Gm139 assembly
Asap3 assembly
Igsf21 assembly
Pex10 assembly
Rnf207 assembly
Sdr16c6 assembly
Pm20d2 assembly
Gabbr2 assembly
Shoc1 assembly
Gm427 assembly
Msantd5f1 assembly
Gm429 assembly
Dock7 assembly
Zyg11b assembly
Gm432 assembly
A3galt2 assembly
Myom3 assembly
Aadacl3 assembly
Aadacl4fm4 assembly
Gm437 assembly
Aadacl4fm5 assembly
Ankrd65 assembly
Gm568 assembly
Skint11 assembly
Skint10 assembly
Zbtb40 assembly
Gm572 assembly
Ajap1 assembly
Fyb2 assembly
Gm633 assembly
Fbxo10 assembly
Anks6 assembly
Gm679 assembly
Fam131c assembly
Srarp assembly
Wdtc1 assembly
Gm722 assembly
Cplane2 assembly
Myorg assembly
Gm791 assembly
Gm829 assembly
Gm830 assembly
Gm831 assembly
Gm832 assembly
Gm833 assembly
Ldc1 assembly
Dpy19l4 assembly
Pdp1 assembly
Ccdc180 assembly
Gm1026 assembly
Mroh7 assembly
Ccdc24 assembly
Zfp69 assembly
Gm1030 assembly
Xkr8 assembly
Ubr4 assembly
Prdm2 assembly
Aadacl4fm1 assembly
Ccdc27 assembly
Gm1036 assembly
Tbc1d2 assembly
Gm1038 assembly
Gm1039 assembly
Gm1354 assembly
Gm1355 assembly
Klhl32 assembly
Gm1357 assembly
Gm1358 assembly
Gm1359 assembly
Gm1360 assembly
Gm1361 assembly
Gm1362 assembly
Cfap57 assembly
Gm1364 assembly
Tlr12 assembly
Dcdc2b assembly
Gm1367 assembly
Gm1368 assembly
Slc25a34 assembly
Gm1370 assembly
Gm1371 assembly
Gm1372 assembly
Gm1373 assembly
Gm1374 assembly
Gm1375 assembly
Gm1658 assembly
Mexis assembly
Gm1660 assembly
Armh1 assembly
Armh1 assembly
Gm1663 assembly
Gm1664 assembly
Gm1665 assembly
Gm1666 assembly
Gm1667 assembly
Gm1668 assembly
Gm1669 assembly
C030017K20Rik assembly
Gm1671 assembly
Gm1672 assembly
Gm1731 assembly
Grin3a assembly
Chd5 assembly
Arhgef39 assembly
Gm1863 assembly
Gm1864 assembly
Gm1893 assembly
Prdm13 assembly
Shb assembly
Lactbl1 assembly
Mup5 assembly
Nfxl1 assembly

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